We choose local remittance payout agents based on their credibility analysis and proven history of operations. We have dedicated and highly experienced research team who are devoted in identifying and analyzing prospective payout agents, reviewing remittance statistics on national level. The research team updates the management on current remittance affairs, competitive advantage, payout agents' performance appraisal and other relevant remittance issues. Further, every payout agents are selected only upon strict scrutiny of their service efficiency, performance analysis and financial soundness. Therefore our remittance agents are reputed and financially sound companies with strong public trust.

Ramro Remit will gradually increasing the number of payout locations and networks in various locations in the first year of operations. The company has a strategy to have its presence in every area of remittance, with this strategy; the number of payout locations is expected to grow substantially in every subsequent year. These payout partners operate on a Cash Pickup and Account Credit model and are equipped with safe, secure and reliable operating system backed by state-of-the-art technology. Our network includes national level commercial banks, development banks, Co-operatives, remittance companies and retailers which cover every corner in Nepal

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District Agent Name Address
AchhamBajnath Computer Trade and SuppliersSiddheshwor-1,Sanfebager,Achham
AchhamDevkota ElectronicBinayak Achham
AchhamJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Mangalsen AchhamMangalsen, Achham
AchhamKhemaz ElectronicsMangalsen-6, Achham
AchhamKhemaz Electronics, AchhamKuswasi, Achham
AchhamLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdMastamandu -01 Safnebagar , Achham
AchhamMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedSanfebagar - 6 | Achham
AchhamMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdMangalsen-5,Achham
AchhamMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdSanfebagar-6, Achham
AchhamMega Bank Limited-Sanfebagar BranchSanfebagar,Achham
AchhamMega Bank LtdSanfebagar, Achham
AchhamNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Mangalshen Na.Pa.-5 | Acham
AchhamNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Shaphebagar Na.Pa.-6 | Achham
AchhamNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdMangalsen-5 Achham
AchhamNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdShaphebagar-5, Achham
AchhamPrabhu Bank Ltd-Achham Branch Kamalbazar-08, Achham
AchhamRachana ElectronicsPipal Chautari,Binayak Bazar,Achham
AchhamRachana ElectronicsPipal Chautari,Binayak Bazar,Achham
AchhamSaphal Money TransferTurmakhand,Achham
AchhamSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdSanfebagar Achham
AchhamSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdMangalsen Achham
Achham Janata Bank Ltd.Mangalsen, Achham 
ArgakhanchiShine Resunga Development Bank Ltddaha bazar,Argakhanchi
ArgakhanchiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdMarbhung-1,Simaltari,bazaar, Argakhanchi
ArgakhanchiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdSandhikharka#9,Chautrabesi Arghakhanchi
ArgakhanchiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdSandhikharka-6, Argakhanchi
ArgakhanchiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdThada-3, Amarai, Arghakhanchi
ArgakhanchiSupa Deurali AssociatesTraffic Chowk, Near Durga Mandir & Ganpatti Mistan Bhandar, Argakhanchi
ArgakhanchiSupa Deurali Sub Remit Pvt.Ltdsandhikharka Near SkyPool Chutrabesi
ArgakhanchiSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdThada Sandhikharka, Argakhanchi
ArgakhanchiSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdSandhikharka Sandhikharka, Argakhanchi
ArghakhachiSewa Bikas bankThada-3, Amarai Arghakhachi
ArghakhanchiBANK OF KATHMANDUSandhikharka 6 Shanti Bagaicha Chowk Arghakhanchi
ArghakhanchiBank Of Kathmandu Limited- Sandhikharka BranchSanti Bagaicha Chowk , Sandhikharka
ArghakhanchiBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdShanti Bagaicha Chowk,Sandhikharka 6, Arghakhanchi,
ArghakhanchiKailash Bikas Bank LtdSandhikarkha, Arghakhanchi
ArghakhanchiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Arghakhanchi BranchSandhikharka Arghakhanchi
ArghakhanchiMega Bank LtdSandhikharka, Arghakhanchi
ArghakhanchiMega Bank Nepal Limited Ltd- Arghakhanchi BranchSandhikharka, Arghakhanchi
ArghakhanchiNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Arghakhanchi BranchHall Line, Newroad Tole,VDC-06,Arghakhanchi
ArghakhanchiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Sandhikharkaá-6ááarghakhanchi
ArghakhanchiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdSandhikharka-6, Arghakhanchi
ArghakhanchiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd- Sandhikharka Sandhikharka-6, Arghakhanchi
ArghakhanchiNMB BANK LIMITEDChutrabesi
ArghakhanchiNMB BANK LIMITEDSandhukarkha
ArghakhanchiNMB Bank LtdChutrabesi, Arghakhanchi
ArghakhanchiPrabhu Bank Limited-Sandhikarka BranchSandikharka,Arghakhachi
ArghakhanchiSathi Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd.Sandhikharka-9,Arghakhachi
ArghakhanchiSHINE RESUNGA DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDSandhikharka|Arghakhanchi
ArghakhanchiShine Resunga Development Bank Ltd- Sandhikharka BranchSandhikharka-9, Chutrabasi
ArghakhanchiShine Resunga Development Bank Ltd-Amarahi,ArghakhanchiAmarahi ,Thada ,Arghakhanchi
ArghakhanchiSupa Deurali Associates Pvt Ltd-Arghakhanchi ChurtabesiArghakhanchi Churtabesi
ArghakhanchiSupa Deurali Sub Remit Pvt Ltd - SandhikarkhaNear Sky Pool,Sandhikarkha, Arghakanchi
ArghakhanchiTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Pokharathok LBO (Palpa Branch)Pokharathok-5,Arghakhanchi
BaglungAastha Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdDhaulagiri Chowk-2,Baglung
BaglungBaglung Kalika Money TransferHallan Chowk-2,Baglung
BaglungBaglung Kalika Money TransferHallan Chowk-2,Baglung
BaglungBaglung Money Transfer- Mahendrapath,BaglungMahendrapath-2,near Jeeppark,068-520253
BaglungBaglung Money Transfer-BurtibangBurtibang Bazar ,baglung
BaglungBaglung Money Transfer-GalkotHatiya Bazar ,galkot,baglung
BaglungBaglung Multipurpose Co-operative Society LtdMahendra Path,Baglung
BaglungBalewa Ekata Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdNarayansthan - 7, Balewa , Baglung
BaglungBANK OF KATHMANDUKalikapath Baglung
BaglungBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Baglung BranchKakikapath, Baglung Nepal
BaglungBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdBaglung
BaglungBHUMI MONEY TRANSFERBadawan Khola - 3, Nishi, Baglung
BaglungBIHANI MONEY TRANSFERBhima Pokhara - 2, Padheri, Baglung
BaglungBihani Money Transfer Ji Bi Sa Road, Baglung Nagarpalika
BaglungBihani Multipurpose Co-operative LtdDhullubaskot Bareng Baglung
BaglungBihun Service CenterKathekhola Gaupalika - 05, Baglung
BaglungBISWAS MONEY TRANSFERBurtibang Bazar - 1, Burtibang, Baglung
BaglungBiswas Money TransferBurtibang-1,baglung
BaglungBurtibang Service CenterDhorpatan Municipality - 01, Baglung
BaglungChartare Youva Club Nepal-Achatte BranchBhimapokhara-1,Achatte,Baglung
BaglungChartare Youva Club Nepal-Baglung (Head Office)Baglung Bazar-2,Baglung
BaglungChartare Youva Club Nepal-Baglung BranchBaglung Bazar-2,Baglung
BaglungChartare Youva Club Nepal-Bareng BranchHugdishir-3,Bareng,Baglung
BaglungChartare Youva Club Nepal-Belbagar BranchChhisti-1,Belbagar,Baglung
BaglungChartare Youva Club Nepal-Burtibang BranchBurtibanh-1,Burtibang Bazar,Baglung
BaglungChartare Youva Club Nepal-Hatiya BranchLoktantrik Chowk,Hatiya-3,Baglung
BaglungChartare Youva Club Nepal-Kharwang BranchDagatumdada-7,Kharwang,Baglung
BaglungChartare Youva Club Nepal-Kushmisera BranchKushmirasera-5,Tallobazar,Baglung
BaglungCitizens Bank International LtdBal Mandir Road, Baglung
BaglungCitizens Bank International Ltd-Baglung BranchBal Mandir Road, Baglung
BaglungCYC Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Baglung (Head Office)Baglung Bazar-3,Baglung
BaglungCYC Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Batakachaur BranchBatakachaur,Baglung
BaglungCYC Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Bihun BranchBihun-6,Baglung
BaglungCYC Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Burtibang BranchBurtibang-1,Baglung
BaglungCYC Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Hatiya BranchHatiya-3,Baglung
BaglungCYC Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Kushmishera BranchKushmishera-5,Baglung
BaglungCYC Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Tityang BranchTityang-9,Baglung
BaglungCyc Saving & Sredit Cooperative Society LtdCyc Town Hallan Chowk-2, Baglung
BaglungDevisthan Multipurpose Co-operative LtdDevisthan-07,Baglung
BaglungDhorpatan Money TransferBurtibang,Baglung
BaglungDhorpatan Money TransferBurtibang,Baglung
BaglungGandaki Bikas Bank LtdShiva Dhara Chowk,Baglung
BaglungGarima Bikas BankBaglung Branch, Baglung
BaglungGarima Bikas BankBurtibang Branch, Baglung
BaglungGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Baglung BranchBaglung-2,Traffice Chowk,Baglung
Baglungghumte money transferGalkot, Baglung
BaglungGhumte Money TransferHatiya 3, Galkot, Baglung
BaglungGhumte Money Transfer Galkot,BaglungBaglung
BaglungGHUMTE MONEY TRANSFER, GALKOTHatiya Bazar -3, Hatiya, Baglung
BaglungGlobal Money TransferKushmisera-5,baglung
BaglungGreen Development Bank Ltd-Baglung (Head Office)Hari Shankar Road,Baglunj-2,Baglung
BaglungHarichaur Money TransferInfront Of Galkot Durbar, Harichaur, Baglung
BaglungHatiya Service CenterGalkot Municipality - 03, Baglung
BaglungKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Mahendrapath,Baglung
BaglungKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Baglung BranchBaglung ,nepal
BaglungKALIKA MONEY TRANSFERCampus Road - 2, Balung
BaglungKalika Money TransferCampus Road,Baglung Bazar#2
BaglungKalika Money TransferNear Nepal Bank - Jeep Park
BaglungKandebash Money TransferKandebas-9, Galkot, Baglung
BaglungKandel Money Transfer Baglung
BaglungKarishma & Chahana SuppliersBurtibang-1,Burtibang Bazaar
BaglungKashyap Money TransferGeep Park-2,Baglung
BaglungKashyap Money TransferGeep Park-2,Baglung
BaglungKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Baglung BranchMahendrapath,Baglung
BaglungKasthamandap Development Bank LtdMahendrapath,Baglung
BaglungKaucha Money TransferOn Rijal Chowk, Bihnu-6, Baglung
BaglungKavcha Money TransferBihun-6, Baglung
BaglungKrishna & Son Money Transfer,BaglungGalkot,Baglung
BaglungKrishna & Sons Money TransferHatiya-6,Dhalapiple,Baglung
BaglungKUMARI BANK LIMITEDMahendrapath | Baglung
BaglungKumari Bank Limited-Baglung BranchBaglung Muncipality -2,baglung
BaglungKumari Bank ltdMahendra Path, Baglung
BaglungKusmishera Service CenterJaimini Municipality - 01, Baglung
BaglungLaxmi Bank Ltd-Baglung BranchHospital Road,Ward-2,Baglung
BaglungLaxmi Bank Ltd-Burtibang BranchBurtibang-1,Baglung
BaglungMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Baglung BranchBaglung Bazar, Baglung
BaglungMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDLoktantra Chowk Baglung
BaglungMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdBaglung- 02 Loktantrachowk, Baglung
BaglungNAVA BAGLUNG MONEY TRANSFERMahendrapath - 2, Baglung
BaglungNava Baglung Money TransferNear Jitpark Mahendrapath, Baglung
BaglungNEW GALKOT MONEY TRANSFERHatiya Bazar -3, Hatiya, Baglung
BaglungNew Galkot Money TransferHatiya Bazar, Near of Post Office, Galkot, Baglung
BaglungNew Galkot Money TransferHatiya-3, Galkot, Baglung, Dhaulagiri
BaglungNEW PRADIP MULTIPURPOSE SERVICEPaiyunpata - 1, Balewa, Baglung
BaglungNew Pradip Multipurpose ServiceBalewa,paiyunpata-1,baglung
BaglungNew Pradip Multipurpose Service,BaglungBalewa ,Baglung
BaglungNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Baglung BranchBaglung-2,Shreenagar,Baglung
BaglungNIC ASIA-BaglungShreenagar Tole, Baglung Municipality -2, Baglung
BaglungNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Burtiwang Baglung
BaglungNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Galkot | Baglung
BaglungNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Kharwang | Baglung
BaglungNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBurtibang-1, Baglung
BaglungNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGalkot-9, Baglung
BaglungNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdKharbang-7, Baglung
BaglungNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Burtibang BranchBurtibang-1,baglung
BaglungNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Galkot BranchMajuwaphat-9,harichaur,baglung
BaglungNMB BANK LIMITEDBurtibang Bazar | Dhorpatan - 1 | Near Bus Park
BaglungOm Development Bank LtdMahendraPath, Baglung
BaglungOm Development Bank LtdTallo Bazar Chowk, Baglung
BaglungPanchayan Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdPaiyunpata,Balewa,Baglung
BaglungPanchayan Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd Paiyaunpata-8,Balewa,Baglung
BaglungPrabhu Bank Limited-Baglung BranchHallan Chowk,Near Nepal Telecom Office,Baglung Bazar,Baglung
BaglungPrabhu Bank Limited-Burtibang BranchBurtibang-1,Burtibang Bazar,Baglung
BaglungPrabhu Bank Limited-Galkot BranchLoktantra Chowk,Galkot Hatiya,Baglung
BaglungRahat Multipurpose Co-operative Society LtdNarayansthan-6, Hatiya, Balewa Baglung
BaglungSayapatri Money TransfeNagarpalikaRoad#2;Mahendrapath, Baglung
BaglungSAYAPATRI MONEY TRANSFERMahendrapath -2, Baglung
BaglungSayapatri Money TransferMahendrapath-02,Baglung
BaglungSayapatri Money TransferMahendrapath-02,Baglung
BaglungSayapatri Multipurpose Co-operative LtdHatiya-6, Dadakhet Baglung
BaglungShib Shankhar Money TransferGwalichowr#7,Kharbazar Baglung
BaglungShine Resunga Development Bank LtdBurtibang Bazzar-2, Bhimgithe, Burtibang
BaglungShine Resunga Development Bank Ltd-BaglungBurtibang Bazzar, Bhimgithe, Baglung
BaglungShiva Shanker Money TransferKhahara Bazar-7, Baglung
BaglungShivashankar Money TransferKharabazar-7, Baglung
BaglungShivashankar Money TransferGwalichaur-7,Khara Bazar,Baglung
BaglungShrestha Money TransferHatiya-3,galkot,baglung
BaglungSurakshya Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdDagatumdanda-7,baglung
BaglungSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdTityang Banglung
BaglungUttar Ganga Money TransferBhimgithe-1,Bhimghat Bazar,Baglung
Baglung Sana Kisaan Krishee Saving And Credit Cooperative LtdTangram-07, narayany hiyar near by, Baglung
BaitadiJeewan Jyoti Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdNear Tourism Development Bank,Gothalapani-1,Dasharathchand,Baitadi
BaitadiLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdPatan-09 Patan,Baitadi
BaitadiNCC Bank LtdDasharathchandra Nagarpalika, Gothalapani, Baitadi
BaitadiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Dasharatchandra | Baitadi
BaitadiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdDashrathChand-1, Baitadi
BaitadiPurchaudi Sub Money TransferPurchudi-3,Baitadi
BaitadiPurchaudi Sub Money transfer,Purchaudi hart, Baitadi
BaitadiShree Krishna StoreSiddshwor-9,Khodape,Baitadi
BaitadiTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDDashrath Chand Municipality | Gothalapani
BaitadiUdeep Traders And SuppliersDashrath Chand Nagarpalika, Gothalapani,Baitadi
BaitadiUdip TradersGothalatani Bazaar Near To Bus Park
BajhangAmrit RemitDeura-3, Bajhang
BajhangAmrita Remit & Money TransferRayal-03,Deura,Bajhang
BajhangAmrita Remit & Money TransferRoyal-03,Deura,Bajhang
BajhangChaudhari Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdChaudhari-7,Bajhang
BajhangCitizens Bank International LtdChainpur,Bajhang
BajhangCitizens Bank International-Bajhang BranchChainpur,Bajhang
BajhangDajubhai Mobile Gallary and Digital Photo StudioRayal-3,Deura,Bajhang
BajhangLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdChainpur-01 Chainpur,Bajhang
BajhangNIC Asia Bank Ltd-BajhangJaiprithivi-10, Bajhang
BajhangNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Jayaprithibi Na.Pa.-4 | Bajhan
BajhangNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdChainpur-6, Bajhang
BajhangSwarnim Bajhang Bahuudesiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdChainpur-1, Bajhang
BajhangSwarnim Bajhang Multipurpose Co-operative LtdJayaprithivi-10,Chainpur,Bajhang
BajhangTahalka Dot.comChainpur-4,Jayaprithivi,Bajhang
BajhangTahalka DotcomBajhang
BajuraJana Ekata Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd Kailashmandal-3,Bajura
BajuraJasuda Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdKolti-1,Bajura
BajuraNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Badimalika Na.Pa. -11 | Bajura
BajuraNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdMartadi-11, Bajura
BajuraPrabesh Traders & SuppliersMartadi-4,Bajura
BajuraPrabesh Traders & Suppliers,BajuraMartadi,Bajura
BajuraRara Trade & SuppliersKolti-2,Kolti Bazar,Bajura
BankeAayushma Money TransferTitihiriya-6,Banke
BankeApex Development Bank Ltd-NepalgunjDhambojhi Chowk, Nepalgunj
BankeAsmit Remitancekohalpur-11, banke
BankeAsmit RemittanceKohalpur-11,Banke
BankeB.C Trade and SuppliersDhambojhe-2,Nepalgunj,Banke
BankeBANK OF KATHMANDUMain Bazaar Kohalpur Banke
BankeBANK OF KATHMANDUNepalgunj Dhamboji Surkhet Road Banke
BankeBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Kohalpur BranchMain Bazar,kohalpur,banke,nepal
BankeBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Nepalgunj BranchNepalgunj, Dhamboji, Surkhet Road
BankeBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdKohalpur ,Banke
BankeBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdKohalpur, Dus Bigha-13 Nepalgunj, Dhamboji, Surkhet Road, Banke
BankeBest Mid West Tours & TravelsKohalpur-3,Banke
BankeBhargav Bikas Bank Ltd.Kohalpur, Banke
BankeBhargav Bikas Bank Ltd.Surkhet Road, Banke
BankeBrothers Holiday Travels & Tours Pvt.LtdKohalpur-11,Banke
BankeCitizens Bank International LtdDhambouji Chowk,Nepalgunj-2 Banke
BankeCitizens Bank International Ltd-NepalgunjDhambouji Chowk, Nepalgunj, Banke
BankeCivil Bank LimitedSurkhet Road, Nepalgunj
BankeCivil Bank Limited-Nepalgunj BranchSurkhet Road, Nepalgunj
BankeDolpo Himalayan Money Transfer-Branch OfficeKohalpur-03,banke
BankeForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdKarkado Branch
BankeForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdShamshergunj Branch
BankeForward Community-ChisapaniChisapani VDC, Banke
BankeForward Community-Karkadokarkado, Banke
BankeForward Community-KhajuraBajeshwari, VDC, Banke
BankeForward Community-SamserganjSamserganj, Banke
BankeForward Community-Samserganj Area OfficeSamserganj, Banke
BankeGaumati Money TransferKarkando-24,Nepalgunj,Banke
BankeI.N.T.D Money TransferNepalgunj-22,Banke
BankeIndrawati Saving and Credit Co-operative LtdNepalgunj-13,Banke
BankeJanata Bank Nepal Limited-NepalgunjSurkhet Road, Nepalgunj
BankeJanautthan Samudayic laghubitta bikas bank ltdKohalpur,Das Biga, Banke
BankeJanautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bikash Bank Ltd-Kohalpur BranchKohalpur-10,Dashbigha,Banke
BankeJunkiri Krishak Multipurpose Co-Operative LtdKohalpur,Banke
BankeKalika Trade Link And Sub Money Transfer-Chaurjahari,Near Hari Bhakta Gate,RukumDhamboji,Nepalgunj,Banke
BankeKumari Bank Limited-Kohalpur Branch,BankeKohalpur,Banke
BankeKumari Bank ltdDhambhoji chowk, Nepalgunj-1, Banke
BankeKumari Bank ltdNew Road Chowk, Kohalpur-3, Banke
BankeKumari Bank ltdNew Road Chowk, Kohalpur-3, Banke
BankeKumari Bank Ltd-Nepalgunj Branch SurkhetSurkhet Road, Dhambhoji Nepalgunj
BankeKunwor Money TransferFultekra,Nepalgunj-6,Banke
BankeLafa Money TransferShamsergunj-7,Banke
BankeLaxmi Bank Limited-Kohalpur BranchKohalpur-3, Banke
BankeLaxmi Bank Limited-Nepalgunj BranchSurket Road, Nepalgunj
BankeLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdKamdi VDC-07 Kamdi , Banke
BankeLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdSitapur-03 Sitapur , Banke
BankeMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Nepalgunj BranchPupalal Chowk, Surkhet Road, Nepalgunj
BankeMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedNepalgunj - 16 | Surkhet Road
BankeManjushree Money TransferDhambojhi,Nepalgunj-1,Banke
BankeMega Bank LtdNepalgunj Nagarpalika-1, Dhamboji, Nepalgunj, Banke
BankeMega Bank Nepal Limited-Nepalgunj BranchNepalgunj,Banke
BankeMega Bank Nepal Limited-Nepalgunj, DhambojiNepalgunj Nagarpalika-1,Dhamboji
BankeNCC Bank LtdDhamboji Chowk, Banke
BankeNCC Bank LtdNepalgunj, Banke
BankeNepal Investment Bank LimitedDhamboji | Nepalgunj
BankeNepal Investment bank Ltd. Dhamboji, Banke
BankeNew Bijuli BhandarNear Banijya Bank Kohalpur Banke
BankeNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Kohalpur BranchKohalpur-3,Banke
BankeNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Nepalgunj BranchSurkhet Road,Nepalgunj,Banke
BankeNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Khajura BranchKhajura Gaupalika-3,Banke
BankeNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Fattepur Banke
BankeNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Khajura Banke
BankeNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Kohalpur Banke
BankeNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Paraspur Banke
BankeNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Ranjha Banke
BankeNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Udayepur Banke
BankeNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Kohalpur Banke
BankeNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRanjha Karkado-1, Banke
BankeNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRegional Office Kohalpur, Banke
BankeNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdKohalpur-3, Banke
BankeNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdUdayapur-2, Banke
BankeNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdParaspur-13, Banke
BankeNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdKhajura-2, Banke
BankeNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdFattepur, Banke
BankeNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Khajura BankeKhajura -2, Banke
BankeNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Kohalpur BranchKohalpur-3 Kohalpur Banke
BankeNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Paraspur BankeNepalgunj-13, Paraspur
BankeNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Phatepur BankePhatepur Banke
BankeNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Ranjha BankeKarkado 1, Ranjha Banke
BankeNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Regional Office BankeKohalpur, Banke
BankeNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Udayapur NepalgunjUdayapur, Nepalgunj Banke
BankeNMB Bank LtdOpposite to District Education Office,Surkhet Road, Nepalgunj, Banke
BankePrabhu Bank Limited-Kohalpur BranchKohalpur,Banke
BankePrabhu Bank Limited-Nepalgunj BranchSurkhet Road,Nepalgunj,Banke
BankePrativa Shoe Center-Kohalpur BazarKohalpur,Banke
BankePrime Commercial Bank Limited-Nepalgunj DhambojiDhamboji, Nepalgunj, Banke
BankePrime Commercial Bank LtdNepalgunj,Dhamboji, Banke
BankeRB TradersManikapur 8 airport Nepalgunj
BankeRT Money TransferKarkando-24,Nepalgunj,Banke
BankeSagarmatha Money TransferSitapur-3,Rimjhim Chowk,Banke
BankeSanima Bank Limited-Dhamboji,nepalgunj BranchDhamboji Chowk, Nepalgunj-1
BankeSanu EnterprisesNew Road, Nepalgunj,banke
BankeSewa Bikas Bank LtdKohalpur-11, Banke
BankeShrestha EnterprisesNepalgunj-7,Banke
BankeShuvam Money TransferRanjha Ariport,Nepalgung-26,Banke
BankeSiddhartha Bank Ltd- NepalgunjDhambogi Chowk, Ward No. 1, Banke
BankeSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Damak, Jhapa
BankeSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Dododhara VDC, Kailali
BankeSiddhartha Development Bank LtdNepalgunj Branch, Nepalgunj
BankeSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-NepalgunjNepalgunj
BankeSitapur Money TransferSitapur-4,Banke
BankeSubharambha Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Bageshwori,Banke (Head Office)Bageshwori-2,Khajura Bazar,Banke
BankeSubharambha Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-NepalgunjUpa Maha Nagarpalika-24,Nepalgunj,Banke
BankeSubharambha Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-NepalgunjUpa Maha Nagarpalika-5,Nepalgunj,Banke
BankeSunrise Bank Limited-Nepalgunj BranchSurkhet Road,Near Puspa Lal Chowk,Nepalgunj-26,Banke
BankeSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdRajhena Banke
BankeSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdKhanskarkando Banke
BankeSynergy Finance LtdSurkhet Road,Damboji,Nepalgunj
BankeSynergy Finance Ltd.Dhamboji | Nepalgunj
BankeSynergy Finance Ltd-NepalgunjSurkhet Road, Nepalgunj,Banke
BankeTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDKohalpur Municipality - 3 | Banke
BankeUnited Finance Limited-Surkhet NepalgunjDhamauji, Surkhet Road, Nepalgunj,Banke
BankeUnited Finance LtdSurkhet Road, Banke
BankeUniversal Money TransferSurkat Road Nepalgunj Opp, Side Everst Bank Banke
BankeUNYC NepalKohalpur-5 Kohalpur , Banke
BankeUNYC NepalManikapur-8 Ranjha, Banke
BankeUNYC NepalNeplalgunj-13 Bhrikutinagar , Banke
BankeUNYC NepalPhatepur- 8 Joraigaun , Banke
BankeUNYC NepalPhultekra-7 Phultekra, Banke
BankeUNYC NepalUdrapur-4 Khajura, Banke
BankeUpama Money TransferBageshwari-7,Khajura,Banke
BankeVibor Society Development Bank LimitedSurkhet Road | Nepalgunj
BankeVibor Society Development Bank LtdSurkhet Road-3, Nepalgunj Banke
BaraAakash Pustak BhandarParwanipur Bazzar-6,Lipnimal,Bara
BaraAarti EnterprisesKalaiya,Bara
BaraAastha Money TransferKalaiya-7,Bara
BaraAmar Money TransferMotisar,Kalaiya-1,Bara
BaraAryan Money Transfer Bank Road,Kalaiya-6,Bara
BaraAsian Money TransferAsian Market, Tempo Stand, Main Road, Jitpur-3
BaraAsian Money TransferAsian Market,Tempo stand,Main road,Jitpur-3 Bara
BaraAsian Money TransferJeetpur - 3, Tempo Station Bara
BaraBANK OF KATHMANDUMainroad Amlekhgunj Bara
BaraBank Of Kathmandu Limited- Amlekhgunj BranchMain Road,Bara Amlekhgunj
BaraBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdMainroad,Bara, Amlekhgunj, Bara
BaraBARA MONEY TRANSFERMachharhatta - 8, Kalaiya, Bara
BaraBara Money TransferKalaiya-6,Machharhatta Chowk,Bara
BaraBardan Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdMahagadhimai-8,Bariyarpur,Bara
BaraChand Money TransferKalaiya-8,Bara
BaraCitizens Bank International Limited-Kolhabi BranchKolhabi,Bara
BaraCitizens Bank International LtdKolhabi, Bara.
BaraCitizens Bank International LtdNijgadh, Bara
BaraCitizens Bank International LtdPathalaiya, Pipra Simra - 9, Bara
BaraCitizens Bank International Ltd-Nijgadh,BaraNijgadh,Bara
BaraCitizens Bank International Ltd-PathalaiyaPathalaiya, Simara, Bara
BaraEasy Money TransferKalaiya-5,Bara
BaraEasy Money Transfer, BaraKalaiya, Bara
BaraFiroj Money TransferGolaganj-9, Bara
BaraForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdGanjabhawanipur Branch
BaraForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdKalaiya Branch
BaraForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdKolhabi Branch
BaraForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdManharwa, Branch
BaraGrand Money TransferHazari Market,Kalaiya,Bara
BaraGuheswori Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd-Kalaiya BranchKalaiya,Bara
BaraHamro Saving & Credit co-operative LtdNijghadh-7,Narayani,Bara
BaraHaniya RemittanceGunjbhawanipur-9,Bara
BaraHimalayan Money TransferKalaiya-8,Bara
BaraHimalayan Money Transfer, BaraKalaiya-8,Bara
BaraHimalayan money TransferKalaiya,Bara
BaraIndreni Money TransferKalaiya-6,Bara
BaraJeetpur RemitBhawanipur Jeetpur-3, Bara
BaraJeetpur Remit Pvt.LtdJeetpur -3,Bara
BaraJeetpur Remit-Kolvi BranchKolvi,Bara
BaraKalaiya Money Transfer Kalaiya-7,Bara
BaraKumari Bank Limited-Nijgadh Branch,BaraNijgadh,Bara
BaraKumari Bank ltdNijgadh-7, Bara
BaraLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdBahuari-08 Nautan, Bara
BaraLokpriya Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sastha, BaraNijgad, Bara
BaraLokpriya Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdNijgadh,Bara
BaraMaa Durge Bhawani Money TransferInarwasira-6,Bara
BaraMaa Durgee Bhawani Money Transfer, BaraBara,Inrwasira, Bara
BaraMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedSona Market - 6 | Kalaiya | Bara
BaraMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedGadhimai - 2 | Simra | Bara
BaraMahalaxmi bikas Bank ltdGadhimai Municipality Ward No. 2, Bara District, Simara
BaraMahalaxmi bikas Bank ltdSona Market, Kalaiya,Bara
BaraMuskan Money TransferKalaiya-7, Bara
BaraNARAYANI MONEY TRANSFERBanjar - 6, Kalaiya, Bara
BaraNarayani Money TransferSona Market Near Everset Lodge, Kalaiya
BaraNCC Bank LtdCinema Road, Kalaiya Bara
BaraNCC Bank LtdSahid Chowk, Bara
BaraNCC Bank LtdHighway Road Simara Bara
BaraNepal Investment Bank LimitedJeetpur | Bara | Nepal
BaraNepal Investment bank Ltd. Jeetpur, Bara
BaraNew Asian Money TransferKalaiya-8,Bara
BaraNew Asian Money Transfer, BaraBharatchowk, Bara
BaraNew Shree Ram Money TransferKalaiya-7,Bara
BaraNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Kalaiya BranchHajari Market Kalaiya -7,Bara
BaraNIC ASIA Bank Ltd-Jeetpur BranchJeetpur-7 Gadhimai, Bara
BaraNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Mahagadhimai-03 | Gunjbhawanipur
BaraNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Kalaiya-05 | Bara
BaraNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Kolhabi-06 | Bara
BaraNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Khutawajabdi-03 | Prasauni | Bara
BaraNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Gadhimai-02 | Simara | Bara
BaraNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Simraungadh-07 | Bara
BaraNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Telkuwa-04 | Benauli | Bara
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdKalaiya-5, Bara
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdSimara-2, Bara
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdParasauni, Khutuwa-4, Bara
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdKolhabi-1, Bara
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGanjbhawanipur-7, Bara
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdParawanipur-6,Lipanibirta, Bara
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdSimaraungadh-9, Uchidihawa, Bara
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdTelkuwa-4, Bara
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Ganjbhawanipur BaraGunjibhawanipur-7,Bara
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Kalaiya BaraKalaiya -5, Bara
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Kolhabi BaraKolahabi-1, Kolahabi Bara
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Parasauni BaraParsauni-4,Khutuwa Bara
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Parawanipur, BaraLIpanibirta-6,Lipanibirta
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Simara BaraPiprasimara,Bara Simara
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Simaraungadh, BaraSimaraungadh-9, Bara
BaraNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Telkuwa BaraTelkuwa-4, Bara
BaraNMB BANK LIMITEDSahid Chowk - 8 | Nijgadh
BaraOm Kailash Money TransferHaraiya,Madhuban Bazar,Bara
BaraOm Shanti Money Transfer, BaraBara,Inrwasira, Bara
BaraPrabhu Bank Limited-Kalaiya BranchHospital Road,Kalaiya-8,Bharatchowk,Bara
BaraPrabhu Bank Limited-Neejgadh BranchNeejgadh-8,Bara
BaraPrabhu Bank Limited-Simara BranchSimara,Bara
BaraPragati Trade Concern Pvt.Ltd-Siraha (Head Office)Simara Airpot Road
BaraR.K Money TransferBariyarpur-1,Maha Gadhimai,Bara
BaraRainbow Monet TransferKalaiya-5, Bara
BaraRainbow Money TransferPannabagh,Kalaiya-5,Bara
BaraRainbow Money Transfer, BaraPanabag, Bara
BaraRANJIT ENTERPRISESPathlaiya - 9, Simra, Bara
BaraRanjit EnterprisesPathlaiya,Bara
BaraRanjit Enterprises, BaraPipara Simara, Bara
BaraReshma Money TransferKalaiya-5,Bara
BaraRiddhi Siddhi Bachat Tahta Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdEverest Lodge,Sona Market,Kalaiya
BaraRimal & Sons, BaraGadimai-16, Bara
BaraRK Money Transfer, BaraBariyapur-6, Bara
BaraSahara Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd-Nijgad BranchNear of Shanttol,Nijgad,Bara
BaraSahara Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd-Simara BranchAirport Raod,Simara,Bara
BaraSajelo Money TransferBharat Chowk-8,Kalaiya Bara
BaraSamsara Agriculture Co-operative Limited Bhaura,Kalaiya-19,Bara
BaraSana Kisan Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdMahagadhimai-3,Ganjbhawanipur,Bara
BaraSana Kisan Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdTetariya-6,Dhodhiya,Bara
BaraSanima Bank Limited-Kalaiya BranchKalaiya– 5,Bara
BaraSarvashulav Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdManaharwa-3,Badaharwa,Bara
BaraSatyam Money Changer And Money TransferSame Building as NCC Bank, Kalaiya-5,Bara
BaraSDS Enterprises Pvt.LtdDumarwana-4, Bara
BaraShivam Money TransferKalaiya-8,Bara
BaraShree Chhaya Saving & Credit Co-opereative Society LtdNautan-9,Bahuari,Bara
BaraShubharam Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd Nijgadh-9,Bara
BaraShubhrambha Saving & Credit Co-opertive Ltd Nijgadh Bara
BaraShuvlabh Multipurpose Co-operative LtdKalaiya-5,Bara
BaraSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Mahendranagar, Kshireshwornath Municipality , Dhanusha
BaraSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Mills Area, Dhanusha
BaraSiddhartha Bank Ltd-kalaiyaGadhimai Road, Kalaiya Municipality, Bara
BaraSona EnterprisesInarwamaal-5,Bara
BaraStar Money Transfer & Suppliers, BaraKalaiya-5, Bara
BaraStar Money Transfer And SuppliersKalaiya-5,Bara
BaraSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdKalaiya Bara
BaraSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdJeetpur Bara
BaraT.A. International Travels & Tours Pvt. LtdDevkota Chowk-6,Bhawanipur,Kalaiya,Bara
BaraTiwari EnterprisesSimara Airport Road,Bara
BaraTiwari Money TransferPeepra,Airport Road Simra,Bara
BaraYadav Money ChangerKalaiya-8,Bara
BaraYadav Money Changer, BaraKalaiya-8, Bara
BaraYes Remit Bharat Chowk-5,Kalaiya,Bara
BaraYeti Development Bank Ltd-Nijgadh BaraNijgadh, Bara
BardiyaAdhikari Money TransferGulariya Bazar, Radha Krishna Chowk, Bardiya
BardiyaAdhikari Money TransferRadha Krishna Chowk,Gulariya,Bardiya
BardiyaApex Development Bank Ltd-Gulariya BardiyaGulariya, Bardiya
BardiyaAryal Money TransferMotipur-8,Bansgadi,Bardiya
BardiyaBANK OF KATHMANDURadha Krishna Chour Guleria
BardiyaBANK OF KATHMANDUMunicipality -11 Rajapur Bardiya Bheri Nepal
BardiyaBank Of Kathmandu Limited- Guleriya BranchRadha Krishna Chour, Guleria,
BardiyaBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Rajapur BranchMunicipality -11 Rajapur, Bardiya
BardiyaBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdMunicipality -11 Rajapur, Bardiya
BardiyaBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdRadha Krishna Chour, Guleria, Bardia
BardiyaBhargav Bikas Bank Ltd.Bansgadhi, Bardiya
BardiyaBhargav Bikas Bank Ltd.Bhurigaun, Bardiya
BardiyaBhargav Bikas Bank Ltd.Mangaragadi, Bardiya
BardiyaBishwasilo Saving And Credit Cooperative Ltd-Baniyabhar Service CenterRampur,Baniyabhar,Bardiya
BardiyaBishwasilo Saving And Credit Cooperative Ltd-Dhodhari Service CenterMachad Chowk,Dhodhari,Bardiya
BardiyaBishwasilo Saving And Credit Cooperative Ltd-Neulapur Service CenterBhurigaun Bazar, Neulapur, Bardiya
BardiyaBishwasilo Saving And Credit Cooperative Ltd-Patabhar Service CenterShanti Bazar,Patabhar,Bardiya
BardiyaBishwasilo Saving And Credit Cooperative Ltd-Thakurdwara (Head Office)Thakurdwara-8,Bardiya
Bardiyacentury commercial Bank Bansgadhi BranchBardiya District, Bansagadhi Municipality Ward no-5
BardiyaCitizens Bank International LtdSanoshree-03, Kusumba Bazar Bardiya 
BardiyaCitizens Bank International Ltd -SanoShree,BardiyaSanoshree-03, Kusumba Bazar, Bardiya
BardiyaForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdSanoshree Branch
BardiyaForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdSorhawa Branch
BardiyaForward Community-RanipurBabai Nagarpalika,3, Bardiya
BardiyaForward Community-SanoshreeSanoshree, Bardiya
BardiyaForward Community-ShantipurRajapur Nagarpalika,12, Bardiya
BardiyaForward Community-SorhawaSorhawa, Bardiya
BardiyaGyan Ganga Money TransferShanti Bazar, Patavara-9, Badriya
BardiyaGyan Ganga Money Transfer And Trade ConcernPatabhar-9,Shantibazar,Bardiya
BardiyaJanautthan Samudayic laghubitta bikas bank ltdKakaurachwok,Bardiya
BardiyaJanautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bikash Bank Ltd-Kakaura BranchKakaura-6,Bardiya
BardiyaJaya Chakra Money TransferSanoshree,Taratal-8,Bardiya
BardiyaK.S EnterprisesKalika-8,Tilkana Chowk Bazar,Bardiya
BardiyaKhushi Trade ConcernMain Bazar,MainaPokhari ,Bardiya
BardiyaMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedBansgadhi - 8 | Bardiya
BardiyaMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedRajapur - 11 | Bardiya
BardiyaMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdBansgadhi-8, Bardiya
BardiyaMahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd,Motipur-8,Bansgadhi Bardiya
BardiyaMahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd,Rajapur Bazar, Rajapur, Bardiya
BardiyaNamaste RemittanceJi. Pra.Ka. Chowk, Guleriya-8, Bardiya
BardiyaNamaste Saving And Credit Co-Operative LtdGularia Road -9 , Bardia
BardiyaNavajeevan Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Basgadi, Bardiya
BardiyaNCC Bank LtdBardiya
BardiyaNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Bansgadhi Bansgadhi Ward No. 5, Bansgadhi, Bardiya
BardiyaNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Magragadhi BranchMagragadhi,Barbardiya-6,Bardiya
BardiyaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bansgadhi Bradiya
BardiyaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bhurigaun Bradiya
BardiyaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Gulariya Bradiya
BardiyaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Rajapur Bradiya
BardiyaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGulariya-9, Bardia
BardiyaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBansagadhi-9, Deudhakala, Bardiya
BardiyaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBhurigau, Neulapur-7 , Bardiya
BardiyaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRajapur-1, Bardiya
BardiyaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd- Gulariya BardiyaGulariya-9, Bardia
BardiyaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Bansghadi BardiyaNeulapur-7, Bhurigaun
BardiyaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Bhurigau BardiyaNeaulapur-7, Bhurigaun
BardiyaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Rajapur BardiyaRajapur-1, Rajapur Bardiya
BardiyaPaudel TradersRajapur-11,Bardiya
BardiyaPrabhu Bank Limited-Guleriya BranchGuleriya-6,Near Radhakrishna Chowk,Bardiya
BardiyaPrerana Traders & Money Network, BardiyaBhurigaun, Bardiya
BardiyaPrerana Traders and Money NetworkBhurigaun-7,Bardiya
BardiyaRajapur Money TransferRajapur Municipality-11,Bardiya
BardiyaSandesh StoreBansgadhi-11,Machhagadh,Bardiya
BardiyaSandesh Store, BardiyaMachhagadh, Bardiya
BardiyaShreya Money TransferPadanaha,Bardiya
BardiyaShuvakamana Money TransferMagaragadi-2,Bardiya
BardiyaSP TradingNear Peepalbot Cooperative Ltd,Bansgadhi,Motipur-8,Bardiya
BardiyaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdKalika Bardiya
BardiyaUNYC NepalBanshgadhi -6 Banshgadhi, Bardiya
BardiyaUNYC NepalBardiya
BardiyaUNYC NepalGulariya, Bardiya
BardiyaUNYC NepalMagragadhi-2 Jaynagar, Bardiya
BardiyaUNYC NepalMainapokhar-6 Mainapokhar, Bardiya
BardiyaUNYC NepalNepalgunj, Bardiya
BardiyaUNYC NepalNyolapur-7 Bhurigaun, Bardiya
BardiyaUNYC NepalPatabhar-9 Shantibazar, Bardiya
BardiyaUNYC NepalRajapur-1 Rajapur, Bardiya
BardiyaUNYC NepalRajapur-15 Manpurtapara, Bardiya
BardiyaUNYC NepalRajapur-4 Jotpur, Bardiya
BardiyaUNYC NepalRanjha, Bardiya
BardiyaUNYC NepalSanoshree, Bardiya
BardiyaUNYC NepalSanoshree-taratal MPC-6 Sanoshree, Bardiya
BardiyaUNYC NepalThakurdwara-6 Thakurdwara, Bardiya
BhaktapurACE Development Bank Ltd.Kaushaltar, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurAnshu Traders Kaushaltar Balkot, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurAnshu Traders-Balkot BranchBalkot-1,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurAnush Traders Jadibuti-35, bhaktabur
BhaktapurAnush Traders Balkot Bhaktapur
BhaktapurApex Development Bank Ltd-LokhanthaliLokanthali,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurApps Sub Remit Pvt.LtdNew Thimi,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurBajracharya Money TransferKausaltar-15,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurBanglamukhi Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBalkot-2,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurBANK OF KATHMANDUSuryabinayak Bhaktapur
BhaktapurBANK OF KATHMANDUItachhen | Bhaktapur
BhaktapurBANK OF KATHMANDUSuryabinayak | Bhaktapur
BhaktapurBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Bhaktpur BranchSuryabinayak Bhaktpur
BhaktapurBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdSuryabinayak, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdIttachen, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdSuryabinayak Bhaktapur
BhaktapurBhaktapurKowachhan - 8, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurBhaktapurSuryabinayak - 8, Katunje, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurBhaktapurSuryabinayak - 1, Sipadole
BhaktapurBhaktapur Finance Company Ltd., BhaktapurChyamhasinha, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurBhaktapur Money TransferBharahiesthan,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurBharosha Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd., BhaktapurPalshen, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurCentral Finance Ltd-Chyamasingh BranchChyamasingh,Bhaktapur
Bhaktapurcentury commercial Bank Bhaktapur BRANCHKatunje - 7, Suryabinayak Bhaktapur
BhaktapurCitizens Bank International LtdBayakha Bazar 7, Thimi, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurCitizens Bank International LtdDurbar Square Area, Khauma-15, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurCitizens Bank International Ltd- BhaktapurBhaktapur
BhaktapurCitizens Bank International Ltd-Madhyapur ThimiMadhyapur Thimi,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurCivil Bank LimitedSuryabinayak, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurCivil Bank Ltd-Bhaktapur BranchSuryabinayak,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDDudhpati-17| Bhaktapur
BhaktapurDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Bhaktapur BranchDudhpati Bus Park,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurDibyashwori Saving And Credit Co-Operative LtdMadhyapur Thimi-6,Lokanthali
BhaktapurEast Link Sub Money TransferSallaghari,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurFast Money Sub RemitSuryavinayak-05,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdJhaukhel Branch
BhaktapurForward Community-JhaukhelBhaktapur Jhaukhel
BhaktapurGaurav Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdSuryabinayak,Katunje-8,Sunderbasti,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurGurkhas Finance Limited-Bhaktapur BranchSuryabinayak Chowk,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurHamro Remit Sankhadhar Chowk,Thimi,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurJanata Bank Ltd.Suryabinayak,Bhaktapur 
BhaktapurJanata Bank Nepal Limited-SuryabinayakSuryabinayak,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Chyamashing, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Thimi, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Bhaktapur BranchChyamashing,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Thimi BranchThimi,bhaktapur,nepal
BhaktapurKamalbinayak Money TransferMuldhoka, Kamalbinayak 04
BhaktapurKumari Bank Limited-Thali BranchThali-6,Kageshwori Manahara,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurLaxmi Bank Limited-Bhaktpur BranchSallaghari - 17 Bhaktpur
BhaktapurLaxmi bank Ltd-Kaushaltar BranchMadhyapur-15,Kaushaltar,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdBalkot -02 Balkot , Bhaktapur
BhaktapurMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Kamalbinayak, BhaktapurKamal Binayak Chowk,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Sano Thimi BranchSanothimi,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurMAHALAXMI BIKASH BANK LIMITEDKamal Binayak Bhaktapur
BhaktapurMega Bank LtdThimi Madyapur Thimi Nagarpalika -7, Purano Thimi, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurMega Bank Nepal Limited-Thimi BranchMadhyapur Thimi Nagarpalika-7, Purano Thimi
BhaktapurMony EnterprisesJagati,Sipadol-2,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurNagarik RemittanceSuryabinayak Chowk,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurNava Shree Mandap Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGattha Ghar-15, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurNavadurga Finance Ltd-BhaktapurIttachhen,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurNawa Shree Mandap Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdGatthaghar-15,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurNB Money TransferSuryabinayak Bhaktapur
BhaktapurNB Money TransferKatunje-8,Suryabinayak,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurNCC Bank LtdLokanthali, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurNCC Bank LtdMadhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurNepal Investment Bank LimitedSeepadole | Bhaktapur | Nepal
BhaktapurNepal Investment bank Ltd. Seepadol, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurNew Sabal EnterprisesDuwakot-12,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Bhaktapur BranchSuryabinayak Chowk,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Chhaling-8 | Karipati
BhaktapurNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdChhaling-8, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurNMB BANK LIMITEDSuryabinayak
BhaktapurNMB Bank LtdSurya Binayak Bhaktapur
BhaktapurOm Development Bank LtdGolmadi,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurOm Finance Limited-Bhaktpur BranchGolmadi,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurPrabhu Bank Limited-Kausaltar BranchKausaltar Chowk,Kausaltar-15,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurPrabhu Bank Limited-Suryabinayak Bhaktapur BranchSuryabinayak,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurPrabhu Bank Limited-Thimi BranchSankhadhar Chowk-13,Naya Thimi,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Gatthaghar Extension Counter Gatthaghar,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurPrime Commercial Bank LtdGatthaghar, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurSajilo Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdLokhanthali ,
BhaktapurSanima Bank Limited-Suryavinayak BranchSuryavinayak, Bhaktapur, Nepal
BhaktapurSBK International Pvt.LtdShankhadhar Chowk,Madhyapur Thimi-14,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurShaha Stores and Communicationward no-17,Shallagari,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurSiddhartha Bank Ltd- GatthagharGatthagahar,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurSiddhartha Bank Ltd- Manohara, BhaktapurManahara,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Bhadrapur Road, Jhapa
BhaktapurSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Chandragadhi, Jhapa
BhaktapurSunrise Bank Limited-Bhaktapur BranchSukuldhoka-8,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdKamalbinayak Bhaktapur
BhaktapurSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdThimi Bhaktapur
BhaktapurSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdNagarkot Bhaktapur
BhaktapurSwastik RemittanceMadhyapur Thimi#7,Hulak Road,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurThimi Money TransferMadhyapur Thimi-14,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurUnited Finance Limited-Thimi,Bhaktapur BranchThimi,Bhaktapur
BhaktapurUnited Finance LtdThimi, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurVibor Society Development Bank LimitedKaushaltar | On The Way To Balkot
BhaktapurVibor Society Development Bank LtdKausaltar, Bhaktapur
BhaktapurYeti Development Bank Ltd-Kamalbinayak Branch Nagarkot Bus Park,Kamal Binayak
BhaktapurYuba Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdNear Kharipati Police Beat,Sipaghat Road,Nagarkot-11,Kharipati,Bhaktapur
BhojpurArson Communication And ElectronicsIn Front Of Jilla Adalat, Bhojpur Bazar, Bhojpur
BhojpurBhojpurBhojpur Bazar - 5, Bhojpur
Bhojpurcentury commercial Bank Bhojpur BRANCHDandagaun - 3, Bhojpur
Bhojpurcentury commercial Bank Bhojpur Branch2Bhojpur Bazzar, Bhojpur
BhojpurCitizens Bank International LtdBank Road ,Bhojpur Municipaltiy-7, Bhojpur. 
BhojpurCitizens Bank International Ltd-Bhojpur BranchBank Road,Bhojpur
BhojpurForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdBhojpur Branch
BhojpurForward Community-BhojpurBhojpurbajar,Bhojpur
BhojpurKhadka Trading Tiwari Bhangyang,Bhojpur
BhojpurL & K Sub Money TransferBank Road-05 Near By CDO office,Bhojpur
BhojpurL And K Sub Money TransferDistrict Dev. Committee Office,Bank Road-4,Bhojpur
BhojpurLaxmi Bank Limited-BhojpurBhojpur Municipality -7, Bhojpur
BhojpurLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdSadananda Na.Pa -01 Dingala, Bhojpur
BhojpurMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaGhodetar Bazzar-8, Bhohjpur
BhojpurMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaBhohjpur-7, Bhohjpur
BhojpurMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd- BhojpurBhojpur Bazar,Bhojpur
BhojpurManisha Money TransferBhojpur
BhojpurManisha SuppliersBhojpur-5
BhojpurNIC Asia Bank Ltd-BhojpurBhojpur-7, Bhojpur
BhojpurNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bhojpur-07
BhojpurNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBhojpur
BhojpurNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdBhojpur
BhojpurNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Bhojpur BranchBhojpur Municipality-7,Bhojpur
BhojpurPrabhu Bank Limited-Bhojpur BranchBhojpur Bazar,Dadagaun-7,Bhojpur
BhojpurSagarmatha Finanance LtdBhojpur Bazzar, Bhojpur
BhojpurSagarmatha Finance Limited-Bhojpur BranchBhojpur Bazzar,Bhojpur
BhojpurSamjhana Money TransferGhodetar, Bhojpur
BhojpurShivam SuppliersNear to Arun School,Dingla Bazaar,Mulpani-7,Bhojpur
BhojpurShree Bhuruchowk Krishi Bahuudishya Sahakari Sanstha LtdAnnapurna-3,Dilpa,Bhojpur
BhojpurShree Om Suppliers And Money TransferDistrict Police Office,Bhojpur-5,Bhojpur
BhojpurSolve NepalRanibas Ghoretar, Bhojpur
BhojpurSurya Exchange CompanyDandagaun,Bhojpur
BhojpurTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDBank Road | Bhojpur-5 | Bhojpur
BhojpurTulasha Money TransferDevaantar-08, Boyang, Bhojpur
ChitwanAB Bro-Sis TradersNew Road,Bharatpur-4,Narayangarh,Chitwan
ChitwanACE Development Bank Ltd.Khairahani – 4, Parsa Bazar, Chitwan
ChitwanACE Development Bank Ltd.Lions Chowk, Bharatpur, Nagarpalika Ward No. 6,Chitwan
ChitwanAdhikari TradersRampur -1,Sharadanagar,Infront of petrol pump,Chitwan
ChitwanAlpine Development Bank Ltd.Bhandara Bazar, Chitwan
ChitwanAlpine Development Bank Ltd.Patihani, Chitwan
ChitwanAlpine Development Bank Ltd.Sahid Chowk, Chitwan
ChitwanAnuska EnterprisesKholesimal-5,Jutpani,Chitwan
ChitwanApex Development Bank Ltd-Narayanghat BranchKamalnagar Chowk, Narayangarh
ChitwanArpan Saving & Credit Co-operative ltdChitwan
ChitwanArun ImpexTandi Chitwan
ChitwanArun ImpexRatnanagar-1,Saurahachhowk,Chitwan
ChitwanArun Sub Money TransferRatnanagar-1, Tandi, Chitwan
ChitwanArun Sub Money Transfer Pvt.LtdRatnanagar-1,Tandi Chowk,Chitwan
ChitwanAviyan Investment Company Pvt. Ltd Bharatpur-9, Chitwan
ChitwanBANK OF KATHMANDULanku | Chitwan
ChitwanBANK OF KATHMANDULions Building Lions Chowk Narayangadh Chitwan
ChitwanBANK OF KATHMANDUPragatipath | Narayangarh | Chitwan
ChitwanBANK OF KATHMANDUParsa Bazar | Chitwan
ChitwanBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Narayanghat BranchLions Chowk, Naryanghat
ChitwanBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdLions Building, Lions Chowk, Narayangadh, Chitwan
ChitwanBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdPragatipath, Narayangarh, Chitwan,
ChitwanBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdParsa Bazar, Chitwan
ChitwanBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdLanku, Chitwan
ChitwanBasyal Kirana Store Meghauli, Telauli Bazaar, Chitwan
ChitwanBatas Money TransferNear Tanahungey Kapada Pasal, Chanauli, Chitwan
ChitwanBatas Money TransferChanauli Bazar, Chitwan
ChitwanBinsipa international Money TransferShivangar, Chitwan
ChitwanBinsipa International Money TransferBharatpur-24,Shivnagar,Chitwan
ChitwanC.B Travels & Tours Pvt.LtdBharatpur,Chitwan
ChitwanCentral Finance Limited-Sahidchok,Narayanghat BranchSahidchok,Narayanghat,Chitwan
Chitwancentury commercial Bank NARAYANGAARH BRANCHLions Chowk, K.L. Mall, Narayangarh, Chitwan 
Chitwancentury commercial Bank Narayangarh BRANCHBelchowk, Bharatpur Municipality-07, Narayangarh
ChitwanChaudhary Sub Remit Pvt LtdKhairahani-6,Parsa,Chitwan
ChitwanCHITWAN MONEY EXPRESSBharatpur - 4, Chitwan
ChitwanChitwan Money Express Pvt.LtdBhandara Bazaar, Bhandara - 1,
ChitwanCitizens Bank International LtdLions Chowk,Bharatpur-4,Chitwan
ChitwanCitizens Bank International Ltd-NarayanghatLions Chowk, Bharatpur, Chitwan,narayanghat
ChitwanCity Store Pvt.LtdWard No. 4, Belchowk Chitwan
ChitwanCivil Bank LimitedLionschowk, Narayanghat, Chitawan
ChitwanCivil Bank LimitedKhurkhure Bazaar, Birendranagar VDC, Chitwan-3
ChitwanCivil Bank LimitedLions Chowk, Narayangadh-4, Chitwan
ChitwanCivil Bank LimitedParbatipur Bazaar, Parbatipur VDC, Chitwan-4
ChitwanCivil Bank LimitedSauraha Chowk,Tandi, Ratnanagar, Chitwan-2
ChitwanCivil Bank Limited-Khurkhure ChitwanKhurkhure Bazaar, Birendranagar
ChitwanCivil Bank Limited-Narayanghat BranchLions Chowk, Narayangadh-4, Chitwan
ChitwanCivil Bank Limited-Parbatipur BranchParbatipur Bazaar, Parbatipur Vdc, Chitwan-4
ChitwanCivil Bank Limited-Tandi Ratnanagar BranchSauraha Chowk,tandi, Ratnanagar, Chitwan-2
ChitwanD & B Sub Money Transfer Pvt.LtdBharatpur-10,Chitwan
ChitwanDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDGunjanagar-04| Chitwan
ChitwanDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDGeetanagr-09| Chitwan
ChitwanDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDLankoo| Dharmachowk
ChitwanDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDBharatpur-03| Chitwan
ChitwanDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDRatnanagar-02| Chitwan
ChitwanDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Bharatpur Narayangarh BranchShahid Chowk,Bharatpur,Nayarangath,Chitwan
ChitwanDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Chanauli BranchChanauli Bazar,Gunjanagar,Chitwan
ChitwanDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Geetanagar BranchGitanagar Bazar Chowk,Chitwan
ChitwanDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Kholeshimal Branch (Extension Counter)Kholeshimal,Narayangarh,Chitwan
ChitwanDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Lankoo BranchNear Holy Vision School,Dharma Chowk,Lankoo,Chitwan
ChitwanDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Mangalpur BranchMangalpur,Narayanghat,Chitwan
ChitwanDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Narayangarh BranchSaheed Chowk,Narayangarh,Chitwan
ChitwanDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Tandi BranchRam nagar-2,Tandi,Chitwan
ChitwanDeva Bikas Bank Ltd-Madi BranchMadi MP-5,Chitwan
ChitwanDhaulagiri EnterpriseBharatpur-4, Chitwan
ChitwanDhaulagiri InternationalBharatpur-4,Narayangarh,Chitwan
ChitwanDNB Sub Money Transfer Pvt LtdChaubiskoti,Bharatpur,Chitwan
ChitwanEasy Money TransferRatnagar-8,Tadi Saurahawa, Chitwan
ChitwanEasy Money TransferRatnanagar-18,Sauraha,Chitwan
ChitwanEx Army Money TransferBharatpur-07, krishnapur, Chitwan
ChitwanEx Army Money TransferNarayani -08, Parbatipur, Chitwan
ChitwanEx-army Money Transfer Bharatpur, Krishnapur-7,chitwan
ChitwanFewa Bikas bank LtdNarayangadh, Chitwan
ChitwanFewa Bikas bank LtdTandi, Chitwan
ChitwanFewa Bikas bank LtdBharatpur, Chitwan
ChitwanGandaki Bikas Bank LtdChannauli, Chitwan
ChitwanGandaki Bikas Bank LtdMugling Bazar, Chitwan
ChitwanGandaki Bikas Bank LtdNarayangadh Bazar, Chitwan
ChitwanGandaki Bikas Bank LtdTandi, Chitwan
ChitwanGarima Bikas BankNarayangarh Branch, Chitwan
ChitwanGarima Bikas BankParsa Branch, Chitwan
ChitwanGarima Bikas BankMuglin Branch, Chitwan
ChitwanGarima Bikas BankBuddhachowk Branch, Chitwan
ChitwanGarima Bikas BankMalpotchowk Branch, Chitwan
ChitwanGarima Bikas BankShivanagar Branch, Chitwan
ChitwanGorkhali Traders Pvt.Ltd Ward No.3,jutpani
ChitwanGurkhas Finance Ltd-Narayangadh BranchBharatpur Height,Chitwan
ChitwanHamro Money TransferBharatpur 1,Pokhara Buspark,Chitwan,
ChitwanInnovative Development Bank LtdBelchowk, Narayangarh Chitwan
ChitwanJ N S Solution Pvt.Ltd Khaireni, Magani Chowk, Chitwan
ChitwanJanasewa Money TransfeLanku 04 Dharma Chowk Chitwan
ChitwanJanasewa Money TransferBharatpur-04,Lanku,Dharma Chowk,Chitwan
ChitwanJanata Bank Ltd.Milan Road,Narayangarh,Chitwan
ChitwanJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Narayangarh,Chitwan BranchNarayangarh,Chitwan Branch
ChitwanJanautthan Samudayic laghubitta bikas bank ltdMangalpur,Chitwan  
ChitwanJanautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bikash Bank Ltd-Mangalpur BranchBharatpur-15,Mangalpur,Chitwan
ChitwanJoshi Money ChangerMain Road, Chitwan
ChitwanKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Bhandara,, Chitwan
ChitwanKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Narayangadh, Chitwan
ChitwanKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Narayanghat BranchNarayangarh
ChitwanKalika Money TransferBharatpur-7, krishna pur, Cancer hospital opp off, Chitwan
ChitwanKamana Bikas BankBharatpur, Chitwan
ChitwanKamana Bikas BankKhurkhure, Chitwan
ChitwanKamana Bikas BankNarayandarh, Chitwan
ChitwanKamana Bikas BankSharadanagar, Chitwan
ChitwanKAMANA BIKASH BANK LIMITEDHakimchowk | Bharatpur
ChitwanKAMANA BIKASH BANK LIMITEDSaradanagar | Chitwan
ChitwanKantipur Trade LinkKamalnagar Chowk-4,Bharatpur Nagarpalika,Narayangarh,Chitwan
ChitwanKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Narayangadh BranchNarayangadh,Chitwan
ChitwanKasthamandap Development Bank LtdPulchowk, Narayangadh, Chitwan
ChitwanKirateshwor Remit Pvt.LtdBharatpur-12,Chitwan
ChitwanKrishak Upakar Multipurpose Pvt. Ltd.Gardi-3, Bhairavpur, Madi, North from Baruwa Bazar, chitwan
ChitwanKrishnapur Money TransferBharatpur 07, Chitwan
ChitwanKUMARI BANK LIMITEDPulchowk | Narayangadh
ChitwanKumari Bank ltdMaiyadevi Marg, Bharatpur, Chitwan
ChitwanKumari Bank ltdSauraha, Bachhauli-02, Chitwan
ChitwanKumari Bank Ltd-Chitwan Sauraha BranchBacchauli, Ward No. 2, Sauraha,
ChitwanKumari Bank Ltd-Mainroad PhulchowkPulchowk, Narayangadh, Chitwan
ChitwanKumari Bank Ltd-Narayanghat,ChitwanPulchowk, Narayangadh, Chitwan
ChitwanLaxmi Bank Limited-Narayanghat BranchShahid Chowk Narayanghat
ChitwanMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Narayangadh BranchBharatpur Municipality -sahid Chowk
ChitwanMADI MONEY TRANSFERBaruwa - 8, Gardi, Chitwan
ChitwanMadi Money TransferGardi-8,Garuwa Bazar,Chitwan
ChitwanMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedLions Chowk | Bharatpur - 4 | Narayanghat
ChitwanMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedSahidchowk - 3 | Narayangadh | Chitwan
ChitwanMahalaxmi bikas Bank ltdLions chowk,Bharatpur nagarpalika - 4 Narayanghat
ChitwanMAHALAXMI BIKASH BANK LIMITEDBharatpur -3 Sahid Chowk Narayangarh
ChitwanManaslu Bikas Bank Limited-NarayanghatWay To Pokhara Bus Park, Main Road, Naryanghat, Mainroad, Chitwan
ChitwanManaslu Bikas Bank LtdBharatpur-3, Main Road, Narayangadh, Chitwan
ChitwanManaslu Bikas Bank LtdTandi, Chitwan
ChitwanMarsyangdi Travels & Tours P.LtdShahid Chowk,Narayanghat
ChitwanMaulakalika Money TransferChoubiskoti,Bharatpur
ChitwanMax Money TransferBharatpur Nagarpalika-12,Basant Chowk,Chitwan
ChitwanMax Money Transfer - NepalDarai Tole - 9 | Bharatpur | Chitwan
ChitwanMega Bank LtdNarayanghat Bharatpur Nagarpalika -3, Pulchok, Chitwan
Chitwanmega bank ltdTaandi Chitwan
ChitwanMega Bank Nepal Limited-Narayangarh BranchNarayangarh,Chitwan
ChitwanMega Bank Nepal Limited-Narayanghat BranchPulchok 3, Narayanghat
ChitwanMega Bank Nepal Ltd-Tandi BranchTandi,Chitwan
ChitwanMeghauli Money TransferMeghauli-5, Telauli, Chitwan
ChitwanMorden Communication Pvt.Ltd-Head OfficeSahid Chowck, Milan Road Near Lumbini Plaza
ChitwanMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDSahidchowk Narayangahad Chitwan 
ChitwanMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDParbatipur - 5 | Chitwan
ChitwanMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdBharatpur Mu 03 Sahid Chowk, Narayangarh,Chitwan
ChitwanMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdParbatipur-5, Chitwan
ChitwanNamaste Ganesh RemittanceBhatarpur-4, kamalanagar, Narayangodh, Chitwan
ChitwanNayan Money TransferPithula, Ratnanagar-16, Chitwan
ChitwanNayan Money TransferRatnanagar-16,Pithuwa,Chitwan
ChitwanNCC Bank LtdSahid Chowk, Narayanghat, Chitwan
ChitwanNCC Bank LtdKamalnagar, Chitwan
ChitwanNCC Bank LtdMainroad, Chitwan
ChitwanNCC Bank LtdShahid Chowk, Bharatpur Chitwan
ChitwanNepal Community Development Bank LimitedBuddhachowk Chitwan
ChitwanNepal Community Development Bank LimitedTandi Chitwan
ChitwanNepal Investment Bank LimitedPulchowk | Narayangarh | Chitwan | Nepal
ChitwanNepal Investment Bank LimitedEast West Mahendra Highway | Khairahani - 4 | Parsa | Chitwan
ChitwanNepal Investment Bank LimitedBharatpur - 27 | Chitwan
ChitwanNepal Investment bank Ltd. East West Mahendra Highway, Chitwan
ChitwanNepal Investment bank Ltd. Patihani, Chitwan
ChitwanNepal Investment bank Ltd. Pulchowk, Chitwan
ChitwanNew Chitwan Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBharatpur-10,Synergy Road,Chitwan
ChitwanNew Kalika StationaryDibyanagar-1,jyotinagar,chitwan
ChitwanNew Kalika Stationary ChitwanDivyanagar, Chitwan
ChitwanNew Mimosa Travel And ToursRatnanagar, Tandi
ChitwanNew Shuvakamana Pustak Pasal Ward No. 3, Madi,bagauda
ChitwanNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Narayangarh BranchBharatpur Na. Pa. 4, Lions Chowk,Chitwan
ChitwanNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Hakim Chowk Hakim Chowk-10,Bharatpur,Chitwan
ChitwanNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Parsa Khairahani Muncipality Ward No 8, Parsa Chitwan
ChitwanNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Tandi Ratnagar-1 ,Chitwan
ChitwanNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Rapti N.P.-1 | Bhandara
ChitwanNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bharatpur U.N.P -10 Bidhyapath
ChitwanNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Chitraban N.P.-8 | Chanauli
ChitwanNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Madi N.P -5-Basantapur | madi
ChitwanNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Darechock V.D.C -4 | Mugling
ChitwanNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Rattnanagar N.P.-1 | Tandi
ChitwanNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bharatpur U.N.P -10 Newroad
ChitwanNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdChanauli, Meghauli-8, Chitawan
ChitwanNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRegional Office Bharatpur, Chitwan
ChitwanNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdMadi,Baghauda-3, Chitwan
ChitwanNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBharatpur-10, Chitwan
ChitwanNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBhandara-1, Chitwan
ChitwanNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdTandi-1, Chitwan
ChitwanNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdMugling, Darechok-4, Chitwan
ChitwanNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Bhandara ChitwanBhandara -1,chitwan
ChitwanNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Bharatpur ChitwanBhartpurhiet -10, Bharatpur Chitwan
ChitwanNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Chanauli BranchMeghauli -8,parsadhap Chitwan
ChitwanNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Madi ChitwanBharatpur-10 ,basantapur Chitwan
ChitwanNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Mugling BranchMugling Bazaar,dharka Chowk, Chitwan
ChitwanNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Regional Office ChitwanNewroad -10, Bharatpur Chitwan
ChitwanNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Tandi ChitwanRatnagar Tandi Chitwan
ChitwanNMB BANK LIMITEDSahid Chowk
ChitwanNMB Bank LtdBharatpur Municipality Ward No-4, Shaheed Chowk, Narayanghat,Chitwan
ChitwanOm Development Bank LtdLions Chowk , Chitwan
ChitwanOm Development Bank LtdMalpot Chowk , Chitwan
ChitwanOm Shanti Money TransferKhairahani-8,Newroad,Parsa,Chitwan
ChitwanPandey International Trade Link Milanroad-3, Bharatpur,chitwan
ChitwanPark Traders Ward No.2, Pokhara Bus Park
ChitwanParsadhap Money TransferParsadhap-3,Chitwan
ChitwanPhisling Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sastha ChitwanPhisling Bazar, Chitwan
ChitwanPrabhav Kanjumar Co operative ltdAmrit Chowk Chitwan
ChitwanPrabhu Bank Limited-Bharatpur BranchInside Narayani Samudayik Hospital Compound,Hospital Road,Choubiskothi,Bharatpur,Chitwan
ChitwanPrabhu Bank Limited-Gadeuli BranchPiple-7,Gadeuli,Chitwan
ChitwanPrabhu Bank Limited-Narayanghat BranchBharatpur Municipality ward no.-3,Main Road,Narayangarh,Chitwan
ChitwanPrabhu Bank Limited-Rampur BranchNear Rampur Agriculture Campus,Rampur,Chitwan
ChitwanPrabhu Bank Limited-Sauraha BranchBachhauli-2,Sauraha,Chitwan
ChitwanPrabhu Bank Limited-Tandi BranchRatnanagar-2,Opposite to police ststion,Tandi,Chitwan
ChitwanPrerana Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdParbatipur-4,Chitwan
ChitwanPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Bharatpur BranchChaubishkothi,bharatpur,chitwan
ChitwanPrime Commercial Bank LtdChaubishkothi,Bharatpur,Chitwan
ChitwanPrime Commercial Bank LtdNarayangard, Chitwan
ChitwanPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Narayangard ChitwanBharatpur-3, Sahid Chowk,Chitwan
ChitwanProfessional Diyalo Bikas Bank Ltd.Hakimchowk, Chitwan
ChitwanPurnima Bikas Bank LtdMilan Road,Bharatpur-3 Chitwan
ChitwanR.K TradersRatnanagar-16,Tandi,Chitwan
ChitwanRabi Enterprises-Chitwan BranchBharatpur-11,Baseni,Chitwan
ChitwanRadhika SuppliersJirauna-10, Ratnanagar , Chitwan
ChitwanReliable Development Bank Ltd-Belchowk,Narayanghat BranchBelchowk,Narayanghat Bharatpur-4,Chitwan
ChitwanReliable Development Bank Ltd-Kholesimal ChitwanKholesimal, Chitwan
ChitwanReliable Development Bank Ltd-Narayanghat Chitwan BranchChitwan,Narayangarh, Nepal
ChitwanReliance Lotus Finance Limited-Narayangarh BranchShahid Chowk,Narayangarh,Chitwan
ChitwanRiddhi Siddhi RemitBikash Chowk,Bharatpur-05,Chitwan
ChitwanRoyal Money Transfer Pvt.LtdWay To Airport, Bharatpur, Chitwan
ChitwanS & S Money TransferRatnagar Chitwan
ChitwanS and S Money TransferSauraha Chowk-1,Tandi,Chitwan
ChitwanSagun Stationary Ward No.5, Meghouli,chitwan
ChitwanSahara Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd-Narayangadh BranchMarket Area,pulchock,narayangadh, Chitwan
ChitwanSaibaba Money TransferBharatpur, Chaubiskoti
ChitwanSangyukta Suppliers (devi Communication Suppliers) Bharatpur Krishnapur-7, Chitwan, Cancer Hospital Agadi
ChitwanSanima Bank Limited-Bhandara, Chitwan BranchMain Road, Ward No. 1, Bhandara, Chitwan
ChitwanSanima Bank Limited-Pulchowk, Narayangarh BranchPulchowk, Narayangarh, Chitwan, Nepal
ChitwanSaugat Money TransferBharatpur,Chitwan
ChitwanSaugat Money Transfer ChitwanMalpot Chowk, Chitwan
ChitwanSHIKHAR MONEY TRANSFERPakadi Bazar - 5, Pathihani, Chitwan
ChitwanShikhar Money TransferPakadi Bazar, Patihani-5, Chitwan
ChitwanShivam Money TransferParsa-6, Chitwan
ChitwanShubha Laxmi Money TansferYagyapuri,Bharatpur-6,Chitwan
ChitwanShubhalaxmi Finance Limited-Kholesimal ChitwanKholesimal, Chitwan
ChitwanShulav Money TransferMalpotchowk-11, Chitwan
ChitwanShuvakamana Money Transfer Pulchowk,narayangarh
ChitwanSiddhartha Bank Ltd- Narayangarh,ChitwanSahidchowk Bharatpur-4, Chitwan
ChitwanSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Milan Chowk , Sunsari
ChitwanSiddhartha Development Bank LtdNarayangarh, Chitwan
ChitwanSiddhartha Development Bank LtdTandi, Chitwan
ChitwanSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-ChitwanNear Agricultural Development Bank - Tandi, Chitwan
ChitwanSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-NarayanghatNarayangarh, Chitwan
ChitwanSiddhartha Finance Limited-Narayangarh BranchNarayangarh,chitwan
ChitwanSikhar Money Transfer Pathihani - 5, Pakaudi Bazaar,chitwan
ChitwanSubhechha Bikash Bank Ltd-BharatpurMalpot Chowk-12,bharatpur,chitwan
ChitwanSubhechha Bikash Bank Ltd-Buddhachowk BranchNear Cancer Gate,Bharatpur-7,Chitwan
ChitwanSubhechha Bikash Bank Ltd-Head OfficePulchowk-3,narayangarh,chitwan
ChitwanSubhechha Bikash Bank Ltd-khairaniKhairahani-4,parsha,chitwan
ChitwanSubhechha Bikash Bank Ltd-MuglingMugling Bazzar,mugling,chitwan
ChitwanSubhechha Bikash Bank Ltd-NarayanghatPokhara Buspark,narayangarh,chitwan
ChitwanSumi SuppliersKirtanpur Bazaar, Kalyanpur-5, Madi, Chitwan
ChitwanSunrise Bank Limited-Bharatpur BranchHakimchowk-2,Bharatpur,Chitwan
ChitwanSunrise Bank Limited-Narayangarh Branch (2)Lionschowk-4,Narayangarh,Chitwan
ChitwanSunrise Bank Limited-Narayanghat BranchNear Saheed Chowk,Narayanghat,Bharatpur-4,Chitwan
ChitwanSunrise Bank Limited-Tandi BranchRatnanagar-2,Tandi,Chitwan
ChitwanSuprim And Supriya Money TransferShaktikhor-09,Tempo Park,Chitwan
ChitwanSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdParsa Chitwan
ChitwanTinau Bikash Bank Limited-Jyamire BranchKhairahani-1,Jyamire,Chitwan
ChitwanTinau Bikash Bank Limited-Mangalpur BranchMangalpur-1,Mangalpur,Chitwan
ChitwanTinau Development Bank Ltd Mangalpur Mangalpur, Bharatpur, Chitwan,
ChitwanTinau Development Bank Ltd Narayanghat Main Road, Bharatpur - 3, Narayanghat, Chitwan,
ChitwanTinau Development Bank LtdJyamire Khairahani-01,Jyamire, Chitwan,
ChitwanTinau Development Bank Ltd-Bharatpur BranchBharatpur - 3, Narayanghat, Chitwan
ChitwanTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDKamalnagar Chowk | Narayangarh-6 | Chitwan
ChitwanTrifala Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sastha ChitwanRatnanagar, Chitwan
ChitwanTriphala Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdRatnanagar-8,Bakulahar,Chitwan
ChitwanTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Bharatpur ( Head Office )Bharatpur, Chitwan
ChitwanTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Gardi LBO ( Madi Branch )Gardi-8,Barua Bazaar,Chitwan
ChitwanTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Geetanagar,chitwan BranchGeetanagar Bazar, Geetanagar-5, Geetanagar, Chitwan
ChitwanTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Kalyanpur LBO (Madi Branch)Kalyanpur-5,Kritanpur Bazaar,Chitwan
ChitwanTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Madi,Chitwan BranchBaghauda3, Basantapur, Madi, Chitwan
ChitwanTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Narayanghat BranchNarayanghat,chitwan
ChitwanTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Parsa,chitwan BranchKhairahani-4, Parsabazar, Chitwan
ChitwanTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Rampur,chitwan BranchNear Institute Of Agriculture, Rampur Bazaar, Chitwan
ChitwanUnited Finance Limited-Pulchowk,chitwan BranchPulchowk,narayangarh,chitwan
ChitwanUnited Finance LtdSahid Chowk, , Chitwan
ChitwanVibor Society Development Bank LimitedOn The Way Of Paras Bus Park | Hakimchowk
ChitwanVibor Society Development Bank LimitedMain Road | Narayangarh
ChitwanVibor Society Development Bank LimitedNear To Kist Bank | Ratnagar | Tandi
ChitwanVibor Society Development Bank LtdHakim Chowk, Chitwan 
ChitwanYeti Development Bank Ltd-Bharatpur BranchSahid Chowk - 3, Bharatpur, Chitwan
ChitwanYeti Development Bank Ltd-Khurkhure Chitwan BranchBirendranagar, Khurkhure, Chitwan
Chitwan Vibor Society Development Bank LtdMain Road, Narayangadh, Chitwan 
Chitwan Vibor Society Development Bank LtdRatnanagar -02, Chitwan 
DadeldhuraBANK OF KATHMANDUTuphandada  Amargadi-05 Dadeldhura
DadeldhuraBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdTuphandada, Amargadi-05, Dadeldhura
DadeldhuraDadeldhura Sub Money transferAmargadhi-05,Dadeldhura
DadeldhuraForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdJogbudha Branch
DadeldhuraKUMARI BANK LIMITEDAmargadhi Na. Pa. - 5 | Bagbazaar | Dadeldhura
DadeldhuraMega Bank LtdParsuram Municipality, Ward No:12, Dadeldhura
DadeldhuraNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Amargadi Na.Pa.-5 | Dadeldhura
DadeldhuraNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Parshuram Na.Pa.-12 | Dadeldhura
DadeldhuraNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdAmargadhi-5,Dadeldhura
DadeldhuraNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdJogbudha-1, Dadeldhura
DadeldhuraSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Beltar Basaha Municipality, Udayapur
DailekhApex Development Bank Ltd-DailekhNarayan Nagarpalika, Dailekh
DailekhBajrabarahi Redymade Pashal And Order Supplierspurano Bazaar, Dailekh
DailekhBANK OF KATHMANDUNayabazar Chowk Dailekh Nepal
DailekhBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Dailekh BranchNarayan Municipality, Dailekh
DailekhBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdDailekh Branch,Narayan Municipality-01, Dailekh
DailekhBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Chuppra BranchOld Bazar,Chuppra,Belpata-05,Dailekh
DailekhBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Dullu BranchNear Police Station,Dullu Bazar,Dullu-07,Dailekh
DailekhBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Dungeshor BranchNear Police Station,Dungeshor,Dadaparajul-03,Dailekh
DailekhMamakamana Enterprises And Suppliers-Devekota ChowkDevkota Chowk, Naya Bazar Chowk
DailekhMega Bank LtdDailekh Narayan Nagarpalika- 1, Debkota Chok, Dailekh
DailekhMega Bank Nepal Limited-Dailekh BranchDebkota chowk, Dailekh
DailekhMental Powers Computer Institute And Communication CenterMajhgau,Lakuri-8,Dailekh
DailekhNCC Bank LtdDailekh Bazar, Dailekh
DailekhNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Dullu N.P-7
DailekhNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Narayan N.P 1
DailekhNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdDailekh-2
DailekhNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdDullu-7, Dailekh
DailekhNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Dailekh BranchNarayan-1, Dailekh
DailekhNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Dailekh BranchDailekh-1,Narayan
DailekhNMB Bank LtdNaya Bazaar, Dailekh
DailekhPanchakoshi Sub Remittance p. Ltd DailekhDullu,Dailekh
DailekhPanchakoshi Sub Remittance Pvt. LtdNear Hulak Karyalaya,Saubada Bazar,Dullu,Dailekh
DailekhPrabhu Bank Limited-Dailekh BranchDekendra Chowk,Naya Bazar,Dailekh
DailekhShree Subham Enterprises and SuppliersNarayan Municipilty,Naya Bazar,Dailekh
DailekhSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Ghadimai Road, Bara
DailekhSiddhartha Bank Ltd-DailekhWard No. 1 Narayan Municipality, Dailekh Bazar
DangBalmiki Traders & SuppliersKha Line, Tulsipur, Dang
DangBalmiki Traders & SuppliersNear of Uddhyog Banijya Sangh,Tulsipur-5,Dang
DangBANK OF KATHMANDULalmatiya VDC Pulchowk Ward No: 3 Dang Nepal
DangBANK OF KATHMANDUNaya Sadak Ghorahi Dang
DangBANK OF KATHMANDUKa Line BP Chowk Tulsipur Dang
DangBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Bhalubang BranchLalmatiya VDC, Pulchowk Ward No: 3, Dang
DangBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Ghorai BranchNaya Sadak, Ghorahi , Dang
DangBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Tulsipur BranchBp Chowk, Tulsipur, Dang
DangBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdKa Line BP Chowk, Tulsipur, Dang
DangBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdLalmatiya VDC, Pulchowk Ward No: 3,Bhalubang, Dang,
DangBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdNaya Sadak, Ghorahi, Dang
DangBaraha Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGhorahi-10,Dang
DangBhargav Bikas Bank Ltd.Birendra Chowk, Dang
DangBhargav Bikas Bank Ltd.Ghorahi, Dang
DangBhargav Bikas Bank Ltd.Narayanpur, Dang
DangChhara Money TransferHapure,Purandhara,Dang
DangCitizens Bank International LtdNew Road -11, Ghorahi, Dang
DangCitizens Bank International Ltd-GhorahiGhorahi
DangCivil Bank LimitedB.P. Chowk, Tulsipur-5, Dang
DangCivil Bank LimitedGhorahi, Dang
DangCivil Bank Limited-Tulsipur BranchWard no:5, B.P chowk,Tulsipur,Dang
DangCivil Bank Ltd-Ghorahi BranchGhorahi,Dang
DangD. G. S. SUPPLIERSTulsipur -5, Tulsipur, Dang
DangD.G.S SuppliersTulsipur-5,Dang
DangD.G.S. SuppliersTulsipur#5,Near By Rijal Oil Mill Dang
DangDI Money Transfer Tripur-1,Narayanpur,Dang
DangEverest Money TransferSitalpur,Tulsipur-6,Dang
DangForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdArea Office Sonpur
DangForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdSonpur,
DangForward Community-GadhwaGadhawa VDC, Dang
DangForward Community-GogliLaxmipur VDC, Dang
DangForward Community-Sonpur, DangSonpur-2, Nartibajar, Dang
DangForward Community-Sunpur, Dang Area OfficeSonpur-2, Nartibajar, Dang
DangForward Community-SuryapuraSuryapura VDC, Dang
DangG One Multipurpose Pvt. Ltd.Ghorahi 10, Dang
DangG One Multipurpose Pvt. Ltd.Ghorahi-10, Dang
DangG.c. Traders And Suppliers, Lalmitya-3 Dang
DangGodhuli Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGobardiha-5,Kothari,Deukhuri,Dang
DangGurkhas Finance Limited-Bijauri,Dang BranchTulsipur-19,Bijauri,Dang
DangHimal Money TransferTulsipur-5,Dang
DangHimal Money Transfer Tulsipur 5, Dang
DangIndra Ratna Money Transfer and TradersTripur-5,Khaira,Dang
DangIraj Enterprises-Narayanpur Dang Narayanpur Dang
DangJanata Bank Ltd.New Road,Ghorahi, Dang
DangJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Ghorahi BranchGhorahi,Dang
DangJanautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bikash Bank Ltd-Lalmatia BranchLalmatiya-04, Lalmatiyachowk, Dang
DangJanautthan Samudayik Laghubitta Bikas Bank Ltd Lalmatia-4, Dang
DangKhusi Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdGhorahi-11,Dang
DangKUMARI BANK LIMITEDBP Chowk | Tulsipur - 5 | Dang
DangKumari Bank ltdKa Line, Tulsipur-5, Dang
DangKumari Bank Ltd-BP ChowkBP Chowk, Ward No. 5, "Ka" Line, Tulsipur Dang
DangKumari Bank Ltd-Tulsipur BranchTulsipur, Dang
DangLaxmi Bank Limited-Lamahi BranchLamahi-11,Shah Marg,Dang Deukhuri,Dang
DangLaxmi Bank Limited-Sahid Marg,Dang BranchSahid Marg,Dang
DangLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdBijauri-05 Bijauri ,Dang
DangLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdPurandhara-03 Hapure , Dang
DangLAXMI MONEY TRANSFERTulsipur - 5, Tulsipur, Dang
DangLaxmi Money TransferTulsipur-5,new Bus Park,dang
DangLaxmi Money Transfer DangTulsipur, Dang
DangLaxmi Money Transfer, DangBhaluwang, Dang
DangM. K. SuppliersPurandhara-2,  Hapure. Dang
DangMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Dang BranchUmesh Marg, Ghorahi Dang
DangMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedLamahi - 11 | Dang
DangMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedTulsipur - 5 | Dang
DangMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdLamahi-11,Mahendra Rajmarga; Beside of Ganapati Hardware, Dang
DangMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdTulsipur-5 Dang, Dang
DangMega Bank LtdGhorahi -11, Nayasadak Dang
DangMega Bank LtdTulsipur Ka Line, Bahini Chowk, Tulsipur-5, Dang
DangMega Bank Nepal Limited-Ghorahi BranchGhorahi Nagarpalika -11, New Road Dang
DangMega Bank Nepal Limited-Tulsipur BranchTulsipur,Dang
DangMK SuppliersPurandhara-2,Hapure,Dang
DangNepal Investment Bank LimitedKa Line - 5 | Tulsipur | Dang
DangNepal Investment bank Ltd. BP Chowk, Dang
DangNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Lamahi BranchChailahi VDC-2, Lamahi Bazar,Dang
DangNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Tulsipur BranchBahini Chowk, Duruwa - 4 Tulsipur,Dang
DangNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Ghorahi Ghorahi Sub Metropolitan City, Ward No.15, Dang
DangNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Gadhawa Dang
DangNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Ghorahi Dang
DangNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Sisahaniya Dang
DangNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Tulsipur Dang
DangNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdSisahaniya-5, Dang
DangNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGadhawa-3, Dang
DangNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGhorahi-11, Dang
DangNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdTulsipur-5, Dang
DangNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Gadhawa DangGadhawan-3, Dang
DangNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Ghorai DangGhorai-11, Dang
DangNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Sisahaniya DangSisahaniya -5 Dang
DangNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Tulsipur BranchTulsipur -5, Tulsipur Dang
DangPashchimanchal Finance Co. LtdTulsipur, Dang
DangPashchimanchal Finance Co.Ltd-Tulsipur BranchTulsipur,dang
DangPrabhu Bank Limited-Ghorahi BranchGhorahi-11,Damodar Chowk,Dang
DangPrabhu Bank Limited-Tulsipur BranchTulsipur-5,KA Line,Dang
DangPuja EnterprisesLamahi-11,Dang
DangRapti Money Transfer & Trade Con.BP Chowk, Ka Line Tulsipur- Dang
DangRapti Money Transfer & Trade ConcernDang-5
DangRAPTI MONEY TRANSFER AND TRADE CONCERNB. P. Chowk, Ga Line - 5, Tulsipur, Dang
DangSajha Trading Pvt.LtdGhorahi Nagar Palika, Dang
DangSanima Bank Limited-Ghorahi,Dang BranchGhorahi-11,dang
DangSaraswati EnterprisesLalmatiya-3,Ghorahi,Dang
DangSaraswati EnterprisesNear Karnali Bikas Bank, Pulchowk, Bhaluwang,Dang
DangSarbahit Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdLalmatiya-6,Maurighat,Dang
DangSewa Bikas Bank LtdGhorahi-15, Dang
DangShree Janachaso Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdTarigain-2,Dang
DangSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Simara, Bara, Bara
DangSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Madhyapur Thimi Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur
DangSiddhartha Bank Ltd-GhorahiShaid Chowk, Ward No. 11, Ghorahi
DangSiddhartha Bank Ltd-TulsipurTulsipur, Dang
DangSiddhartha Development Bank LtdGhorahi Branch, Dang
DangSiddhartha Development Bank LtdTulsipur Branch, Dang
DangSine Resunga Biksh Bank Ltd.Ghorahi BP chock,Dang
DangSISNE MONEY TRANSFERTulsipur - 5, Tulsipur, Dang
DangSisne Money TransferTulsipur,dang,nepal
DangSupa Deurali Bhanjyang ChoutariGhorahi Dang Near to Himalayan Bank
DangSUPER DangBijauri, Dang
DangSUPER DangChiregaun, Dang
DangSUPER DangDudraksha, Dang
DangSUPER DangGadawa, Dang
DangSUPER DangGhorahi, Dang
DangSUPER DangHapure, Dang
DangSUPER DangLamahi, Dang
DangSUPER DangMiraula, Dang
DangSUPER DangNarayanpur, Dang
DangSUPER DangTulsipur-HO, Dang
DangSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdGhorahi Dang
DangSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdLamahi Dang
DangSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdNarayanpur Dang
DangSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdTulasipur Dang
DangSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdDhanauri Dang
DangSynergy Finance LtdMainroad,Katarbota Chowk,Ghorahi, Dang
DangSynergy Finance Ltd.Ghorahi | Dang
DangSynergy Finance Ltd-GhorahiGhorahi, Dang
DangUnited Finance Limited-Ghorahi,Dang BranchGhorahi, Dang
DangUnited Finance LtdGhorahi, Dang
DarchulaDipjyoti Money Transfer sewaNear On Gokuleshwor Bazar,Gokuleshwor,Darchula
DarchulaJanata Bank Ltd.Gokuleshwor, Darchula
DarchulaJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Gokuleshwor BranchGokuleshwor,Darchula
DarchulaJanata Bank Nepal Limited-KhalangaKhalanga-5, Darchula
Darchulamega bank ltdKhalange Darchula
DarchulaMega Bank Nepal Ltd-Khalanga,Darchula BranchKhalanga,Darchula
DarchulaNIC Asia Bank Ltd-DarchulaMahakali-4, Darchula
DarchulaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Gokuleshwor V.D.C.-4 | Darchula
DarchulaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGokuleshowr-5, Darchula
DarchulaSunrise Bank Limited-Darchula BranchGhatbazar-5,Khalanga,Darchula
Darchula Janata Bank Ltd.Khalanga-5, Darchula 
DareldhuraBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Dadeldhura BranchTuphandada, Amargadi-5, dadeldhura
DareldhuraForward Community-JogbudhaJogbhudha ,Dadeldhura
DareldhuraLaxmi Bank Ltd-Dadeldhura BranchAmargadhi-5,Dadeldhura
DareldhuraMega Bank Nepal Limited-Jogbuda BranchJogbuda,Dadeldhura
DareldhuraNagarkoti Suppliers Pvt Ltd.Amargadhi -5, , Bagbazar, , Dadeldhura
DareldhuraNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-DadeldhuraAmargadhi, Dadeldhura
DareldhuraNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Jogbudha DadeldhuraJogbuda-1, Dadeldhura
DareldhuraSiddhartha Bank Ltd-DadeldhuraWard no-5, Amargadhi Muncipality
DareldhuraSunrise Bank Limited-Dadeldhura BranchBagbazar,Amargadhi-5,Dadeldhura
DareldhuraUgratar Trade ConcernAmargadhi-5,Dadeldhura
DhadingA.B.C Money TransferKhanepani Office, Arughat
DhadingABC Money TransferArughat,Dhading
DhadingBasnet EnterprisesDharke, Dhading
Dhadingcentury commercial Bank DHARKENaubise, Dhading
DhadingChhahari Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdPhulkharka-02,Dhading
DhadingCivil Bank LimitedWard No. 5, Santa Bazaar,Nilkantha V.D.C., Dhading
DhadingCivil Bank Limited-Nilkantha Branch Santa Bazaar,nilkantha Dhading
DhadingDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDNaubise-1| Dharke Bazar| Dhading
DhadingDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDMalekhu| Majuwa Bazar
DhadingDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDBenighat-1| Malekhu| Baikunthapuri| Dhading
DhadingDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Charaudi Branch (Extension Counter)Charaudi,Dhading
DhadingDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Dharke BranchDharke Bazar Naubise,Dhading
DhadingDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Mahadevbesi Branch (Extension Counter)Mahadevbesi Bazar,Dhading
DhadingDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Majuwa Branch (Extension Counter)Majhuwa Machhabazar, Dhading
DhadingDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Malekhu BranchBaikanthapuri,Benighat Malekhu Bazar,Dhading
DhadingGalchhi Remit ServiceGalchhi-7, Dhading
DhadingKala International Pvt LtdDhading Besi-5,Dhading
DhadingKala International Pvt. Ltd. Bich Bazar, Dhading
DhadingKamana Bikas BankDhading
DhadingKAMANA BIKASH BANK LIMITEDDhadingbesi | Dhading
DhadingLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdThakre VDC 03 Mahadevbesi
DhadingLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdChhatre Deurali VDC -09 Bhanjyangpokhari
DhadingMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Gajuri Dhading BranchGajuri-1, Gajuri Bazar, Dhading
DhadingMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedDhadingbesi Bazar | Dhading
DhadingMahalaxmi bikas Bank ltdDhadingbesi Bazar Dhading
DhadingMAHALAXMI BIKASH BANK LIMITEDBichbazzar Dhadingbesi
DhadingMega Bank LtdNilkantha VDC-5, Dhading Besi
DhadingMega Bank Nepal Limited-Dhading BranchNilakantha Vdc -5, Dhadingbeshi
DhadingMoney EnterprisesGajuri Bazar, Near Army Office, Dhading
DhadingMoney EnterprisesGajuri-1,Dhading
DhadingMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDPida-1 Adamghat Dhading
DhadingMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDSalyantar VDC-8 Aarughat Dhading
DhadingMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDNeelkantha VDC-5 Sugam Tole   Dhading Besi   Dhading
DhadingMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDBaireni-8 Galchhi Dhading
DhadingMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDNeelkantha VDC-5 Puchchhar Bazar  
DhadingMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDSalyantar-7 Majhgau Dhading
DhadingMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDNeelaknath-3 Siranbazar Dhading
DhadingMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdBaireni-8, Galchhi, Dhading
DhadingMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdNilkantha-3, Dhading
DhadingMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdNilkantha-3, Puchhar Bazar Extension Counter,Dhading
DhadingMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdPida-1, Adamghat , Dhading
DhadingMuktinath Bikas Bank Ltdsalyantar-8, Arughat,dhading
DhadingMuktinath Bikas Bank Ltdsalyantar-8, dhading
DhadingMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdDharke, Naubise-01, Dhading
DhadingNina EnterprisesPuchhar Bazar,Nilkantha-3,Dhading
DhadingNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Baireni-8 | Galchhi
DhadingNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Tripureshwar-3 | Khahare
DhadingNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGalchhi, Baireni, Dhading
DhadingNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdTripureshwor-3, Dhading
DhadingNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Galchi BranchGalchi Dhading Baireni
DhadingNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Kumpur BranchKumpur-3,Dhading
DhadingNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Nalang BranchNalang,Dhading
DhadingPrabhu Bank Limited-Benighat BranchBenighat-8,Dhading (On the side of Trishuli Bridge via. Gorkha)
DhadingPrabhu Bank Limited-Dhading BranchNeelakantha Municipality ward no.3,Dhadingbesi,Dhading
DhadingPrabhu Bank Limited-Dharke BranchNaubise VDC,Ward no.01,Dharke Bazaar,Dhading (Opposit of Tarkari Bazaar)
DhadingPrabhu Bank Limited-Gajuri BranchGajuri Bazar,Near Area Army Barak,Gajuri,Dhading
DhadingPrabhu Bank Limited-Mahadevbesi BranchDharke-3,Near Local Bus Park,Mahadevbesi,Dhading
DhadingSanima Bank Limited- DhadingbesiBich Bazar, Dhadingbesi, Dhading
DhadingSanima Bank Limited-Naubise,Dhading BranchSim Bazaar, Naubise-7 Dhading
DhadingShree Swastik Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha DhadingSatdobato , Dhading
DhadingShree Swastik Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdMaidi-7,Dhading
DhadingSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdDhadingbesi Dhading
DhadingSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdKhanikhola Dhading
DhadingYeti Development Bank Ltd-Dhading BranchBichbazzar, Dhading Besi, Dhading
DhankutaDhankuta Money TransferHulaktole ,Near Police Office
DhankutaFashion Storef Dhankuta -6, Bich Bazar , Dhankuta
DhankutaFashion StoresDhankuta-6
DhankutaForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdDhankuta Branch
DhankutaForward Community-DhankutaDhankuta-5,Dhankuta
DhankutaHari TradersKabeli Bikas Bank, Budhabare
DhankutaHimali Rural Electric Co-operative Ltd.-Dhankuta BranchDhankuta-7, Near Trivhani higher secondary school.
DhankutaHimali Rural Electric Co-operative Ltd.-Head OfficeMarekkatahare-5, Dhankuta
DhankutaJanata Bank Nepal Limited-DhankutaPakhribas, Dhankuta
DhankutaJaya Buddha Money TransferTankhuwa-09,Jorpati,Dhankuta
DhankutaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Bhedetar BranchVedetar,Dhankuta
DhankutaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Budhabare BranchBudhabare-1,Dhankuta
DhankutaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Hile BranchHile-1,Dhankuta
DhankutaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Rajarani BranchRajarani-6,Dhankuta
DhankutaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJBudhabare Bazar| Opposite of Kabeli Bikas Bank Ltd.
DhankutaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJDhankuta NP-1(Hile Bazar)
DhankutaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJDhankuta-6 | 50 Meter West from Rajarani Chowk
DhankutaJeevan Bikash Samaj50 Meter West Frm Rajarani Chowk
DhankutaKabeli Bikas Bank Ltd. Budhabare , Dhankuta
DhankutaKabeli Bikas Bank Ltd. Hile , Dhankuta
DhankutaKabeli Bikas Bank Ltd. Hulak Road, Dhankuta H/O , Dhankuta
DhankutaKabeli Bikas Bank Ltd. Rajarani, Dhankuta
DhankutaKabeli Bikas Bank Ltd. Sidhuwa, Dhankuta
DhankutaKabeli DistributersOpp Krishi Bikash Bank
DhankutaKabeli Investment Company Pvt. Ltd In Banijya Bank Building, Hile
DhankutaKabeli Investment Company Pvt. Ltd Near old Banijya Bank, Dhankuta
DhankutaKantipur Jewellery & Invest Dhankuta 7, Kabeli Chowk, Dhankuta
DhankutaKopila Money TransferNear Terathum Bus stand, Hile - 1, Dhankuta 
DhankutaKopila Money Transfer-Tumbachowk,DhankutaNear RBB Bank,Dhankuta
DhankutaKoshi Trade and SuppliersPakhribas-04,Dhankuta
DhankutaLaxmi Bank Limited-Hile DhankutaHile-1, Dhankuta
DhankutaMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Dhankuta BranchDhankuta Buspark, Dhankuta
DhankutaMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Hile BranchOpp Dharan Micro Bus Stand, Hile, Hile 1, Dhankuta
DhankutaMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaJorpati, Dhankuta
DhankutaNageshwor Money Transfer DhankutaDhankuta
DhankutaNageshwori Money TransferLeguwa-7,Dhankuta
DhankutaNew Jankalyankari TransferDadabazar,Dhankuta
DhankutaNIC Asia Bank Limited-HileDhankuta-1,Hile,Dhankuta
DhankutaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Dhankuta-01
DhankutaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdHile-1, Dhankuta
DhankutaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Hile DhankutaHile-1, Dhankuta
DhankutaNishan Delivery Service Pvt.LtdTriveni Chowk, Dhankuta Bazar,
DhankutaNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Bhedetar BranchBhedetar,Dhankuta
DhankutaNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Debrebas BranchDebrebas,Dhankuta
DhankutaNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Sidhuwa BranchSidhuwa,Dhankuta
DhankutaPakhribas Money TransferPakhribas-3,Dhankuta
DhankutaPrime Commercial Bank Ltd, Sidhuwa Sidhuwa ,Dhankuta
DhankutaPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Sidhuwa Sidhuwa, Dhankuta
DhankutaRoshan TradersSindhuwa,Dhankuta
DhankutaSAHAYATRI MONEY TRANSFERMadan Chowk - 7, Dhankuta
DhankutaSahayatri Money TransferMadan Chowk, HulakChowk, Dhankuta-7
DhankutaSahayatri Money TransferNear Madanchowk, Sahayatri Saving
DhankutaSesefung Communication And RemittanceBhedetar-4, Dhankuta
DhankutaSolve NepalBudhabare , Dhankuta
DhankutaSolve NepalDada Bazar , Dhankuta
DhankutaSolve NepalDhankuta Bazar , Dhankuta
DhankutaSolve NepalLeguwa , Dhankuta
DhankutaSolve NepalMulghat , Dhankuta
DhankutaSolve NepalPakhribas Bazar , Dhankuta
DhankutaSolve NepalSidhuwa Bazar , Dhankuta
DhankutaSolve NepalTallo Kopchey 5, Dewantar , Dhankuta
DhankutaSolve NepalThalthale , Dhankuta
DhankutaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdHile Dhankuta
Dhankuta Janata Bank Ltd.Pakhribas, Dhankuta 
DhanukutaLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdParewadin VDC -3 Sindhuwa
Dhanusacentury commercial Bank Janakpur BRANCHBhanu Chowk-1, Janakpur,Dhanusa
DhanusaGURU DEV MONEY TRANSFERYadukuha - 3, Yadukuha, Dhanusha
DhanusaKARN MONEY TRANSFERGodar - 6, Godar, Dhanusha
DhanusaLUKLA BHUKTANI CENTREBhanu Chowk - 2, Janakpur, Dhanusha
DhanusaMAA RAJDEVI MONEY TRANSFERJanakpur - 8, Dhanusha
DhanusaMANOKAMANA TRADERSJanakpur -7, Dhanusha
DhanusaNepal Investment Bank LimitedMills Area Chowk | Janakpur | Dhanusha | Nepal
DhanusaNEW AASTHA TRADERSJanakpur - 1, Dhanusha
DhanusaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Dhanushadham NP-1 | Dhanushadham |
DhanusaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Janakpur U.P.N.-3 | Janakpur
DhanusaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Kshireshwornath N.P.-3 | Giritol | Mahendranagar
DhanusaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Yadukaha VDC-7 | Yadukaha
DhanusaRAJU MONEY TRANSFERBishwakarma, Janakpur - 4, Dhanusha
DhanusaRAM & SONSSakhuwa Mahendranagar - 1, Dhanusha
DhanusaSAHAYOGI VIKAS BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Vidyapati Chowk- 4 Janakpurdham Dhanusa Nepal
DhanusaSAMYUKTA MONEY TRANSFERYadukuha - 2, Yadukuha, Dhanusha
DhanusaSUPRIYA MONEY TRANSFERRaghunathpur - 3, Dhanusha
DhanusaVibor Society Development Bank LimitedStation Road | Bhanu Chowk | Janakpur - 2
DhanushaAakash EnterprisesMahendranagar-6,Dhanusa
DhanushaAll Money Transfer Bhanu Chowk, Janakpur
DhanushaAnil & Richa Tours & TravelsBelhi Chowk,Hashpur Kathpulla-4, Dhanusha
DhanushaAnnu TradersJanakpur,Dhanusha
DhanushaAnukul Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Near Ward Police Office, Dhanushadham-9, Dharapani, Dhanusha
DhanushaAnusha and Aayush Money TransferDeuri,Parbaha-6,Dhanusa
DhanushaArabi Traders Pvt.LtdLaxminiya Bazar,Shiva Chowk-2,Dhanusa
DhanushaAraniko Development Bank Ltd.Mills Area, Dhanusha
DhanushaAraniko Development Bank Ltd.Sakhuwa, Dhanusha
DhanushaAraniko Development Bank Ltd-Janakpur BranchMills Area, Shubha Chowk, Janakpur, Dhanusha
DhanushaAraniko Development Bank Ltd-Mahendranagar BranchSakhuwa Mahendranagar Vdc-1, Dhanusha
DhanushaAstha Saving And Credit Co-Operative LtdMills Area,Janakpur,Dhanusa
DhanushaBaisanavi Saving & Credit Co Society LtdJanakpur Dham-2, Bahnu Chowk, Dhanusha
DhanushaBANK OF KATHMANDUStation Road Janakpur Dhanusa
DhanushaBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Janakpur BranchStation Road , Dhanusha, Janakpur
DhanushaBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdStation Road, Dhanusha
DhanushaBest Money Transfer-JanakpurJanakpur-2,Dhanusa
DhanushaBibhash Money TansferSabaila-2,Janakpur,Dhanusa
Dhanushacentury commercial Bank JANAKPUR BRANCH2Mills Area, Janakpurdham,Janakpur Sub Metropolitan City-1, Dhanusha
Dhanushacentury commercial Bank MAHENDRANAGAR BRANCHSakhuwa Mahendranagar,Chhireshwornath Municipality-5, Dhanusha
DhanushaChetana Saving & Cr. Co. Ltd.YagyaBhumi-1, Mulla Bari, Dhanusha
DhanushaCitizens Bank International Ltd-Janakpur BranchJanakpur, Dhanusa
DhanushaCivil Bank LimitedJanakpur, Dhanusa-1
DhanushaCivil Bank Limited-Janakpur BranchJanakpur, Dhanusa-1
DhanushaDev Money TransferNear Bus Stand, Kapileshwar Road, Kadam Chowk, Dhanusha
DhanushaDhanush Sub Money Transfer Pvt.Ltd.Beside Dhanush Temple-1,Dhanusha Dham
DhanushaDurga Inter Linkskshireshwaranath Municipality-07,Hariharapur, Dhanusha Hariharapur, Dhanusha
DhanushaEsewa Money TransferJanakpur-6,Dhanusa
DhanushaEverest Money TransferMahendranagar
DhanushaForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdSapahi, Branch
DhanushaGanesh Money TransferNear Ram Mandir, Nausaya Bigha, Dhanushadham,Dhanusha
Dhanushagopi krishna Krise Coperative LtdMithela - 5, Dhanusha
DhanushaGurudev Money transferYadhuka-3, Janakpur
DhanushaGurudev Money TransferSouth From Hanuman Mandir, Bhatti Chowk, Yadukoha 3, Dhanusha
DhanushaHanuman TradersMachi Jhitakaiya,Dhanusa
DhanushaHardinath Saving & Credit Co-operativeBenga Shivpur Dhanusha 
DhanushaHardinath Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBenga Shivpur-7,Dhanusa
DhanushaHariharnath Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari SansthanRaghunathpur-6, Dhanusha
DhanushaJai Garahi Money TransferDhalkebar-5,Infront Of Pani Tanki,Purba Bus Stand Sangai
DhanushaJai Hanuman Money TransferPurano Buspark,Infront of Namaskar Hotel,Janakpur
DhanushaJanak Nandani TradersPulchowk,Janakpur,Dhanusa
DhanushaJanaki Finance Ltd-JanakpurJanakpur, Bhanu Chowk, Ward No. 2
DhanushaJanaki Global Saving & Credit Co0operative LtdKadam Chowk,Janakpur-2,Dhanusa
DhanushaJanaki Money TransferYadukaha Bazar-6,Dhanusha
DhanushaJanakpur Investment Pvt Ltd DhanushaJanakpur, Dhanusha
DhanushaJanakpur Money TransferSide By Rastriya Banijya Bank, Bhanuchowk, Janakpur
DhanushaJanasewa Money TransferThila Yaduwa-5,Dhanusha
DhanushaJanasewa Money TransferThilla Jaduwa,Dhanusa
DhanushaJanata Shayogi Saving and Credit Co-Operative Ltd.Near Rastriya Banijya Bank, Bhanu Chowk, Janakpur-2, Dhanusha
DhanushaJanshakti Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdSughanikash-02,Dhanusa
DhanushaJay Hanuman Money TransferBhanu Chowk,Purano Buspark, Janakpur-2,Dhanusa
DhanushaJaya Money TransferSita Chowk,Dhanusa-1,Janakpur
DhanushaJaya Money Transfer Sita Chowk Janakpur -1, Dhanusha
DhanushaJyoti TradersSakhuwa,mahendranagar-1,dhanusha
DhanushaJyoti Traders DhanushaSakhuwa, Dhanusha
DhanushaKarn Money TransferGodar 6, Birendranagar, Dhanusha
DhanushaKhushi Money TransferJanakpur-4,Dhanusa
DhanushaKhusi Money Transferjanakpur-2 Dhanusha
DhanushaKishori Money TransferKapleshwor-16,Dhanusa
DhanushaKrishna Money TransferJanakpur-11, Hanuman Mandir
DhanushaKshireshwar Krishak Saving and Credit Cooperative Ltd.Mahendranagar-01, Dhanusha
DhanushaKuber Agriculture Co-operative LtdJanakpur-7,Dhanusa
DhanushaKuber Expert Pvt.LtdJanakpur-07,Dhanusa
DhanushaKumar EnterprisesGodar- 3,Opposite Side Of Communication Centre
DhanushaKumari Bank Limited-Mahendranagar BranchMahendranagar,Dhanusa
DhanushaKumari Bank ltdMahendranagar-5, Dhanusa
DhanushaKushwaha Money Transfer DhanushaKanchhibazar, Dhanusha
DhanushaLaxmi Bank Limited-Janakpur BranchBhanu Chowk, Janakpur Dham
DhanushaLaxmi Ganesh Money Transfer DhanushaBirendrabazar, Dhanusha
DhanushaLaxmi Ganesh Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBirendrabazar-3,dhanusha
DhanushaLaxmi Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdDhalkewor Healthpost, Dhalkehwor-4, Dhanusa,Janakpur
DhanushaLaxminiya Money TransferTarapatti-6,Dhanusa
DhanushaLokhit Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.-Courier C/o NMB Janakpur DhanushaThadijhija, Dhanusha
DhanushaLukla Bhuktani Center Pvt. Ltd.Bhanu Chowk-2, Janakpur
DhanushaLukla Bhuktani Center Pvt. Ltd.Chaudhari Super Market, Bhanu Chowk, Janakpur,Dhanusha
DhanushaMaa Gayatri Traders Pvt. LtdAsha Hall, Janakpur, Dhanusha
DhanushaMaa Janaki Money TransferNear Nepal Rastra Bank, Tirhutiya Gachhi, Bhairab Chowk, Janakpur,Dhanusha
DhanushaMaa Janaki Money Transfer DhanushaJanakpur, Dhanusha
DhanushaMaa Rajdevi Money TransferRamanand Chowk,Near Janaki Eye Hospital,Janakpur,Dhanusa
DhanushaMaa Rajdevi Money Transfer DhanushaRamananda Chowk, Dhanusha
DhanushaMaa Rajdevi TradersSapahi-7,Dhanusha
DhanushaMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-janakpur BranchJanakchowk (ram Mandir)
DhanushaMachhapuchhre Bank Ltd-mahendranagar,sakhuwa ,dhanushaMahendranagar,sakhuwa ,dhanusha
DhanushaMahabir Money TransferBaghchaura-3, Dhanusha
DhanushaManakamana TradersNear Maccha Bazzar, Janakpur-7, Dhanusha
DhanushaManokamana Money TransferJanakpur - 14 (mujeliya) ,Dhanusa
DhanushaManokamana Money TransferOpposite Everest Oil Pump, Dhalkebar,Mujeliya,Janakpur-14, Dhanusha
DhanushaManokamana Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGodar-3,dhanusha
DhanushaManokamana TradersPurano Buspark, Janakpur, Dhanusha
DhanushaManshi Krishi Co-Operative LtdNear By Hanuman Mandir, Gothkoyalpur-2, Dumariya Chowk, Dhanusha
DhanushaMega Bank LtdJanakpur Nagarpalika-2, Janakpur, Dhanush
DhanushaMega Bank Nepal Limited-Janakpur BranchJanakpur Nagarpalika-2, Janakpur
DhanushaMithila Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdJanakpur-9, Dhanusha
DhanushaMithila Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdDhanusa-9,Janakpur
DhanushaMithilanchal EnterprisesVDC-8,Janakpur/Ramananda Chowk
DhanushaMitra Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdBengadawar-2,Dhanusa
DhanushaMunu TradersRaghunathpur Main Bazaar#4,Dhanusha
DhanushaN. K. Investment (P) Ltd.Janakpur-7, Dhanusha
DhanushaN.K Investment Pvt.LtdJanakpur-7,Dhanusa
DhanushaNawa Jyotish Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGodar-3,Janakpur,Dhanusa
DhanushaNCC Bank LtdJanakpur, Dhanusha
DhanushaNepal Investment bank Ltd. Mills Area, Dhanusha
DhanushaNew Aastha Traders DhanushaJanakpur, Dhanusha
DhanushaNew Dhanush Money TransferMain Bazar, Dhanushadham,Dhanusa
DhanushaNew Dhanush Money Transfer DhanushaDhanusadham, Dhanusha
DhanushaNew Himal InterprisesBhanu Chowk, Janakpur
DhanushaNew Kumar Enterprises godar-3 , Dhanusha
DhanushaNew Kumar RemittanceJanakpur-7 Basahiy Road Dhanusha
DhanushaNew Kumar RemittanceJanakpur-7,Dhanusa
DhanushaNew Milijuli Money TransferDhanusa-1,Janakpur
DhanushaNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Janakpur BranchRam Mandir Chowk,Janakpur,Dhanusa
DhanushaNirankari Money TransferPidari Chowk-9, Dhanusa,Janakpur
DhanushaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdMahendranagar-2, Dhanusha
DhanushaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdDhanushadham-1, Dhanusha
DhanushaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdYeduka-7, Dhanusha
DhanushaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdJanakpur, Dhanusha
DhanushaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-DhanusadhamDhanusadham Dhanusha
DhanushaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-JanakpurJanakpur -1, Dhanusha
DhanushaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Mahendranagar DhanushaMahendranagar-1, Sakhuwa Harpur
DhanushaNMB BANK LIMITEDBhanu Chowk
DhanushaNMB Bank LtdInfront of Nagarpalika building, Bhanu Chowk, Dhanusha
DhanushaOm Money TransferJanakpur-1,Station Area, Infront of Bhansar Office, Dhanusha
DhanushaOm Money Transfer Infront Of Nepal Bank Ltd, Janakpur-1,Railway Station,Dhanusha
DhanushaPammi Money TransferMills Area, In Front Of Rama Hotel, Janakpur
DhanushaPammi Money Transfer For RemitMilsarea,Kist Bank Building,Infront Of Rama Hotel, Jhatiyahi Prasahi- 4,Dhanusha
DhanushaParas Money TransferOpposite of Yadukuha Police Station,Yadukuha,Dhanusa
DhanushaParash Money TransferYadukaha Bazar,Ilaka Prahari Karyalaya Sangai
DhanushaPhulgama Sub Remit Pvt.Ltd.Fulgama VDC-3,Dhanusha
DhanushaPrabhu Bank Limited-Janakpur BranchBhanu Chowk,Near Railway Station,Janakpur,Dhanusa
DhanushaPrannath TradersDhalkebar Dhanusha
DhanushaPrannath TradersNear By Chitwan Hotel,Dhalkebar Chowk,Dhalkebar,Dhanusha
DhanushaR. S. Money TransferCampus chowk, Janakpur-4, Dhanusha
DhanushaR.S Money TransferCampus Chowk,Janakpur-4,Dhanusa
DhanushaRadhe Gobindha Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdNagrayan , Dhanusha
DhanushaRaghu Shree Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdRaghunathpur-5,Dhanusa
DhanushaRaghu Shree Saving & Credit Cooperative Ltd,Raghunathpur - 5, Dhanusha
DhanushaRaghushree Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. DhanushaRaghunathpr, Dhanusha
DhanushaRaj Money TransferFulgama-4, Dhanusha
DhanushaRaj Money TransferNear Ncell Tower, Fulgama-4,Dhanusha
DhanushaRaj Money Transfer DhanushaKurtha, Dhanusha
DhanushaRaj Shree EnterprisesOpp to Khane pani Sanstha, Janakpur, Dhanusha
DhanushaRajshree Interprises Ramanand Chowk, Janakpur
DhanushaRaju Money TransferNear Bajaj Showroom, Janakpur 4,Bishwakarma Chowk,Dhanusha
DhanushaRaju Money Transfer-Bhanu Chowk, DhanushaNear Kathmandu Guest House, Bhanu Chowk,Dhanusha
DhanushaRam & Sons Pvt LtdMahendranagar -1 Dhanusha
DhanushaRavi Money TransferMils Area-1,Janakpur,Dhanusa
DhanushaRavi Money Transfer DhanushaMills Area, Dhanusha
DhanushaRavi Money Transfer Mills Area, Dhanusha,Janakpur
DhanushaRohani Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. DhanushaBindhi, Dhanusha
DhanushaRohani Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdBindhi-1,New Bus Park,Dhanusa
DhanushaRose Sub Money TransferDhanusha-3,narayn Bazar
DhanushaRose Sub Money Transfer P. Ltd. DhanushaLagma Dagha Guthi, Dhanusha
DhanushaSahamati Money TransferSabaila-08,Dhanusa
DhanushaSahamati Money Transfer DhanushaSabaila, Dhanusha
DhanushaSahayogi Bikas Bank Ltd.Sakhuwa, Dhanusha
DhanushaSahayogi Bikas Bank Ltd.Vidayapati Chowk, Dhanusha
DhanushaSahayogi Bikash Bank Ltd-Head OfficeVidhyapati Chowk,Janakpurdham-4,Dhanusha
DhanushaSahayogi Bikash Bank Ltd-Mahendranagar BranchSakhuwa, Mahendranagar-1,Dhanusha
DhanushaSahayogi Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdRamanand Chowk-8,Janakpur,Dhanusa
DhanushaSahayogi Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdRamanand Chowk-8, janakpur, dhanusha
DhanushaSAHAYOGI VIKAS BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Sakhuwa Mahendranagar-1 Dhanusa Nepal
DhanushaSajha Bikas Bank Tatha Rin Sahakari DhanushaGodaita, Dhanusha
DhanushaSajha Nepal RemittanceDhanusha-4 Dhanusha
DhanushaSajha Nepal RemittanceJanakpur,Dhanusa
DhanushaSambhu General StoreRamdaiya,Dhanusa
DhanushaSamudayek Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdJanakpur-7,Dhanusha
DhanushaSamudayik Mahila Saving & Cr.CoLabtoli-2,Godar Chowk Dhanusha
DhanushaSanima Bank Limited-Janakpur BranchJanakpur-2 ,Dhanusha
DhanushaSanjivani Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdJanakpurdham-5,Dhanusa
DhanushaSanyukta Money TransferYadukaha-2,Thana Chowk,Dhanusha
DhanushaSanyukta money TransferYadukoha, Dhanusha
DhanushaSanyukta Money Transfer DhanushaYadhukhuwa, Dhanusha
DhanushaShah TradersTarapati Bazar, Dhanusha
DhanushaShah TradersTarapatti Bazar,Dhanusha
DhanushaShambhu Money Transfer, DhanushaBengadabar, Dhanusha
DhanushaShambhu Traders-Janakpur (Head Office)Janakpath Chowk Janakpur
DhanushaShramjivi Saving And Credit Co-Operative LtdNear Agriculture Development Bank Ltd, Bazar Tole-9, Sabaila, Dhanusha
DhanushaShree Durgamai Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdNear Godar Health Post, Godar,Dhanusha
DhanushaShree Janajagaran Lavkush Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdSakhuwa-5,Mahendranagar,Dhanusa
DhanushaShree Royal Money TransferJanakpur-2,Dhanusa
DhanushaShree Samaj Jeevan Bachat Thatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd. DhanushaSabaila, Dhanusha
DhanushaShree Samaj Jiwan Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdSabaila-9,Dhanusa
DhanushaShubh Shree Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdRaghunathpur,Janakpur,Dhanusha
DhanushaShubhashree Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari DhanushaRaghunathpur, Dhanusha
DhanushaShubhashree Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sansthan, Raghunathpur, Dhanusha
DhanushaShyunkta Money TransferYodikuha-2,dhanusha
DhanushaSiddhartha Bank Ltd- JanakpurWard No. 1, Janakpur Municipality
DhanushaSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Manohara, Bhaktapur
DhanushaSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Dhambojhi Chowk, Banke
DhanushaSirjana Electronic And Mobile CenterJanakpur, Ward No. 12, Kuwa Bazzar,
DhanushaSoni Trade LinkPirari Chowk,Janakpur
DhanushaSoni Trade Link DhanushaPidari Chowk, Dhanusha
DhanushaSonu EnterprisesMahendranagar
DhanushaSonu Travels & Tours Pvt.LtdSakhuwa Chowk,Mahendranagar,Janakpur
DhanushaSulav Money TransferBahedabela -9,Raiyahi Bazar
DhanushaSuper Sewa Pvt.LtdBhanu Chowk-2,Janakpur,Dhanusa
DhanushaSupriya Money TransferRaghunathpur-3, Dhanusa
DhanushaSupriya Money Transfer DhanushaRaghunathpur, Dhanusha
DhanushaSushila And Shauchal Money TransferBidanagar,Kapleshwor Road,Dhanusa,Janakpur
DhanushaSuvakamana Inv.Pvt.Ltd Raghunathpur-4,Bazar
DhanushaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdDharapani Dhanusha
DhanushaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdSabaila Dhanusha
DhanushaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdDhalkewar Dhanusha
DhanushaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdJanakpur Dhanusha
DhanushaTrishuli Khadya BhandarMahendranagar,Sakhuwa-5,Dhanusa
DhanushaTrishuli Khandhya Bhandar Rasuya -2 Mahendranagar, Dhanusha
DhanushaTulashi Money TransferPulchowk-1,Janakpur
DhanushaUnique Saving & Credit Pvt.LtdRailway Main Station Road,Janakpur
DhanushaUnique Saving and Credit Co-Operative LtdBehind Siddhartha Boarding School, Satation Road, Janakpur, Dhanusha
DhanushaVaishnabi Saving And Credit Co Operative LtdBhanu Chowk, Janakpur,Dhanusa
DhanushaVibor Society Development Bank LtdStation Road, Bhanu Chowk Janakpur -2, Dhanusa
DhanushaWorld Wide Money TransferSakhuwa Chowk, Mahendranagar-1
DhanushaWorld Wide Money Transfer Near Shakhuwa Police Beat, Shakhuwa
DhanushaXpress RemittanceFront Of Armed Police Force, Balgange Chowk, Sonigama-4, Dhanusha
DhanushaYeti Development Bank Ltd-Dhalkebar BranchDhalkebar Chowk, Dhalkebar, Dhanusha
Dhanusha Ma Janaki Money ChangerBhairav Chowk-4, Janakpur
DholkhaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Namdu-3 | Namdu
DholkhaTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDKatakuti VDC - 8 | Baghkhor | Dolakha
DholkhaTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDBhimeshwor Municipality - 10 | Charikot | Dolakha
DolakhAakash Deep Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sastha Dolakha,Jiri, Dolakha
DolakhAraniko Development Bank Ltd.Charikot, Dolakha
DolakhAraniko Development Bank Ltd.Jiri, Dolakha
DolakhAraniko Development Bank Ltd.Singati, Dolakha
DolakhNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdMainapokhari, Dolakha
DolakhNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdSingati, Dolakha
DolakhProfessional Diyalo Bikas Bank Ltd.Bichbazar, Dolakha
DolakhaAakashdeep Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdJiri-6,Dolakha
DolakhaAraniko Developmemt Bank Ltd-Lamidada DolkhaSigati Police Post, Lamidada - 6, Sigati
DolakhaAraniko Development Bank Limited-Charikot BranchCharikot , Dolakha
DolakhaAraniko Development Bank Ltd- Lincoln Bazar,Dolakha Lincoln Bazaar, Jiiri - 7,Dolakha
DolakhaBhadrawati Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdLapilangs-3 Dolakha
DolakhaBhadrawati Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd Lapilang vdc 3,Dolakha
Dolakhacentury commercial Bank Charikot BRANCHCharikot, Dolkha 
Dolakhacentury commercial Bank CHARIKOT BRANCH2Charikot Bazzar,Bhimeshwor Municipality-3, Dolakha
Dolakhacentury commercial Bank JIRI BRANCHLincon Bazaar,Jiri Municipality-5, Dolakha
Dolakhacentury commercial Bank SINGATI BRANCHSingati Bazaar,Kalinchowk Village Council-3, Dolakha
DolakhaCitizens Bank International Ltd- CharikotCharikot, , Dolkha
DolakhaJanasachetan Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Limited-Charikot Service CentreBhimeshwor-1,Dolakha
DolakhaJanasachetan Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Limited-Kabre Service CentreKabre-6,Dolakha
DolakhaJanasachetan Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Limited-Mirge Service CentreMirge-2,Dolakha
DolakhaJanasachetan Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Limited-Namdu Service CentreNamdu-3,Dolakha
DolakhaJanasachetan Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Limited-Pawati Service CentrePawati-8,Dolakha
DolakhaJanasachetan Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Limited-Sundarwati Service CentreSundarwati-7,Dolakha
DolakhaJanasachetan Saving & Credit Co-operative Society Limited-Thulopatal Service CentreJiri-11,Dolakha
DolakhaJanasachetan Saving And Credit Cooperative LtdBagar,Kabre-6,Mainapokhari,Dolakha
DolakhaJanasahayogi Saving & Credit Co-operative Society LtdMali-6,Dolakha
DolakhaJanaupakar Saving and Credit co-operative LtdJungu-2,Dolakha
DolakhaKalinchowk Development Bank Ltd-Charikot BranchCharikot, Dolkha
DolakhaKalinchowk Development Bank Ltd-Mainapokhari BranchMainapokhari - 3, Dolakha
DolakhaLaxmi Bank Limited-Charikot DolakhaBhimeshwor 1, Satdobato
DolakhaLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdBhimeshwa-10 Charikot Dolakha
DolakhaLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdLami Danda -06 Singati Dolakha
DolakhaMAHALAXMI BIKASH BANK LIMITEDBich Bazaar Charikot Dolakha
DolakhaNCC Bank LtdSatdobato, Charikot, Dolakha
DolakhaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdNamdu-3, Dolkha
DolakhaNMB Bank LtdSahare - 4 , Kirne, Dolakha
DolakhaNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Mainapokhari,Kabre, Dolakha BranchKabre-3, Dolakha
DolakhaNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Singati,Dolakha BranchSingati,Dolakha
DolakhaPayal Cold Store Pvt.LtdNear Nabil Bank, Bich Bazar, Charikot 10, Dolakha
Dolakhapayal Could StoresCharikot-10, Dolakha
DolakhaPrabhu Bank Limited-Dolakha BranchBhimeshwor Municipality-10,Charikot Bazar,Dolakha
DolakhaPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Jiri BranchJiri VDC, Linkan Bazar, Dolakha
DolakhaPrime Commercial Bank LtdJiri VDC, Linkan Bazar, Dolakha
DolakhaSamarpan Money TransferBoch-8, Dolakha
DolakhaSindhu Bikas Bank LtdCharikot, Dolakha
DolakhaUnited Friendship Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Gaurab Sewa KendraJiri-4,Dolakha
DolakhaUnited Friendship Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Jiri (Head Office)Jiri-5,Dolakha
DolakhaUnited Friendship Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Jirikhimti Sewa KendraJiri-4,Dolakha
DolakhaUnited Friendship Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Melmilap Sewa KendraJiri-6,Dolakha
DolakhaYeti Development Bank Ltd- Dolakha BranchBich Bazaar, Charikot, Dolakha
DolpaCitizens Bank International Limited-Dolpa BranchDunai Bazar,Dolpa
DolpaCitizens Bank International LtdDunai Bazar, Dolpa
DolpaDolpa Himalayan Money Transfer-Head OfficeJuphal-01,Airpot Dolpa
DolpaDolpo Himalaya Money TransferJuphal, Dolpa
DolpaDolpo Himalaya Money TransferTirpura Sundari, Bagar-1, Dolpa
DolpaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Dunai-1
DolpaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdDolpa-1
DolpaR.K Money Transfer And StationaryDunai Bazar, Dolpa
DolpaRK StationeryInfront Of District Education Office Dunai,Dolpa
DotiDhurkot Money TransferMudbhara-5,Doti
DotiDipayal Money TransferDipayal,Doti
DotiHimshikhar Multipurpose Co-Operative LtdOn Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality-7,Pipalla Bazar,Doti
DotiKisan Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdBudar, Doti
DotiLaxmi Saraswati Multipurpose Co-operative Society LtdNear Ilaka Police Station,Laxminagar-2, Jorayal, Doti
DotiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedDipayal Silgadhi - 7 | Pipalla | Doti
DotiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdDipayal Silgadhi -7, Pipalla ,Doti
DotiNCC Bank LtdSiligadi, Pipla Bazaar Doti, Dipayal
DotiNew Star Mobile GalleryLakegadha,Tikhatar,Doti
DotiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Dipal Silgadi Na.Pa.-1 | Doti
DotiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdSilgadhi-1, Doti
DotiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-SilgadhiSilgadhi -1, Dipayal
DotiNMB Bank LtdPipalla Bazar,Dipayal Silgadhi Doti
DotiP.N.B Money TransferKalikasthan-8,Doti
DotiPragya Money ExpressOn Mil Chauraha,Budar,Doti
DotiPrebin Ayush Computer Institute, DotiMauwa, Doti
DotiShree Samaijee Money TransferGopghat-8,Latamandu,Doti
DotiShree Samaji Money TransferGopghat-8,Latamandu,Doti
DotiSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdSilgadhi Dipayal Doti
GorkhaChhepetar Money TransferNear Tara Higher Seconday School,Gorkha-9,Chhepetar,Gorkha
GorkhaCivil Bank LimitedArughat, Aruchanaute Ward No.: - 01 Gorkha
GorkhaCivil Bank Limited-Arughat BranchAruchanaute Gorkha
GorkhaGandaki Bikas Bank LtdGorkha Bazar, Gorkha
GorkhaGandaki Money TransferAruchanaute-1,Arughat,Gorkha
GorkhaHelping Taking & Travels Pvt.Ltd Near Buspark,Gorkha Bazar,Gorkha
GorkhaJ.S Money TransferTaple-4, Kokhe Aahale,Gorkha
GorkhaKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Thantipokhari, Gorkha
GorkhaManaslu Bikas Bank Limited-Gorkha (Head Office)Near Buspark, Gorkha, Gorkha
GorkhaManaslu Bikas Bank LtdAruchanaute#1,Aarughat, Gorkha
GorkhaManaslu Bikas Bank LtdBuspark #1,Gorkha(Bank Road) (H.O)
GorkhaManaslu Bikas Bank LtdLaxmi Bazar#8,Gorkha
GorkhaManaslu Bikash Bank Ltd-Arughat GorkhaAarughat, Gorkha, Gorkha
GorkhaManaslu Bikash Bank Ltd-Laxmi Bazar GorkhaLaxmi Bazar, Gorkha Bazar, Gorkha
GorkhaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Gaikhur | Gorkha
GorkhaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGaikhur-2, Gorkha
GorkhaNMB Bank LtdGorkha Nagarpalika, Ward No.-3, Kalimati, Gorkha
GorkhaNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdManakamana, Gorkha
GorkhaNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdMuchhok-8, Gorkha
GorkhaNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Bhachek BranchMuchhok-8,Gorakha
GorkhaNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Manakamana,Gorakha BranchManakamana-1, Gorakha
GorkhaNorth Field Agriculture Co-operative LtdNear Bachhek Health Post,Hansapur-4, Bachhek Bazar,Gorkha
GorkhaPrabhu Bank Limited-Gorkha BranchPrithivi Narayan Municipality,Ward no.01,Bank Road,Gorkha
GorkhaPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Gorkha BranchHaramtari,Gorkha
GorkhaPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Manakamana BranchManakamana, Gorkha
GorkhaPrime Commercial Bank LtdManakamana, Gorkha
GorkhaPrime Commercial Bank LtdHaramtari,Gorkha
GorkhaReliance Finance Limited-Arughat BranchArughat-1,Gorkha
GorkhaShree Buddha Multipurpose Co-operativeBarpak-9,Gorkha
GorkhaShree Siddi Ganesh Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGorkha Municipality-3,Haramtari,Gorkha
GorkhaShree Siddi Ganesh Saving & Credit. Co-operative Ltd.Haramtari#3,50Meter Eest From Loktantrik Chowk.Gorkha
GorkhaShubha Labha Sub Representative Money Transfer Pvt.LtdPalungtar-9,Gorkha
GorkhaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdGorkhabazar Gorkha
GorkhaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdArughat Gorkha
GulmiB & S Money TransferJohang,Khairani-5,Gulmi
GulmiBANK OF KATHMANDUHospital Line Tamghas 1 Gulmi
GulmiBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Tamghas BranchHospital Line, Tamghas Gulmi
GulmiBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdHospital Line, Tamghas 1, Gulmi,
GulmiBibek Store GulmiIshmajasthal, Gulmi
GulmiBipin Sales CenterKurgha-5,Gulmi
GulmiChartare Youva Club Nepal-Purtighat BranchPurtighat-1,Gulmi
GulmiChartare Youva Club Nepal-Shantipur BranchShantipur-1,Shainik Tole,Gulmi
GulmiChartare Youva Club Nepal-Tamghas BranchKhani Gaun,Tamghas-5,Gulmi
GulmiChartare Youva Club Nepal-Wami BranchWami-2,Gulmi
GulmiFewa Bikas bank LtdTamghas, Gulmi
GulmiGaule Hotel & Vividh SewaPurtighat - 01 Gulmi
GulmiGaule Hotel Tatha Vivid Sewa GulmiPALLIKOT, BHEDUWA , Gulmi
GulmiGlobal Lumbini Business LinkWami Taksar-1,Gulmi 
GulmiGlobal Lumbini Business Link GulmiWamitaxar, Gulmi
GulmiGlobal Lumbini Money TransferWami Taksar-1,Paltar Chowk,Gulmi
GulmiGulmi united Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdResunga,Tamghas-01,Gulmi
GulmiKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Ridi BranchRidi Bazar,Gulmi
GulmiKasthamandap Development Bank LtdRidi Bazar, Gulmi
GulmiKUMARI BANK LIMITEDRidi Bazar Branch | Gulmi
GulmiKumari Bank Ltd-Ridi Ridi Bazar,Gulmi
GulmiLekali Swabalamban Saving And Credit Co-Operative LtdCampus Road-1,Tamghas,Gulmi
GulmiMalika Money TransferNear Samudayik Chikitsalaya, Indragaunda, Aanpchaur 6, Gulmi
Gulmimega bank ltdTamghas Gulmi
GulmiMega Bank Nepal Ltd-Tamghas BranchTamghas,Gulmi
GulmiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdGuru-Gulmi
GulmiNew Aryal Money TransferTurunga-1 Gulmi
GulmiNew Aryal Money TransferNear Gyanodaya Higher Secondary School,Turang-1,Majuwa,Gulmi
GulmiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Johang VDC-5 | Khaireni
GulmiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdJohang-5, Gulmi
GulmiNMB Bank LtdTamghas-4, Gulmi
GulmiPantha Communication Remit CenterHardineta-06,Gulmi
GulmiPrabhu Bank Limited-Tamghas BranchTamghas,Gulmi
GulmiShantipur Money TransferBankroad-1,Shantipur,Gulmi
GulmiShantipur Money Transfer Shantipur,Gulmi
GulmiSHINE RESUNGA DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDResunga Municipality-1 Nayabazzar Gulmi
GulmiShine Resunga Development Bank Limited-Khaireni GulmiJohang VDC, Khaireni Bazar
GulmiShine Resunga Development Bank Limited-Majuwa,GulmiTurang VDC -1, Majuwa Bazar
GulmiShine Resunga Development Bank Limited-Santipur,GulmiSantipur Bazar, Gulmi
GulmiShine Resunga Development Bank Limited-Simaltari GulmiMarbhung VDC-1, Simaltari Bazzar
GulmiShine Resunga Development Bank Limited-Wami Taxar ,GulmiWami Taksar Bazar
GulmiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdBale Taksar-4 Branch Gulmi
GulmiShine Resunga Development Bank Ltd
GulmiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdNayabazar-1,Tamghas Branch(H.O) Gulmi
GulmiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdSantipur-1 Branch Gulmi
GulmiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdTurang-1,Majuwa Branch Gulmi
GulmiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdWami Taksar-1 Gulmi
GulmiShine Resunga Development Bank Ltd-Baletaksar GulmiBaletaksar, Gulmi
GulmiShine Resunga Development Bank Ltd-Tamghas,GulmiTamghas, Gulmi
GulmiShree Bhurtung Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBhurtung-5,Chhapchour,Gulmi
GulmiSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-TamghasTamghas,Gulmi
GulmiSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdTamghas Gulmi
GulmiUniversal Money TransferTamghas-6, Gulmi
GulmiUniversal Money TransferTamghas-1, Gulmi
GulmiYK RemitBhimchowk nearto Mahesh Pharma
HumlaCitizens Bank International LtdSimikot-2, Mathilo Bazaar,Humla.
HumlaCitizens Bank International Ltd-Simikot BranchHumla,Simikot
HumlaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Simikot-2
HumlaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdSimikot, Humla
Iilamcentury commercial Bank Illam BranchIlam Bazzar ,Ilam
IlamBibek Money TransferPashupati Nagar, Ilam
IlamDive Laxmi Money TransferDanabari Ilam
IlamExcel Development Bank Ltd.Chowk Bazar, Ilam
IlamExcel Development Bank Ltd.Fikkal Bazar, Ilam
IlamForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdFikkal Branch
IlamForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdIlam Branch
IlamForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdMangalbare Branch
IlamGajurmukhi Money TransferNabinchowk -1,Campus Road
IlamJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJPanchakanya 3 Aitabare Bazaar| Illam
IlamJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJ100 M West from Bibliyate Bazaar
IlamJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJFuitapa | 1Km From Rabi Bazar
IlamJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJShreeantu-3 | Purano Chauki
IlamJeevan Bikash Samaj100 M West Frm Bibliyate Bazaar
IlamJeevan Bikash SamajAitabare Bazaar.Illam
IlamJeevan Bikash SamajMangalbare
IlamJeevan Bikash SamajSukrbare Bazar, Danawari
IlamLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdMangalbare -01 Mangalbare, Ilam
IlamLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdNayabazar -08 Nayabazar, Ilam
IlamLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdBiplate-05 Biplate , Ilam
IlamNamuna Money Transfer IlamJitpur, Ilam
IlamNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Suryadaya-09
IlamNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Ilam-2, Opposite of Tudhikhel, on the Way to Pulgachhi
IlamNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdPhikkal-3, Ilam
IlamNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdIllam
IlamSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Danabari, Ilam
IlamSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Ilam Bazar, Ilam
IlamSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Ilam Road, Ilam
IlamSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Mangale bazar, Ilam
IlamSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd.Ilam, Ilam
IlamSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd.Ilam Chowk Bazar, Ilam
IlamSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd.KOLBUNG, Ilam
IlamSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdIlam
IlamSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdFikkal Ilam
IllamAlpha Money Transfer Pvt.LtdIllam
IllamDiva Laxmi Money TransferNear By Danabari Garuwa Chowk,Danabari,Ilam
IllamE-business Center Pvt.LtdBhanu Path, Ilam
IllamForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdArea Office Ilam
IllamForward Community-FikkalFikkal,Ilam
IllamForward Community-IlamIlam Bajar,Ilam
IllamForward Community-MangalbareMangalbare,Ilam
IllamHill Queen Communication CenterNabin Chowk-1,ilam
IllamJeevan Bikas Samaj-Aaitaware BranchAitaware,Suryadaya N.P.-3,Ilam
IllamJeevan Bikas Samaj-Aaitaware BranchAitaware,Suryadaya N.P.-3,Ilam
IllamJeevan Bikas Samaj-Bibliyaten BranchBibliate Bazar,Barbote-3,Ilam
IllamJeevan Bikas Samaj-Bibliyaten BranchBibliate Bazar,Barbote-3,Ilam
IllamJeevan Bikas Samaj-Danawari BranchSukrabare,Danabari-3,Ilam
IllamJeevan Bikas Samaj-Danawari BranchSukrabare,Danabari-3,Ilam
IllamJeevan Bikas Samaj-Naya Bazar BranchNayabazar,Ilam
IllamJeevan Bikas Samaj-Naya Bazar BranchNayabazar,Ilam
IllamJeevan Bikas Samaj-Rabi BranchRabi,Phuyatappa-6,Ilam
IllamJeevan Bikas Samaj-Rabi BranchRabi,Phuyatappa-6,Ilam
IllamJeevan Bikas Samaj-Rampur BranchMangalbare,Thoksila,Ilam
IllamJeevan Bikas Samaj-Rampur BranchMangalbare,Thoksila,Ilam
IllamJeevan Bikas Samaj-Shree Antu BranchChiruwa chowk,Shree Antu-1,Ilam
IllamJeevan Bikas Samaj-Shree Antu BranchChiruwa chowk,Shree Antu-1,Ilam
IllamLaxmi Bank Limited- Illam BranchBhanu Path Ilam
IllamMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Illam BranchIlam Bazar, Ilam
IllamMangalbare Money TransferMangalbare-1,ilam
IllamNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Ilam BranchIlam-1,Ilam
IllamNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Fikkal BranchFikkal, Ilam
IllamNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-IllamIlam Bazar, Ilam
IllamNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Biblyate BranchBibliyate,Ilam
IllamNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Danabari BranchDanabari-3,Ilam
IllamNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Ranke BranchChamaita-2,Ranke Bazar,Ilam
IllamNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Tinghare BranchSuryodaya -2,Ilam
IllamSagarmatha Finance Limited-Ilam BranchIlam Bazzar,Ilam
IllamSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Danbari,IlamDanabari-1,sitala,ilam
IllamSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Fikal,IlamFikal-2.ilam Road
IllamSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-IllamIlam Nagarpalika -2 ,ilam Bazar
IllamSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Mangalbare,IlamMangalbare-1 Managalbare Bazar,ilam
IllamSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd-Harkate BranchHarkate,Ilam
IllamSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd-IllamIllam Chowk Bazar Illam
IllamSenmi TradingBajo vdc ward no-5,Chisapani, Panchami Bazar, Ilam
IllamShree Safal Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd Puwamajhuwa-8,Baghkhor,Ilam
IllamSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Phikkal BranchSuryodaya MCP-06,Ilam
IllamSunrise Bank Limited-Ilam BranchMalapath-2,Ilam
IllamSunrise Multi Trade CenterFikkal Bazar,illam
JajarkotBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Jajarkot BranchThathi Bazar,Newroad,Bherimalika-02,Khalanga,Jajarkot
JajarkotBrothers ElectrotionicJajarkot
JajarkotCitizens Bank International LtdKhalangawa Bazar, Jajarkot
JajarkotCitizens Bank International Ltd-JajarkotJajarkot, Bheri
JajarkotDipendra Stationary Pustak Pasal and General Stores-Dashora-8,Thalaha,Jajarkot
JajarkotKalika Trade Link And Sub Money Transfer-Khalanga,JajarkotKhalanga,Jajarkot
JajarkotKasturi Multipurpose Co-Operative LtdKhalanga-1,Jajarkot
JajarkotLaxmi Bank Limited-Khalanga BranchKhalanga-1, Jajarkot
JajarkotNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Jajarkot BranchBherimalika-4,Bus park,Jajarkot
JajarkotNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Khalanga -1
JajarkotNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdKhalanga-Jagarkot-3, Jajarkot
JajarkotSuresh Enterprises And Computer CenterNear Ilaka Prahari Karyalaya,Kalimati,Jajarkot
JajarkotTribeni Bachat tatha Rin SahakariDasera, Jajarkot
JajarkotTriveni Money TransferRimni,Jajarkot
JhapaA G Money TransferDamak Chowk Jhapa
JhapaA. G. MONEY TRANSFERDamak - 13, Jhapa
JhapaA.P.R. Money Transfer Prasanti Tole, Jhapa
JhapaAathamauja Saving & Credit Co-operative LimitedKhajurgachhi-6, Jhapa
JhapaAathmauja Saving & Sredit Cooperative ltdkhajurgachi-6, Jhapa
JhapaAbhiyan Nepal Multipurpose Co-operative Society JhapaHhundunabari, Jhapa
JhapaAdhikari Money Transfer Pvt. LtdJurpani-gwaladubba Bazar
JhapaAG Money TransferDamak Chowk-13, (Purba Bus Park), Damak
JhapaAKRITI STORESCharaali Road - 7, Duwagadi, Jhapa
JhapaALISH TRADERSBhadrapur Road - 3, Arnami, Jhapa
JhapaAlish TradersBhadrapur Road,Anarmani,Birtamode-6,Jhapa
JhapaAnand Money TransferFalgunanda Chowk,Damak,Jhapa
JhapaAnand Money TransferFalgunanda Chowk,Damak,Jhapa
JhapaAPR Money TransferPrashanti Tole-14,Damak,Jhapa
JhapaApr Money transfer, Damak, JhapaDamak, Jhapa
JhapaArina ComputerBhudhabare, Jhapa-6
JhapaAryan Money TransferGaurigunj-7,Jhapa
JhapaAviyan Nepal Multipurpose Co-Operative LtdKhudunabari-9,Jhapa 
JhapaBANK OF KATHMANDUBhadrapur Road Birtamode Jhapa
JhapaBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Birtamode BranchBhadrapur Road, Birtamode
JhapaBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdBhadrapur Road, Birtamod Jhapa
JhapaBhagawati Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKankai-3,Surunga,Jhapa
JhapaBhagwati Money TransferHanuman Complex(3rd floor) Muktichowk- Birtamod, jhapa
JhapaBhattarai Kirana Pashal Pvt.LtdSchoolland Chowk, Maharani Jhoda-3, Jhapa
JhapaBhattrai Kirana PasalMaharanijhola-3, Jhapa
JhapaBID ENTERPRISESSurunga - 5, Jhapa
JhapaBid EnterprisesSurunga-5Jhapa
JhapaBid Enterprises(Sub Branch)Satasidham#5,Jhiljhile Bazar,Bohora Vada Pasal Sangai
JhapaBirtamode Money TransferAnarmuni-4,Birtamode,Jhapa
Jhapacentury commercial Bank Birtamod BRANCHAnarmani-4, Birtamod, Jhapa
Jhapacentury commercial Bank Birtamode Branch2Bhadrapur Road , Birtamod
Jhapacentury commercial Bank Damak BranchDamak Chowk , Jhapa
JhapaChhahari Nepal Krishi Co-Operative LtdKankai-8,Laxmipur,Jhapa
JhapaCitizens Bank International LtdDamak-11, Thana Road
JhapaCitizens Bank International LtdKakadvitta Road,Anarmani VDC-3,Birtamod,Jhapa
JhapaCitizens Bank International Ltd-BirtamodeKakadvitta Road, Birtamod, Jhapa
JhapaCivil Bank LimitedHanuman Central, Mukti Chowk, Birtamode
JhapaCivil Bank Limited-Birtamode BranchHanuman Central, Mukti Chowk, Birtamode
JhapaCouncil EnterprisesSanichare Road-Birtamode Jhapa
JhapaDamak Money Changer Beldangi, Jhapa
JhapaDamak Money Changer Campa Samayagadh, Jhapa
JhapaDamak Money Changer Damak Chowk, Vhakta Shopping Centre, Jhapa
JhapaDamak Money Changer Gauradaha Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaDarpan Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdDamak-11,Jhapa
JhapaDevithane Money Transfer Beldangi,Near Refugee Camp,Damak-5,Jhapa
JhapaDhanuskoti Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdKankai-03, Jhapa
JhapaDhanuskoti Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdKankai-3,Jhapa
JhapaDhulabari Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.Near By North Dhat Chowk, 2nd Floor,Dhulabari
JhapaEasy Money TransferSame Building of Laxmi Bank,Damak Chok,Jhapa
JhapaExcel Development Bank Ltd.Thana Road, Jhapa
JhapaExcel Development Bank Ltd.Bahudangi Road, Jhapa
JhapaExcel Development Bank Ltd.Bhadrapur Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaExcel Development Bank Ltd.Budhabare Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaExcel Development Bank Ltd.Chandragadhi Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaExcel Development Bank Ltd.Charali Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaExcel Development Bank Ltd.Dhulabari Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaExcel Development Bank Ltd.Mukti chowk, Jhapa
JhapaExcel Development Bank Ltd.Sainik Mode, Jhapa
JhapaExcel Development Bank Ltd.Sanishare Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaExcel Development Bank Ltd.Shivgunj Chowk, Jhapa
JhapaExcel Development Bank Ltd.Surunga Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaFaith Me Travels & Tours Pvt.Ltd-Damak BranchPrasai Market,Damak-13,Jhapa
JhapaFewa Bikas bank LtdDamak, Jhapa
JhapaForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd,Birtabazar Branch
JhapaForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdBhadrapur Branch
JhapaForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdDudhe Branch
JhapaForward Community-BaniyaniBaniyani VDC, Jhapa
JhapaForward Community-BhadrapurBhadrapur,Jhapa
JhapaForward Community-BirtabazarBirtamod,Jhapa
JhapaForward Community-DudheSatasidham-4, Dudhe Jhapa
JhapaG.K TradersGyanechowk,Bhadrapur,Jhapa
JhapaGanapati Money TransferBirtamode-7, Jhapa
JhapaGanapati Money TransferBirtamode-7,Jhapa
JhapaGanapati Trade LinkJalthal-7,Mangalbare Bazar,Jhapa
JhapaGanga TradersNorth of SBI Building, Beldangi Road, Damak-10
JhapaGanga TradersBeldagi Road Damak
JhapaGuheswori Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd-Damak BranchThana Road, Damak,Jhapa
JhapaGuheswori Merchant Banking And Finance Ltd-Birtamode BranchCharaali,Birtamode,Jhapa
JhapaGurkhas Finance Ltd-Damak BranchThana Road 69 Market,Gurkha Development Building,Damak-11,Jhapa
JhapaGurkhas Finance Ltd-Dhulabari BranchMechinagar,Dhulabari,Jhapa
JhapaHamro Money Transfer Janata Ucha. Ma. Bi, Sharnamati
JhapaHimal Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdSharanamani-5, Jhapa
JhapaIndreni Trade LinkBudhabare-9,Jhapa
JhapaJalthal Money TransferJalthal-07,Jhapa
JhapaJalthal Money TransferJalthal-07,Jhapa
JhapaJanasewa Computer & Money TransferMechinagar#12,Purba Paschim High Way Road,Itabhatta
JhapaJanata Bank Ltd.Bhadrapur Road, Mukti Chowk, Birtamod, Jhapa
JhapaJanata Bank Ltd.Damak, Jhapa
JhapaJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Birtamode JhapaHicola Road, Mukti Chowk, Birtamod, Jhapa
JhapaJanata TradersDamak-11,Jhapa
JhapaJanata Trading Center JhapaJhapa, Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Bahundangi BranchBoudhmodbazzar,Bahundangi-4,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Baniyani BranchBaniyani-3,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Bhadrapur BranchGirichowk,Bhadrapur-2,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Birtabazar BranchBirtabazar,Birtamode,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Damak BranchCampus Mode,Damak-4,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Dharampur BranchDharampur,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Gauradaha BranchDipuchouk,Gauradaha-7,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Gauriganj BranchKhajurgachi,Gauriganj-6,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Itabhatta BranchItabhatta-2,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Madhumalla BranchMadhumalla-1,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Prithivinagar BranchPrithivinagar,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Rajgadh BranchRajgadh-6,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Ramchowk BranchBudhabarebazar,Sisawanijahada-6,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Shivaganj BranchShivganj Bazar,Shivaganj-1,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Surunga BranchSurunga,Kankai N.P.-3,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikas Samaj-Tanghandubba Branchkamatoli,Taganduba-8,Jhapa
JhapaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJBahundangi| Buddamod Jhapa
JhapaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJGiri Chock | Bhadrapur| Jhapa
JhapaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJAnarmuni 8 | 200M East From Birtabazar
JhapaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJ300M South From Damak| Near Damak Campus
JhapaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJKhajugachhi 8 | 100 M North from Gaurigunj Bazar
JhapaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJHadiya Budhbare | Near Birat laxmi Bank
JhapaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJMechinagar| 300 M North From Itabhatta Chowk| Jhapa
JhapaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJPathariya-4 | Nayabazar
JhapaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJPrithivinagar-5
JhapaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJ50 Meter South From Rajgadh Bazar| Jhapa
JhapaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJShivaganja Bazaar| Jhapa
JhapaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJ300 M North Frm Surunga Chowk| Jhapa
JhapaJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJTanghandubba| Kamatoli Chowk Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikash Samaj200M East Frm Birtabazar,
JhapaJeevan Bikash Samaj300M North Frm Surunga Chowk, Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikash Samaj300M South Frm Damak,Near To Damak Campus
JhapaJeevan Bikash Samaj50 Meter South Frm Rajgadh Bazar,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikash SamajBahundangi,BuddaMod Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikash SamajBaniyani Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikash SamajBhadrapur Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikash SamajGauradaha Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikash SamajGauriganj Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikash SamajMadhumalla Chowk Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikash SamajMechinagar,300Meter North Frm Itabhatta Chowk,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikash SamajShivaganja Bazaar,Jhapa
JhapaJeevan Bikash SamajTanghandubba, Kamatoli Chowk Jhapa
JhapaJibnath Money TransferCharpane#1,Paschim Bus Stand Sangai, Jhapa
JhapaJuropani Money TransferGwaldubba-5,Juropani,Jhapa
JhapaKabita Money TransferBirtamode
JhapaKanchanjunga Money Transfer Muktichowk, Birtamode, Anarmani-4
JhapaKhudunabari Money TransferKhudunabari-9,Jhapa
JhapaKishwor Kiran Money TransferHaldibari-1,Jhapa
JhapaKumari Bank Limited -Jhapa, Birtamode BranchAnarmani-3, Birtamode
JhapaKumari Bank ltdPurano Bhadrapur Line, Anarmani, Jhapa
JhapaKumari Bank ltdPurano Bhadrapur Line, Anarmani, Jhapa
JhapaLaxmi Bank Limited-Birtamode JhapaAnarmani-3, Jhapa
JhapaLaxmi Bank Limited-Damak BranchDamak Bazar, Mahendra Highway
JhapaLaxmi Money TransferDamak-10,Jhapa
JhapaLaxmi Travels & Tours JhapaDamak , Jhapa
JhapaLaxmi Travels & Tours Pvt. LtdDamak-10, Jhapa
JhapaMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Birtamod BranchBhadrapur Road, Birtamod, Nepal
JhapaMAHALAXMI BIKASH BANK LIMITEDAnarmani -4 Birtamod Jhapa
JhapaMaidham Money Transfer Shivasatakshi-9,Maidham,Jhapa
JhapaMama Bhanja Money TransferNear Surunga Chowk, Surunga
JhapaManakamana Money TransferGhaila Dubba#9,Laxmipur Jhapa
JhapaMangalmaya Traders And SuppliersLakhanpur-1,Jhapa
JhapaManokamana Hardware Store JhapaGoldhap-2, Jhapa
JhapaMechi Krishak EnterprisesItta Bhatta Chowk,Mechinagar-12,Jhapa
JhapaMega Bank LtdBirtamod Anarmuni VDC - 3 Mukti Chok, Birtamod, Jhapa
JhapaMega Bank Nepal Limited-Birtamode BranchAnarmuni, Mukti Chowk, Birtamode Jhapa
JhapaMega Money TransferGauradaha,Jhapa
JhapaMegha Travels Pvt.LtdDamak-13,Jhapa
JhapaMiteri Development Bank Ltd.Surunga, Jhapa
JhapaNagarik Saving & Credit Cooperative Mechinagar-10,Supariline, Behind Kakarvitta Buspark
JhapaNAMASTE MONEY TRANSFERBirtamod - 3, Anarmani, Jhapa
JhapaNamaste Money TransferAnarmani-3,Birtamode Chowk, Jhapa
JhapaNamaste Money Transfer JhapaTraffic chowk, Jhapa
JhapaNaya Bato Multipurpose Co-operative LtdDamak-11, Dharmpur , Jhapa
JhapaNayabato Multipurpose Co-operative Society LtdDamak-11,Jhapa
JhapaNCC Bank LtdPurba Bus Station, Anarmani, Birtamode, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Bahuudesiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdBaniyani, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Bahuudesiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdBahundangi, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Bahuudesiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdBirtamode, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Bahuudesiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdBudhabare, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Bahuudesiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdChandragadhi, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Bahuudesiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdCharali, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Bahuudesiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdDhulabari, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Bahuudesiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdItabhatta, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Bahuudesiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdKakarbhitta, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Bahuudesiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdSanischare, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Bahuudesiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdSarnamati, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Bahuudesiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdSurunga, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Investment Bank LimitedMukti Chowk | Birtamod | Jhapa
JhapaNepal Investment bank Ltd. Muktichowk, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society LtdCorpeorate office, Remit head depart, kakarvitta jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society LtdMechinagar -6, kakarvitta Branch, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society LtdBirtamode - 6, Birtamode Branch , Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society LtdBhadrapur - 10, Chandragadi Branch , Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society LtdKankai -3, Surunga Branch , Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society LtdMechinagar -14, Charali Branch, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society Ltdkechankawal-6, Baniyani Branch , Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society Ltdbhuddhashanti-1, Budhabare Branch , Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society LtdMechinagar -10, Dhulabari Branch , Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society LtdArjundhara-8, Sanischare Branch, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society LtdMechinagar-4, Bahundangi Branch , Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society LtdMechinagar -7, Itabhatta Branch, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society LtdJhapagaupalika-5, Saranamati Branch, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society LtdBhadrapur-6, Bhadrapur Branch , Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society Ltdshivasatashai-11, Dudhe Branch , Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co operative Society LtdHaldibari-1, Goldhap Branch , Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co-Operative Society- BaniyaniNear NTC Tower, Baniyani-4, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd-Dudhe BranchNear Rastriye Ramaniya Adarsha H.S.School,Shiva Satakshi-7,Dudhe Bazaar, Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co-Operative Society- SanischareSanischare Bazar,Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co-Operative Society-Bahundangi BranchBahundangi,Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co-operative Society-Birtamode BranchBirtamode,Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co-operative Society-Budhabare BranchBudhabare Chowk,Hadiya Budhabare-9
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co-operative Society-Chandragadhi BranchChandragadhi Bazar-6
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co-operative Society-Charali BranchCharali Chowk, Purba Bus Stand
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co-Operative Society-Dhulabari BranchMechinagar Municipality,Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co-Operative Society-Itabhatta BranchMechinagar Municipality,Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co-operative Society-Kakadbitta Head OfficeKakadbitta Bazar, Kakadbitta
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co-Operative Society-Sarnamati BranchSarnamati VDC,Jhapa
JhapaNepal Multipurpose Co-operative Society-Surunga BranchSurunga Bazar-5, Surunga
JhapaNew Council EnterprisesBirtamode-4,Anarmani,Jhapa
JhapaNew Namaste EnterprisesRajgadh Bazaar#6,Jhapa
JhapaNew Namaste EnterprisesBirtamode-3,Kakarvitta Road,Opposite of Manmohan Hospital,Jhapa
JhapaNew Namaste Enterprises (H.O)Anarmoney#3.Kakarvitta Road,Ilam Taxistand Opp, Side Modal Hospital
JhapaNew Pathivara Money TransferKankai-9 Ghiladuba Jhapa
JhapaNew Siddhakali Money TransferMangaldeep Marga,Damak-10,Jhapa
JhapaNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Birtamod BranchBhadrapur Road,Birtamod,Jhapa
JhapaNIC Asia Bank Limited-Budhabare Buddhabare-6,Pahadi Chowk,Jhapa
JhapaNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Chandragadi BranchLekhnath Chowk Chandragadi -6, Jhapa
JhapaNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Damak BranchRajmarg Chowk, Damak, Jhapa
JhapaNIC Asia Bank Limited-GauradahaGauradaha-4,Dipu Chowk,Jhapa
JhapaNilam Communication And Money TransferRajgund-6, Jhapa
JhapaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bhadrapur-9
JhapaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Damak-10
JhapaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Mechinagar-1
JhapaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Gauradah-03
JhapaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Kankai-3
JhapaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Birtamode- 7
JhapaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdDamak-14, Jhapa
JhapaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRegional Office Birtamod,Anarmani -4, Jhapa
JhapaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdDhulabari-5, Jhapa
JhapaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdSurunga-5, Jhapa
JhapaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGauradaha-9, Jhapa
JhapaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdChandragadhi,Bhadrapur-6 , Jhapa
JhapaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Birtamode Regional OfficeAnarmani-4, Birtamode
JhapaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Chandragadhi BranchBhadrapur-6, Chandragadhi
JhapaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Damak JhapaDamak, Jhapa
JhapaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Dhulabari BranchDhulabari, Jhapa
JhapaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Gauradaha JhapaGauradaha ,jhapa
JhapaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Surunga BranchSurunga, Jhapa
JhapaNirmala Trade & SuppliersAnarmani-3,Birtamode,Jhapa
JhapaNMB BANK LIMITEDHikola Building 1st Floor
JhapaNMB BANK LIMITEDBhadrapur Road
JhapaNMB BANK LIMITEDLekhnath Chowk
JhapaNMB BANK LIMITEDDamak - 10 | Jhapa
JhapaNMB Bank LtdAnarmani 4,Bhadrapur Road, Birtamod, Jhapa
JhapaNMB Bank LtdChandragadhi-7, Lekhanath chowk, Jhapa
JhapaNMB Bank LtdKerkha Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaNMB Bank LtdSatasidham-7, Dudhe chowk, Jhapa
JhapaNMB Bank LtdDamak-10, Jhapa, Nepal
JhapaNuma Cyber Travel And Tour Pvt Ltd Shanischare-2,Jhapa
JhapaOLI MONEY TRANSFERLaxmipur Laxmipur Chowk Jhapa
JhapaOLI MONEY TRANSFERMechinagar Nagarpalika 10
JhapaOli Money TransferLaxmipur, Jhapa
JhapaOli Money TransferLaxmipur Jhapa
JhapaOm Banglamukhi Suppliers Pvt.LtdAnarmani-4,Birtamode
JhapaOM ENTERPRISESCharpane - 1, Charpane, Jhapa
JhapaOm EnterprisesAnarmani-3,Birtamode
JhapaOm EnterprisesOpposite Of Biratlaxmi Bank, Bhadrapur Road, Birtamode, Jhapa
JhapaOm Enterprises JhapaBhadrapur Road, Jhapa
JhapaOm TradersBudhabare-9,Jhapa
JhapaPallabi TravelsBirtamode,Jhapa
JhapaPallavi Money Transfer JhapaBirtamod,Jhapa, Jhapa
JhapaPashupati Multipurpose Co-operative LtdDamak-11,Jhapa
JhapaPathivara Darshan Tours Pvt. LtdDamak-10,Jhapa
JhapaPathivara Money Transfer Sharanmati-5,Jhapa
JhapaPrabhu Bank Limited-Birtamode BranchKakarvitta Road (East South from Mukti Chowk),Birtamode-6,Jhapa
JhapaPrabhu Bank Limited-Damak BranchDamak Municipality-10,Damak,Jhapa
JhapaPrabhu Bank Limited-Kakarvitta BranchKakarbhitta,Jhapa
JhapaPradhan Communication CenterBirtamode-4, Anarmani, Jhapa
JhapaPradhan Communication CentreAnarmani-4,Birtamod, Jhapa
JhapaPratham Krishi Cooperative Society Birtamode, Anarmani-4, Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Birtamod BranchAnarmani Vdc,jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank LtdUrvasi Chowk,Biramod, Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank LtdAnarmani VDC,Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank LtdDamak ,Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank LtdSurunga ,Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank LtdBudhabare ,Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank LtdGauradaha ,Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank LtdChandragadi ,Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank LtdGaurigunj ,Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank LtdGaurigunj -05, Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Budhabare Budhabare-5,Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Chandragadi Lekhanath Chowk,Chandragadi,Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Damak BranchBeldangi Road,Damak -10,Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Gauradaha Gauradaha,Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Gaurigunj Gaurigunj,Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-SurungaSurunga-5,Jhapa
JhapaPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Urvasi ChowkBhadrapur Road,Birtamode,Jhapa
JhapaPrince Money TransferSatasidham-05,Jhiljhile Bazar,Jhapa
JhapaPRITHIVI MONEY TRANSFERTopgachhi - 7, Jhapa
JhapaPrithvi Money TransferKerkha Bazar,Jhapa
JhapaPurba Nepal Bahu-Uddeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdTopgachhi-08,Jhapa
JhapaQuick Money TransferDamak-13, Jhapa
JhapaQuick Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.Opposite To Sanima Bank, Damak, Jhapa
JhapaReliance Finance Limited-Charali BranchCharali-13,Jhapa
JhapaRiddhi Siddhi Money TransferNear Rabi Taxi Stand,Damak-1,Jhapa
JhapaRiddhisiddhi Travels & Money TransferDamak-14,Jhapa
JhapaRijesh and Remittance Company Pvt.LtdGauradaha-1,Jhapa
JhapaRohita Money Transfer & CommuShibganj#1,Jhapa
JhapaRohita Money Transfer And CommunicationHanuman Temple, Shivgunj,Jhapa
JhapaS Sagarmatha Money TransferPrithvinagar-5,Sagarmatha Chowk,Jhapa
JhapaSagarmatha Finanance LtdBhadrapur Road , Birtamode, Jhapa
JhapaSagarmatha Finanance LtdDamak Chowk , Jhapa 
JhapaSagarmatha Merchant Banking And Finance Ltd-BirtamodeBirtamode, Bhadrapur Road, Jhapa
JhapaSagarmatha Merchant Banking And Finance Ltd-DamakDamak Chowk, Damak, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Atithi sadan road, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Bahun Dangi Road, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Baniyani Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Boudha mode, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Budhabare Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Campus Road, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Charali, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Charpane Chowk, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Damak Road, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Gaurigunj Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Gyanechowk, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Jhapa Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Jhaparoad Bustand, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Korkhabazar, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Lekhnath Chowk, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Rajaram Marg, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Rajgadh Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Sanischare Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Shivgunj Bazar, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Traffic Mode, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.West Bus stand, Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Baniyani,JhapaBaniyani-3,Baniyani Bazar,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Birtamode,JhapaCharpane-1,Athti Sadan,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Bouddhamode,JhapaBahaundange-4,Bouddha Mode,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Buddhabare,JhapaBuddhabare-9,Buddhabare Bazar,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Chandragadhi,JhapaChnadragadi-7,Leknath Chowk,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Charali,JhapaDhuagdai-4,Charali,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Charpane Sewa Kendra,JhapaCharpane-3,Chapnae Chowk,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Charpane,Jhapa (Head Office)Charpane-3,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Damak,JhapaDamak Nagarpalika-10,Trafiic Mode,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Dhulabari,JhapaDhulabari,Paschim Bus Stand,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Elaka Sewa Kendra Damak,JhapaDamak Nagarpalika -10,Campus Raod,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Elaka Sewa Kendra,Surunga,JhapaSurunga-5,Rajaram Rajmarg,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Gaurdaha,JhapaGaurdhaha-3,Damak Road,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Gaurijung,JhapaGaurijung-5,Gaurijung Bazar,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Gaynechowk,JhapaPrithvi Nagar-5,Gayanechowk,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Kakadbhitta,JhapaMechinagar-10,Bhaundhangi Road,Kakabhita,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Kerkha,JhapaTopgachi-7,Kerkha Bazar,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Khumargadh,JhapaTaghandobba-2,Jhapa Bazar,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Rajgadh,JhapaRajgadh-6,Rajgaadh Bazar,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Sanishari,JhapaSanishare-2,Birtamode Road,Sanishari Bazar,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Shivaganj,JhapaShivaganj-1,Shivaganj Bazar,Jhapa
JhapaSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Surunga,JhapaSurunga-5,Jhapa Bazar Raod,Jhapa
JhapaSajha Money TransferBirtamode-01,Charpane,Jhapa
JhapaSajha Money Transfer JhapaBeldadi Road, Jhapa
JhapaSamjhana Money Transfer Charpane Chowk- 3 ,Beldangi Road Jhapa
JhapaSammridhi Money TransferRajgadh Bazar-6,Jhapa
JhapaSanima Bank Limited-Birtamod BranchBhadrapur Road, Birtamode 6, Jhapa
JhapaSanima Bank Limited-Damak,Jhapa BranchMain Road, Ward No.13, Damak,Jhapa
JhapaSatashi Bahumukhi Sahakari Sanstha Ltd JhapaBirtamode-6, Jhapa
JhapaShahanshila InterprisesGaurigunj -7,Jhapa
JhapaShikhar Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd Old Amarmani-04, New Birtamode-07, Jhapa
JhapaShree Hamro Hatemalo Agriculture Cooperative Ltd.Dharampur-8, Jhapa
JhapaShree Navodaya Multipurpose Co-Operative LtdKerkha,Topgachhi-7,Jhapa
JhapaShubhekshya Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd Kankai-3,Surunga,Jhapa
JhapaSiddhakali Money Transfer Highway, Damak Chowk - 10, Damak
JhapaSiddhakali Money Transfer JhapaCampus Mode, Jhapa
JhapaSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Kohalpur, Banke
JhapaSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Sahidchowk, Chitwan
JhapaSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Dadeldhura
JhapaSiddhartha Bank Ltd-BirtamodBirtamode,Jhapa
JhapaSiddhartha Bank Ltd-ChandragadhiWard No. 7, Chandragadi, Jhapa
JhapaSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Damak,JhapaDamak-11, Jhapa
JhapaSilwal Money TransferJhiljhila-6, Jhapa
JhapaSneha Suppliers & TradersOpposite Side Of Amda Hospital, Amda Road
JhapaSneha Supplies And TradersOpposite To Damak Municipality Office, Damak
JhapaSubhalaxmi Sahakari Sanstha Pashu Sewa Kendra, Gauradaha
JhapaSubhani Money Transfer & Communication JhapaShivgunj, Jhapa
JhapaSulav Money Transfer JhapaSagarmatha Chowk, Jhapa
JhapaSunaulo Bihani Money Transfer Birtamode-09,Jhapa
JhapaSunrise Bank Limited-Bhadrapur BranchHulak Road,Bhadrapur-2,Jhapa
JhapaSunrise Bank Limited-Birtamod BranchMukti Chowk,Birtamode-7,Jhapa
JhapaSunrise Bank Limited-Kakarvitta BranchShanti Path,Mechinagar -10,Kakarvitta,Jhapa
JhapaSunrise Bank Limited-Surunga BranchBT Complex,Jhapa Road,Surunga,Kankai-3,Jhapa
JhapaSuryamukhi Krise Saving Damak-19 Jhapa
JhapaSuvani Money Transfer And Communication Shivagunja-1,Jhapa
JhapaSuveasha Money TransferShanamati#5,Jhapa Road Jhapa
JhapaSuveksha Money TransferSharnamati-5,Jhapa
Jhapasuveksha saving and credit co-operative ltd Sharnamati-5, Jhapa
JhapaSuvekshya Saving & Credit Cooperative Ltd.Ghailaduba#5,Laxmipur Bazaar
JhapaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdDhulabari Jhapa
JhapaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBirtamod Jhapa
JhapaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdChandragadhi Jhapa
JhapaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdDamak Jhapa
JhapaUniversal Trade and CommunicationKrishna Hall Road,Birtamode-7,Jhapa
JhapaUtkrista Agriculture Co-operative Ltd Goldhap-2,Jhapa
JhapaVision Investment and Financial Services Sub Remit Pvt.LtdSanischare-01,Jhapa
JhapaXavier Money TransferOpp. of Police Station, Damak-11, Jhapa
JhapaYeti Development Bank Ltd-Birtamode BranchAnarmani-4, Birtamod, Jhapa
JumlaBANK OF KATHMANDUChandan Nath VDC 6 Jumla
JumlaBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Jumla BranchChandan Nath VDC,6, Jumla 
JumlaBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdChandan Nath VDC 6, Jumla
JumlaChandannath Money TransferChandannath-6, Near BOK, Jumla
JumlaCitizens Bank International Ltd -KarnaliJumla, Karnali
JumlaNepal Investment Bank LimitedChandannath - 8 | Khalanga Bazar | Jumla
JumlaNepal Investment bank Ltd. Khalanga Bazar, Jumla
JumlaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Nandanath N.P-7
JumlaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBijayanagar-1, Jumla
JumlaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Jumla BranchChandannath,Jumla
JumlaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdKhalanga Jumla
Jumla  Citizens Bank International LtdChandannath vdc-07,Jumla  
KailaliAcharya Trade & SuppliersChaumati-3,kailali
KailaliAnand Money TransferGauriganga-8,Kailali
KailaliAshish Tripti EnterprisesTikapur-09,Kailali
KailaliBANK OF KATHMANDUGeta V.D.C.-03 Dhangadhi Road Attariya Kailali
KailaliBANK OF KATHMANDUDhangadhi Main Road Chauraha Kailali
KailaliBANK OF KATHMANDULamki Chuha Municipality -2 Mukesh Complex Kailali Nepal
KailaliBANK OF KATHMANDUJamara Pari Manuwa Road Tikapur-09 kailali
KailaliBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Attariya BranchDhangadi Road Attariya Kailali
KailaliBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Dhangadhi BranchDhangadi Main Road ,chauraha,kailali
KailaliBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Lamki BranchLamki Chuha Municipality -2, Mukesh Complex,Kailali
KailaliBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Tikapur BranchJamara Pari, Manuwa Road, Tikapur
KailaliBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdDhangadhi, Main Road Chauraha,Kailali
KailaliBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdGeta V.D.C.-03, Dhangadhi Road, Attariya, Kailali
KailaliBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdLamki Chuha Municipality -2, Mukesh Complex Kailali,
Kailalicentury commercial bank dhangadiSabjimandi, Mainroad Dhangadi, Kailali
KailaliCitizens Bank International LtdMain Road,Dhangadhi-4, Kailali
KailaliCitizens Bank International Ltd- DhangadiMain Road,dhangadhi
KailaliCivil Bank LimitedGodawari Road, Dhangadi-4, Kailali
KailaliCivil Bank Limited-Dhangadi BranchGodawari Road, Dhangadi, Kailali-4
KailaliDipjyoti Money TransferAttariya-4,Kailali
KailaliForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdJamara Pari, Manuwa Road, Tikapur-09, Kailali
KailaliForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdChaumala Branch
KailaliForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdDhangadi Branch
KailaliForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdSadakpur Branch
KailaliForward Community-ChaumalaChaumala, Kailali
KailaliForward Community-Dhangadhi Area OfficeDhangadhi, Kailali
KailaliForward Community-Dhangadhi KailaliDhangadhi, Kailali
KailaliForward Community-JoshipurJoshipur VDC, Kailali
KailaliForward Community-MashuriyaMashuriya VDC, Kailali
KailaliForward Community-SadakpurSadakpur, Kailali
KailaliGlobal Instant Cash Money transfer KailaliKalika-5,Shitala Bazar, Kailali
KailaliGurkhas Finance Limited-Chaumala,kailali BranchChaumala-1,Kailali
KailaliHem Money TransferNear by Sajha Bikash Bank ,Pahalmanpur ,Kailali
KailaliJanata Bank LtdChauraha, Dhangadhi Kailali
KailaliJanata Bank Nepal Limited-DhangadhiChauraha, Dhangadhi
KailaliJanautthan Samudayic laghubitta bikas Tikapur,Kailali
KailaliJanautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bikash Bank Ltd-Tikapur BranchTikapur-9,Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuuddeshiya Sahakari Sanstha Ltd-Bauniya BranchOn Bauniya Bazar,kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuuddeshiya Sahakari Sanstha Ltd-Bhajani Branch On Bhajani Bazar,bhajani-3 Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuuddeshiya Sahakari Sanstha Ltd-Hasuliya Branch Near On Ntc Tower, Hasuliya,kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuuddeshiya Sahakari Sanstha Ltd-Head OfficeNear On Lamki Chowk,kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuuddeshiya Sahakari Sanstha Ltd-Joshipur Branch On Joshipur Bazar,kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuuddeshiya Sahakari Sanstha Ltd-Masuriya Branch On Masuriya Sajha Bazar Chowk,masuriya,kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuuddeshiya Sahakari Sanstha Ltd-Sukhkhad Branch Opp.of Agriculture Development Bank,sukhhad,kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuuddeshiya Sahakari Sanstha Ltd-Tikapur BranchNear On Tikapur Hospital,tikapur Branch
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdBagaichula, Sahajpur, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha Ltdattariya bazar, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdCampus Road, Dhangadhi Bazar, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdEast-west high way, bauniya bazar, sadakpur, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdEast-west high way, masuriya bazaar, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdEast-west high way, Sukhad bazar, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdHasuliya Bazar, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdHulaki Rajmarg, Fulbari Bazar, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdLalbhojhi Road, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdLamki, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdSagakari Tole, Chaumala, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdSatti Bazar, Narayanpur, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdSolta Bazar, Sugarkhal, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdTikapur, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdTikapur Road, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdHulaki Rajmarg, Fulbari Bazar, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdLalbhojhi Road, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdLamki, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdSagakari Tole, Chaumala, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdSatti Bazar, Narayanpur, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdSolta Bazar, Sugarkhal, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdTikapur, Kailali
KailaliKisan Bahuudeshiya Sahakari Sanstha LtdTikapur Road, Kailali
KailaliKISAN MULTIPURPOSE COOPERATIVE LIMITED3rd Floor Kisan Building lamki Kailali
KailaliKISAN MULTIPURPOSE COOPERATIVE LIMITED1st Floor Kisan Building lamki Kailali
KailaliKUMARI BANK LIMITEDAttariya Na. Pa. - 13 | Kailali
KailaliKUMARI BANK LIMITEDPark Mode | Dhangadhi - 1 | Kailali
KailaliKumari Bank Limited-Dhangadi BranchRatopul-2, Dhangadi
KailaliKumari Bank ltdRatopul, Dhangadi-7, Kailali
KailaliKumari Bank Ltd-Attariya Main Road, Attariya Na.Pa.13, Kailali
KailaliKumari Bank Ltd-Park ModePark Chowk, Dhangadi,Kailali
KailaliLatainath Swami TradersMalakheti,attariya,kailali
KailaliLaxmi Bank Limited-Dhangadi KailaliTraffic Chauraha, Kailali
KailaliMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Dhangadhi BranchChauraha Road, Dhangadi-4,
KailaliMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedDododhara - 9 | Bauniya | Kailali
KailaliMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedDhangadhi - 2 | Kailali
KailaliMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedLamki - 8 | Kailali
KailaliMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedMangalsen - 5 | Kailali
KailaliMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedSajhabazar | Masuriya - 5 | Kailali
KailaliMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedTikapur - 9| Kailali
KailaliMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdNear Kanchhi Bazar,Tikapur-9 , Kailali
KailaliMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdMainroad, Dhangadi
KailaliMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdMasuriya, Kailali
KailaliMega Bank LtdDhangadi Nagarpalika- 2 Ka, Dhangadi, Kailali
KailaliMega Bank Nepal Limited-Dhangadi BranchDhangadi Nagarpalika -2, Kailai
KailaliNavajeevan Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Attariya Chowk, Kailali
KailaliNavajeevan Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Block No. 14, Kailali
KailaliNavajeevan Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Ratopul, Kailali
KailaliNavajeevan Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Sukkhad, Kailali
KailaliNavajeevan Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Attariya Chowk, Kailali
KailaliNavajeevan Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Block No. 14, Kailali
KailaliNavajeevan Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Ratopul, Kailali
KailaliNavajeevan Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Sukkhad, Kailali
KailaliNCC Bank LtdChauraha, Kailali
KailaliNCC Bank LtdMahendranagar Road Attariya, Kailali
KailaliNCC Bank LtdOld Custom Road Dhangadi, Kailali
KailaliNepal Investment Bank LimitedChauraha Main Road | Dhangadi | Kailali
KailaliNepal Investment bank Ltd. Chauraha Main Road, Kailali
KailaliNepal Investment bank Ltd. Chauraha Main Road, Kailali
KailaliNew N.P Electronics Baliya-8,Lamki,Kailali
KailaliNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Dhangadi Chauraha BranchDhangadi - 3, Godawari Road,Kailali
KailaliNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Dhangadi-Hospital Line BranchHospital Line,Main Road,Kailali
KailaliNIC Asia Bank Limited-LamkiLamki Chuha-2,Lamki,Kailali
KailaliNIC ASIA Bank Ltd-Attariya Branch Attariya Municipality # 4, Mahendranagar Road, Kailali
KailaliNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Bauniya Bardagoriya Gaunpalika, Ward No. 2, Bauniya, Kailali
KailaliNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Tikapur Tikapur-9, Block No. A, Kailali
KailaliNIC ASIA-AttariyaAttariya,Mahendranagar Road,Kailali
KailaliNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Attariya Na.Pa.-04 | Kailali
KailaliNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Joshipur VDC -7 | Kailali
KailaliNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Lamki Chhuha Na.P.-2 | Kailali
KailaliNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Mashuriya VDC-05 | Mashuriya
KailaliNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Dhangadi U. Ma. Pa.-20 | Kailali
KailaliNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Ghodagodi Na.Pa.-1 | Kailali
KailaliNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Tikapur Na.Pa. -09 | Kaolali
KailaliNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Attariya Na.Pa.-13 | Kailali
KailaliNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdTikapur-9, Kailali
KailaliNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdAttariya-7, Kailali
KailaliNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdPhulbari -7Kailai
KailaliNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRegional Office Attariya,Malakheti, Kailali
KailaliNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdLamki,Baliya-8, Kailali
KailaliNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdShukhad,Darak-5, Kailali
KailaliNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdMasuriya-5, Kailali
KailaliNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdJoshipur-7, Kailali
KailaliNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Attariya KailaliAttariya-7, Kailali
KailaliNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Kailali Regional OfficeMalakheti ,kailali
KailaliNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Lamki KailaliBaliya-8, Lamki Kailali
KailaliNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Shukhad KailaliDarak-5, Shukhad Kailali
KailaliNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Tikapur KailaliTikapur-9 ,kailali
KailaliNMB BANK LIMITEDBus Park Road
KailaliNMB BANK LIMITEDLamki Chuha Municipality - 2 | Kailali
KailaliNMB BANK LIMITEDGauriganga - 8 | Sajhabazar
KailaliNMB Bank LtdBus Park Road, Dhangadhi,kailali
KailaliPrabhu Bank Limited-Dhangadi BranchGodawari Road,Dhangadi-3,Kailali
KailaliR.D Money TransferCampus Road,Dhangadi-8,Kailali
KailaliRaj IME CenterAttariya-4,Kailali
KailaliRoshan Medical StoreChauraha,Dhangadi,Kailali
KailaliSanima Bank Limited-Dhangadi,Kailali BranchDhangadi-3,kailali
KailaliShikha Trade & SuppliersLamki-1,Kailali
KailaliSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Dailekh Bazaar, Dailekh
KailaliSiddhartha Bank Ltd.BP Chowk (Ka Line), Dang
KailaliSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Shahid Chowk, Dang
KailaliSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Dailekh Bazaar, Dailekh
KailaliSiddhartha Bank Ltd.BP Chowk (Ka Line), Dang
KailaliSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Shahid Chowk, Dang
KailaliSiddhartha Bank Ltd-DhangadiMain Road, Dhangadi, Kailali
KailaliSiddhartha Bank Ltd-TikapurTikapur Main Road Kailali
KailaliSiddhartha Development Bank Limited-Dhangadi BranchDhangadi, Kailali
KailaliSiddhartha Development Bank LtdDhangadi Branch, Dhangadi
KailaliSunrise Bank Limited-Dhangadhi BranchRatopool,Dhangadi-2,Kailali
KailaliSunrise Bank Limited-Dhangadhi Branch (2)Chauraha-2,Dhangadhi,Kailali
KailaliSunrise Bank Limited-Sukhad BranchMahendra Highway,Ghodaghodi-1,Kailali
KailaliSuruchi And Pandav BrothersBhajani Trishakti-7,Kailali
KailaliSuruchi And Pandav Brothers KailaliBhajani Trishakti-7, Kailali
KailaliSuruchi And Pandav Brothers KailaliBhajani Trishakti-7, Kailali
KailaliSurya Electronics & SuppliersGhodaghodi-01 Sukhad,Kailali
KailaliSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBauniya Kailali
KailaliSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdPahalmanpur Kailali
KailaliSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdTikapur Kailali
KailaliThale Ko TradersFulbari-4,Dhangadi,Kailali
KailaliThale Ko Traders KailaliPhulbari Gaun, Kailali
KailaliThale Ko Traders KailaliPhulbari Gaun, Kailali
KailaliTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDGodawari Road | Chauraha | Dhangadhi-3 | Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalAttariya - 4 Attariya Ringroad, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalBhajanitrishakti MPC-7 bhajani bazar, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalDhangadhi-18 Phulbari, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalDhangadhi-5 Taranagar, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalDododhara-7 Sadakpur Bauniya, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalGhodaghodi-1 Milanchock, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalHasuliya-9 Hasuliya, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalJoshipur-7 Joshipur, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalMasuriya-9 Badaipur, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalNarayanpur-4 Narayanpur, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalPatharaiya-2 Patharaiya, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalPratapur-2 Pratapur, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalTikapur-9 Tikapur, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalAttariya - 4 Attariya Ringroad, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalBhajanitrishakti MPC-7 bhajani bazar, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalDhangadhi-18 Phulbari, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalDhangadhi-5 Taranagar, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalDododhara-7 Sadakpur Bauniya, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalGhodaghodi-1 Milanchock, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalHasuliya-9 Hasuliya, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalJoshipur-7 Joshipur, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalMasuriya-9 Badaipur, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalNarayanpur-4 Narayanpur, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalPatharaiya-2 Patharaiya, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalPratapur-2 Pratapur, Kailali
KailaliUNYC NepalTikapur-9 Tikapur, Kailali
KalikotNepal Investment Bank LimitedNagma | Kalikot
KalikotNescal Money transferChilkhaya -5 kalikot
KalikotNIC ASIA-KalikotManma Bazar-5,Kalikot
KalikotNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Manma-5
KalikotNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdManma-5, Kalikot
KalikotNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Manma BranchManma, Kalikot
KalikotRato Gurans Saving And Credit Co-Operative LtdDistrict Police Office, Manma
KalikotSANIMA BANK LIMITEDManma | kalikot
KalikotSimnath Agriculture Development Co-operative LtdSipkhana-9,Kalikot
KalikotSimnath Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdRajkot,Kalikot
KalikotSubhakamana Digital Photo Studio Manma,5 Kalikot
KalikotSubhakamana Digital Photo StudioManma-5,Kalikot
KanchanpuJanata Bank Ltd.Bhimdutta Muncipality 04, Kanchanpur,Mahendranagar
KanchanpurAvail For All Remittance Pvt.Ltd-Kanchanpur BranchBhimdatta-18,Mahendranagar,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurBANK OF KATHMANDUShreepur tole Belauri Bazar Belauri Municipality -6 Kanchanpur Nepal
KanchanpurBank of Kathmandu Ltd-Belauri BranchShreepur tole,Belauri Bazar,Belauri Municipality -6,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdShreepur tole, Belauri Bazar, Belauri Municipality -6, Kanchanpur,
KanchanpurCafe Money TransferMahendranagar-4, Line no 2,
KanchanpurChandani Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdDodhara,Chandani Muncipality,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurChandani Krishi sahakari Sanstha LtdDodhara,Chandani ,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurCitizens Bank International LtdBheemdatta Municipality-4 (Nearby Buspark),Mahendranagar,  
KanchanpurCitizens Bank International Ltd-Mahendranagar,KanchanpurMahendranagar, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurCyrix Computer Center Punarwas-8,Mahakali,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurDev Ganga Money transferKanchanpur
KanchanpurExpress Money TransferOn Ncell Chowk, IBRD, Punarbash-12, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdArea Office Dhangadi
KanchanpurForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdDaije Branch
KanchanpurForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdMahendra Nagar Branch
KanchanpurForward Community-DaijeeKanchanchanpur
KanchanpurForward Community-MahendraNagar KanchanpurMahendra Nagar,Kanchanchanpur
KanchanpurJanata Bank Limited-KanchanpurMahendranagar, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurJanautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bikash Bank Ltd-Raikwar BichuwaRaikwarBichuwa-03,Chaman Chauraha Chowk,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurJanautthan Samudayik Laghubitta Bikas Bank Ltd Raikwar Bichawa-3, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurJenisha Mobile and Multi HouseBeldandi-5,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurKUMARI BANK LIMITEDBelauri Na. Pa. - 6 | Kanchanpur
KanchanpurKUMARI BANK LIMITEDDodhara Chandani Na. Pa. - 5 | Kanchanpur
KanchanpurKUMARI BANK LIMITEDJhalari Bazaar - 7 | Kanchanpur
KanchanpurKUMARI BANK LIMITEDCampus Road - 4 | Mahendranagar | Kanchanpur
KanchanpurKumari Bank Ltd-Belauri BranchShreepur - 4, Belauri, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurKumari Bank Ltd-Chandani Dodhara BranchDodhara Chandani, Na.Pa. 5, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurKumari Bank Ltd-Jhalari BranchMain Road, Jhalari-07, Kanchanpur.
KanchanpurKumari Bank Ltd-Kanchanpur BranchBhimdatta-4,Campus Road,Mahendranagar,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurLaxmi Bank Limited-Mahendranagar BranchMahendranagar,Bhimdatta-4,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdKalika-04 IBRD Kanchanpur
KanchanpurLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdBhimdutta Na.Pa -04 Mahendranagar
KanchanpurMahakali Bikas Bank LtdCampus Road-4, Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur 
KanchanpurMahakali Bikas Bank LtdMain Road, Jhalari, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurMahakali Bikas Bank LtdDodhara Chandani,  Kanchanpur
KanchanpurMahakali Bikas Bank LtdShreepur - 4, Belauri, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedBelauri - 6 | Kanchanpur
KanchanpurMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedAmargadhi - 5 | Dadeldhura | Kanchanpur
KanchanpurMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedBhimdutta - 4 | MNR Kanchanpur
KanchanpurMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdBelauri-6, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdDadeldhura-5, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurMahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd,Mahendranagar, West Kanchanpur
KanchanpurN.B MarketingBheemdatt-4,Campus Road,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurNagarik TradersKalika VDC-04, I.B.R.D Kanchanpur
KanchanpurNCC Bank LtdSabjimandi, Bhimdatta Nagarpalika, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Mahendranagar BranchBhimdatta Municipality-04,Campus Road,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Belauri Na.Pa.-06 | Kanchanpur
KanchanpurNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Jhalari Pipladi Na.Pa-10 | Kanchanpur
KanchanpurNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bhimdatta Na.Pa-4 | Kanchanpur
KanchanpurNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Dhodara Chadani Na.Pa-06
KanchanpurNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdMahendranagar-4, Kanchnpur
KanchanpurNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBelauri,Shripur-4, Kanchnpur
KanchanpurNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdJhalari-7, Kanchnpur
KanchanpurNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdSawastiyachauki,Chadani-1, Kanchnpur
KanchanpurNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd- Belauri,KanchanpurBelauri , Kanchanpur
KanchanpurNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd- Jhalari,KanchanpurJhalari-7, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Mahendranagar KanchanpurBhimdatta-6, Mahendranagar,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurParopakar Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdShreepur VDC 4,Belauri,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurParopakar Saving and Credit Co-Operative Ltd,NepalShreepur-4, Belauri Bazar, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurPrabhu Bank Limited-Mahendranagar BranchBhim Datta Municipality-18,Mahendra Nagar,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurSemi & Sanu Money TransferPunarwas-6,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurShree Devganga Trade & Suppliers Kalkatta Bazar,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurSiddhartha Bank LtdMain Road, Kailali
KanchanpurSiddhartha Bank Ltd- MahendranagarBhimdattanagar, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurSrijanshil Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd-Bani BranchNear Police Office, Chisapur-2, Bani, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurSrijanshil Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd-Daijee BranchBetkot-01,Daijee Bazar, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurSrijanshil Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd-Jhalari (Head Office)Jhalari Bazar,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurSudoor Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBhimdatt-18,Park Chowk,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurSunrise Bank Limited-Mahendranagar BranchSpecial Line (Main Market),Bhimdatta-4,Kanchanpur
KanchanpurSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdKrishnapur Kanchanpur
KanchanpurSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdSuda Kanchanpur
KanchanpurUNYC NepalBelauri-4 Belauri, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurUNYC NepalBhimdatta MPC-18 Bhagatpur, Kanchanpur
KanchanpurUNYC Nepaljahalaripipladi-7jhalari , Kanchanpur
KanchanpurUNYC NepalPunarbash MPC-12 IBRD, Kanchanpur
KapilbastuForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdChandauta Branch
KapilbastuNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdImiliya, Barkulpur-2, Kapilbastu
KapilbastuSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank Ltd4 no. Jeetpur Kapilbastu
KapilvastuA to Z Money TransferBahadurganj-2,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuAdhikari & BrothersShivaraj-10,Chandrauta,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuAdhikari And BrothersShivraj-10 Chandrauta Kapilvastu
KapilvastuAdhikari and BrothersShivaraj-10,Chandrauta,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuAK Traders & Remittance,Pakadi-3 Kapilvastu
KapilvastuAl Shaikh Money TransferLabine-1 Kapilvastu
KapilvastuEverest Finance LtdHathausa-7, Odari Bazzar,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuEverest Finance LtdMunicipality-3, Shiva Mandir,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Jitpur BranchGajehada-07,Kapilbastu
KapilvastuHari Om Money Transfer and CommunicationBahadurganj-2,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuIcfc Finance LimatedOdhari, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuICFC Finance Limited-Kapilvastu Odhari,kapilvastu
KapilvastuJanautthan Samudayic laghubitta bikas bank ltdBangai,Kapilbastu
KapilvastuJanautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bikash Bank Ltd-Bangai BranchBanganga-13,Bangai,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuJasmine Money TransferShivraj-06,Chandrauta,Butwal Ktm road,Under Nepal Bank,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuKamal Money TransferJeetpur-4,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuKapilvastu Money ChangerOpp. Of Nepal Investment Bank, Bank Road,Krishnanagar-2, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuKapilvastu Money TransferLumbini Road,Near Nagar Palika, Taulihawa
KapilvastuKapilvastu Money TransferNear Nagarpalika Office, Taulihawa
KapilvastuKapilvastu Money Transfer Pvt.LtdLumbini Road-5,Near Nagarpalika,Balmandir Building,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuKapilvastu Remittance & ServiceDumrachowk,Barkalpur-9, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuKasaudhan General StorePurano Hard Bazaar; -3; Lumbini Road
KapilvastuKasaudhan Money TransferMaltole,Near By Malpote Post Office Kapilvastu
KapilvastuKASHODHAN GENERAL STORESTaulihawa, Lumbini Road, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuKaushadhan General StoreInfront of RBB,Side of Everest Bank Ltd,Taulihawa,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuKiran Money TransferKapilvastu
KapilvastuKiran Money Transfer Pvt.LtdTaulihawa-07 Kapilvastu,
KapilvastuLaxmi Bank Limited-Taulihawa BranchKapilvastu - 3 Taulihawa
KapilvastuMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedPakadi - 4 | Kapilvastu
KapilvastuMahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd,Chandrauta Bazaar, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuMahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd,Pakadi Bazaar, Pakadi V.D.C., Kapilvastu
KapilvastuMega Bank LtdKalikatole-3, Taulihawa, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuMega Bank LtdJitpur-4, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuMega Bank Nepal Limited-Jitpur BranchJitpur,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuMega Bank Nepal Limited-Taulihawa BranchTaulihawa,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuMerit Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd Banganga,Bangain Chowk,Motipur-13,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuMerit Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Jeetpur Service CenterBanganga 1 char no,Jeetpur,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuMerit Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Kopawa Service CenterBanganga-5,Kopawa,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuMission Development Bank LtdTaulihawa Gaudhichowk-2, Taulihawa, Kapilbastu
KapilvastuNagrik Agriculture Cooperative LtdGoldhar Chowk, KrishnaNagar-4, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuNAGRIK KRISHI SAHAKARI SANSTHA LIMITEDGoolghar Chowk, Krishnanagar - 4, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuNepal Investment Bank LimitedKrishnanagar | Kapilvastu
KapilvastuNepal Investment bank Ltd.Krishnanagar, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bhrikuti NP-5 | Imiliya
KapilvastuNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)BadgangaNP-7 | Odari
KapilvastuNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Imiliya KapilbastuBarkunpur Imiliya Kapilbastu
KapilvastuNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Odhari KaplibastuOdhari Hastausha Rudrapur
KapilvastuNMB BANK LIMITEDBangain
KapilvastuNMB BANK LIMITEDChandrauta
KapilvastuNMB BANK LIMITEDGorusinge
KapilvastuNMB BANK LIMITEDJeetpur
KapilvastuNMB Bank LtdChandrauta, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuNMB Bank LtdJaynagar-7, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuNMB Bank LtdJeetpur, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuPanchtara Money Transfer & Suppliers Taulihawa-1,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuSana Kisaan Money Transfer.Barakalpur -2; Imaliya
KapilvastuSANA KISAN MONEY TRANSFERBarkalpur - 2, Imiliya, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuSana Kishan Agriculture Saving And Credit Co-Operative Ltd- KapilvastuBarkalpur, Imiliya, Near NTC Tower
KapilvastuSewa Bikash Bank LtdGuadichowk, Taulihawa, Kapilbastu
KapilvastuSewa Bikash Bank LtdGoru Singe, Jaynagar-8, Kapilvastu 
KapilvastuShine Resunga Development Bank LtdJeetpur-7, Banaganga, Jeetpur Kapilvastu
KapilvastuShine Resunga Development Bank Ltd-JeetpurJeetpur, Banaganga, Kapilwastu
KapilvastuShree Cosmic Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBuddhavatika-5,Gorusinge,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuShree Nava Prabhat Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBanganga-16,Bardahawa,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuSiddhartha Bank LtdMain Road, Kailali
KapilvastuSiddhartha Bank Ltd- KrishnanagarVDC, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuSiddhartha Development Bank LtdBangain Branch, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuSiddhartha Development Bank LtdChandrauta Branch, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuSiddhartha Development Bank LtdMaharajgunj Branch, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuSiddhartha Development Bank LtdPipara Branch, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-BangainBangain,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-ChandrautaChandrauta,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-MaharajgunjMaharajgunj,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-PiparaPipara,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuSiddhartha Finance Limited-Chandrauta BranchChandrauta Bazar,Kapilbastu
KapilvastuSupa Deurali Associates Pvt Ltd-Chandrautha Chandrautha,Kapilvastu
KapilvastuSynergy Finance LtdJitpur-4, Kapilvastu
KapilvastuSynergy Finance Ltd.Jeetpur | Kapilbastu
KapilvastuSynergy Finance Ltd-JeetpurJeetpur, Kapilbastu
KapilvastuTaulihawa Money TransferPakadi -2 Pakadi Chauraha
Kapilvastu Garima Bikas BankJitpur Branch, Kapilvastu
Kapilvastu Nagarik Krishi Cooperative Ltd Goolghar Chowk Krishnanagar - 4, Kapilvastu
Kapilvastu Nirdhan Utthan Bank LtdOdari, Hatausha-9, Kapilvastu
KaskiAd-Mark Trade Link BP Chowk Chipledhunga Pokhara
KaskiAnnapurna Money TradesPrithivi Narayan Campus, Bagar
KaskiApex Development Bank Ltd-Bajhapatan PokharaBajhapatan, Pokhara
KaskiApex Development Bank Ltd-Bharatpokhari PokharaBharatpokhari, Kaski
KaskiApex Development Bank Ltd-ChipledhungaChipledhunga, Pokhara
KaskiApex Development Bank Ltd-Hari Chowk PokharaHari Chowk, Pokhara
KaskiApex Development Bank Ltd-Leknath PokharaLekhnath -7, Talchowk, Kaski
KaskiAYUSHA INTERNATIONALMahendrapool - 9, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiBANK OF KATHMANDUNewroad Pokhara Kaski
KaskiBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Pokhara BranchNew Road Pokhara Gandaki
KaskiBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdNewroad, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiBatika Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd Lekhnath-13,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiBhabishya Nirman Saving And Credit Cooperative Ltd200Mt From Naubise Chowk,Bhadaure,Tamagi,Thulakhet,Kaski
KaskiBihani Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd Near Paschimanchal Development Bank - Sabhagriha Chowk, Pokhara, Kaski
Kaskicentury commercial Bank Pokhara BRANCHShabagriha Chowk, Newroad, Pokhara
KaskiChhore Patan Saving And Credit Cooperative LtdChhore Patan-17 Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiCisco Cyber CaféShreejana Chowk, Opp. Metro City Hospital, Near Police Beat, Pokhara
KaskiCitizens Bank International LtdP.O. Box No. : 262, New Road,Pokhara-9, Kaski
KaskiCitizens Bank International Ltd-PokharaNayasadak, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiCivil Bank LimitedLeknath- 7 Talchowk, Kaski
KaskiCivil Bank LimitedSabhagrihaChowk, PhewaMarg, Pokhara-08
KaskiCivil Bank Limited-Phewa Marga Pokhara BranchPhewamarg Chowk, New Road, Pokhara
KaskiCivil Bank Limited-Sabhagriha Chowk BranchSabhagrihachowk, Phewamarg, Pokhara
KaskiCivil Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdNayasadak-8, Pokhara,kaski
KaskiCon Community Saving & Credit Co-operative Society LtdPokhara-13,Bhadrakali Chowk,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiDestination Delivery Service Pvt LtdInfront of Padma Nursing Home Pokhara,Newroad(H.O)
KaskiDestination Delivery Service Pvt LtdPrithivi Chowk Pokhara
KaskiFaith Me Travels & Tours Pvt.Ltd-Pokhara BranchSiddhartha Chowk,Pokhara-04,Kaski
KaskiFaithme travel and tours pvt. ltd.Chipledhunga, Siddhartha Chowk, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiFewa Bikas bank LtdChipledhunga (B.P. Chowk), Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiFewa Bikas bank LtdGagangauda, Lekhnath, Kaski
KaskiFewa Bikas bank LtdLakeside, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiFewa Bikas bank LtdBirauta , Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiFewa Bikas bank LtdAmarsing, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiFewa Bikas bank LtdHemja, Kaski
KaskiFewa Bikas bank LtdBagar, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiFewa Bikas bank LtdTalchowk, Lekhnath, Kaski
KaskiGandaki Bikas Bank LtdArgaun Chowk, Kaski
KaskiGandaki Bikas Bank LtdHuwas, Kaski
KaskiGandaki Bikas Bank LtdLakeside, Kaski
KaskiGandaki Bikas Bank LtdNewRoad, Kaski
KaskiGandaki Bikas Bank LtdNewRoad, Kaski
KaskiGarima Bikas BankSabhagrihachowk Branch, Pokhara
KaskiGarima Bikas BankMahendrapool Branch, Pokhara
KaskiGarima Bikas BankBirauta Branch, Pokhara
KaskiGarima Bikas BankBatulechaur Branch, Pokhara
KaskiGarima Bikas BankTallo Gagangauda, Kaski
KaskiGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Batulechaur BranchPokhara-16,Kaski
KaskiGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Birauta BranchPokhara-17,Kaski
KaskiGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Mahendrapool BranchPokhara-09,Kaski
KaskiGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Pokhara (Head Office)Pokhara-09,Kaski
KaskiGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Sabhagrihachowk BranchPokhara-08,Kaski
KaskiGive And Take Sub Money TransferHarichowk-1,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiGreen Development Bank Ltd-Pokhara BranchShabhagriha Chowk,Pokhara-8,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiH & B RemittanceMatepani-12,pokhara,kaski
KaskiHimalaya Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdHemja Milanchowk,Pokhara-25,Kaski
KaskiIndreni Saving & credit Cooperative Pvt.ltdDevids fali, Pokhara. Kaski
KaskiInfomax Pvt.LtdChipledhunga,Talchowk,Lekhnath,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiInfomax Pvt.Ltd-Lamachour,Pokhara BranchLamachour,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiInfomax Pvt.Ltd-Mahendrapool,Chipledhunga,Pokhara (Head Office)Mahendrapool,Chipledhunga,Pokhara
KaskiInfomax Pvt.Ltd-Talchowk,Lekhnath BranchTalchowk,Lekhnath,Pokhara
KaskiJanaekata Saving & Credit Co-operative Society LtdPokhara Sub-metropolitian-8,srijana Chowk
KaskiJanata Bank Ltd.New Road, Pokhara
KaskiJanata Bank Nepal Limited-New Road PokharaNew Road, Pokhara
KaskiJaya Laxmi RemitLamachaur, Pokhara-19, Kaski
KaskiJaya Laxmi RemitLamachour-19,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiJaya Manakamana Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdLamachour,kaski, Pokhara
KaskiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Banjhapatan, Kaski
KaskiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Budibajar, Kaski
KaskiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Chipledhunga, Kaski
KaskiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Lakeside, Kaski
KaskiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Lamachaur, Kaski
KaskiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Newroad , Kaski
KaskiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Prithivichowk, Kaski
KaskiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Banjapatan BranchBanjhapatan, Pokhara
KaskiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Budibazar BranchBudhibazar, Lekhnath
KaskiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Chipledhunga BranchChipledunga,pokhara,nepal
KaskiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Lakeside BranchLake Side,pokhara
KaskiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Lamachour BranchLamachour, Pokhara
KaskiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Prithivichowk BranchPrithivichowk, Pokhara
KaskiKalika Micro Credit Development Bank Ltd.Amarshingchok, Kaski
KaskiKamana Bikas BankAmarsingh Chowk, Kaski
KaskiKamana Bikas BankBirauta Chowk, Kaski
KaskiKamana Bikas BankChipledhunga, Kaski
KaskiKamana Bikas BankDeep, Kaski
KaskiKamana Bikas BankDhungepatan, Kaski
KaskiKamana Bikas BankLekhnath, Kaski
KaskiKamana Bikas BankNew Road, Kaski
KaskiKamana Bikas BankSrijana Chowk, Kaski
KaskiKAMANA BIKASH BANK LIMITEDAmarsingh Chowk | Pokhara
KaskiKAMANA BIKASH BANK LIMITEDBirutachowk | Pokhara
KaskiKAMANA BIKASH BANK LIMITEDSrijana Chowk | Pokhara
KaskiKAMANA BIKASH BANK LIMITEDChipledhunga | Pokhara
KaskiKAMANA BIKASH BANK LIMITEDDadakonakh | Lekhnath
KaskiKAMANA BIKASH BANK LIMITEDSrijanachowk | Pokhara
KaskiKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Pokhara BranchChipledhunga Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiKasthamandap Development Bank LtdPokhara, Kaski
KaskiKUMARI BANK LIMITEDChipledhunga | Pokhara
KaskiKumari Bank Limited-Pokhara BranchNewroad, Pokhara
KaskiKumari Bank ltdBBC Building, B P Chowk, Chipledhunga, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiKumari Bank Ltd-ChipledhungaChipledhunga, Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiLalita Money TransferPokhara-11,kaski
KaskiLaxmi Bank Limited-Pokhara BranchNewroad, Kaski 188,
KaskiLaxmi Bank Limited-Pokhara BranchPokhara Industrial Estate,
KaskiLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdDhikur Pokhari -02 Dhikurpokhari , Kaski
KaskiLocomotion Adventures Pvt.LtdZero KM-5,Infront of Sangrila Development Bank Ltd,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Bagar BranchBagar, Pokhara,
KaskiMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Lake Side BranchLakeside, Pokhara
KaskiMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-lekhnath BranchLekhnath Chowk, Lekhnath-03, Kaski,
KaskiMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Mahendrapul BranchMahendrapul, Chipledhunga, Kaski
KaskiMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Naya BazarNayabazar, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Ram Bazar BranchRam Bazar, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedChipledhunga - 4 | Pokhara
KaskiMahalaxmi bikas Bank ltdChipledhunga - Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiMasina Tourism Co-operative LtdDulegauda,Lakhnath Nagarpalika. Kaski (Pokhara)
KaskiMega Bank LtdNewroad, Pokhara - 8, Kaski
Kaskimega bank ltdLekhnath Kaski
KaskiMega Bank Nepal Limited-Newroad PokharaNew Road-8,pokhara
KaskiMega Bank Nepal Limited-Pokhara Branch Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiMega Bank Nepal Ltd-Lekhnath BranchLekhnath,Kaski
KaskiMijure Travel And Tours Pvt. Ltd Adarsha Marga, Chipledhunga-4, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDLekhnath-03 Budhibazar Kaski
KaskiMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDChhorepatan -17 Pokhara 
KaskiMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDLekhnath-12 Gagagunda Kaski
KaskiMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDPokhara-1 Harichowk Kaski
KaskiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdLeknath Municipality -12, Gagangaunda ,Kaski
KaskiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdLeknath Municipality -3,Budhibazar Kaski
KaskiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdPokhara 13,Kahunkhola Kaski
KaskiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdPokhara-1, Harichowk,Kaski
KaskiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdPokhara-17,Chhorapatan Kaski
KaskiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdPokhara-27, Hemja,Kaski
KaskiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdPokhara-6, Baidam,Kaski
KaskiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdPokhara-9, Chipledhunga Kaski
KaskiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdPokhara-9, Prithvichowk,Kaski
KaskiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdSalyan VDC- 9, Nayapul,Kaski
KaskiNamaste Saving And Credit Co-operative LimitedPhrithvi Chowk
KaskiNature human Tours & Travelspokhara-10 , kaski
KaskiNCC Bank LtdBajhpatan, Kaski
KaskiNCC Bank LtdChipledhunga, Kaski
KaskiNCC Bank LtdHarichowk, Kaski
KaskiNCC Bank LtdKaliksthan, Kaski
KaskiNCC Bank LtdNew Road, Pokhara Kaski
KaskiNCC Bank LtdNewroad, Kaski
KaskiNCC Bank LtdTalchowk, Kaski
KaskiNCC Bank LtdChipledhunga, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiNepal Investment Bank LimitedLakeside Baidam | Pokhara - 6 | Kaski
KaskiNepal Investment Bank LimitedChiple Dhunga - 4 | Pokhara | Nepal
KaskiNepal Investment bank Ltd.Chipledhunga, Kaski
KaskiNepal Investment bank Ltd.Lakeside, Baidam, Kaski
KaskiNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Birauta BranchBirauta-17,Kaski
KaskiNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Lekhnath BranchLekhnath-7,Taalchowk,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Pokhara BranchMahendra Pool,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Lakeside-Pokhara Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan City, Ward No.6, Lakeside, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Nayapul BranchAnnapurna Gaupalika-5,Salyan Nayapul,Kaski
KaskiNIC Asia Bank Ltd-New Road-Pokhara Pokhara Lekhnath Metropolitan City, Ward No.8, New Road, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiNIC ASIA-BirautaBirauta-17, Kaski, Pokhara
KaskiNIC ASIA-LekhnathTaalchowk, Lekhnath-7, Kaski
KaskiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Pokhara 8 | Kaski
KaskiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Pokhara 8 | Kaski
KaskiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdPokhara-8, Kaski
KaskiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRegional Office Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Pokhara BranchPokhara-8, Sirjana Chowk
KaskiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Pokhara BranchPokhara-8,kaski
KaskiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Pokhara,kaski (regional Office )Firke-8,pokhara,kaski
KaskiNMB Bank LtdNew Road, Pokhara-9, Kaski
KaskiNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdBharatpokhari, Kaski
KaskiNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdHemja, Kaski
KaskiNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdKhauna-1, Kaski
KaskiNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdNayapool , Kaski
KaskiNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdPumdibhumdi, Kaski
KaskiNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited- Hemja (Head Office)Hemja-5,Kaski
KaskiNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Bharatpokhari,Kaski BranchBharatpokhari-3, Kaski
KaskiNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Kahun BranchKahun-1,Kaski
KaskiNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Nayapool,Kaski BranchNayapool,Kaski
KaskiNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Pumdibhumdi,Kaski BranchPumdibhumdi-1, Kaski
KaskiOm Development Bank LtdAmarsing Chowk, Kaski
KaskiOm Development Bank LtdBagar-1, Taxi Chowk, Kaski
KaskiOm Development Bank LtdBhairabtole, Pokhara Kaski
KaskiOm Development Bank LtdChippledhunga, Pokhara Kaski
KaskiOm Development Bank LtdDhikurpokhari,Nagdanda kaski
KaskiOm Development Bank LtdHemja Milan Chowk,Kaski
KaskiOm Development Bank LtdLamachour Chowk , Pokhara-19 Kaski
KaskiOm Development Bank LtdNewroad, Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiOm Development Bank LtdRambazar, Pokhara Kaski
KaskiOm Development Bank LtdShishuwa , Leknath, Kaski
KaskiOm Development Bank LtdLakside Pokhara Kaski
KaskiOm Finance Limited-Bhairabtole PokharaBhairab Tole, Pokhara
KaskiOm Finance Limited-New Road Pokhara (Head Office)Head Office: New Road, Pokhara,
KaskiOm Finance Limited-Rambazar PokharaRambazar, Pokhara
KaskiPokhara Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd-Nayabazar, Pokhara (Head Office)Nayabazar,Pokhara-08,Kaski
KaskiPrabhu Bank Limited-Amarsingh Chowk BranchAmarsingh Chowk,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiPrabhu Bank Limited-Bagar BranchBarag,Near PN Campus,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiPrabhu Bank Limited-Birauta BranchBirauta,Kaski
KaskiPrabhu Bank Limited-Pokhara BranchNew Road,Infront of Padma Narshing Home,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Pokhara BranchNew Road, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Pokhara Extension CounterPmc Bulding,new Road Pokhara
KaskiPrime Commercial Bank LtdNew Road, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiPrime Commercial Bank LtdPMC Bulding, New Road Pokhara
KaskiProfessional Diyalo Bikas Bank Ltd.Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiR.C Money TransferLekhnath-3,Budibazar,Kaski
KaskiRatan Pandey Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdArva Bijaya,Pokhara-22,Kaski
KaskiRELIABLE DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDSabhagriha Chowk Newroad Pokhara
KaskiReliable Development Bank Ltd-Begnas Pokhara BranchLeknath-11,Begnas,Kaski
KaskiReliable Development Bank Ltd-Pokhara BranchSava Gariha Chowk,Newroad,Pokhara
KaskiReliance Lotus Finance Limited-Pokhara BranchMahendrapool,Pokhara-4,Kaski
KaskiSabhya Samata Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd Lahachowk V.D.C-07, Kaski,Gandaki
KaskiSanima Bank Limited-New Road, Pokhara BranchNew Road, Pokhara,kaski
KaskiSharma Traders Pokhara-17 Birauta Chouwk
KaskiShree Gauri Shankar Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdNear Ganesh Mandir, Hemja, Kaski
KaskiShuvechchha Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdTersapatti,Pokhara Metro-3,Kaski
KaskiSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Mahendranagar, Kanchanpur
KaskiSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Krishnanagar, Kapilvastu
KaskiSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Bagar,PokharaWard No. 1, Bagar, Kaski
KaskiSiddhartha Bank Ltd-New Road,PokharaNew Road Pokhara
KaskiSiddhartha Development Bank Limited-Pokhara BranchNew Road Pokhara
KaskiSiddhartha Development Bank LtdPokhara Branch, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiSiddhartha Devleopment Bnak Ltd-Lekhnath BranchLekhnath,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiSiddhartha Gautam Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdPokhara-12, Bhadrakali Seti Nahar Marga
KaskiSonik Money TransferZero K.M,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiSuman Truncall ServiceTaxi Chowk,bagar-1,pokhara,kaski
KaskiSunaulo Money Solution Travels And Tours Pvt.Ltd.Bagar -1, Pokhara Rampur
KaskiSunrise Bank Limited-Pokhara BranchNew Road,Pokhara-9,Kaski
KaskiSupa Deurali Bhanjyang ChoutariRanipauwa Infront of Phuulbari Army Byarek Pokhara
KaskiSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdNaundanda Kaski
KaskiSynergy Finance LtdMahendrapul, Pokhara
KaskiSynergy Finance LtdNew Road Pokhara Near To Janata Bank Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiSynergy Finance Ltd.Newroad | Pokhara
KaskiSynergy Finance Ltd-Mahendrapool,Pokharamahendrapool, pokhara
KaskiSynergy Finance Ltd-New Road,PokharaNew Road, Pokhara
KaskiThree Star Trade LinkLekhnath-1,Bhandardhik,Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDSrijana Chowk | Pokhara-8 | Kaski
KaskiTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Pokhara BranchNew Road,Pokhara-9,Kaski
KaskiUnion Finance Ltd B.P. Marg-9, NewRoad, Pokhara, Kaski
KaskiUnited Finance Limited-Pokhara BranchNew Road,pokhara
KaskiUnited Finance LtdNayasadak, Kaski
KaskiVibor Society Development Bank LimitedNear To David Falls | Pokhara
KaskiVibor Society Development Bank LimitedNear To Machhapuchhre Bank | Pokhara
KaskiVibor Society Development Bank LimitedInfront Of Annarpurna Supermarket | Mahendrapool | Pokhara
KaskiVibor Society Development Bank LimitedIn The Line Of Kantipur Dental College New Raod | Pokhara
KaskiVibor Society Development Bank LimitedOpp Of Nepal Bank Ltd | Pokhara
KaskiVibor Society Development Bank LimitedNear Bramharupa Uchhamabhi | Lekhnath
KaskiVibor Society Development Bank LimitedNear To Indian Pension Camp | Pokhara
KaskiVibor Society Development Bank LtdChhorepatan -17, Pokhara Kaski
KaskiVibor Society Development Bank LtdLakeside -06, Pokhara Kaski
KaskiVibor Society Development Bank LtdMahendraPool,Pokhara-9  Kaski
KaskiVibor Society Development Bank LtdNew Road, Pokhara,Kaski
KaskiVibor Society Development Bank LtdPrithvichowk -09, Pokhara kaski
KaskiVibor Society Development Bank LtdRambazar -10, Pokhara kaski
KaskiYeti Development Bank Ltd-Pokhara BranchSabhagriha Chowk, Pokhara
Kaski Vibor Society Development Bank LtdNear Bramharupa Uchhamabhi.Lekhnath -13, Kaski
KathamnduLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdMaharajgung, Kathmandu
KathmanduA and A Sub Money TransferNaya Basti, Jorpati, Kathmandu
KathmanduA. C. G. MONEY TRANSFERBagbazar - 31, Kathmandu
KathmanduA. Two. Cyber And CommunicationKalanki, Ward No. 14, Kathmandu
KathmanduAama Saving & Credit Cooperaives LtdBauddha-6, Kathmandu
KathmanduAama Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBoudha-6,Kathmandu
KathmanduAama Yangri Communication And Sub Remit Narayantar, Kathmandu
KathmanduAaradhya Investment Pvt. LtdPinglasthan-8,Pashupati Vision,Kathmandu
KathmanduAarambha Saving And Credit co-Operative LtdTinkune, Kathmandu, Nepal
KathmanduAarohi Tours & Travels Pvt.LtdSamakhushi-29,Kathmandu
KathmanduAarya Tara Travels And Tours Pvt Ltd.Dillibazar Road, Block No. 419, Maitidevi, Kathmandu
KathmanduAashraya Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd Tankeshwor Marg-13,Kalimati,Kathmandu
KathmanduAayam Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdChandragiri-5,Thankot,Kathmandu
KathmanduAayam Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdChandragiri-5,Thankot,Kathmandu
KathmanduAayusha TradingThali-7, Kathmandu
KathmanduAayusha TradingThali,Kathmandu
KathmanduAbiral EnterprisesSitapaila, Soltidobato, Kathmandu
KathmanduACE Development Bank Ltd.Chabahil, Chuchhepati,Kathmandu
KathmanduACE Development Bank Ltd.New Road, 22, Munchha House, Kathmandu
KathmanduACE Development Bank Ltd.Narayan Chour, Naxal, Kathmandu
KathmanduACE Development Bank Ltd.Naya Bazar, Ward No. 17, Kirtipur
KathmanduAdventure Monalisa Travels And Tours Pvt.LtdThamal, Kathmandu
KathmanduAgreemore Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdJorpati-7,Chabahil,Kathmandu
KathmanduAirfly Travel & Tours Pvt.LtdKapurdhara,Samakhusi-29,Kathmandu
KathmanduAIT International Travels & Tours Pvt LtdThamel,Paknajol-16,Kathmandu
KathmanduAIT International Travels P. Ltd.Paknajol, Thamel, Kathmandu
KathmanduAjambari Multipurpose Co-operative ltd.Bouddha, Kathmandu
KathmanduAll Over Remit ExpressOld Baneshwor-10,Kathmandu
KathmanduAlpha Money Transfer Pvt.ltdKaldhara Chowk, Nayabazar
KathmanduAngimath Saving And Co-operative LtdBalaju Mahanagarpalika, Kathmandu
KathmanduAnish Remit Pvt LtdBanasthali, Kathmandu
KathmanduAnish Remit Pvt LtdNearby Jay Bindabasini Sahakari Sanstha, Banasthali
KathmanduAnjuli Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdBoudha Tushal,kathmandu
KathmanduAntarang Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdKalimati Chowk-kathmandu
KathmanduAntaranga Sub RemittanceGongabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduAnu Money TransferGaushala Chowk, kathmandu,
KathmanduAnugraha Money TransferNear City Center, Kamalpokhari, Kathmandu
KathmanduAP&S Sub Money Solution Pvt.LtdBudhanilkantha-12, Kapan,Kathmandu
KathmanduApex Development Bank Ltd-DurbarmargDurbarmarg Kathmandu
KathmanduApex Development Bank Ltd-Hattisar (Head Office)Hattisar, Kathmandu
KathmanduAsha Money TransferMaharajgunj,Kathmandu
KathmanduAtal Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGokarneshwor-13,Kathmandu
KathmanduAtharasaya Khola Saving & Credit Co-operativeSamakhushi, Kathmandu
KathmanduAtlas Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKuleshowar, Kathmandu
KathmanduAtlas Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdM.m Complex ,kuleshwor 14
KathmanduAtut Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdNaya Baneshwor Chowk, Shankhamul Marg, Same Bulding machhapuchhre bank,Kathmandu
KathmanduAtut Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltdshankhamul Marg,Naya Baneshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduAvail For All Remittance Pvt.Ltd-Kathmandu (Head Office)Nagarjun-3,Kathmandu
KathmanduB And S Sub Remit Pvt LtdMachhapokhari Chowk, Balaju Kathmandu
KathmanduBAGH BHAIRAB MONEY TRANSFER PRIVATE LIMITEDNayabazar - 17, Kirtipur, Kathmandu
KathmanduBagh Bhairab Money Transfer,Kritipur-17 Nayabazar, Kathmandu
KathmanduBagh Bhairav Money Transfer Kirtipur 17, Naya Bazar
KathmanduBajrashali Money TransferSankhu Mahadevsthan Salkha Tole,Bajrayogini,Shankharapur-11,Kathmandu
KathmanduBal Jyoti Saving & Cradit Co-oparetive LtdKapan-3, kathmandu
KathmanduBalaju Money Exchange Pvt.LtdMachapokhari-16,Kathmandu
KathmanduBalambu Cooperative Ltd.Balambu Kathmandu
KathmanduBalbang Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Mitranagar,KathmanduMitranagar,Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUAnamnagar | Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUBalaju Industrial District (BID) Balaju Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUBalkhu Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUNew Baneshwor | Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUChabahil Chowk Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUSamakhusi Chowk Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUGyaneshwor Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUKamal Pokhari Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUIndrachowk | Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUTeenthana | Kalanki
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUKamal Pokhari Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUNarayangopalChwok Maharajgunj
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUNarayanchaur | Naxal | Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUNew Baneshwor Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUNew Road Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUBattisputali Old Baneshwor Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUPukulachhi-09 Sankhu Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUTeku | Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUThamel Kathmandu
KathmanduBANK OF KATHMANDUTripureshwor Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Balaju BranchBalaju Industrial District (bid) Balaju
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Balkhu BranchBalkhu, Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Chabahil BranchChabahil Chowk, Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Gongabu BranchSamakhusi Chowk,kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Gyaneshwor BranchGyaneshwor Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Head OfficeKamal Pokhari ,kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Limited-KamalpokhariKamal Pokhari Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Maharajgunj BranchNarayangopal Chowk, Maharajgunj
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Limited-New Baneshwor BranchNew Baneshwor Chowk
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Limited-New Road KathmanduNew Road Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Old BaneshworBattisputali Old Baneshwor
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Sakhu BranchPukulachhi-9, Sakhu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Thamel BranchThamel, Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Tripureshwor BranchTripureshwor,kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdIndrachowk,Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdTeenthana, Kalanki, Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdAnamnagar, Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdBalaju Industrial District (BID) Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdBalkhu, Kathmandu,
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdChabahil Chowk, Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdKuleshwor, Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu,
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdKamal Pokhari, Kathmandu,
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdNew Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdNew Road, Kathmandu,
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdPukulachhi-09, Sankhu, Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdThamel, Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdGongabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdMaharajgung, Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdNaxal, Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdOld Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdTeku, Kathmandu
KathmanduBarahi Multipurpose co-operative ltdNewbaneshwor Same Billding Himalayan Bank Kathmandu
KathmanduBarahi Multipurpose Co-operative LtdNew Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Infront Of Bicc Dhl Building
KathmanduBaralaxmi Sub Remit Pvt.LtdBudhanilkantha,Kathmandu
KathmanduBasal International Investment Pvt LtdMaitidevi-33,Kathmandu
KathmanduBDBD EnterprisesChahabil, Kathmandu, Ward No 7, Binayak Marga
KathmanduBeersheba Multipurpose Co-operative LtdSamakhoshi, Kathmandu
KathmanduBest Remit Nepal Private LimitedSherpa Mall | Durbarmarg
KathmanduBest Remit Nepal Pvt Ltd-KathmanduSherpa Mall , Durbarmarg
KathmanduBest Remit Nepal-Kathmandu (Head Office)Sherpa Mall , Durbarmarg
KathmanduBestway International Travels & Tours Pvt. LtdNaxal Kathmandu
KathmanduBhagawati Travels And Tours Pvt.LtdNear Everest Bank Thamel
KathmanduBhagya Laxmi Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdTeku-12,Kathmandu
KathmanduBhai Sub Money Transfer Budhanilkantha-11,Janachok,Kathmandu
KathmanduBhai Sub Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd. Narayanchok,Kapan Kathmandu
KathmanduBhrikuti Unique Sub RemitBhrikutichowk-6,Kapan,Kathmandu
KathmanduBigya Laxmi Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd Nayabazar,Shorakhute Chowk,Kathmandu
KathmanduBihani Sub Remit Pvt LtdMaharajgunj-4,Kathmandu
KathmanduBihani Sub Remittance Sukedhara, Kathmandu
KathmanduBimarsha Help CenterTarkeshwor-14,Gongabu,Kathmandu
KathmanduBisheshwor Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd Satungal-7,Chandragiri-15,Kathmandu
KathmanduBishnu Devi Money TransferSatungal, Apf Dospital Gate Kathmandu
KathmanduBishwa Binayak Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGongabu-29,kathmandu
KathmanduBishweshwor Investment and Remit Pvt.LtdChandragiri-17,Satungal,Balambu,Kathmandu
KathmanduBlon Enterprises Pvt.LtdGairigaun-35,Kathmandu
KathmanduBlon Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.Gairigaon, Kathmandu
KathmanduBoharatar Gaurav Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdBalaju Height-16,Boaharatar,Kathmandu
KathmanduBoom Remittance Pvt. Ltd.Soaltee Mode | Kalimati | Kathmandu
KathmanduBoom Saving & Credit Cooperative Ltd.Bafal, Near Zenith School
KathmanduBR Multipurpose Co-Operative LtdDurbarmarga,Kathmandu
KathmanduBrabim Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdBhotahity , Kathmandu
KathmanduBuddha Remit Express Pvt. Ltd.Boudha, Kathmandu
KathmanduBuddhanagar Bahuudeshya Sahakari Sastha LtdOld Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduBuddhanagar Multipurpose Co-operative LimitedBattisputali,Gaushala-9,Kathmandu
KathmanduBuddhatwo Multipurpose Co-operative LtdMahaboudha-24,Kathmandu
KathmanduBudhanilkantha Money TransferBudhanilkantha Chowk,Kathmandu
KathmanduCalifornia Sub Money TransferKoilagalli-24, Kathmandu
KathmanduCanon Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdSanobharyang-15,Kathmandu
KathmanduCaravan Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdBasubdhara, Kathmandu, Nepal
KathmanduCareer Plus Sub Money Transfer Pvt.LtdSituated At Chandragiri Muncipality-12, Matatirtha, Kathmandu 
KathmanduCareer Plus Sub Money Transfer Pvt.LtdChandragiri-12,Matatirtha,Kathmandu
KathmanduCascade Travels & Tours Baneshwor,kathmandu
KathmanduCentral Finance Limited-Chabahil BranchChabahil,Kathmandu
Kathmanducentury commercial Bank Bouddha BRANCHBouddha, Tusal-6, Kathmandu
Kathmanducentury commercial Bank Kalanki BRANCHKalanki Maisthan, Kalanki -14, Kathmandu
Kathmanducentury commercial Bank Koteshwor BRANCHKoteshwor, Kathmandu
Kathmanducentury commercial Bank Manamaiju Extmanamaiju
Kathmanducentury commercial Bank Newroad BRANCHDharmapath-22, Newroad, Kathmandu
Kathmanducentury commercial Bank Putalisadak BranchPutalisadak, Kathmandu
Kathmanducentury commercial Bank Samakhusi BRANCHSamakhusi Chowk, Kathmandu
KathmanduChandragiri Saving & Credit. Co-operative LtdItakhel-7,Thankot, Near Mahadevsthan
KathmanduCharumati Sub-money TransferChabahil-7 Way Of Ganeshthan
KathmanduChaudhary Peace Nepal Tours And Travels-Thamel,kathmanduThamel-21,Ashkal Campus,Kathmandu
KathmanduChhimeki Mart LtdRamhiti,Boudha-06,Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Limited-BasantapurNew Road, Basantpur
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Limited-BoudhaBoudha,jorpati - 3, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Limited-KalankiKalanki Mandir, Kalanki
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Limited-Kamladi (Head Office)Kamaladi, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Limited-KapanKapan, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Limited-kirtipurKirtipur
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Limited-KoteshowrKoteshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Limited-Maitidevi BranchSetopul, Maitidevi
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Limited-Narayangopal ChowkNarayangopal Chowk, Maharajgunj
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Limited-SamakhusiSamakhusi, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Limited-SohrakhutteSohrakhutte, Nayabazar
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Limited-ThahitiThahiti Chowk, Thahiti
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdKamaladi, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdGanesh Man Singh Marg, (Near Kalanki Mandir),Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdSetopul, Maitidevi, Kathmandu 
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdJorpati -3, Bouddha, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdKoteshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdKuleshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdChabahil, Kumari Building, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdMahaboudha, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdNarayan Gopal Chowk , Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdNaya Bazar 17, Kirtipur, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdNew Road, Park Plaza Building, KhichaPokhari-22, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdSamakhusi, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdSaraswatinagar 6, Kapan Marg, Kapan, Kathmandu 
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdShankhamul Marg, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdThahiti Chowk, Thahiti, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdThapathali, Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International LtdSohrakhutte, Nayabazar, Kathmandu 
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Ltd-Dillibazar BranchDillibazar,Batuleghar,Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Ltd-Mahaboudha BranchMahabauddha,Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Ltd-Naya BaneshworNayabaneshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Ltd-Thapathali BranchThapathali,kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank International Ltd-Tripureshwor BranchTripureswor,Kathmandu
KathmanduCitizens Bank Internetional Ltd-Chabahil BranchChabahil,Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank LimitedAnamnagar-11, Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank LimitedAnshu Complex, Kuleshwor,  Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank LimitedChuchchepati, Chabahil, Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank LimitedClassic Complex, Tindhara Road, Kamaladi-31, Kathmandu (Ho)
KathmanduCivil Bank LimitedDevkota Sadak Baneshwor
KathmanduCivil Bank LimitedGongabu-29, Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank LimitedKalimati, Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank LimitedKapan-6, Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank LimitedNaya Bazar Kirtipur
KathmanduCivil Bank LimitedNew Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank LimitedNew Road -24, Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank LimitedPipalbot, Boudha-6, Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank LimitedSwoyambhu-15, Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank LimitedTripureswor, Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank LimitedPutalisadak, Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank Limited-Baneshwor BranchShiva Darsan Hall Baneshwor
KathmanduCivil Bank Limited-Boudha BranchPipalbot, Boudha, Kathmandu-6
KathmanduCivil Bank Limited-Gongabu BranchGongabu, Kathmandu-29
KathmanduCivil Bank Limited-Hattisar BranchHattisar, Kathmandu-1
KathmanduCivil Bank Limited-Head OfficeClassic Complex, Tindhara Road,kamaladhi,kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank Limited-Kapan BranchKapan, Kathmandu-6
KathmanduCivil Bank Limited-Kirtipur BranchNaya Bazar Kirtipur
KathmanduCivil Bank Limited-Kuleshwor BranchAnshu Complex, Kuleshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank Limited-Newroad BranchNewroad, Kathmandu-24
KathmanduCivil Bank Limited-Putalisadak Putalisadak, Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank Limited-Swoyambhu BranchSwoyambhu, Kathmandu-15
KathmanduCivil Bank Limited-Tripureswor Tripureswor, Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank Ltd-Chabahil BranchChuchchepati,Chabahil,Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank Ltd-Kalimati BranchKalimati,Kathmandu
KathmanduCivil Bank Ltd-New Baneshwor Branch 2New Baneshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduClassic Sub Remit Pvt. Ltd Kalanki-1,Kathmandu
KathmanduCLEAR MONEY TRANSFERSarshotinagar - 6, Kathmandu
KathmanduClear Travels And ToursSaraswati Nagar-6, Kapan
KathmanduClick Travels And ToursKoteshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduCo-mehndo Saving & Credit Co-operative LimitedBaneshwor-10, Kathmandu
KathmanduComputer Support CentreMaitydevi, Kathmandu
KathmanduDai Ko CommunicationNarayantar-4,Jorpati,Kathmandu
KathmanduDallu Ekata Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdDallu-15,Kathmandu
KathmanduDallu Ekta Saving & Cr Co Ltd.Dallu-15, Kathmandu
KathmanduDawa Money TrransferKathmandu
KathmanduDebo Sub RemitTinkune, Kathmandu
KathmanduDebo Sub Remit Pvt. Ltd-Tinkune,Koteshwor (Head Office)Tinkune-35,Koteshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduDEEPA MONEY TRANSFERChabahil - 7, Kathmandu
KathmanduDeepa Money TransferInfront of Chabahil Pipalbot Near Pasupati Clz Kathmandu
KathmanduDelight Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd, Opposite to singhadurbar's eastern gate, blue glass building, anamnagar, Kathmandu
KathmanduDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDBalaju| Bypass| Kathmandu
KathmanduDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDOld Baneshwor| Bhimsangola| Kathmandu-34
KathmanduDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDRoyal Complex| Ward no. 3| Basundhara Chauki
KathmanduDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDChabahil| Ganesh Bhawan Kathmandu
KathmanduDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITED125 Bina Marg| Lal Durbar| Kathmandu
KathmanduDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDKadhaghari| Kathmandu
KathmanduDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDAwal House| Koteshwor| Kathmandu
KathmanduDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITED126 Bina Marg| Lal Durbar| Kathmandu
KathmanduDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDDharmapath| Newroad| Kathmandu
KathmanduDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Balaju BranchMachhapokhari Balaju Bypass,Kathmandu
KathmanduDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Baneshwor BranchOld Baneshwor (Way to Sinamangal),Kathmandu
KathmanduDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Basundhara BranchBasundhara Petrol Pump,Basundhara,Kathmandu
KathmanduDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Chabahil (Extension Counter)Ganesh Bhawan,Chabahil,Kathmandu
KathmanduDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Kadhaghari (Extension Counter)Kadhaghari,Koteshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Koteshwor BranchAwal House,Tinkune Koteshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Main Branch,Laldurbar (Head Office) NDEP Building,125 Bina Marg,Laldurbar,Kathmandu
KathmanduDeva Bikas Bank Limited-New Road BranchHim Basera,Dharmapath,New Road,Kathmandu
KathmanduDevika Tours & Travels Pvt.LtdKathmandu Plaza,Kamaladi,Kathmandu
KathmanduDey Dhuku Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd,Naya Bazar-17 Kirtipur, Kathmandu
KathmanduDHAPASI MULTIPURPOSE COOPERATIVE LIMITEDMaharajgunj, Dhapasi -1, Kathmandu
KathmanduDharmasthali Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdDharmasthali-2 nKathmandu
KathmanduDhorpatan Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd Samakhusi-29,Gongabu,Kathmandu
KathmanduDhorpatan Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdSundhara,kathmandu
KathmanduDhorpatan Travels And Tours Pvt. Ltd.Mitra Nagar, Gangabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduDhurba Laxmi Saving And Credit Cooperative LtdMahadevsthan, Ward No 7, Thankot
KathmanduDibya Mantra Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdKatyani Chowk,Old Baneshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduDipika Enterprises Pvt LtdDhumbarahi - 4, Kathmandu
KathmanduDipika Enterprises Pvt.LtdDhumbarahi Kathmandu
KathmanduDivya Jyoti Money Transfer Near Sankhu Bus Park,Pukhulachhi,Sankhu,Kathmandu
KathmanduDivya Mantra Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd Katyayani Chowk,Old Baneshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduDixy And Sadi Money TransferNear By Binayak Hospital Gongabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduDiyo Kalash EnterprisesKotishowor Near police Station, Kathamandu
KathmanduDream Quest Investment Pvt.LtdSubidha Nagar-35, Kathmandu
KathmanduDupcheshwori Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGongabu,Buspark,Kathmandu
KathmanduDurga Bhawani Savings & Credit Co-operative Society LimitedDhumbarahi-4,Kathmandu
KathmanduEarth Sub Remit Pvt.LtdBalaju Height-16,Kathmandu
KathmanduEasy Cash Sub Money Transfer Pvt.LtdNear Ganeshsthan,Kuleshwor-14,Kathmandu
KathmanduEasy Multipurpose Co-operative LtdPinglasthan,Gaushala,Kathmandu
KathmanduEasy Multipurpose Coperative LtdGausala, Kathmandu
KathmanduEasy Sub Remit Pvt LtdRanjana Gali, Kathmandu
KathmanduEasy Transfer Sub Remit Pvt.LtdGaurighat-07,Kathmandu
KathmanduE-net Payment Pvt.LtdIchangunarayan , Ichangu
KathmanduEver Safe Money TransferNepaltar, Kathmandu
KathmanduEver Safe Money TransferMana Maiju-1,Nepaltar Kathmandu
KathmanduEverest Commercial Investment Pvt LtdTinkune-35, Kathmandu
KathmanduEverest Commercial Investment Pvt.Ltd-Tinkune,Kathmandu (Head Office)Near Pentagon College,Tinkune-35,Kathmandu
KathmanduEvershine Sub Money Transfer PvtMaharajgunj,kathmandu
KathmanduExotic Destination Tours & Travels,Samakhusi Chowk,ktm
KathmanduFalcon Investment Company-PutalisadakPutaliadak, Way Of Baggikhana
KathmanduFalcon Investment Co-operative LtdKalimati, Kathmandu
KathmanduFamily Remittance Pvt. LtdJorpati-3, Kathmandu
KathmanduFast Service Sub Remit Pvt.Ltd.Gongabu, Kathmanduvvvvvvv
KathmanduFewa Bikas bank LtdKhichapokhari, Kathmandu
KathmanduFewa Bikas bank LtdMaharajgunj, Kathmandu
KathmanduFirst Unique Tours & TravelNew Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduFirst Unique Tours & Travels Pvt LtdNew Baneshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduFirst Unique Tours And TravelsNew Baneshwor,kathmandu
KathmanduFishling Saving And Credit Cooperative LtdNear By Fishling Rafting Point 8 KM away from manakamana on the way to ktm
KathmanduFive Star Sav. Cr. Co-operative LtdManohar Basti Town Planning Purano Sinamangal
KathmanduFly Villa Travels Pvt LtdSamakhushi-23,Kathmandu
KathmanduFriend RemitJorpati-13, kathmandu
KathmanduFullmoon Business Investment Pvt.LtdBagbazar-31,Kathmandu
KathmanduFulpati Saving And Credit Cooperative LtdAdjoined To Kumari Complex,Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduFunky Buddha Tours And Travels Pvt LtdOn Left Side Of Everest Hotel And Lodge, Kalanki, Kathmandu
KathmanduFuntrips Live Travels & Tours (P) Ltd.Gaushala-9, Kathmandu
KathmanduGairigaun Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGairigaun-02,Nagarjun,Ichangunarayan,Kathmandu
KathmanduGalaxy Sub Money Transfer Pvt.LtdMaharajgunj-3,Kathmandu
KathmanduGalkot Ghumte Multipurpose Co-Operative LtdShankhamul-10,Kathmandu
KathmanduGanga Jamuna Saving & Credit Co-opertive Ltd-Head OfficeMin Bhawan,new Baneshwor,kathmandu
KathmanduGanga Jamuna Saving And Credit Co-opertive Ltd-Srinagar BranchSrinagar,new Baneshwor,kathmandu
KathmanduGanpati Communication Gurju Dhara,kathmandu
KathmanduGarima Bikas BankGongabu Branch, Kathmandu
KathmanduGeneral Finance Ltd-Chabahil (Head Office)Chabahil,Kathmandu
KathmanduGeneral Finance Ltd-New Road BranchPako Newroad,Kathmandu
KathmanduGeology Money Transfer Kalimati,Kathmandu
KathmanduGeteway Money TransferSinamangal-9 , Kathmandu
KathmanduGlobal Express Money transferKapurdhara, Samakhushi, Kathamandu
KathmanduGlobal Himalayan Adventure Travel Pvt LtdMaharajgunj-3,Kathmandu
KathmanduGlobal Money TransferKumarigal-8,Kathmandu
KathmanduGolfutar Money Transfer and EnterprisesBudhanilkhantha-08,Golfutar,Kathmandu
KathmanduGongabu Sub Money Transfer Pvt.Ltd Kantipur Mall Shopno 320 Gangabhu
KathmanduGoodwill International Travel & Tours Pvt.LtdDhapasi-8,Tokha,Kathmandu
KathmanduGoodwill International Travels & Tours Pvt.LtdTokha-10,Basundhara Chowki,Kathmandu
KathmanduGrowthline Sub Money TransferKathmandu, Kathmandu
KathmanduGSR EnterprisesDhumbarai-4,Kathmandu
KathmanduGuheshwori Merchant Banking And Finance Ltd-ChabahilChuchepati,Chabahil,Kathmandu
KathmanduGurkha Millennium Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd Minbhawan,New Baneshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduGurkhas Finance Limited-Janagal BranchJanagal,Banepa-10,Kathmandu
KathmanduGurkhas Finance Ltd-Boudha BranchOpposite of Boudha Gate,Boudha,Kathmandu
KathmanduGurkhas Finance Ltd-Dillibazar (Head Office)Dillibazar,Charkhal Road,Kathmandu
KathmanduGurkhas Finance Ltd-Putalisadak BranchTriveni Complex,Putalisadak, Kathmandu
KathmanduHamima Travel & Trekking pvt.ltdKoteshwor-35, prime Bank Near, Kathmandu
KathmanduHamima Travel And Trekking Pvt.LtdKoteshwor-35,Kathmandu
KathmanduHamro Shramdhan Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd,Dallu-15 Kathmandu
KathmanduHana InternationalIchangu, Ward No 6, Kathmandu
KathmanduHanuman Dokha Bachat Tatha Rina Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Maru Ganeshthan, Kathmandu
KathmanduHaratima Ajima Company Pvt.ltdJorpati-1, Kathmandu
KathmanduHariom Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKirtipur-1,Khasibazar,Kathmandu
KathmanduHasana Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdBalambu-2,(Chandragiri-17),Kathmandu
KathmanduHIMALAYAN MONEY TRANSFERGaushala - 9, Kathmandu
KathmanduHimalayan Money TransferGaushala, Kathmandu
KathmanduHimalayan Money Transfer,Gaushala,In Front Of Pashupati Gate,Kathmandu
KathmanduHiphop Communication StationeryRato pul
KathmanduHira H.S Enterprises Pvt.LtdCT Tower,Koteshwor-35,Kathmandu
KathmanduHorizen Sub Remit Saraswatinagar-6, Kathmandu
KathmanduHorizon Sub-remit Pvt.LtdSaraswati Nagar-6, Kapan, Kathmandu
KathmanduIcfc Finance LimatedThirbam Sadak-3, Bhatbhateni, Kathmandu
KathmanduIcfc Finance LimatedBoudha Kathmandu
KathmanduIcfc Finance LimatedMaitidevi, Kathmandu
KathmanduIcfc Finance LimatedMatra Nagarm Gongabu Kathmandu
KathmanduIcfc Finance LimatedPepsicola Kathmandu
KathmanduIcfc Finance LimatedNewroad Kathmandu
KathmanduICFC FINANCE LIMITED CHETTRAPATISora Khutte,Chettrapati,Kathmandu
KathmanduICFC Finance Limited-BhatbhateniThirbam Sadak,Bhatbhateni
KathmanduICFC Finance Limited-BoudhaBoudha,kathmandu
KathmanduICFC Finance Limited-Dilli BazarDilli Bazar,maitidevi,kathmandu
KathmanduICFC Finance Limited-GangabuMitra Nagar,gangabu,kathmandu
KathmanduICFC Finance Limited-New Road KtmNew Road,kathmandu
KathmanduICFC Finance Limited-SorakhutteSorakhutte,Chettrapati,Kathmandu
KathmanduIndra Basuki Creative Multiple Co-Operative Limited Chandragiri-1,Dahachowk,Kathmandu
KathmanduIndra Basuki Creative Multiple Co-Operative Limited Chandragiri-1,Dahachowk,Kathmandu
KathmanduIndrani Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdGujurdhara Chowk,Way to Thankot
KathmanduInstant Sub Money TransferLainchour-29,Kathmandu
KathmanduJagat Janani Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdJhochhen-23,Basantapur,Kathmandu
KathmanduJamal International Money Transfer-Gongabu Gongabu, Naya Bus Park, Kathmandu
KathmanduJamal International Money Transfer-JamalNear Bishwojyoti Hall, Jamal, Kathmandu
KathmanduJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Ason KathmanduJyatha Ason,kathmandu
KathmanduJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Balaju KathmanduMachchhapokari, Balaju
KathmanduJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Chuchchepati KtmK.l. Tower, Chuchchepati
KathmanduJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Dillibazar KathmanduDillibazar,Kathmandu
KathmanduJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Kalanki KathmanduKalanki, Kathmandu
KathmanduJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Kuleshwor BranchKuleshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduJanata Bank Nepal Limited-New Road KathmanduRanjana Galli, New Road Kathmandu
KathmanduJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Shankhamul (Head Office)New Baneshwor, Shankhamul Kathmandu
KathmanduJanata Bank Nepal Ltd-Kuleshwor BranchKuleshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduJasmine Remittance Service Pvt LtdThulo Bharyang,Swoyambhu,Kathmandu
KathmanduJaya Hanuman Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdjaiNew Baneshwor-34 , Dicc Pani Tanki, kathmandu
KathmanduJUWAI JETHAN MONEY TRANSFERGaushala - 9, Kathmandu
KathmanduJwai Jethan Money TransferBattisputali, Kathmandu
KathmanduK. Na Communication And Photocopy CenterTusal, Kathmandu
KathmanduKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Chabahil, Kathmandu
KathmanduKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Kalanki, Kathmandu
KathmanduKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Mahaboudha, Kathmandu
KathmanduKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.New Baneshowar, Kathmandu
KathmanduKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.New Plaza, Putalisadak, Kathmandu
KathmanduKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.NewRoad, Kathmandu
KathmanduKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Samakhushi, Kathmandu
KathmanduKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Chabahil BranchChabahil, Kathmandu
KathmanduKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Kalanki BranchKalanki,kathmandu,nepal
KathmanduKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Mahabauddha BranchMahaboudha,kathmandu
KathmanduKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-New Road BranchBisal Bazar,new Road
KathmanduKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Newplaza Putalisadak (Head Office)New Plaza,kathmandu
KathmanduKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Samakhusi BranchSamakhusi,kathmandu
KathmanduKailash Bikash Bank Ltd-Naya BaneshworNew Baneshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduKaligandaki Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdTokha-12,Gongabu,Kathmandu
KathmanduKalika Bikas Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd Gongabu-4,Kathmandu
KathmanduKALIKA SUB REMITShantinagar Gate, Near Lions Club, Madan Bhandari Path - 34, Min Bhawan, Kathmandu
KathmanduKalika Sub Remit Pvt. LtdShantinagar-34, Kathmandu
KathmanduKalika Sub Remit Pvt.Ltd Shantinagar Get Kathmandu
KathmanduKalinchowk Sub Money TransferGongabu-9,kathmandu
KathmanduKandel Interprises Pvt.LtdSundhara
KathmanduKANKAI MONEY TRANSFERMachhapokhari - 16, Kathmandu
KathmanduKareshabari Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdMulpani-8,Kathmandu
KathmanduKasis Tours & Travels Pvt. LtdKalanki-14, (Near To City Center Hgospital) kathmandu
KathmanduKaski Money TransferNew Road Tabel-22 Opposite Side Of Sankata Mandir Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Chabahil BranchChabahil Chowk,Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Golfutar BranchGolfuter,Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Gongabu BranchGongabu,Near Bus Park,Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Kalimati BranchKalimati,Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Main Branch (Head Office)Tamrakar Complex,Pako New Road,Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-New Baneshwor BranchNew Baneshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Sanobharang BranchSanobharayang,Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Thapathali BranchThapathali,Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank LtdChabahil, Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank LtdGolfutar, Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank LtdGongabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank LtdKalimati, Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank LtdNamgyelchowk, Sanobharyang, Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank LtdNew Baneshowar, Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank LtdNewroad , Tamrakar Complex, Pako, Kathmandu
KathmanduKasthamandap Development Bank LtdThapathali, Kathmandu
KathmanduKathmandu International Money TransferChabahil-7,Kathmandu
KathmanduKathmandu RemitKamaladi-31, Kathmandu
KathmanduKC Communication Pvt LtdGongabu-6,Kathmandu
KathmanduKhadga Bhavani Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKirtipur-3,Nayabazar,Kathmandu
KathmanduKhatiwada Money TransferAttarkhel,kahmandu
KathmanduKhotang Jaleshwari Sub RemitKapan-3,Rudramati Chowk KTM
KathmanduKhotang Jaleshwor Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKapan-3,rudramati Chowk
KathmanduKhotang Jaleshwori Sub Money TransferKapan-3, Rudramati Chowk
KathmanduKisan Krishee Co.Balambu ,Gurjudhara
KathmanduKME International Remittance Pvt.LtdGangabu-05,Kathmandu
KathmanduKrishala Sub Money Transfer Pvt. LtdNear Joshef International School, Golfutar, Kathmandu
KathmanduKrishanani Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdNew Baneshwor-34,kathmandu
KathmanduKrishmond Travel And Tours Pvt.LtdSoalteemode-13 Kathmandu
KathmanduKrishna Innovative TechnologySanobharyang,Kathmandu
KathmanduKrishna Innovative Technology Pvt LtdSanobharayan, Kathmandu, Kathmandu
KathmanduKUMARI BANK LIMITEDOld Baneshwar
KathmanduKUMARI BANK LIMITEDGongabu | Kathmandu
KathmanduKUMARI BANK LIMITEDBudhanilkanta
KathmanduKUMARI BANK LIMITEDChabahil | Kathmandu
KathmanduKUMARI BANK LIMITEDPutalisadak, Kathmandu
KathmanduKUMARI BANK LIMITEDGolfutar | Kathmandu
KathmanduKUMARI BANK LIMITEDKalimati | Kathmandu
KathmanduKUMARI BANK LIMITEDKathmandu - 31 | Kamaladi (Kathmandu Plaza)
KathmanduKUMARI BANK LIMITEDKhichhapokhari | Newroad (Opposite to Pashupati Plaza) | Kathmandu
KathmanduKUMARI BANK LIMITEDNew Baneshwor | Kathmandu
KathmanduKUMARI BANK LIMITEDPako | NewRoad Branch | Kathmandu
KathmanduKUMARI BANK LIMITEDPutalisadak
KathmanduKUMARI BANK LIMITEDSanobharyang Chowk | Kathmandu
KathmanduKUMARI BANK LIMITEDThapathali | Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Limited-Budhanilkantha Ktm, BranchBudhanilkantha, Branch Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Limited-Chabahil BranchChabahil, Chuchepati Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Limited-Durbar Marga (Head Office)Durbar Marga,Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Limited-Gongabu Branch,ktmKantipur Mall, Gongabu
KathmanduKumari Bank Limited-Kalanki BranchKalanki,Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Limited-Koteswor BranchKoteswor,
KathmanduKumari Bank Limited-New RoadKathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Limited-Old BaneshworKathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Limited-Putalisadak BranchGovinda Bhawan, Putali Sadak
KathmanduKumari Bank ltdBaburam Acharya Sadak Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank ltdBuddha Mall, Gongabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank ltdChuchepati, Chabahil, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank ltdDurbarmarg,
KathmanduKumari Bank ltdGovinda Bhawan, Putalisadak, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank ltdKoteshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank ltdNarayanthan Milan Chowk Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank ltdNew Road, Pratap Bhawan, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank ltdThali Chowk, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Ltd-BG Mall BG Mall, 4 Gha- Gongabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Ltd-Chabahil ChowkChabahil Chowk, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Ltd-GolfutarGolfutar, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Ltd-KalimatiKalimati, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Ltd-KamaladiKathmandu Plaza, Ground Floor , Kamlaadi, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Ltd-Khichapokhari Khichapokhari, New Road, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Ltd-New BaneshworNew baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Ltd-PakoPako, New Road, Kathmandu,Nepal
KathmanduKumari Bank Ltd-SanobharyangNamgyelchowk, Echangu VDC, Sanobharyang, Kathmandu
KathmanduKumari Bank Ltd-Thapathali Thapathali, Kathmandu
KathmanduKushal Mangal Multipurpose Co-operative LtdKalimati-13,Kathmandu
KathmanduKushal Mangal Multi-purpose Co-operative LtdKalimati-13, Kathmandu
KathmanduKutumba Co-Operative LtdKoteshwor-25 Kathmandu
KathmanduKutumba Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd Koteshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduLafa Sub Remit Pvt LtdPurano kalimati-14,Near SBI Bank,Kalanki,Kathmandu
KathmanduLafa Sub Remit Pvt.Ltd,Purano Kalimati, Infront of Nepal SB I Bank, Kalanki, Kathmandu
KathmanduLakshit Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdOld Baneshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduLamichhane Variety StoreTokha-2,Kathmandu
KathmanduLamichhane Vorahity StoreTokha Kathmandu
KathmanduLanghali Money TransferTilganga-9,Kathmandu
KathmanduLangtanginfo Pvt.LtdNear By Kapurdhara,Samakhusi -29,Kathmandu
KathmanduLapilang TraderPurano Buspark 31,Kathmandu
KathmanduLapilang TradersOld Buspark-31,Kathmandu
KathmanduLapling tradersRatnapark, City market, purano bus park, Kathmandu
KathmanduLaxmi Bank Limited-Bhatbhateni BranchBhatbhateni, Dhuge Dhara
KathmanduLaxmi Bank Limited-Hattisar (Head Office)Hattisar, Kathmandu, Nepal
KathmanduLaxmi Bank Limited-Kalanki BranchKalanki-13,Kathmandu
KathmanduLaxmi Bank Limited-Khusibu BranchKhusibu-17,Kathmandu
KathmanduLaxmi Bank Limited-Mahankal Boudha BranchMahankal-1, Boudha
KathmanduLaxmi Bank Limited-Maharajgunj BranchNarayan Gopal Chowk, Maharajgunj
KathmanduLaxmi Bank Limited-New Baneswor BranchNew Baneswor, Kathmandu
KathmanduLaxmi Bank Limited-New Road KathmanduNew Road Kathmandu
KathmanduLaxmi Bank Limited-Samakhushi BranchSamakhushi-4,Kathmandu
KathmanduLaxmi Bank Limited-Sukedhara BranchSukedhara, Kathmandu
KathmanduLaxmi Bank Limited-Teku BranchNational Trading Complex
KathmanduLaxmi Bardan Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd New Baneshwor Chowk Near Janta Bank
KathmanduLaxmi Bardhn Saving & Credit CoNew Baneshwor , Infront of Janata Bank, Kathmandu
KathmanduLaxmi Bardhn Saving & Credit CoNew Baneshwor Chowk, Near By Thai Resturent, Kathmandu
KathmanduLaxmi Sub Remit Maharajgunj,Kathmandu
KathmanduLeena Trade ConcernDhumbarahi-4 Kathmandu
KathmanduLeisure World Tours & Travels Pvt.LtdBagbazar-31,Red Corss Building,Kathmandu
KathmanduLok Jagaran Sub Remittance And InvestmentWard No.17, Kirtipur, Nagarpalika
KathmanduLopsang Remittance Pvt.LtdFaika,Budhanilkantha-14,Kathmandu
KathmanduLUMBINI SAVING & CREDIT COOPERATIVE LIMITEDGongabu - 5, Gongabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Baluwatar BranchOpp Nepal Rastra Bank, Baluwatar
KathmanduMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Bouddha BranchBouddha , Kathmandu
KathmanduMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Chabahil BranchOpp Lg Showroom, Chabahil
KathmanduMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Corporate OfficeMbl Tower, Lazimpat, Kathmandu
KathmanduMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Gongabu BranchGongabu, Samakhusi Chowk, Kathmandu
KathmanduMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Main Branch,lazimpatMbl Tower, Lazimpat, Kathmandu
KathmanduMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Naxal BranchNaxal, Narayanchaur, Kathmandu
KathmanduMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-New Road BranchNew Road Kathmandu
KathmanduMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Newroad Gate BranchNear Newroad Gate, Newroad
KathmanduMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Pepsicola BranchPepsicola, Kathmandu
KathmanduMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Putalisadak BranchPutalisadak, Kathmandu
KathmanduMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Swoyambhu BranchSwayambhu Chowk, Kathmandu
KathmanduMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Thapathali BranchThapathali, Kathmandu
KathmanduMahaboudha Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdNachhe Gali-24,Khichhapokhari,New Road,Kathmandu
KathmanduMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedBasundhara - 3 | Kathmandu
KathmanduMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedThapathali - 11 | Kathmandu
KathmanduMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedPutalisadak - 31 | Kathmandu
KathmanduMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedSatungal - 9 | Kathmandu
KathmanduMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedSukedhara - 4 | Kathmandu
KathmanduMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedThapathali - 11 | Kathmandu
KathmanduMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdBasundhara-03, Kathmandu
KathmanduMahalaxmi bikas Bank ltdRam Shah Path, Putalisadak Kathmandu
KathmanduMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdSatungal-09, Kathmandu
KathmanduMahalaxmi bikas Bank ltdSukedhara Chowk, Elite Petrol,Kathmandu
KathmanduMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdThapathali, Kathmandu
KathmanduMAHALAXMI BIKASH BANK LIMITEDGongabu Chowk Kathmandu
KathmanduMAHALAXMI BIKASH BANK LIMITEDAnnapurna Arcade-II 2nd Floor Durbar Marg
KathmanduMAHALAXMI BIKASH BANK LIMITEDMaharajgunj Kathmandu
KathmanduMAHALAXMI BIKASH BANK LIMITEDPyukha New Road Kathmandu
KathmanduMahamanjushri Sub RemittanceKathmandu-13, Kalimati
KathmanduMahanagar Animal Research CenterPanipokhari
KathmanduMai Gorkha InvestmenMinbhawan-34, Aloknagar, Kathmandu
KathmanduMai Gorkha Investment Company Pvt. LtdMin Bhawan,Baneshwor-34,Kathmandu
KathmanduMakhamali Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdJamal,Kathmandu
KathmanduMalika Remit Pvt.LtdOpposite to Bhatbhateni Super Market.Anamnagar,Kathmandu
KathmanduMalka International Travel & Tours Pvt. LtdChuchepati,Chabahil-7,Kathmandu
KathmanduMalka International Travel & Tours Pvt.LtdChuchepati,Kathmandu
KathmanduMaluri Tours & Travels Pvt.LtdSamakhusi-29, Gangabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduMandali Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKuleshwor-14,Kathmandu
KathmanduMangal Aarati Investment-BasundharaPrithiv School Chowk, Basundhara,Kathmandu
KathmanduMangal Arati Investment Pvt Ltd-DhapasiDhapasi-6, Greenland, Vinayak Chowk
KathmanduMangal Arati Saving & Credit Cooperative LimitedGreenland,Tokharoad, Tokha m.c.9,Kathmandu
KathmanduMangal Arati Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGreeland Chowk,Tokha Road,Tokha-9,Kathmandu
KathmanduMANGAL ARATI SAVING And CREDIT COOPERATIVE LIMITEDBasundhara prithvi school chwok dhapasi road tokha m.c. 08
KathmanduMANGAL ARATI SAVING And CREDIT COOPERATIVE LIMITEDGreenland chwok tokharoad dhapasi tokha m.c. 09
KathmanduMangal Arati Investment Pvt. Ltd. Basundhara, Tokharoad, Dhapasi, Tokha-09 Kathmandu
Kathmandumani pur saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBattis Putali , Kathmandu
KathmanduManjari Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdOld Baneshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduMass Mutual Fund Cooperative LimitedKamaladi Chowk Kathmandu
KathmanduMaster Sub RemitPanipokhari,Kathmandu
KathmanduMausam Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdAdutmarga, Bagbazar, Kathmandu
KathmanduMayur Himalaya Tours And Travels-BalkhuBalkhu Chowk,
KathmanduMayur Himalaya Tours And Travels-SanobharyangSanobharyang, Ichangu Narayan
KathmanduMeet Point Travel & Tours Cooperative LimitedWay of Kapan Sukedhara
KathmanduMega Bank LtdSaraswati Nagar Kapan, Kathmandu
KathmanduMega Bank LtdMaharajgunj KMC-3, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
KathmanduMega Bank LtdNew Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduMega Bank LtdNew Road, Kathmandu
KathmanduMega Bank LtdBouddha KMC-6, Pipalbot, Bouddha, Kathmandu
KathmanduMega Bank LtdTeku KMC-11, Tripureshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduMega Bank LtdRising Mall, Kamaladi , Kathmandu
KathmanduMega Bank LtdMaitidevi KMC-33, Maitidevi, Kathmandu
KathmanduMega Bank Nepal Limited, Maitidevi BranchMaititidevi
KathmanduMega Bank Nepal Limited-Bouddha Branch KtmPipalbot, Bouddha Kathmandu
KathmanduMega Bank Nepal Limited-Corporate Office Mega Mahal,kantipath
KathmanduMega Bank Nepal Limited-KapanSaraswati Nagar Kapan
KathmanduMega Bank Nepal Limited-Maharajgunj BranchNarayangopal Chowk , Maharajgunj
KathmanduMega Bank Nepal Limited-New Baneshwor BranchNew Baneshwor ,kathmandu
KathmanduMega Bank Nepal Limited-New Road KathmanduNew Road ,kathmandu
KathmanduMega Bank Nepal Limited-Teku BranchKmc-11,tripureshwor,kathmandu
KathmanduMega International Money TransferKathmandu Mall, Kathmandu
KathmanduMega Sub RemitSundhara,Ctc Mall, Kathmandu
KathmanduMega Sub RemitSundhara (CTC Mall),Kathmandu
KathmanduMeghanjan Multi Service Center - DhumbarahiDhumbarahi,Kathmandu
KathmanduMeklajung Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd Om hospital Road,Chabahil-7,Kathmandu
KathmanduMetro Money Express Maharajgunj,Kathmandu
KathmanduMiracle Sub Money TransferSaraswatinagar-6,Kathmandu
KathmanduMiracle sub remitSarshowati nagar, Daha Chowk, Srijana Chowk Kathmandu
KathmanduMission Peak Tours & Trekking Pvt.Ltd-Mahankal BranchMahankal-9,Kapan,Kathmandu
KathmanduMission Peak Tours & Trekking Pvt.Ltd-Sinamangal (Head Office)Sinamangal-9,Kathmandu
KathmanduMitranagar Money TransferMitranagar, Kathmandu
KathmanduMK Global Money Transfer Naghpokhari,Kathmandu
KathmanduMoney Care Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdMaitidevi-32,Kathmandu
KathmanduMoney Market Sub RemitJorpati,Kathmandu
KathmanduMoneycare Saving & Credit Co operative LtdMaitidevi-32, Kathmandu
KathmanduMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDKathmandu - 13 | Kathmanduplaza
KathmanduMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDNarayangopal Chowk Maharajgunj
KathmanduMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDNagarjun - 4 | Sitapaila | Kathmandu
KathmanduMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdNarayangopal Chowk, Maharajgunj Kathmandu
KathmanduMuktinath Bikas Bank Ltdkamaladi-13, Kathmandu
KathmanduMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdNagarjun-4, Sitapaila, Kathmandu
KathmanduNagarik Business Pvt LtdMachhapokhari,Gongabu,Kathmandu
KathmanduNagarik Business Pvt.LtdMachhapokhari,Gongabu,Kathmandu
KathmanduNagmani Trading Pvt.Ltd and Sub Remit Panipokhari,Kathmandu
KathmanduNamaste Dhawalagiri Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGongabu-4,Kathmandu
KathmanduNamaste Lumbini Sub Money TransferGangbu-29, Kathmandu
KathmanduNamaste Lumbini Sub Money Transfer Pvt.LtdGongabu,Pabitranagar-29,Kathmandu
KathmanduNational Air Public Travels & Tours Pvt.LtdGongabu-4,Milantole,Kathmandu
KathmanduNational Namobuddha Saving &Credit Co-operative LtdBasundhara, Near Global IME Bank, Kathmandu
KathmanduNational Namobuddha Saving &Credit Co-operative LtdChabahil, Chhuchepati, Infront of Kumari Bank, Kathmandu
KathmanduNational Namobuddha Saving &Credit Co-operative LtdNew Road, Kathmandu
KathmanduNational Namobuddha Saving &Credit Co-operative LtdSamakhusi,Kathmandu
KathmanduNational Namobuddha Saving &Credit Co-operative LtdSwoyambhu,Kathmandu
KathmanduNational Sub Money Express Mitra Nagar, Gongabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduNava Gramin Bikas Multipurpose Co operativePharping-2, Kathmandu
KathmanduNavadurga Finance Ltd-AnamnagarAnamnagar
KathmanduNaya Pusta Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdTarkeshor-21,Nepaltar,Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdBagbazar, Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdChabahil, Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdCheck Post, Mahadevthan Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdDurbarmarg, Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdHattisar, Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdJoshi Shopping Centre, Newroad, Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdNew Baneshowar, Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdNewroad, Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdTinkune, Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdGhantaghar, Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdKhichapokhari, Newroad Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdNew Baneshwor,Oppisite of Rastriya Banijya Bank  Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdKalimati, Kuleshwor Marg, Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdTeku, Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdSukedhara, Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdNew Road, Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdNew Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduNCC Bank LtdBoudha, Kathmandu
KathmanduNEEL BARAHI MONEY TRANSFERThapagaun - 7, Gothatar, Kathmandu
KathmanduNeel Barahi Money TransferGothatar,kadaghari, Kathamandu
KathmanduNeelam Travels & Tours Pvt LtdPingalasthan-9,Gaushala,Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Awas Finance Company Ltd Subidhanagar, Tinkune, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment Bank LimitedOld Baneshwork Chowk | Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment Bank LimitedBhotahity | Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment Bank LimitedBoudha | Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment Bank LimitedPipalbot Chowk | Dhumbarahi | Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment Bank LimitedDurbarmarg | Ward No.1 | Kathmandu | Nepal
KathmanduNepal Investment Bank LimitedGongobu Chowk | Near Binayak Hospital | Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment Bank LimitedKalimati | Opposite of Mahalaxmi Plaza | North of Police Station
KathmanduNepal Investment Bank LimitedLazimpat | Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment Bank LimitedMaharajgunj | Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment Bank LimitedRara Complex | Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment Bank LimitedBishal Bazar Complex | New Road Kathmandu | Nepal
KathmanduNepal Investment Bank LimitedHead Office
KathmanduNepal Investment Bank LimitedPutalisadak | Ward No.31 | Kathmandu | Nepal
KathmanduNepal Investment Bank LimitedChaksibari | Thamel | Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment Bank LimitedTripureshwor | Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment bank Ltd.Battisputali, Old Baneshowar, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment bank Ltd.Bhotahity, Opp. Wool House, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment bank Ltd.Boudha, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment bank Ltd.Chaksibari, Thamel, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment bank Ltd.Dhumbarahi, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment bank Ltd.Durbarmarg, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment bank Ltd.Gongabu, Near Binayak Hospital, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment bank Ltd.Kalimati, Opp. Mahalaxmi Plaza, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment bank Ltd.Lazimpat, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment bank Ltd.Lazimpat, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment bank Ltd.Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment bank Ltd.New Baneshowar, Opp. Everest Hotel, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment bank Ltd.New Road, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment bank Ltd.Tripureshowar, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Investment bank Ltd. Putalisadak, Kathmandu
KathmanduNepal Merchant Co-operative LtdWotu, Mahaboudha, Ward No 24, Kathmandu
KathmanduNew Advertisement ServicesGongabu,kathmandu
KathmanduNew Dynamic EnterprisesTinchuli, Boudha, Near Manjushreee Montessorie
KathmanduNew Era Nepal Travels & Tours Pvt. LtdMitranagar-29, Kathmandu
KathmanduNew Generation Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdTarkeshor-21 Nepaltar, Kathmandu
KathmanduNew Global Trade LinkDurga Laxmi Bhawan, Campus Road, Minbhawan, Kathmandu
KathmanduNew Gorkhali EnterprisesSiddhicharan Sadak-15, Banasthali
KathmanduNew H.K Multi Trade Center Pvt.Ltd-Hattisar,KathmanduInfront of Jaya Nepal Hall,Hattisar,Kathmandu
KathmanduNew H.K Multi Trade Center Pvt.Ltd-Ratopul,KathmanduRatopul-9,Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Bagbazar BranchBagbazar 31,Bagbazar,Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Balaju BranchBalaju, Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Battisputali BranchBattisputali, Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Boudha BranchTusal Chowk,Boudha-6,Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Chhetrapati BranchChhetrapati, Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Corporate Office BranchThapathali,Thapathali Trade Tower,Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Dillibazar BranchDillibazar, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Ward No. - 33
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Golfutar BranchGolfutar, Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Kalanki BranchKalanki,Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Kamaladi BranchKamaladi, Ganeshthan, Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Kapan BranchKapan,Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Kausaltar BranchKausaltar,Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Kirtipur BranchKirtipur Municipality-17,Naya Bazar,Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Lazimpat BranchLazimpat,Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Maharajgunj BranchNarayangopal Chowk,Maharajgunj,Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-New Baneshwor BranchNew Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-New Road Bishal Bazar BranchNew Road, Bishal Bazar,Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-New Road BranchMeera Home, Khichapokhari,Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Pepsicola BranchPepsicola Chowk,Pepsicola-35,Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Saatdobato BranchSaatdobato, Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Samakhushi BranchSamakhushi Metropolitan-29,Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Sukedhara BranchSukedhara, Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Ward No - 4
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Teku BranchBuddhabari, Teku, Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Thamel BranchBhagwanbahal-29, Thamel, Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Thankot BranchThankot-08, Thankot Buspark, Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Thapathali (Head Office)Thapathali Trade Tower,Thapathali,Kathmandu
KathmanduNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Tripureswor BranchTripureswore-11,Kathmandu
KathmanduNice Sub Money Transfer Pvt LtdLalitpur, Kathmandu
KathmanduNilkamal Travels And Tours Maitidevi -33, Maitidevi Chowk
KathmanduNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Dakshinkali-8 | Dakshinkali
KathmanduNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Kageshwari Manohara-1 | Gagalphedi
KathmanduNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Nagarjun-8 | Ramkot
KathmanduNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Naxal 1 | Bagbatibahal
KathmanduNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Naxal 1 | Bagbatibahal
KathmanduNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdCentral Office-1 Kathmandu
KathmanduNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRegional Office-1, Kathmandu
KathmanduNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRamkot-9, Kathmandu
KathmanduNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdDakshinkali-1, Kathmandu
KathmanduNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGagalfedi-2, Kathmandu
KathmanduNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Central Office KathmanduKathmandu
KathmanduNirnayak Saving & Credit CooperativeThamel-16, Kathmandu
KathmanduNirnayak Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdThamel-16,Kathmandu
KathmanduNMB BANK LIMITEDBabarmahal
KathmanduNMB BANK LIMITEDMid Baneshowar(Near Venus Hospital)
KathmanduNMB BANK LIMITEDChabahil
KathmanduNMB BANK LIMITEDDurbarmarg Annapurna Arched
KathmanduNMB BANK LIMITEDBabarmahal
KathmanduNMB BANK LIMITEDKalanki
KathmanduNMB BANK LIMITEDKamalpokhari
KathmanduNMB BANK LIMITEDKantipath
KathmanduNMB BANK LIMITEDMaharajgunj Narayangopal Chowk
KathmanduNMB BANK LIMITEDJoshi Building New Road
KathmanduNMB BANK LIMITEDPutalisadak
KathmanduNMB BANK LIMITEDSitapaila Ringroad
KathmanduNMB BANK LIMITEDThapathali Singha Mahal
KathmanduNMB Bank LtdAnnapurna Arcade, First Floor, Durbar Marg
KathmanduNMB Bank LtdBabarmahal Kathmandu
KathmanduNMB Bank LtdBasundhara Chowk, Near Ishan Hospital,Kathmandu
KathmanduNMB Bank LtdChabahil Kathmandu
KathmanduNMB Bank LtdDevkota Sadak, Ward No. 10
KathmanduNMB Bank LtdNew Road, Joshi Plaza, Kathmandu
KathmanduNMB Bank LtdKalanki, Kathmandu
KathmanduNMB Bank LtdKamalpokhari kathmandu
KathmanduNMB Bank LtdKantipath, Kathmandu
KathmanduNMB Bank LtdNagpokhari, Kathmandu, Nepal
KathmanduNMB Bank LtdNext to Osho Travels, Amrit Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu
KathmanduNMB Bank LtdPutalisadak, Kathmandu
KathmanduNMB Bank LtdSitapaila Chowk, Ring Road
KathmanduNMB Bank LtdThapathali Kathmandu
KathmanduOasis Money TransferBalaju, Kathmandu
KathmanduOli Sub Money TransferShantinagar, Minbhawan, Kathmandu
KathmanduOli Sub Money TransferNear Janata Bank,New Baneshwor,Kathmanudu
KathmanduOm Development Bank LtdBagdurbar, Chinatown, Kathmandu
KathmanduOm Development Bank LtdMaharajgunj, Kathmandu
KathmanduOm Development Bank LtdKalanki, Kathmandu
KathmanduOm Development Bank LtdBouddha, Kathmandu
KathmanduOm Finance Limited-Bagdurbar BranchBagdurbar , Kathmandu
KathmanduOm Finance Limited-Maharajgunj BranchMaharajgunj Chakrapath
KathmanduOm Ganeshaya Nama Saving & Credit Co_Operative ltdMakhhan Plaza-25 Kathmandu
KathmanduOm Nava Udya Sub Remittance Pvt LtdSorhakutee Chowk, Kathmandu
KathmanduOm Remit EnterprisesTokha-12,Gongabu,Kathmandu
KathmanduOm Remit Enterprises Tokha-13,Gongabu,Kathmandu
KathmanduOmkar Investment Pvt.LtdMaitidevi,Kathmandu
KathmanduOnline PaymentSherpa Mall,Kathmandu
KathmanduOnline Sub RemitSamakhushi,Kathmandu
KathmanduOnline Sub RemitSamakhusi,Kathmandu
KathmanduOnline Sub RemitSamakhushi,Kathmandu
KathmanduOnline TradersNew Road,Kathmandu
KathmanduOnly One Money ExchangeGangabu-29,Kathmandu
KathmanduOP International Money TransferSorhakhutte Chowk ,kathmandu
KathmanduOurs Sub Money Transfer Tokha-13,Gongabu,Kathmandu
KathmanduPabi InternationalLazimpat, Kathmandu
KathmanduPadmamukhi Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdChabahil-7,Kathmandu
KathmanduParichit Bachat Thatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdDallu-15,Kathmandu
KathmanduParichit Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdNear Chautara, Dallu-15 Kathmandu
KathmanduPashchimanchal Finance Co. LtdKamaladi, Kathmandu
KathmanduPashchimanchal Finance Co. LtdNew Road, Kathmandu
KathmanduPashchimanchal Finance Co.Ltd-Kamaladi BranchKamaladi, Kathmandu
KathmanduPashchimanchal Finance Co.Ltd-New Road BranchNew Road, Kathmandu
KathmanduPathibhara Devi Enterprises Pvt.Ltd Ekatabasti-11,Budhanilkantha,Kathmandu
KathmanduPathibhara Money TransferChamunda Gate,Jorpati,Kathmandu
KathmanduPathibhara Money Transfer-Chamunda Gate,Jorpati,KathmanduChamunda Gate,Jorpati,Kathmandu
KathmanduPathivara Darshan Tours Pvt. LtdNear Kist Bank, Tinkune,Koteshwor-35,Kathmandu
KathmanduPavitra Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBoudha-6,Kathmandu
KathmanduPeace InternationalBoudha, Kathmandu
KathmanduPeace International Pvt LtdTinchule-6,Boudha
KathmanduPeace Zone EnterprisesBaagbazzar, Kathmandu, Adwaitmarga
KathmanduPeoples Merchant LinkKoteshowar, Kathmandu
KathmanduPeople's Merchant Link Krishi Bikash Bank Building, Koteshwor
KathmanduPerfect Worldwide Travels & Tours Pvt.LtdBishalnagar-4,Kathmandu
KathmanduPharping Sub Remit Pharping,Kathmandu 
KathmanduPharping Sub Remit Pvt LtdSheshnarayan, Kathmandu
KathmanduPhidias Travels & Tours Pvt.LtdDhapasi-8,Basundhara Chauki,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Boudha BranchNear Boudha Stupa,Boudha Bazar,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Durbarmarg BranchAnnapurna Arcade-1,2nd Floor,Durbarmarg,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Gongabu BranchNear Samakhusichowk Gongabu,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Hattigauda BranchHattigauda Complex,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Jorpati BranchJorpati-3,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Kalanki BranchNext to Sahid Memorial Hospital,Kalanki,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Kalimati BranchHim Basera Building,Kalimati,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Kantipath BranchMountain Plaza,Opposite of Jyoti Bhawan,Kantipath,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Kapan BranchKapan,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Khichapokharai BranchPeoples Plaza,Khichapokhari,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Koteshwor BranchMunibhairab Complex,Tinkune-35,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Lainchour BranchPrabhu Complex,Opposite of DDC,Lainchour,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Maharajgunj BranchChakrapath,Maharajgunj,Near Pakistan Embassy,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Main Branch (Head Office)Near Anamnagar,Bhatbateni,Babarmahal,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-New Baneshwor BranchDevkota Sadak,Nepal Sahakari Bhawan,House no.645,Near by Bharosa Hospital,New Baneshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-New Road BranchNew Road Gate,Way to Mahaboudha,New Road,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Old Baneshwor BranchBasuki Marg,Old Baneshwor-10,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Putalisadak BranchNepal Share Market Building,Putalisadak,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Shankhamul BranchNear Shankhamul Bridge,Shankhamul,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Sinamangal Branch (Opposite Airport Golden Gate)Opposite Airport Golden Gate,Sinamangal,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Sinamangal Branch (Side by Kathmandu Medical College)Baburam Road (Side by Kathmandu Medical College),Sinamangal-9,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Sukedhara BranchNear to SukedharaPolice Station,Sukedhara,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Sundhara BranchBagdurbar,Sundhara,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Swayambhu BranchSwayambhu Chowk,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Bank Limited-Thamel BranchNarsingh Chowk,Thamel-29,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrabhu Communication CentreSidheshwor Mahadevsthan Gangabu
KathmanduPrajna Sub Remit Pvt.LtdChapali Chowk,Budhanilkantha-4,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrakriti Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdSallaghari-3,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrameshwor Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdSamakhusi-29,Gangabu Chowk,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrasanna Money TransferHadigaun, Tarkari Bazaar, Bishalnagar
KathmanduPrashanna Saving & Credit Cooperative Ltdpurano sinamangal, Food Ball Graund, pepsi Cola,Koteshwor-35 Kathmandu
KathmanduPrashanna Saving And Credit Co-Operative LtdPurano Sinamangal, Ward No. 35, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrashant Organization Pvt. LtdGreenland Chowk, Gongabu
KathmanduPratibimba Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdChabahil-07,Kathmandu
KathmanduPratik Remit And Rechard Center-KalankiKalanki,kantipur Colarlab
KathmanduPratik Remit And Rechard Center-Kalimati Kalimati Kritipur Bus Park
KathmanduPride Nepal Travel And Tours Pvt Ltd.Gongabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Ason BranchAson Kamalakchi, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Bagbazar BranchBagbazar, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Balaju BranchMachhapokhari Chowk, Balaju, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Jorpati BranchJorpati, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Kalimati BranchKalimati, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Koteshwor BranchKoteshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank Limited-New Baneshwor BranchNew Baneshwor,kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Newroad Central OfficeNewroad, Bira Complex , Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Old Baneshwor BranchOld Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Samakhusi BranchSamakhusi,kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Sorakhutte BranchNayabazaar, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank LtdNewroad, Bira Complex Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank LtdAson Kamalakchi, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank LtdBagbazar, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank LtdMachhapokhari Chowk, Balaju, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank LtdKalimati, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank LtdNew Baneshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank LtdChuchepati, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank LtdKoteshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank LtdOld Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank LtdNayabazaar, Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank LtdSamakhusi,Kathmandu
KathmanduPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Kamalpokhari BranchKamalpokhari -31,kathmandu
KathmanduProgressive Finance New Road, Kathmandu
KathmanduProgressive Finance Limited-NewroadPako, New Road, Kathmandu
KathmanduProgressive Finance Ltd-New Road,Kathmandu (Head Office)Pako,New Road,Kathmandu
KathmanduPurna Money Transfer Sarkaridhara,Kathmandu
KathmanduPuskar Saving & Cr. Co-operative LtdSaraswatinagar, Koteshwor-35
KathmanduPusparpan EnterprisesSinamangal- Near Kmc Hospital
KathmanduPyramid Sub Money Transfer Pvt.LtdGanesh Chowk,Budhanilkantha-1,Kathmandu
KathmanduQ And E Money TransferGhantaghar,Jame Market, Kathmandu
KathmanduQuick CommunicationLekh Nath Sadak, Balaju, Kathmandu Nepal
KathmanduQuick International Money TransferMaharajgunj-3,Chakrapath,Kathmandu
KathmanduR Bajaj Money Transfer Pvt. LtdNew Buspark, Gongabu (terminal Building)
KathmanduR.G Remit ExpressChabahil-7 Infornt Of Tifin Home
KathmanduR.S Sub RemitKalimati-13,Kathmandu
KathmanduRadiate EnterprisesGongabu-29,Kathmandu
KathmanduRailo InternationalKoteshowar, Shree Krishna Galli, Kathmandu
KathmanduRailo InternationalKoteshwor Chowk
KathmanduRajshree Intl Travels & ToursHotel Gangjong Premises, Lazimpat-2, Kathmandu.
KathmanduRange Himalaya Tours And Travels Pvt. LtdNear Investment Bank Thamel
KathmanduRanibari Media And Sub Money Transfer Ranibari Chowk, Samakhushi,
KathmanduRanibari Money TransferNear Ranibari Pool, Ranibari-3,Samakhushi,Kathmandu
KathmanduRasbita International Travel & ToursBattisputali Road, Gausala, Kathmandu
KathmanduRasbita International Travels & Tours Pvt.Ltd Gausala-9,Battisputali,Kathmandu
KathmanduRays Money EnterprisesGongabu-4,kathmandu
KathmanduReedim Arati Money TransferGothatar-8,Birendrachok,Kathmandu
KathmanduRELIABLE DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDGaneshmansingh Path Kalanki Kathmandu
KathmanduRELIABLE DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDKathmandu-29 Thamel Satghumti marga
KathmanduReliable Development Bank Ltd-Gongabu Kathmandu BranchGongabu, Kathmandu, Nepal
KathmanduReliable Development Bank Ltd-Head OfficeGyaneshwor-33,Kathmandu
KathmanduReliable Development Bank Ltd-Kalanki,Kathmandu BranchKalanki,Ganeshmansingh Path,1606 Kathmandu
KathmanduReliable Development Bank Ltd-Sundhara BranchBaghdurbar-11,Sundhara,Ktm
KathmanduReliance Lotus Finance Limited-Kathmandu (Head Office)B.j Bhawan, Pradarshani Marga
KathmanduReliance Lotus Finance Limited-Newroad KathmanduNew Road,kathmandu
KathmanduReward Travels And Tours Pvt. LtdMachhapokhari-16, Balaju, Kathmandu
KathmanduRiddhi Siddhi Sub RemitSaraswotinagar,Chabahil,Kathmandu
KathmanduRiva Multipurpose Investment Pvt LtdTenzing Chowk, Kapan, Faika, kathmandu
KathmanduRoyal Multipurpose Cooperative ltdWada Karyalaya Building, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu
KathmanduRoyal Multipurpose Cooperative ltdBasundhara Chowk,Kathmandu
KathmanduRoyal Multipurpose Cooperative ltdShankarapur,Sakhu,Kathmandu
KathmanduRoyal Multipurpose Cooperative ltdDakshinkali, pharping, Kathmandu
KathmanduRoyal Multipurpose Cooperative ltdTarakeswar, tinpiple, Kathmandu
KathmanduS Swastik EnterprisesNaikap,Kathmandu
KathmanduSabal Multipurpose Co-Operative LtdPurano Naikap-1,Kathmandu
KathmanduSafal Money TransferSinamangal, Kathmandu
KathmanduSafal Remittance CenterSinamangal-9,Kathmandu
KathmanduSagar Remit Putali Sadak-31, Kathmandu
KathmanduSagarmatha RemitBagbagar-31, Kathmandu
KathmanduSahakari Rin Kosh Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdRatnapark, Ghantaghar
KathmanduSahasik Mahila Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdChabahil-7,Kathmandu
KathmanduSaiBaba Remit and InvestmentChabahil-7, Along with Tiffin Home
KathmanduSakar Investment Co.Pvt LtdPepsicola Chowk,kathmandu-35
KathmanduSamar Investment Company Pvt.LtdIndrachowk-27,Kathmandu
KathmanduSamar Investment Company Pvt.Ltd Indrachowk-27,Kathmandu
KathmanduSampad Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGokarneshwor -13 Kathmandu The opposite Of Jorpati Aapanga Gate 
KathmanduSamrat Trade Link Battisputali, Kathmandu
KathmanduSamyam Basti Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Airport, Kathmandu
KathmanduSanima Bank Limited-Chuchchepati BranchChuchchepati, Kathmandu, Nepal
KathmanduSanima Bank Limited-Gongabu BranchGongabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduSanima Bank Limited-Kalanki BranchKalanki, Ward No-14, Kathmandu
KathmanduSanima Bank Limited-Khichapokhari BranchKhichapokhari, New Road,kathmandu
KathmanduSanima Bank Limited-Naxal (Head Office)Alkapuri,naxal,kathmandu
KathmanduSanima Bank Limited-New Baneshwor BranchNew Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduSanima Bank Limited-Teku, Kathmandu BranchTeku, Kathmandu
KathmanduSara Bikash Saving and Credit Co-operative LtdSaraswotinagar-06,Kathmandu
KathmanduSara Money TransferTarkeshwor-09, Kathmandu
KathmanduSara Money TransferTarkeshwor-9,Seshmatipool,Kathmandu
KathmanduSaral Sajha Sub Money TransferNew Road , Opposit RB Complex Kathmandu
KathmanduSarva Shakti Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd Tarkeshwor-20,Manamaiju,Kathmandu
KathmanduSarvottam Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBagbazar-31,Kathmandu
KathmanduSatkar Multipurpose Pvt.LtdBalaju-16,Kathmandu
KathmanduSatya Sai Gahana CenterChabahil, Kathmandu
KathmanduSaubhagya Sub Remittance Pvt. LtdTripureshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduSave & Enhance Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Ltd.Gurjudhara, Kathmandu
KathmanduSave and Enhanch Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdGurjudhara,Balambu-1,Kathmandu
KathmanduSayapatri Sub Remit Pvt. Ltd.Mitranagar, Kathmandu
KathmanduScholar Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd.Tenzing Chowk, Kapan, Faika, kathmandu
KathmanduScholar Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd.Bouddha-6, Kathmandu
KathmanduSewa Suvidha Investment Pvt. LtdGongabu-29,Kathamndu
KathmanduSewa Suvidha Multipurpose Co-operative LtdTokha-13,Gongabu,Kathmandu
KathmanduShambhavi EnterprisesNagarjun-8,Kathmandu
KathmanduShambhavi Enterprises-Nagarjun KathmanduNagarjung-8,Kathmandu
KathmanduShanti Money TransferMitrapark Chowk-7,Way To Pasupati Temple
KathmanduShaswot Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKalanki Kathmandu
KathmanduShikshapremi savinag and credit cooperative ltd.Sorhakhutte, Precious National College 
KathmanduShining Holy Ashoka Travel And ToursGongabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduSHINING STAR SUB MONEY TRANSFER PRIVATE LIMITEDKalimati - 13, Tankeshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduShinning Star Saving And Credit Co-Operative LtdKalimati,Tankeshwor
KathmanduShivaworld wide RemitBaluwater Kathmandu
KathmanduShraine Sub Money SolutionNear Police Head Quarter Office,Naxal,Kathmandu
KathmanduSHREE SAGAR ENTERPRISESKapan - 3, Kapan, Kathmandu
KathmanduShree Sagar EnterprisesBhrikuti Chowk,Mahankal,Kapan, Kathmandu
KathmanduShree Sagar EnterprisesKapan, Bhrikutee Chowk, Kathmandu
KathmanduShree Sagar EnterprisesBhirkuti Chowk Kapan, Kathmandu
KathmanduShreemata Harisiddhi Sub Remit Pvt.LtdGokarneshwor-12,Jorpati,Kathmandu
KathmanduShrine Money Solution Pvt.LtdNaxal-01,Kathmandu
KathmanduShubha Kalash Sub Money Transfer Pvt.LtdBalaju-16,Kathmandu
KathmanduShubhalaxmi Finance Limited-Naxal (Head Office)Kathmandu
KathmanduShubham International Enterprises Balkhu-14,Kathmandu
KathmanduShubharambha Business Solution Siphal7,Kalopul,Kathmandu
KathmanduShuva Darshan Saving & Credit Cooperative Ltd.A-One Business Complex 3rd Floor,Opposite Site Of Amrit Science College
KathmanduShyameshowar Krishi Bahu Udesiya Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Danda Pauwa, Kathmandu
KathmanduShyameshwor Agriculture Multipurpose Co-operative LtdDadapauwa,Ramkot-4,Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd- MaharajgunjWard No. 5, Marajgunj, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd.BAGAR, Kaski
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd.New Road, Kaski
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Boudha, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Dharmapath,NewRoad, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Gongabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Hattisar, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Kalanki, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Sankhamul, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Saraswotinagar, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Swayambhu,Hallchowk, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Thamel, Mandala Deep Complex, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd-GongabuGongabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Hattisar,Kathmandu (Head Office)Hatitisar, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd-KalankiWard No. 14, Kalanki, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd-NewRoad KathmanduDharmapath, New Road
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Old Baneshwor,KathmanduPurano Baneshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Remittance Business UnitTripureshwor, ktm
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Saraswatinagar,KathmanduSaraswotinagar, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd-ShankhamulWard No. 10, Sankhamul, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd-SwoyambhuWard No. 15, Swoyambhu, Hallchowk,Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd-ThamelThamel, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd-TinkuneWard No. 35, Tinkune, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Tripureshwor,KathmanduTripureshwor,Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Development Bank LtdBouddha Branch, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Development Bank LtdKoteshwor, Tinkune, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Development Bank LtdNew Road , Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Development Bank LtdPutalisadak Branch, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Development Bank LtdTinkune Branch, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-BoudhaNear Old Arab Bank, Boudha, Jorpati
KathmanduSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-Head OfficeKoteshwor, Tinkune, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-New Road KtmNew Road, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-PutalisadakPutalisadak, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Finance Limited-Kathmandu BranchKamaladi, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Finance Limited-Newroad BranchNewroad,kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhartha Link TradeBansthali-16, Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhi Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdDillibazar-33,Near By Karagar , Kathmandu
KathmanduSiddhi Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdDillibazar-33,Charkhal Adda Road,Kathmandu
KathmanduSitapaila Multipurpose Co-operative LtdNagarjun-4,Sitapaila,Kathmandu
KathmanduSmart Services Nepal Pvt LtdAirport,Shambhu Marga-9,Sinamangal,Kathmandu
KathmanduSneha Sub Money transferBalaju Bypass, Kathmandu
KathmanduSneha Sub Money Transfer Pvt.LtdBalaju,Baipas,Kathmandu
KathmanduSpecial Sub Money Transfer Ltd,Ratopul, Kathmandu
KathmanduSpecial Sub Money Transfer Pvt.LtdRatopool-33,Kathmandu
KathmanduStambha Travel And ToursSinamangal, Kathmandu, Inbetween Nobel Hospital And Nabil Bank
KathmanduStaples Trading Pvt.LtdDhapasi Line , Basundhara
KathmanduSubha Sewa Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Nayabazar, Kathmandu
KathmanduSubham Money TransferGaushala Chowk, kathmandu
KathmanduSubidha Dot Com Pvt.LtdBalaju Chowk-16,Kathmandu
KathmanduSudesha Int. Pvt. Ltd. Samakhusi-14, kathmandu
KathmanduSudesha International Pvt.LtdSamakhushi,Kathmandu
KathmanduSujhab Multipurpose Co-operative LtdKalimati-13 Kathmandu
KathmanduSujhav Multipurpose Co-operative LtdMahalaxmi Plaza,Kalimati-13,Kathmandu
KathmanduSulakshaya Trading CompanyJorpati-kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Atterkhel BranchAtterkhel,Jorpati-7,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Baniyatar BranchJalap Chowk,Baniyatar,Tokha-12,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Bouddha BranchBouddha-6,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Budhanilkantha BranchNarayanthan Chowk,Budanilkantha-4,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Chabahil BranchNear Gopikrishna Hall,Chabhil-7,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Dhalko BranchChettrapati-17,Dhalko,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Gairidhara,Corporate (Head Office) Sunrise Plaza,Gairidhara-2,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Gaushala BranchIndreni Complex,Pinglasthan-8,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Gongabu BranchGongabu Chowk,Gongabu-29,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Gothatar BranchGothathar,Kageswori Manahara-13,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Jyatha BranchJyatha-30,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Kalanki BranchKalanki-14,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Kalimati BranchSalt Trading Corportation Premises,Kalimati-13,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Maharajgunj BranchOpposite to Bhatbhateni Super Market,Maharajgunj,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-New Road BranchKhichhapokhari-22,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Newroad Branch (2)Pako,Newroad-22,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Pharping BranchPharping Bus Park,Dakshinkali-6,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Putalisadak BranchRadhakuti Arcade,Putalisadak-32,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Shankhamul BranchShankamul Chowk-34, Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Shankhamul Branch (2)Shankhamul Chowk-34,Kathmandu
KathmanduSunrise Bank Limited-Tinkune BranchNeupane Tower,Tinkune-35,Kathmandu
KathmanduSuper Sakambari Tours & Travels Pvt.LtdGaushala Dharmshala,Shop No-4, kathmandu,
KathmanduSuper Sakambari Tours And TravelsGaushala,dharmshala,shopno.4,kathmandu
KathmanduSupriya Investment Pvt.LtdShivanagar-14,Kathmandu
KathmanduSurakshyit Bhawishya Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdGothatar-8,Kathmandu
KathmanduSuryatara Saving and Credit Cooperative LtdNayabazar,kathmandu
KathmanduSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdSankhu kathmandu
KathmanduSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdChuchepati kathmandu
KathmanduSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdKirtipur kathmandu
KathmanduSwagyan Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdKirtipur-17, Bhatkyapati, Kathmandu
KathmanduSwapu Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdTeku,Kathmandu
KathmanduSwarnim Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKalanki-14,Kathmandu
KathmanduSwarnim Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKalanki,Kathmandu
KathmanduSwarnim Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKalanki,Kathmandu
KathmanduSwiss Sub Money Transfer Pvt. LtdNayabazar-16,Kathmandu
KathmanduSwoniga Money TransferSorhakhutte Chowk,Prime Bank Near, Kathmandu
KathmanduSwoniga Multipurpose Co-Operative Ltd Thamel,Galkopakha-29,Kathmandu
KathmanduSwoniga sub Remit Pvt.LtdThemeil-29, Near Everest College, Galkopakha, kathmandu
KathmanduSwoniga Sub Remit Pvt.LtdGalkopakha-29,Thamel,Kathmandu
KathmanduSynergy Finance Limited-Durbar Marg KathmanduDurbarmarg, kathmandu
KathmanduSynergy Finance Limited-GongabuGongabu, kathmandu
KathmanduSynergy Finance Limited-Jamal KathmanduJamal, kathmandu
KathmanduSynergy Finance Limited-Kamaladi Corporate OfficeKamladi, kathmandu
KathmanduSynergy Finance Limited-SundharaSundhara, kathmandu, Kathmandu mall
KathmanduSynergy Finance LtdGangabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduSynergy Finance LtdJamal, Kathmandu (Corporate Office)
KathmanduSynergy Finance LtdKamaladi, Near Bank of Kathmandu
KathmanduSynergy Finance LtdKathmandu Mall, Kathmandu
KathmanduSynergy Finance Ltd.Kamaladi | Kathmandu
KathmanduSynergy Finance Ltd.Gongabu | Kathmandu
KathmanduSynergy Finance Ltd.Jamal | Kathmandu
KathmanduSynergy Finance Ltd.Kamaladi | Kathmandu
KathmanduSynergy Finance Ltd.Sundhara | Kathmandu
KathmanduT & T Enterprises Pvt.LtdBansbari,Golfutar,Kathmandu
KathmanduTandt Business Link Pvt LtdWardno. 29, Samakhusi
KathmanduTapai Hamro RemitanceGokerneshwor-14, Jorpati Dakshin dhoka kathmandu
KathmanduTavellers Money ExpressThamel, Kathmandu
KathmanduThaili Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd,New Baneshwor Chowk Kathmandu
KathmanduThanapati Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd New Buspark,Gongabu-4,Kathmandu
KathmanduThe Chirayu Money TransferGongabu Near Buspak BG Mall,Kathmandu
KathmanduThe Chirayu Money TransferNear Buspark BG Mall,Gongabu,Kathmandu
KathmanduTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDGongabu Chowk | Kathmandu
KathmanduTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDKalanki | Kathmandu - 14
KathmanduTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDNew Baneshwor | Kathmandu
KathmanduTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDSaraswati Sadan 29 | Thamel | Kathmandu
KathmanduTourism Society Co-operative LtdThamel, Chhetrapati
KathmanduTravel Mart Nepal Pvt LtdKamladi, Kathmandu
KathmanduTravellers Money ExpressThamel-29,Kathmandu
KathmanduTriphala Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd Gongabu-5,Kathmandu
KathmanduTriveni Bikas Bank Ltd-Thapathali BranchCentral Businness Park-1st Floor,Thapathali,Kathmandu
KathmanduTriyog Sub Money Transferkapan, kharibot chok, Kathmandu
KathmanduTriyog Sub Money TransferMandikhatar-11, Kathmandu
KathmanduTriyog Sub Money Transfer-Kharibot,Kapan BranchKharibot,Kapan,Kathmandu
KathmanduTriyog Sub Money Transfer-Mandikhatar (Head Office)Mandikhatar-9,Kathmandu
KathmanduTrust Money Express Pvt. LtdMaharajgung,Kathmandu
KathmanduTushita International Travels & Tours Pvt LtdLazimpath-2,Kathmandu
KathmanduTwo Brothers Mobile Computer Electronics Pvt. LtdKapan, Ward No 3, Kathmandu
KathmanduTyangla Express Pvt.LtdKirtipur-1,Tyanglachock,Kathmandu
KathmanduU.S Sub Money Transfer Pvt.LtdKathmandu
KathmanduU-Cash Sub Money Transfer Pvt LtdDhapashi VDC-9, Basundhara Chowm, Kathmandu
KathmanduUdhyami Investment CompanyGaushala, Dharmashala
KathmanduUjyalo Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdChabhil-7, Kathmandu
KathmanduUnify Today Saving & Credit Co Ltd.Madhya Baneshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduUnion Finance Ltd Four Square Complex,Narayan Chour,Naxal Kathmandu
KathmanduUnique Finance Limited-KathmanduNew Plaza, Putalisadak
KathmanduUnique Nepal Multi Trade Pvt. LtdBagbazar-31,Kathmandu
KathmanduUnited Finance Limited-Durbar MargIj Plaza,durbar Marg,kathmandu
KathmanduUnited Finance Limited-Kalimati BranchKalimati,kathmandu
KathmanduUnited Finance Limited-New Road,kathmandu BranchDharmapath,new Road,kathmandu
KathmanduUnited Finance LtdDurbarmarg, IJ Plaza, Kathmandu
KathmanduUnited Finance LtdKalimati, Kathmandu
KathmanduUnited Finance LtdNewroad, Kathmandu
KathmanduUtkrisr Remittance Money TransferKalanki-14, Makalu Bus Stand
KathmanduUtkrista Sathibhai Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd Golfutar-5,Kathmandu
KathmanduUtsarga Saving & Credit Co-operative ltdTridevi Sadak, Thamel, Sanchaya Cos Billding, Kathmandu,
KathmanduUtsarga Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdTridevi Sadak,Thamel,Kathmandu
KathmanduVersatile Tours And TravelSatghumti, Thamel-16,
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LimitedOpposite Of Morgan College | Basundhara
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LimitedSunrise Biz Park Complex | Gound Floor | Dillibazar
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LimitedGongabu | Near SBI Bank
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LimitedSunrise Biz Park Complex | 4th Floor | Dillibazar
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LimitedSiddhibahawan 1st Floor | Kantipath
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LimitedKapan | Milan Chowk
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LimitedMain Road | Naya Basti | Near Nabil Bank
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LimitedKhichapokhari | Behind Everest Bank
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LimitedNear To Grande Hospital | Tokha
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LimitedTripureshwor | Opposite To Baithak Event Venu
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LtdGangabu, Kathmandu
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LtdKantipath, Kathmandu
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LtdKuleshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LtdNew Road, Metro Plaza, Kathmandu
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LtdMilan chowk, Kapan, Kathmandu
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LtdRingroad, Basundhara, Kathmandu
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LtdSunrise Biz Park Dillibazar, Kathmandu
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LtdTokha Road, Kathmandu
KathmanduVibor Society Development Bank LtdTripureshwor, Kathmandu
KathmanduWanted Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdJorpati-7,Makalbari,Kathmandu
KathmanduYadav Sanchar SewaGaushala, Kathmandu
KathmanduYalung Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdRamhiti-6,Boudha,Kathmandu
KathmanduYangrima Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari SasthaJorpati, Kathmandu
KathmanduYangrima Sub RemitArubari,Jorpati,Kathmandu
KathmanduYarina Tours And Travels Pvt.Ltd Chabahil-7,Kathmandu
KathmanduYatra Saving & Credit Co-opereative LtdJadibuti,Kathmandu
KathmanduYES Remit Pvt. Ltd.Gairidhara
KathmanduYes Sub Money Transfer Pvt. LtdSankhamul Chowk,Kathmandu
KathmanduYeti Development Bank LKtd-New Road,kathmanduPyukha, New Road , Kathmandu
KathmanduYeti Development Bank Ltd Maharajgunj BranchInfront Of American Embassy, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu
KathmanduYeti Development Bank Ltd-Gongabu,kathmanduGongabu Chowk, Gongabu
KathmanduYeti Development Bank Ltd-Head Office KathmanduAnnapurna Arcade-ii, 2nd Floor, Durbar Marg
KathmanduYeti Development Bank Ltd-Kalimati BranchKalimati, Kathmandu
KathmanduYours Tours And Travels Pvt.LtdBag Durbar, Sundhara, Kathmandu
KathmanduZero Point Sub RemitDhakshindhoka,jorpati,kathmandu
KathmanduZinith Cyber And Comminication Pvt.ltdBalkot , Bhaktpur
Kathmandu Fsun Nepal Tours & TravelsSoaltee Mode, Kathmandu 
Kathmandu Janata Bank Ltd.Dillibazar, Kathmandu 
Kathmandu Janata Bank Ltd.Jyatha Ason,Kathmandu 
Kathmandu Janata Bank Ltd.K.L. Tower, Chuchchepati Chabahil
Kathmandu Janata Bank Ltd.Kalanki, Kathmandu 
Kathmandu Janata Bank Ltd.Kuleshwor, Kathmandu 
Kathmandu Janata Bank Ltd.Machchhapokar, Balaju 
Kathmandu Janata Bank Ltd.Ranjana Galli, New Road 
Kathmandu Janata Bank Ltd.Shankhamul Marg,New Baneshwor, Kathmandu,
Kathmandu Vyasbhumi cooperativeGongabu-6, Kathmandu
KavreAlpine Development Bank Ltd.Char Dobato, Kavrep;anchowk
KavreAlpine Development Bank Ltd.Dolalghat, Kavrep;anchowk
KavreAlpine Development Bank Ltd.Naldum Balluwapati, Kavrep;anchowk
KavreAlpine Development Bank Ltd.Sanga Bazar, Kavrep;anchowk
KavreAraniko Development Bank Ltd.Bus Park, Kavrep;anchowk
KavreAraniko Development Bank Ltd.Namobuddha Marg, Kavrep;anchowk
KavreBANK OF KATHMANDUPanauti Bus Park Namobuddha Road Ward No 11 Panauti
KavreBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdBanepa, Kavre
KavreBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdPanauti Bus Park, Namobuddha Road, Panauti , Kavre
KavreBudol Samudayak Saving & Cr. Co. Society LtdBudol-11, Banepa, Kavrepalanchoek
KavreCitizens Bank International LtdBanepa Municipality-10, Kavre
KavreCivil Bank LimitedBus Park, Banepa-6, Kavrepalanchowk
KavreForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdNala Ugrachandi  Branch
KavreIcfc Finance LimatedBanepa, Kavre
KavreJanata Bank LtdBanepa, Kavre
KavreJanata Bank LtdKuntabeshi, Kavre
KavreJanata Bank LtdPanauti, Kavre
KavreKavre Money TransferPanauti-5, Kavre
KavreNCC Bank LtdBarahbise Bazar Kavre
KavreNCC Bank LtdTribhuvan Chowk, Banepa, Kavre
KavreNCC Bank LtdTribhuwanchok,Banepa Kavre
KavreNepal Investment bank Ltd.Banepa, Kavrep;anchowk
KavreNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdChhatrebaj, Kavreplanchock
KavreNMB Bank LtdTindobato, Opposite to the Police Station, Banepa, Kavrepalanchowk
KavrePrime Commercial Bank LtdPanauti, Kavre
KavrePrime Commercial Bank LtdBanepa, Kavre
KavreProfessional Diyalo Bikas Bank Ltd.Bhakundebesi, Kavrep;anchowk
KavreProfessional Diyalo Bikas Bank Ltd.Chardobato, Kavrep;anchowk
KavreProfessional Diyalo Bikas Bank Ltd.Tamghat, Kavrep;anchowk
KavreProgressive Finance Ugratara Branch, Janagal, Banepa, Kavre
KavreSakshaim Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBanepa-10, Kavre
KavreSindhu Bikas Bank LtdGyanasu Bhawan, Banepa, kavre
KavreSindhu Bikas Bank LtdDolalghat, Kavre
KavreSindhu Bikas Bank LtdKashikakhanda-9 Bhakunde Bazar,kavre
KavreSindhu Bikas Bank LtdPanchkhal Bazar, Panchkhal, Kavre
KavreSindhu Bikas Bank Ltd.Dolalghat Bazar, Kavrep;anchowk
KavreSindhu Bikas Bank Ltd.Kashikhanda-9,Kavre, Kavrep;anchowk
KavreSindhu Bikas Bank Ltd.Surya Bhawan, Arniko Highway, Kavrep;anchowk
KavreUgratara Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd.Chardobato, Kavrep;anchowk
KavreVibor Society Development Bank LtdBhakundebeshi, Kavre
KavreVibor Society Development Bank LtdTribhuwan Chowk, Banepa Kavre
Kavre Civil Bank LimitedSaraswati Bazar, Kavrepalanchowk – 3, Dhulikhel
Kavre NCC Bank LtdBuspark, Kavrep;anchowk
Kavre NCC Bank LtdSamaj Kalyan Chowk, Tamghat, Kavrep;anchowk
Kavre NCC Bank LtdTindobato, Kavrep;anchowk
Kavre Swabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBanepa Kavreplanchok
Kavre Swabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdPanchkhal Kavreplanchok
Kavre Swabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdPanauti Kavreplanchok
Kavre Swabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdHinguwapati Kavreplanchok
Kavre Swabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdDolalghat Kavreplanchok
KavrepalanchokAraniko Development Bank Ltd-Dhulikhel-Head OfficeDhulikhel, Kavrepalanchowk, Kavre
KavrepalanchokAraniko Development Bank Ltd-Nala KavreKarunamarg, Nala, Kabhre
KavrepalanchokAraniko Development Bank Ltd-Panauti KavreNamo Buddha Marg, Panauti, Kavre
KavrepalanchokBANK OF KATHMANDUBanepa | Kavre
KavrepalanchokBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Panauti BranchPanauti Bus Park Kavre
KavrepalanchokCitizens Bank International Ltd-Banepa BranchBanepa,Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokCivil Bank Limited-Banepa BranchBus Park, Banepa-6, Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokCivil Bank Limited-Dhulikhel BranchSaraswati Bazaar, Dhulikhel-3
KavrepalanchokDebo Sub Remit Pvt. Ltd-Banepa BranchChardobato,Banepa,Kavre
KavrepalanchokDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDBanepa Kavre
KavrepalanchokDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDDhulikhel Bus Park| Dhulikhel
KavrepalanchokDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDPanchkhal-3| Tamaghat| Kavre
KavrepalanchokDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Dhulikhel BranchDhulikhel Bus Park Dhulikhel,Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokDwarika Photo StudioPanauti-11,Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokEkikrit Saving and Credit Co-Operative LtdOn Kusadevi Bus Stand, Kusadevi Road, Panauti-5, Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokExpress Money Solution Pvt. Ltd.Near Kist Bank Ltd, New Buspark, Banepa, Kavre
KavrepalanchokICFC Finance Limited -Banepa BranchTindobato,banepa,kavre
KavrepalanchokKavre Money TransferKusadevimarga-5,panauti,kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokLaxmi Bank Limited-Banepa BranchWard No. 5, Arniko Highway West
KavrepalanchokMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Banepa BranchBanepa, Kavre
KavrepalanchokNavadurga Finance Ltd-BanepaBanepa, Kavre
KavrepalanchokNaya Nepal Laghu Bitta Bikas Bank Ltd-BanepaKaraunamarga-5, Banepa Kavre
KavrepalanchokNaya Nepal Laghu Bitta Bikas Bank Ltd-DhulikhelNew Bus Park - 6, Dhulikhel, Kavre
KavrepalanchokNaya Nepal Laghu Bitta Bikas Bank Ltd-Paanchkhaal KavreSamajkalyan Chowk-6, Paanchkhal, Kavre
KavrepalanchokNaya Nepal Laghu Bitta Bikash Bank Ltd-Bhakundebesi, KavreBhakundebesi-7, Khanalthok, Kavre
KavrepalanchokNepal Investment Bank LimitedBanepa | Kavre | Nepal
KavrepalanchokNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Banepa BranchBanepa 10,Kavre
KavrepalanchokNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Dapcha Kashikhanda-12 | Chhatrebajh
KavrepalanchokNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Chatrebas KavreChatrebas Kavre
KavrepalanchokNMB BANK LIMITEDTindobato
KavrepalanchokPrabhu Bank Limited-Banepa BranchBanepa Buspark,Banepa-6,Araniko highway Kavre 50 Meter East from,Kavrepalanchok
KavrepalanchokPremier Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBanepa-10,Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Panauti BranchPanauti, Kavre
KavrepalanchokPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-BanepaBanepa-10, Kavre
KavrepalanchokProgressive Finance Ltd-Janagal Ugratara BranchPulbazaar,Banepa,Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokReliance Finance Limited-Janagal BranchJanagal-1,Banepa,Kavre
KavrepalanchokSaksham Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBanepa-10,Chardobato,Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokSamudayik Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Benepa Service CenterChadani ChowkmBanepa-10,Kavre
KavrepalanchokSamudayik Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Kushadevi Service CenterKushadevi-7,Chamle Bazar,Kavre
KavrepalanchokSamudayik Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Mahendrajyoti Service CenterMahendrajyoti-1,Kavre
KavrepalanchokSamudayik Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Panauti Service CenterPanauti-11,Namobuddha Road,Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokSamudayik Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Panauti Service CenterNamobuddha Road,Panauti-11,Kavre
KavrepalanchokSamudayik Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Taukhal,Panauti (Head Office)Taukhal-4,Panauti,Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokShree Basdol Samudayik Multipurpose Co-operative LtdMahendrajyoti-01,Basdol,Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokShree Dulaleshwor Saving And Credit Co-Perative LtdDolalghat,Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokSunrise Bank Limited-Panauti BranchKusha Devi Marg-5,Panauti,Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Banepa BranchDhulikhel Bus Stop,Banepa-10,Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Bhakundebesi BranchBhakundebesi,Kahdshikhanda-09,Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Panauti BranchPanauti Bus Park,Panauti-5,Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokTriveni Bikash Bank Limited-Kuntabesi Ext-CounterKuntabesi,Mahadevsthan-8,Kavrepalanchowk
KavrepalanchokVibor Society Development Bank LimitedOpposite Of Nepal Bank Ltd | Trivhuwan Chowk | Banepa
KavrepalanchokVibor Society Development Bank LimitedBahakundebesi
KavrepalanchokYuwa Saving & Credit Co-Operative Society LtdNear Agriculture Devlopment Bank,Banepa-10,Kavre
Kavrepalanchowkcentury commercial Bank DHULIKHEL BRANCHBuspark, Dhulikhel Municipality-3 Kavrepalanchowk, Nepal
Kavrepalanchowkcentury commercial Bank NALA EXT BRANCHKarunaMarg, Nala,Banepa Municipality-4, Kavre
Kavrepalanchowkcentury commercial Bank PANAUTI BRANCHNamo Buddha Marg,Panauti Municipality-6,Kavre
KhotangBamrang Trading CenterDiktel-1,Khotang
KhotangBAMRANG TRADING CENTREDiktel Bazar - 1, Diktel, Khotang
KhotangBANK OF KATHMANDUTalcha Bari 3 Diktel Nepal
KhotangBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Diktel BranchTalcha Bari Chowk, Diktel
KhotangBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdDiktel Branch,Talcha Bari Chowk, Diktel VDC-03, Khotang
KhotangBP InternationalBargachhi Tole, Diktel, Khotang
KhotangBP International & SuppliersDiktel Bazar-1,Bargadi Tole,Bhanuchowk,Khotang
Khotangcentury commercial Bank Diktel BRANCHAmbagachhi, Diktel - 2, Khotang
Khotangcentury commercial Bank Khotang BranchDiktel Bazzar, Khotang
KhotangDanfe Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdAiselukharka,Khotang
KhotangDipak Traders And SuppliersBaksila-5, Khotang
KhotangEast Himalayan Enterprises & Suppliers Diktel-2,Khotang
KhotangForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdDiktel Branch
KhotangForward Community-DiktelKhotang, Diktel
KhotangKalika International Pvt.LtdPurano Bank Chowk, Diktel, Khotang
KhotangLaxmi Darshan Co-operative LtdAiselukharka,Khotang
KhotangMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaSalle-5, Arkhaile Khotang
KhotangMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaKhotangbazzar-9, Khotang
KhotangMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaDiktel-1, Khotang
KhotangMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Diktel,KhotangDiktel Bazar, Khotang
KhotangMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-KhotangKhotang Bazar, Khotang
KhotangMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-KhotangArkhaule Bazar, Khotang
KhotangNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Diktel NP-5 | Khalle | Khotang
KhotangNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Mahadevsthan VDC-5 | Halesi
KhotangNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdDiktel-3, Khotang
KhotangNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdHaleshi-7, Khotang
KhotangNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdDiktel , Khotang
KhotangNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdHaleshi, Khotang
KhotangNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Diktel BranchDiktel Municipality-1,Khotang
KhotangNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Haleshi BranchMahadevsthan-4,Khotang
KhotangSagarmatha EnterprisesNear Apf Camp,Chisapani,Khotang
KhotangSagarmatha Finanance LtdDiktel Bazzar, Khotang
KhotangSagarmatha Finance Limited-Khotang BranchDiktel Bazzar,Khotang
KhotangSALAPA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDAiselukharka Bazar - 2 | Khotang
KhotangSALAPA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDDiktel-2| Diktel Bazar| Bankchwok
KhotangSALAPA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDMahadevsthan-3|Halesi Bazar
KhotangSALAPA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDDiktel-2| Diktel Bazar| Bankchwok
KhotangSalapa Bikas Bank Ltd-Ambaganchi Chowk,Diktel,Khotang (Head Office)Ambaganchi Chowk,Diktel- 2,Khotang
KhotangSalapa Bikas Bank Ltd-Halesi BranchHalesi Bazar,Mahadevsthan-4, Halesi,Khotang
KhotangSapala Bikash Bank Ltd-Aiselukharka BranchAiselukharka-2,Khotang
KhotangSiddhalaxmi Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdDiktel-1,Khotang
LaitpurSaptarangi Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBalkumari, Taukhel-6, Laitpur
LaitpurSaptarangi Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGodawari Chaukhel-6, Laitpur
LalitpurABC Money TransferSaja Bhawan, Lagankhel, Lalitpur
LalitpurABC Money TransferLagankhel-5,Lalitpur
LalitpurACE Development Bank Ltd.Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
LalitpurArtha Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd Lagankhel,Lalitpur
LalitpurBagmati RemitGusinggal-2, Lalitpur
LalitpurBaisnu Devi Remittance Pvt.LtdMahalaxmi-5,Lalitpur
LalitpurBANK OF KATHMANDUJawalakhel Lalitpur
LalitpurBANK OF KATHMANDUJawalakhel | Lalitpur
LalitpurBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Jawalakhel Lalitpur BranchJawalakhel Lalitpur
LalitpurBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdJawalakhel, Same Billiding Parbhu Bank, Lalitpur
LalitpurBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdJawalakhel, Near By Alka Hospital, Lalitpur
LalitpurBaraha Money transfer,Jhumsikhel,Lalitpur
LalitpurBarahi Multipurpose co-operative ltdSatdobato Member Service Center Lalitpur
LalitpurBarahi Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Chapagaun (Sewa Kendra)Chapagaun Dobato,Lalitpur
LalitpurBarahi Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Satdobato (Project)Satdobato,Lalitpur
LalitpurCentral Finance Limited-Head OfficeKupondole, Lalitpur
Lalitpurcentury commercial Bank Gabahal BranchGabahal, Lalitpur
Lalitpurcentury commercial Bank Manbhawan BranchManbhawan, Opposite of Hotel Clarion, Lalitpur
Lalitpurcentury commercial Bank Manbhawan Branch2Manbhawan, Lalitpur
LalitpurChhaya RemitKupandol-2, Lalitpur
LalitpurCitizens Bank International Limited-Gwarko BranchGwarko-6,Harati Bhawan,Lalitpur
LalitpurCitizens Bank International LtdPatan Dhoka, Chayabahal-21, Lalitpur
LalitpurCitizens Bank International LtdBhaisepati, Lalitpur
LalitpurCitizens Bank International LtdGwarko -6,Harati Bhawan , Lalitpur
LalitpurCitizens Bank International LtdKumaripati-5, Lalitpur
LalitpurCitizens Bank International Ltd-Bhaisepati Branch Bhaisepati,Lalitpur
LalitpurCitizens Bank International Ltd-KumaripatiKumaripati, Lalitpur
LalitpurCitizens Bank International Ltd-PatanPatan
LalitpurCivil Bank LimitedJawalakhel, Lalitpur-04
LalitpurCivil Bank LimitedKumaripati, Lalitpur
LalitpurCivil Bank LimitedSundhara,Lalitpur-06
LalitpurCivil Bank Limited-Jawakhel BranchJawakhel, Lalitpur-04
LalitpurCivil Bank Limited-PatanSundhara,Lalitpur-06
LalitpurCivil Bank Ltd-Kumaripati BranchKumaripati,Lalitpur
LalitpurCyber Zone & Communication House Lubhoo-4, Lalitpur
LalitpurDangol International Pvt. Ltd.Lagankhel Buspark (Asta Chaitya Building) , lalitpur
LalitpurDangol International Pvt. Ltd.Siddhipur- 1st Bus Stop, lalitpurv
LalitpurDangol International Pvt.LtdLagankhel Buspark,Lalitpur
LalitpurDawa Trust Money TransferLalitpur
LalitpurDev Narayan Investment Company Pvt.LtdSatdobato-15,Lalitpur
LalitpurDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDTangal| Lalitpur
LalitpurDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Tangal BranchTangal,Lalitpur
LalitpurDhrubatara Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd Pulchowk-3,Lalitpur
LalitpurDibya EnterprisesKupandole,Lalitpur
LalitpurDolphin Multipurpose Cooperative LimitedKupondole-10, Kandevatasthan, Lalitpur
LalitpurFaith Me Travels & Tours Pvt.Ltd-Head OfficeJawlakhel,Manbhawan,Lalitpur
LalitpurFaithme travel and tours pvt. ltd.Manbhawan,Lalitpur
LalitpurFewa Bikas bank LtdPatan, Lalitpur
LalitpurFriends Unity International Ltd.Gwarko, Lalitpur
LalitpurGalaxy EnterprisesShankamul-22,Lalitpur
LalitpurGlobal remittancesanapa Lalitpur
LalitpurGlobal Remittance Sanepa-2,Lalitpur
LalitpurGosaikunda RemittanceSanepa-2, Lalitpur
LalitpurGuheshwari Merchant Banking & Finance Ltd.Opposite Sajha Petrol Pump, Harihar Bhawan Pulchok
LalitpurGuheshwori Merchant Banking And Finance Ltd-PulchowkPulchowk,lalitpur
LalitpurGurkhas Finance Ltd-Satdobato BranchChapagaun Dobato,Satdobato,Lalitpur
LalitpurHello Hi ConnectionJawalakhel, Lalitpur
LalitpurHello Remit Pvt.LtdMangal Bazar-12,Lalitpur
LalitpurJanata Bank Ltd.Kumaripati, Lalitpur 
LalitpurJanata Bank Ltd.Kupondole-10, Lalitpur 
LalitpurJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Kumaripati LalitpurKumaripati, Lalitpur
LalitpurJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Kupondole LalitpurKupondole-10, Lalitpur
LalitpurKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Mangalbazar, lalitpur
LalitpurKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Lalitpur BranchLalitpur
LalitpurKarmath Samudaik Bachat Tatha rin Sahakari Godavari Municipality 11, Chapagaoun, Lalitpur
LalitpurKarmath Samudayik Saving & Credit Co-operativeChapagaun, lalitpur
LalitpurKarmath Samudayik Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdChapagaun-5,Lalitpur
LalitpurKarobar Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdLalitpur-15,Satdobato
LalitpurKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Pulchowk BranchPulchowk,Lalitpur
LalitpurKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Satdobato BranchSatdobato,Lalitpur
LalitpurKasthamandap Development Bank LtdMahapal, Mangal Bazaar, Lalitpur
LalitpurKasthamandap Development Bank LtdSatdobato, lalitpur
LalitpurKhushi And Sujal Enterprises Imadole- Near By Krishna Mandir
LalitpurKUMARI BANK LIMITEDMahapal | Lalitpur
LalitpurKUMARI BANK LIMITEDTute Pani | Lalitpur
LalitpurKumari Bank Limited-KumaripatiKumaripati,Lalitpur
LalitpurKumari Bank ltdKumaripati, Lalitpur
LalitpurKumari Bank Ltd-Mangal BazarMahapal, Mangal Bazaar, Lalitpur
LalitpurKumari Bank Ltd-SatdobatoTutepaani, Satdobato, Lalitpur
LalitpurLakshya Sub Remit Pvt.LtdKhokana Bus Park,Karyabinayak-7,Lalitpur
LalitpurLaxmi Bank Limited-Lagankhel BranchPatan Hospital, Lagankhel
LalitpurLaxmi Bank Limited-Pulchowk BranchPulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal
LalitpurLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdSanibu -01 Bhaisepati , Lalitpur
LalitpurMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Chapagaun BranchChapagaon, Lalitpur
LalitpurMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Gwarko Lalitpur BranchGwarko Chowk, Lalitpur
LalitpurMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Patan BranchOpp J B Tailors, Patan, Gabahal, Lalitpur
LalitpurMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedSatdobato - 5 | Lalitpur
LalitpurMahalaxmi bikas Bank ltdSatdobato -05,(Way to Chapagaun) Lalitpur
LalitpurMega Bank LtdJawalakhel, Lalitpur
LalitpurMega Bank Nepal Limited-Jawalakhel, LalitpurJawalakhel, Lalitpur
LalitpurMilan And Krishna EnterprisesMental Hospital, Sajha Bhawan, Lagankhel
LalitpurMiteri Sub Money Remittance Pvt LtdMahalaxmisthan-5,Lalitpur
LalitpurNCC Bank LtdKandevta Complex First Floor, Kupondole, Lalitpur
LalitpurNCC Bank LtdKumaripati, Lalitpur
LalitpurNCC Bank LtdKumaripati, lalitpur
LalitpurNCC Bank LtdJawalkhel,10m ahead from St. Xavier Lalitpur
LalitpurNCC Bank LtdLubhoo, Lalitpur
LalitpurNCC Bank LtdLagankhel, Lalitpur
LalitpurNepal Investment Bank LimitedLagankhel | Lalitpur
LalitpurNepal Investment Bank LimitedPulchowk | Lalitpur | Nepal
LalitpurNepal Investment bank Ltd.Lagankhel, lalitpur
LalitpurNepal Investment bank Ltd.Pulchowk (Sanchay Kosh Building), lalitpur
LalitpurNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Gwarko BranchGwarko,Lalitpur Municipality,Ward No. - 6,Lalitpur
LalitpurNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Jawalakhel BranchJawalakhel,Lalitpur
LalitpurNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Khumaltar BranchLoktantrik Chowk - Khumaltar, Lalitpur Municipality, Ward No. - 5
LalitpurNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Pulchowk BranchPulchowk, Lalitpur
LalitpurNice Money TransferNear Kharibot Chowk, Balkumari
LalitpurNice Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.Frontof Guna Cinema Balkumari-08
LalitpurNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bajrabarahi-6 | Thecho
LalitpurNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Mahalaxmi-19 | Tikathali
LalitpurNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdThecho-3, Lalitpur
LalitpurNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdTikathali-1, Lalitpur
LalitpurNirvana Remittance CenterGwarko, Lalitpur
LalitpurNMB BANK LIMITEDKumaripati
LalitpurNMB BANK LIMITEDSaraswati Tole Lubhu
LalitpurNMB Bank LtdKumaripati Lalitpur
LalitpurNMB Bank LtdLubhu Lalitpur Nepal
LalitpurNMB Bank LtdWay to Godavari,Thaiba, Lalitpur
LalitpurNMB Bank LtdPulchowk Lalitpur ( Head Office Remit Depart )
LalitpurOm Development Bank LtdKumaripati, Lalitpur
LalitpurOm Finance Limited-Kumaripati LalitpurKumaripati, Patan
LalitpurPenrose InternationalOpposite Kumari Mandir, Near Siddhartha Bank,Kumaripati-19, Lalitpur
LalitpurPrabhu Bank Limited-Badegaun BranchThaiba-1,100M far from Badegaun Police station,Godawari,Lalitpur
LalitpurPrabhu Bank Limited-Bhaisepati BranchNear to Aawash Gate,Sainbu-4,Bhaisepati,Lalitpur
LalitpurPrabhu Bank Limited-Gwarko BranchGwarko,Lalitpur
LalitpurPrabhu Bank Limited-Kumaripati BranchNear United College,Kumaripati,Lalitpur
LalitpurPrabhu Bank Limited-Lalitpur BranchJawalakhel Chowk,Lalitpur
LalitpurPrabhu Bank Limited-Mangalbazar BranchKrishna Market,Tangal,Mangalbazar,Lalitpur
LalitpurPrabhu Bank Limited-Satdobato BranchWay to chapagaun,Tutepani-14,Lalitpur
LalitpurPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Mangalbazar BranchMangalbazar,lalitpur
LalitpurPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Patan BranchLagankhel,lalitpur
LalitpurPrime Commercial Bank LtdMangalbazar,Lalitpur
LalitpurPrime Commercial Bank LtdLagankhel,Lalitpur
LalitpurRabi Enterprises-Lalitpur (Head Office)Jhamsikhel-1,Lalitpur
LalitpurRajdhani Sub Remit Pvt.LtdHattiban,Lalitpur
LalitpurRiddhi Siddhi Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdMahalaxmisthan,
LalitpurSagarmatha Finanance LtdManbhawan-20, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
LalitpurSagarmatha Finance Limited-Gabahal BranchGabahal,Lalitpur
LalitpurSagarmatha Merchant Banking And Finance Ltd-ManbhawanManbhawan. Lalitpur, Nepal
LalitpurSahakari Rin Kosh Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd-Kupandol,Lalitpur (Head Office )Jwagal-10,Kupandol,Lalitpur
LalitpurSanima Bank Limited-Chapagaun,lalitpur BranchChapagaun, Ward No-4, Lalitpur
LalitpurSanima Bank Limited-Ekantakuna, Lalitpur BranchRingroad,ekantakuna-3, Lalitpur
LalitpurSanima Bank Limited-Kumaripati,lalitpur BranchRatna Lok Bhawan, Kumaripati, Lalitpur
LalitpurSaral Money TransferGwarko Chowk,Lalitpur-7,Lalitpur
LalitpurSeven 24 Pvt.LtdJawalakhel,Lalitpur
LalitpurSeven24 Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.Jawalakhel-4, Lalitpur
LalitpurShree Antu Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdSatdobato-15,Lalitpur
LalitpurShree Tileshwor Multipurpose Co-operative LtdChapagaun-4,Lalitpur
LalitpurShreemai bajrabarahi Saving & Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd,Chapagau, Lalitpur
LalitpurShuvekta Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdSainbu-5,Khokanadobato,Karyabinayak,Lalitpur
LalitpurSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Tinkune, Jagadamba Tower, Kathmandu
LalitpurSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Tripureshwor, Kathmandu
LalitpurSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Gwarko, lalitpur
LalitpurSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Kumaripati, lalitpur
LalitpurSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Gwarko,LalitpurGwarko Chowk, Lalitpur
LalitpurSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Kumaripati,LalitpurWard No. 19, Kumaripati, Lalitpur
LalitpurSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Patan,LalitpurPatan Dhoka , Lalitpur
LalitpurSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Satdobato,LalitpurWard No. 8, Satdobato, Patan
LalitpurSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-Kumaripati BranchKumaripati,Lalitpur
LalitpurSiddhartha Finance Limited-Thapathali BranchThapathali,lalitpur
LalitpurSoft-Planet Education Pvt LtdGwarko-17,Lalitpur
LalitpurSorna Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Satdobato,Lalitpur BranchSatdobato Chowck
LalitpurSorna Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Sunakothi,Lalitpur BranchNear Balkumari Higher Secondary School,Sunakothi
LalitpurSunrise Bank Limited-Bhainsepati BranchKhokana Dobato,Karyavinayak-1,Lalitpur
LalitpurSunrise Bank Limited-Gabahal BranchGabahal-18,Lalitpur
LalitpurSunrise Bank Limited-Lagankhel BranchLagankhel-12,Lalitpur
LalitpurSunrise Bank Limited-Luvu BranchLuvhu,Mahalaxmi-5,Lalitpur
LalitpurSunrise Bank Limited-Taukhel BranchTaukhel,Godawari-6,Lalitpur
LalitpurSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdLubhu Lalitpur
LalitpurSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBungamati Lalitpur
LalitpurSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdLele Lalitpur
LalitpurSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdTaukhel Lalitpur
LalitpurThe Safal Enterprises Kist Chowk,Imadol,Lalitpur
LalitpurUnited Multipurpose Co-Operative LtdJawalakhel-13,Lalitpur
LalitpurUniversal Multipurpose Co-operative LtdSatdobato-15,Lalitpur
LalitpurUnnati Money TransferNakkhu Dobato, Lalitpur
LalitpurUttam Sub RemitSatdobato, lalitpur
LalitpurUttam Sub RemitTutepani,Satdobato-15,Lalitpur
LalitpurUttarganga Multipurpose Cooperative Ltd, Vanimandal, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
LalitpurVee Exim Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdPrayag Pokhari-12,Lagankhel,Lalitpur
LalitpurVibor Society Development Bank LimitedNear To Tikavairab Temple | Lalitpur
LalitpurVibor Society Development Bank LimitedNear To Estine College | Mahalaxmisthan
LalitpurWebtron Multi Sub Remit Pvt.LtdGwarko, Lalitpur
LalitpurYeti Development Bank Ltd-Lalitpur BranchKumaripati, Lalitpur
Lalitpur Radiant Saving & Credeit Co-Operative LtdSanepa-2,Kalo Pul Near By Lalitpur
Lalitpur Sagarmatha Finanance LtdGabahal, Lalitpur 
LalitputVibor Society Development Bank LtdMahalaxmisthan, Lalitpur
LalitputVibor Society Development Bank LtdTika Bhairab, Lele, Lalitpur
LaltipurCitizens Bank International LtdBhaisepati, Laltipur
LamjungBan Upabhokta Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdSundarbazar-2,Lamjung
LamjungChartare Youva Club Nepal-Besisahar BranchShanti Tole,Besisahar-3,Lamjung
LamjungChartare Youva Club Nepal-Bhorletar BranchKaraputar-4,Bhorletar,Lamjung
LamjungChartare Youva Club Nepal-Sundar Bazar BranchSundar Bazar-3,Bhim Chowk,Lamjung
LamjungEverest Co-operative Limited Opposite Cinema Hall, Sundarbazar,Lamjung
LamjungGandaki Bikas Bank LtdBesisahar Bazar , Lamjung
LamjungGlobal Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdNear Nepal SBI Bank Ltd,Besishahar-11,Trivenitole,Lamjung
LamjungHamro Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdNear Sunrise Bank,Sundarbazar-4,Lamjung
LamjungHatemalo Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd Narayan Mandir Chowk, Besisahar-10,Nagarpalika, Lamjung
LamjungJanakalyan EnterprisesPurano Bank Chowk, Beshisahar, Lamjung
LamjungJeewan Sahara Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdSera-9,Besisahar,Lamjung
LamjungKamana Bikas BankDuipple, Lamjung
LamjungKarpureshwor Saving & Credit Cooperative Ltd.Near Jhinge Khola, Besisahar, Sera Oralo, Lamjung
LamjungKrishak Jagaran Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Bhoteodar BranchBhoteodar,Lamjung
LamjungKrishak Jagaran Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Esaneshwor,Ram Bazar BranchEsaneshwor,Ram Bazar,Lamjung
LamjungKrishak Jagaran Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Urdipur,Besishahar BranchUrdipur,Besishahar,Lamjung
LamjungKrishak Jagaran Saving & Credit Co-opertive Society Ltd-Besishahar BranchBesishahar,Lamjung
LamjungKrishak Jagaran Saving & Credit Co-opertive Society Ltd-Bhorletar BranchBhorletar,Lamjung
LamjungKrishak Jagaran Saving & Credit Co-opertive Society Ltd-Bichhour BranchBichhour Branch
LamjungKrishak Jagaran Saving & Credit Co-opertive Society Ltd-Chakratirtha BranchChakratirtha,Satbise,Lamjung
LamjungKrishak Jagaran Saving & Credit Co-opertive Society Ltd-Chiti Tilahar BranchChiti Tilahar,Lamjung
LamjungKrishak Jagaran Saving & Credit Co-opertive Society Ltd-Head OfficeNear Bimsensthan Mandir,Besishahar,Lamjung
LamjungKrishak Jagaran Saving & Credit Co-opertive Society Ltd-Khudi Bazar BranchKhudi Bazar,Lamjung
LamjungKrishak Jagaran Saving & Credit Co-opertive Society Ltd-Nauthar Sera BranchNauthar Sera,Lamjung
LamjungKrishak Jagaran Saving & Credit Co-opertive Society Ltd-Sotipasal BranchSotipasal,Suraypal,Lamjung
LamjungKrishak Jagaran Saving & Credit Co-opertive Society Ltd-Syange Taghring Branch Syange,Lamjung
LamjungKrishak Jagaran Saving & Credit Co-opertive Society Ltd-Syudibar Chowk,bhotewodar BranchSyudibar Chowk,Bhotewodar,Lamjung
LamjungLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdBhorletar -08 Bhorletar , Lamjung
LamjungMadi Midin Saving And Credit Cooperative Ltd.Near Ishaneswor Campus, Sahid Chowk, Bhorletar, Lamjung
LamjungNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Duipiple | Lamjung
LamjungNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdDuipiple-6, Lamjung
LamjungNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdUdipur, Lamjung
LamjungNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Udipur,Lamjung BranchUdipur-4, Lamjung
LamjungNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Rambazar BranchRam Bazar,Lamjung
LamjungOm Development Bank LtdBeshisahar, Lamjung
LamjungOm Development Bank LtdBhotewodar, Lamjung
LamjungOm Finance Limited-Besishahar BranchBeshisahar, Lamjung
LamjungPacific Development Bank Limited-LamjungNarayansthan Chowk, Besisahar
LamjungPacific Development Bank Ltd-Bhorletar LamjungBhorletar -8, Bhorletar
LamjungPacific Development Bank Ltd-Bhotewodar LamjungBhotewodar VDC Word No-8, Siudibar,
LamjungPrabhu Bank Limited-Beshisahar BranchBesisahar,Lamjung
LamjungRaja EnterprisesBesishahar, Tribeni Tole-2, Lamjung
LamjungReliable Development Bank Ltd-Besisahar Lamjung BranchLamjung,Besisahar, Nepal
LamjungReliable Development Bank Ltd-Sundarbazar LamgunjSundar Bazar -3, Lamjung
LamjungReliance Lotus Finance Limited-Besisahar BranchBesisahar-10,Lamjung
LamjungShree Manjari Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdDhamilikuwa-4,Lamjung
LamjungSrijanatmak Saving And Credit Cooperative Ltd.Opposite Of Sapkota Stationary, Bhoteodar 8, Lamjung
LamjungSunaulo Bhavishya Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sastha LtdLamjung, Lamjung
LamjungSunrise Bank Limited-Besisahar BranchShera Bazar,Besisahar-9,Lamjung
LamjungSunrise Bank Limited-Sundar Bazar BranchTallo Bazar,Sundarbazar-7,Lamjung
LamjungSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdKhudi Lamjung
LamjungTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Beshishar BranchBeshisahar Branch,Lamjung
MahottariANJULA MONEY TRANSFERSarpallo - 7, Sarpallo, Mahottari
MahottariAnjula Money TransferAl Rahim Zahare Ajam Hospital Bldg,Sarpallo Bazaar-7,Sarpallo,Mahottari
MahottariAraniko Development Bank Ltd.Gaushala Bazar , Mahottari
MahottariAraniko Development Bank Ltd-Mahottari BranchGausala Bazar Mahotari 
MahottariASHOKA MONEY TRANSFERMathihani - 8, Mathihani, Mahottari
MahottariAshoka Money TransferMatihani, Mahottari
MahottariAshoka Money TransferMain Market Sabji bazar,Matihani-8,Mahottari
MahottariBhawani Saving & Cr. Co. LtdJaleshwor-2, Mahottari
MahottariBhawani Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdJaleshwor-2,Mahottari
MahottariBIJAY MONEY TRANSFERParkauli - 4, Mahottari
MahottariBijay Money TransferNear On Damodar Acadamy School,Parikauli-4,Mahottari
MahottariBuddha Remit TradersGaushala-6,Mahottari
Mahottaricentury commercial Bank GAUSHALA BRANCHGaushala Bazaar ,Gaushala Municipality-5, Mahottari
Mahottaricentury commercial Bank Jaleshwor BRANCHDurga Chowk-5, Jaleshwor, Mahottari
MahottariCitizens Bank International Limited-Bardibas BranchBardibas Mahottari
MahottariCitizens Bank International LtdGaushala bazaar,Mahottari,Nepal
MahottariCommerce General Investment Company Pvt LtdBardibas Chowk, Sindhuli Road, Bardibas, Mahottari
MahottariDeep Joti Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdSarpallo-4,Mahottari
MahottariDhiraj TradersMahabir Chowk, Mahottari
MahottariDhiraj TradersMatihani-8,Mahottari
MahottariDILASA INVESTMENT COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITEDAurahi Road, Bardibas - 8, Mahottari
MahottariDilasa Investment Company Pvt.LtdJaleshwor Road, Opposite Bus Park, Bardibas
MahottariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdBardibas Branch
MahottariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdGaushala, Branch
MahottariForward Community-BardibasBardibas,Mahottari
MahottariForward Community-Bardibas Area OfficeBardibas,Mahottari
MahottariForward Community-GaushalaGausala,Mahottari
MahottariForward Community-RamgopalpurRamgopalPur VDC, Mahottari
MahottariForward Community-Sitapur BhangahaBhangah VDC, Mahottari
MahottariGhar Angan RemitBhrahampura-5, Mahottari
MahottariGhar Angan RemitBhramarpura-2,Mahottari
MahottariGramin Money TransferLoharpatti-03,Hospital Road, Mahottari
MahottariGramin Money TransferLoharpatty-3,Mahottari
MahottariGramin Samaj Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdBhatauliya-7,Mahottari
MahottariJanata Bank LtdBardibas, Mahottari
MahottariJanata Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdAurahi-3,Mahottari
MahottariJay Baba Karik Money TransferPadaula, Mahottari
MahottariJay Baba Karik Money TransferPadaula, Mahottari
MahottariJay Maa Laxmi Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdJaleshwor-5,Mahottari
MahottariJaybaba Karik Money Transfer-Padaul,MahottariPadaul,Mahottari
MahottariJivan Jyoti Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdLoharpatti-1,Mahottari
MahottariKhushiyali Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdMahottari
MahottariKhusiyali Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdHalkhori-9 Mahottari
MahottariLaxmi Bank Limited-Bardibas BranchBardibas-1, Mahottari
MahottariLaxmi Bank Limited-Jaleshwor BranchJaleshwor-5,CDO Office Road,Mahottari
MahottariMaa Laxmi Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd.Balwa Bazar, Balwa 3, Balwa, Mahottari
MahottariMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Matihani BranchMatihani Bazar, Matihani VDC-8, Mahottari
MahottariMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedBardibas - 1 | Mahottari
MahottariMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdBardibas-1 ,Mahottari
MahottariMata Maharani Money TransferBadiya Banchauri mahottari
MahottariMatihyani Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd.Near On Shree Ram H.S.School, Matihyani,Mahottari
MahottariMishika EnterprisesNear Haat Bazaar, Matihani,
MahottariMITHILA ENTERPRISESRamgopalpur - 6, Mahottari
MahottariMithila EnterprisesRamgopalpur, Mahottari
MahottariMithila EnterprisesAt Ramgopal Chowk, Ramgopalpur 6, Mahottari
MahottariMonu Money ExpressMina Bazar,Infront Of RBB Bank,Jaleshwor
MahottariNaya Nepal Laghu Bitta Bikash Bank-Mahottari BranchGauridaada-2, Gauribash,Mahottari
MahottariNew Jansewa Money TransferBardibas-7,Mahottari
MahottariNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Aurahi VDC-3 | Aurahi | Mahottari
MahottariNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Gaushala N.P.-7 | Gaushala Mahottari
MahottariNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Jaleshwor N.P.-4 | Pasi Tol | Jaleshwor
MahottariNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bardibas NP-1 | Bardibas | Mahottari
MahottariNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRegional Office Bardibas, Mahottari
MahottariNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGaushala-2, Mahottari
MahottariNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdJaleshwor-5, Mahottari
MahottariNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdAurahi-3, Mahottari
MahottariNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Aurahi,MahottariAurahi Mahotari
MahottariNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Bardibas Regional OfficeBardibas , Mohatari
MahottariNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Gaushala MahottariGaushala -2, Mahottari
MahottariNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Jaleshwor BranchJaleshwor -5, Mahottari
MahottariOm Money TransferLaxminiya-7,Kantibazar,Mahottari
MahottariPAPPU ENTERPRISESJaleshwar - 4, Mahottari
MahottariPappu EnterprisesJaleshwor-4, Infront of RBB, Mahottari
MahottariPipara Money TransferPipara-6 ,Mahottari
MahottariPrabhu Bank Limited-Bardibas BranchBardibas Chowk, Bardibas Nagarpalika-1,Mahottari
MahottariPrabhu Bank Limited-Jaleshwor BranchMahendra Chowk,Jaleshwor,Mahottari
MahottariRadha Krishna Saving & Credit Co-operative Society LtdKhayarmara,Mahottari
MahottariRahul Casst & Genrel Storejalashowori-5, Mahottari
MahottariRaj Money Transfer Mina Bazar,Jaleshwor-4,Mahottari
MahottariRajib Money TransferSahasala, Mahottari
MahottariRaju Money TransferPipara-9,Mahottari
MahottariRaju Money Transfer-Pipara, Mahottari150Mt From Hanuman Mandir,Pipara-2,Mahottari
MahottariResham Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdEkdhara Bela-4,Mahottari
MahottariRoshani Money TransferEkhariya-3,Mahottari
MahottariS.K Remittance CenterGaushala-7,Mahottari
MahottariSahayogi Bikas Bank Ltd.Bardibas, Mahottari
MahottariSahayogi Bikas Bank Ltd.Gaushala Bazar, Mahottari
MahottariSahayogi Bikas Bank Ltd.Mina Bazar, Mahottari
MahottariSahayogi Bikas Bank Ltd.Ramgopalpur, Mahottari
MahottariSahayogi Bikash Bank Ltd-Bardibas Branch-Bardibas,MahottariBardibas-01,Mahottari
MahottariSahayogi Bikash Bank Ltd-Gaushala BranchGaushala Bazar-1, Mahottari
MahottariSahayogi Bikash Bank Ltd-Jaleshwor BranchMina Bazar, Jaleshwor-4, Mahottari
MahottariSahayogi Bikash Bank Ltd-Ramgopalpur BranchRamgopalpur,Mahottari
MahottariSAHAYOGI VIKAS BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bardibas Bazar-1 Mahottari Nepal
MahottariSAHAYOGI VIKAS BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Gaushala Bazar-1 Mahottari Nepal
MahottariSAHAYOGI VIKAS BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Mina Bazar Jaleshwar-4 Mahottari Nepal
MahottariSAHAYOGI VIKAS BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Ramgopalpur | Mahattari
MahottariSajha Enterprises And Sampurna Money Transfer Bardibas-1,Mahottari
MahottariSamaj Sahayogi Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKhutta Pipradhi-4,Mahottari
MahottariSanyukta Money TransferSarpallo Bazar
MahottariSHREE JALESHWAR NATH MONEY TRANSFERJaleshwar - 1, Mahottari
MahottariShree Jaleshwore Nath Money TransferNear Jaleshwore Nagarpalika Office, Saleshthan, Jaleshwore, Mahottari,
MahottariShree Labh Remit Bhramarpura-4,Mahottari
MahottariShree Ramjanaki Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdSamsi Bazar,Mahottari
MahottariShreeram Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdManara-5,Mahottari
MahottariShubha Shree Property Investment and Services Pvt. Ltd.,Bardibash-8, Mahottari
MahottariSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Patan Dhoka, lalitpur
MahottariSiddhartha Bank Ltd-BardibasWard No. 1, Bardibas
MahottariSitamai Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdBhangha-8,Sitapur,Mahottari
MahottariSitamai Krishi Sahakari Sastha LtdSitapur-8, Mahottari
MahottariSk Remittance CenterGaushala-07,Mahottari(Back Side of Ganesh Temple)
MahottariSonamai Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LimitedAurahi-3,Mahottari
MahottariSonu EnterprisesBus Stand Chowk,Jaleshwor-5,Mahottari
MahottariSunrise Bank Limited-Bardibas BranchSonamai Commercial Complex,Bardibas-1,Mahottari
MahottariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdSitapur Bhangaha Mahottari
MahottariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBardibas Mahottari
MahottariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdGaushala Mahottari
MahottariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdJaleshwar Mahottari
MahottariSwati Remit TradersGaushala-8, Mahottari
MahottariUjjyalo Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Dhamaura 8, Mahottari
MahottariUjyalo Money TransferDhamaura-7,Mahottari
MahottariUnited Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdJaleshwor-5,Mahottari
MahottariYash International Money TransferBardibas, Mahottari
MahottariYash International Money TransfersBardibas-1,Mahottari
Mahottari   Ashoka Money TransferMain Market,Sabji Bazar, Matihani-8, Mahottari
Mahottari   New Janasewa Money Transfer Bardibas Mahottari                              
Mahottari   Resham agriculture Co-operative ltdEkdara-4, Mahottari  
Mahottari   Shramik agriculture Co-operative ltdManara-3, Mahottari  
MakawanpurAlpine Development Bank Ltd.Chaugadha, Makawanpur
MakawanpurAlpine Development Bank Ltd.Hattisude, Makawanpur
MakawanpurAlpine Development Bank Ltd.Main Road, Makawanpur
MakawanpurAlpine Development Bank Ltd.Manahari, Makawanpur
MakawanpurAlpine Development Bank Ltd.Saraswoti Bazar, Makawanpur
MakawanpurAlpine Development Bank Ltd.Shikharkot, Makawanpur
MakawanpurBANK OF KATHMANDUMain Road Hetauda Makawanpur
MakawanpurCivil Bank LimitedBank Road, Hetauda-4, Makawanpur
MakawanpurJanata Bank Ltd.Hetauda, Makawanpur
MakawanpurLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdHarnamadi-06 Harnamadi ,Makawanpur
MakawanpurMahalaxmi bikas Bank ltdMain Road, Hetauda-10,Makawanpur
MakawanpurMAHALAXMI BIKASH BANK LIMITEDManahari Bazar Ward-3 Makwanpur
MakawanpurMAHALAXMI BIKASH BANK LIMITEDPalung Daman -5 Thanabazar(Opposite Police Satation) Makawanpur
MakawanpurMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdHetauda-10, mainroad Makawanpur
MakawanpurMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdManahari chowk Makawanpur
MakawanpurNCC Bank LtdKantiraj Path, Makawanpur
MakawanpurNCC Bank LtdTraffic Chowk Hetauda Makawanpur
MakawanpurNepal Investment bank Ltd.Bank Road, Makawanpur
MakawanpurNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdHetauda-10, Makawanpur
MakawanpurNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdPalung-1, Makawanpur
MakawanpurPathibhara Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari SasthaThaha, Makawanpur
MakawanpurRoyal Money ExpressBasamadi-4, Hetauda, Makawanpur
MakawanpurSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Satdobato, Chapagaon Road, lalitpur
MakwanpurBANK OF KATHMANDUBank Road | Hetauda
MakwanpurBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Hetauda BranchMain Road,hetauda,makwanpur
MakwanpurBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdBank Road, Hetauda,Makwanpur
MakwanpurBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdMain Road, Hetauda, Makwanpur
MakwanpurBidari EnterprisesPranamibhawan,Mainroad,Hetauda-10,Makwanpur
Makwanpurcentury commercial Bank Hetauda BRANCHKantirajpath-4, Hetauda, Makawanpur
MakwanpurChitlang Money TransferChitlang,Makwanpur
MakwanpurCitizens Bank International LtdParijat Path, Hetauda-4Makwanpur
MakwanpurCitizens Bank International Ltd-HetaudaHetauda, Narayani, Makwanpur
MakwanpurCivil Bank Limited-Hetauda BranchBank Road, Hetauda-4, Makawanpur
MakwanpurDupcheshwor Money TransferHetauda-4,Makwanpur
MakwanpurForward Community-ManahariManahri VDC, Makwanpur
MakwanpurGarima Bikas BankHetauda Branch, Makwanpur
MakwanpurGuheshwori Merchant Banking And Finance Ltd-HetaudaKantipath,hetauda
MakwanpurLama Money TransferHetauda-10,Makwanpur
MakwanpurLama Money TransferPadampokhari,Hetauda-14,Makwanpur
MakwanpurLaxmi Bank Limited-Hetauda BranchHetauda-4,Parijat Path,Makwanpur
MakwanpurMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedMain Road - 10 | Hetauda
MakwanpurMakwanpurMain Road -1, Hetauda, Makwanpur
MakwanpurMakwanpurDobato - 5, Daman, Makwanpur
Makwanpurmega bank ltdHetauda Makwanpur
MakwanpurMega Bank Nepal Ltd-Hetauda BranchHetauda,Makwanpur
MakwanpurMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDHetauda - 10 | Mainroad | Makwanpur
MakwanpurMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDManaharichowk | Makwanpur
MakwanpurNamrata Money TransferHetauda-9,makwanpur
MakwanpurNepal Investment Bank LimitedBypass Road | Hetauda
MakwanpurNew Rhyam-Makwanpur (Head Office)Near Public Bank,hetuda
MakwanpurNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Hetauda BranchKanti Rajpath Hetauda - 3,Makwanpur
MakwanpurNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Hetauda-10 | Bank Road | Makwanpur
MakwanpurNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Thaha- 1 | Palung
MakwanpurNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Hetauda BranchBank Road Hetauda
MakwanpurNMB BANK LIMITEDHetauda, Nayamarg - 4
MakwanpurPacific Saving and Credit Co-operative LtdBajrabarahi 1, Makwanpur
MakwanpurPalung Multipurpose Co-Operative Society Ltd- MakwanpurBeside Krishi Bikas Bank, Daman 5, Palung
MakwanpurPancha Buddha Sub Remittance Pvt.Ltd-Hetauda,Makwanpur BranchHetauda-10,Makwanpur
MakwanpurPrabhu Bank Limited-Hetauda BranchOm Bhawan,Kantirajpath,Hetauda-3,Makwanpur
MakwanpurRoyal Money Express-BasandiBasandi - 5 , Makwanpur
MakwanpurRoyal Money Express-HetaudaHetauda Bazar, Makwanpur
MakwanpurSahara Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd-Hetauda BranchBank Area,hetauda, Makawanpur
MakwanpurSahayogi Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdThaha-1,Okharbazar,Makwanpur
MakwanpurSanima Bank Limited-Hetauda BranchParijat Path-4,hetauda, Makwanpur
MakwanpurSathiko Money TransferHetauda-10, Makawanpur
MakwanpurSathiko Money TransferHetauda-10,rapti Road,tempo Park,makwanpur
MakwanpurSiddhartha Bank Ltd- HetaudaWard No. 10, Hetauda, Makawanpur
MakwanpurSubhechha Bikash Bank Ltd-HetaudaBank Road,hetauda,makwanpur
MakwanpurSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdHetauda Makwanpur
MakwanpurSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBhimphedi Makwanpur
MakwanpurSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdPalung Makwanpur
MakwanpurSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBastipur Makwanpur
MakwanpurTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDHetauda - 4 | Makwanpur
MakwanpurTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Hetauda BranchTSN Road,Hetauda-10,Makwanpur
MakwanpurTriveni Bikas Bank Ltd-Hetauda BranchRS Complex, TCN Road,Hetauda,Makwanpur
MakwanpurYeti Development Bank Ltd-Hetauda BranchBank Road, Hetauda, Makwanpur
MakwanpurYeti Development Bank Ltd-Manahari BranchManahari, Makwanpur
MakwanpurYeti Development Bank Ltd-Palung BranchThana Bazaar, Palung, Makwanpur
ManangA.K.Trade CenterMorang
ManangCitizens Bank International Ltd-Chame BranchManang
ManangNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Chame | Manang
ManangNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdChame-6, Manang
ManangNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdChame, Manang
ManangNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Chame, Manang BranchChame-5,Manang
ManangOm Development Bank LtdChhame Bazzar, Manang
ManangRiya Enterprises-Chame,ManangChame,Manang
Mohattarisamaj sahayogi saving and cradit co-oparetivepipradi-4, Mohattari
MohattariUnited co-operative Ltdjaleshwor-5, Mohattari
MohattariYash International Money TransfarBardibas-1, Mohattari
MorangA. K. TRADE CENTERIttahara - 2, Morang
MorangA.K Trade CenterUrlabari-2,Morang
MorangACE Development Bank Ltd.Ithara Extension Counter,Ithara-4,Morang
MorangACE Development Bank Ltd.Urlabari Bazar, Urlabari - 4, Morang
MorangAcharya Money TransferPathari,Shanishare-14,Kushal Chowk,Morang
MorangAlpha Money TransferPathari-1, Morang
MorangAlpha Money Transfer Sunakhari Chowk, Pathari Morang
MorangAmardaha Sajilo Money TransferAmardaha-1,Morang
MorangANISH MONEY TRANSFERKhosarne - 1, Indrapur, Morang
MorangArati Money TransferUrlabari-3,Morang
MorangBANK OF KATHMANDUMain Road Biratnagar Morang
MorangBANK OF KATHMANDUMahendrachowk | Biratnagar
MorangBANK OF KATHMANDUUrlabri-4 Itahara Road Urlabari
MorangBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Biratnagar BranchMain Road Biratnagar
MorangBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Urlabari BranchUrlabari-4, Itahara Road ,urlabari Morang
MorangBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdMahendra Chowk, Biratnagar, Morang
MorangBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdMain Road, Biratnagar, Morang
MorangBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdUrlabri-4, Itahara Road, Morang
MorangBansbari EnterprizesBansbari Chowk word no. 11, Sunderdulari Municipality,Dulari, Morang
MorangBhagya Shree Tours and TravelsMahendra chowk, Biratnagar-15, Morang,
MorangBHANDARI MONEY TRANSFERIttahara Road - 4, Urlabari, Morang
MorangBhandari Money Transfer-MadhumallaMadhumalla Road, Urlabari
MorangBhandari Money Transfer-Urlabari ,Itahara Chowk ,MorangItahara Chowk, Ward-4, Urlabari
MorangBhattarai Money TransferHatkhola-10,Biratnagar,Morang
MorangBhattarai Telephone SewaUrlabari, Morang
MorangBhattarai Telephone SewaSunpakuwa High School Road,Urlabari-6, Mangalbare,Morang
MorangBhetwal Sun Chadi Pasal and Money TransferSijuwa-8,Morang
MorangBina EnterprisesBahuni-6,Morang
MorangBina Enterprise,Bahuni,Morang
MorangBirendranagar Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdPathari Sanischare-4,Morang
MorangBishal Money ChangerNear Nepal Rastra Bank,Rangeli Road,Devkota Chowk,Biratnagar,Morang
MorangBishal Money ChangerMadhumara,Biratnagar-11,Morang
MorangBishal Money TransferDevkota Chowk,Purba Biratnagar
MorangBishnu Laxmi Jewellry & MtrfDaghihaat-5, Morang
Morangcentury commercial Bank Belbari BRANCHBelbari-3, Morang
Morangcentury commercial Bank Biratnagar BranchGolcha Chowk-7, Biratnagar
Morangcentury commercial Bank Biratnagar Branch2Mahendra Chowk, Morang
MorangChudal Sunchadi PasalSijuwa-3,Morang
MorangCitizens Bank International LtdDharan Road-8, Biratnagar,Morang
MorangCitizens Bank International Ltd-Biratnagar BranchDharan Road, Biratnagar, Morang
MorangCivil Bank LimitedBiratnagar Sub-Metropolitan City, Morang
MorangCivil Bank Limited-Biratnagar BranchSanihat Tole,biratnagar
MorangClick Travels And ToursUrlabari-4, Morang
MorangDahal Money Transfermadhumalla - 1, morang
MorangDahal Money TransferIn Front Of Rastriya Banijya Bank, Madhumalla 2, Morang
MorangDestination Delivery Service Pvt Ltd50metre south from Urlabari chowk
MorangDevi Pathivara Money TransferKarsiya,Sorabhag-3,Morang
MorangDhakal Gold Silver ShopBayarban-6,Morang
MorangDhankute Gahana Pasal & Money Transfer Haraicha-3,Koshi,Morang
MorangDiya Money TransferThomhat-01, Morang
MorangEXCEL DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDBiratanagar Sub-Metrpolitan
MorangExcel Development Bank Ltd.Dharan Road , Morang
MorangForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdBahuni Branch
MorangForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdBelbari Branch
MorangForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdBiratnagar Branch
MorangForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdHattimuda Branch
MorangForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdKerabari Branch
MorangForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdLetang Branch
MorangForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdRangeli Branch
MorangForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdSanischare Branch
MorangForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdTetaria Branch
MorangForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdUrlabari Branch
MorangForward Community-BahuniBahuni,Morang
MorangForward Community-BelbariBelbari-2,Morang
MorangForward Community-BiratnagarBiratnagar-15, Janapath Tole,Morang
MorangForward Community-Biratnagar Area OfficeBiratnagar-15, Janapath Tole,Morang
MorangForward Community-HattimudaTanki-5,Bansbari,Morang
MorangForward Community-KerabariKerabari bajar,Morang
MorangForward Community-LetangLetang Bajar ,Morang
MorangForward Community-MajhareMajhare VDC, Morang
MorangForward Community-NayabazarKatahari VDC, Morang
MorangForward Community-RangeliRangali,(Darbesa VDC-2)Morang
MorangForward Community-SanischareSanischare,Morang
MorangForward Community-SijuwaSijuwa VDC, Morang
MorangForward Community-TetariaTetariya-8,Morang
MorangForward Community-UrlabariUrlabari-4,Morang
MorangForward Community-Urlabari Area OfficeUrlabari,Morang
MorangGachhiya Money TransferNear Gachhiya Bridge,Gachhiya-9,Sundarpur, Morang
MorangGajmer Trade Center & Money TUrlabari-6, Mangalbare,
MorangGajmer Trade Center And Money TransferGajmer Sunchadi Pasal, Urlabari, Morang
MorangGajurmukhi Money transferBiratchowk,Morang
MorangGajurmukhi Money TransferHaricha,Biratchowk,Morang
MorangGanga JewelariDalele,Keroun-9,Morang
MorangGanga Money TransferMadhumalla-01,tandi Road,morang
MorangGhimire Sunchadi Pasal Tatha Money TransferUrlabari-04,Morang
MorangGlobal Money TransferBelbari Petrol Pump, Belbari
MorangGlobal Sub Money TransferBelbari-2 Morang
MorangGlobal Sub Money Transfer & TravelsBelbari-2,Morang
MorangGlobal Sub Money Transfer & TravelsBelbari-2,Morang
MorangGolden Rijan Travels And Tours Pvt. LtdTraffic Chowk,
MorangGOPAL BHANDARI MONEY TRANSFERMadhumalla Road - 2, Urlabari, Morang
MorangGopal Bhandari Money TransferUrlabari-2,madhumalla,morang
MorangGram Laxmi Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdRangali-1, Morang
MorangHimchuli Money TransferUrlabari-4,Infront Of BOK Bank
MorangJanachahana Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd Letang-2,Budhabare,Morang
MorangJanata Bank Ltd.Traffic Chowk,Biratnagar 
MorangJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Biratnagar Traffic ChowkTraffic Chowk,biratnagar
MorangJay Bageshwori Trade and SuppliersBiratnagar-9,Morang
MorangJay shree Birat Investment Pvt.LtdBiratnagar-1,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Amahi BranchAmahi,Amaibariyati,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Amardaha BranchAmardaha-1,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Bahuni BranchBahuni-6,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Belbari BranchBelbari-2,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Biratnagar BranchBargachhi,Biratnagar N.P.-5,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Budhanagar BranchJhatiyahi Tole,Budhanagar-1,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Dainiya BranchDainiya Bazar,Dainiya-7,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Hadiya Budhabare BranchRamchowk,Budhabare-1,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Head OfficeAadarshanagar-1,Katahari,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Itahara BranchSombare,Itahara-2,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Jhorahat BranchJhorahat-1,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Karsiya BranchKarsiya-3,Sorabhag,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Katahari BranchKatahari-5,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Kerabari BranchKerabari-1,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Letang BranchLetang-8,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Majhare BranchLaxminiya-3,Majhare,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Pathari BranchShikhar chouk,Pathari-Sanischare N.P.-1,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Ramailo BranchRamailo,Bairban-7,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Rangeli BranchRangeli-2,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Rani BranchRani,Biratnagar N.P.,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Sijuwa BranchSanischre,Sijuwa-8,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Sisabanibadahara BranchKoilpur,Sisabanibadahara-7,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Tandi BranchTandi,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Tankisinuwari BranchGanga chock,Tankisinuwari-2,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Tetariya BranchTetariya,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikas Samaj-Urlabari BranchUrlabari,Morang
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJAmardaha Morang| 100 M South From Amardaha Chowk
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJNaya Bahuni Bazar
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJBelbari-1| 1KM North from Belbari Chowk| Morang
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJBiratnagar| Biratnagar| Near By Bargachi Chowk|Biratnagar
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJJatuwa 18 | 100 M North and East from Phadani Chowk
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJDainiya 8 | 100 M South from Dainiya Chowk
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJBalgram Chowk | Itahari-22
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJKatahari - 1 | Biratnagar
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJItahara| 100 M North from Sombare Bazar| Morang
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJJhorahat Chowk| Infront of Higher Secondary School
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJSorabhag VDC| Karsiya Bazaar| BP Chowk Purba
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJKhorsana 1 | Near Vdc Office Of Kerabari
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJLetang Bus Stand Road|In Front of Ilaka Police Chouki
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJToribari 2 | Madhumalla Chowk
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJMajhare| 300 M East from Laxmaniya Bazar
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJNear Boarding School|Pathari Bazar
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJ400 M north and est from Ramailo Chowk Bayarban-7
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJRamchowk | Near Naya bazar
MorangJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJTalimkendra Rani Biratnagar-22
MorangJeevan Bikash Samaj100Meter Sauth Frm Dainiya Chowk
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajAmahi Bariyati,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajAmardaha Morang,100 Meter South Frm Amardaha Chowk
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajBahuni Chowk,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajBelbari#1, 1Km North Frm Belbari Chowk, Morang
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajBiratnagar 10,mlachowk(H.O)
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajBiratnagar,Near By Bargachi Chowk,Biratnagar
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajBudhanagar,Jatuwa Morang
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajItahara,100M North Frm Sombare Bazar,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajJhorahat Chowk,Morang
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajKatahari Morang
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajKerabari Morang,100 Meter frm Kerabari Chowk
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajLetang Bazar,Letang
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajMajhare,300Meter From Laxmaniya Bazar
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajPathari, Morang
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajSijuwa Morang
MorangJeevan Bikash SamajSorabhag Vdc ,Karsiya Bazaar, BP Chowk Purba
MorangKabita Money TransferUrlabari Chowk (H.O.)
MorangKabita Money TransferUrlabari-MangalbareChowk Morang
MorangKafle sun Chandi And Money Transfer Pathari-Morang 
MorangKailash Money TransferBirat Chowk-4 Morang
MorangKailash Money TransferIndrapur ,biratchowk Morang
MorangKalash Traders and JewellarsUrlabari-06,Mongalbare,Morang
MorangKarki Money TransferKeroun-9,Dalali,Morang
MorangKarki Sunchandi Trade CentreUrlabari-4,Bargachi,Morang
MorangKarmath Yuva Agriculture Co-operative LtdDarbesha-9,Ranjani Bazar,Morang
MorangKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Urlabari BranchUrlabari,Morang
MorangKasthamandap Development Bank LtdUrlabari, Morang
MorangKerabari Money TransferKerabari-2,Morang
MorangKerung Traders Dangihat-5,Pathari,Morang
MorangKhaptad EnterprisesBahuni-6,Morang
MorangKoshiharaicha Money TransferKoshi-Harainchia-12,Salakpur,Morang
MorangKUMARI BANK LIMITEDUrlabari | Morang
MorangKumari Bank Limited-Biratnagar,Morang BranchMorang Byapaar Sangh Building
MorangKumari Bank Limited-Urlabari BranchUrlabari,itahari Road Urlabari
MorangKumari Bank ltdGoshwara Road, Biratnagar-9,Morang, Byapaar Sangh Building
MorangKumari Bank ltdItahara Road, Urlabari-4, Morang
MorangKumari Bank Ltd-Itahari RoadUrlabari VDC, Morang
MorangLafa Money Transfer And Trades-Jante,MorangMadan Chowk, Jante - 9,
MorangLafa Money Transfer-Letang,MorangMilan Chowk, Letang-2, Morang
MorangLaxmi Bank Limited-Biratnagar BranchMain Road, Ward 9, Biratnagar
MorangLetang money transfer pvt ltdLetang, Morang
MorangLetang Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdLetang,Bhogateni-8,Morang
MorangLetang Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdLetang Bhogateni-8,Morang
MorangM.B Jewelary And Money TransferMadhumalla Bazar, Madhumalla-1
MorangMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Biratchowk BranchBirat Departmental Store, Biratchowk
MorangMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Biratnagar BranchBiratnagar , Jaljala Chowk
MorangMAHALAXMI BIKASH BANK LIMITEDItahari-1 Sunsari (Near Police Station)
MorangMama Shree Money Transfer Gachhiya Gothagaun-5, Morang
MorangMama Shree Money Transfer Dulari 5, Morang
MorangManoj Money TransferMorang,Sijuwa, Morang
MorangManoj Money TransferRaneli Road,Sijuwa,Morang
MorangMega Bank LtdJaljala Road, Biratnagar - 9, Morang
MorangMega Bank Nepal Limited-Biratnagar BranchJaljala Road, Biratnagar-9
MorangMEGHA MONEY TRANSFERUrlabari - 2, Morang
MorangMegha Money TransferUrlabari-2, Madhumalla Road,Morang
MorangMegha Money Transfer (Sub Branch)9 km northwest from Urlabari, Tandi, Morang
MorangMegha Money Transfer-Dhobeni MorangUrlabari-2,Morang
MorangMegha Money Transfer-Urlabari,MorangUrlabari-2,Morang
MorangMiteri Development Bank Ltd.Biratchowk, Morang
MorangMiteri Development Bank Ltd.Damrabhitta, Morang
MorangMiteri Development Bank Ltd.Ithara Road, Morang
MorangMiteri Development Bank Ltd.Ramailo, Morang
MorangNalbo Trade Center Sewaro Sun Chadi Pashal Sewaro Sun Chandi Pasal, Rajghat
MorangNalbo Trade CentreRajghat-5,Durgapuri Bazar Sewaro Sunchandi Pasal Sangai,Morang
MorangNamaste EnterprisesBelbari-2, Morang(Opposite to NMB Bank) With Mahendra Highway)
MorangNamaste EnterprisesBelbari-2,Morang
MorangNandan EnterprisesBayarban-08,Ramailo,Morang
MorangNandan EnterprisesBayarban-08,Ramailo,Morang
MorangNCC Bank LtdBhanuchowk, Morang
MorangNCC Bank LtdMain Road, Biratnagar Morang
MorangNCC Bank LtdBiratnagar, Morang
MorangNCC Bank LtdBiratnagar, Morang
MorangNepal Investment Bank LimitedGolchcha Chowk | PO BOX: 269 | Main Road | Biratnagar | Nepal
MorangNepal Investment bank Ltd.Mainroad, Morang
MorangNEUPANE TRADE CENTERTimtime - 1, Ittahara, Morang
MorangNeupane Trade CenterTimtime-1,itahara, Morang
MorangNeupane Trade Center,Temtema-1,Itahari,Morang
MorangNew Bhandari Near by Bhandari Sunchadi Pasal
MorangNew Meelan Jewellers Uralbari-6, Mangalbare Morang
MorangNew Pathivara JewelersFilm Hall line,Belbari-2,Morang
MorangNew Shrestha Jewellery And Money TransferMadhumallah Bazaar
MorangNew Shrestha JewellryShanti Chowk Madhumalla Bazaar Morang
MorangNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Biratchowk BranchBiratchowk, Indrapur-3,Morang
MorangNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Biratnagar BranchOpposite D.S.P Office,Biratnagar-3,Morang
MorangNIC Asia Bank Limited-PathariPathari Sanischare-1,Pathari,Morang
MorangNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Urlabari BranchUrlabari-4,Itahara Road,Morang
MorangNIC ASIA Bank Ltd-Puspalal Chowk Branch Tanki Sinwari-3,Puspalal Chowk,Morang
MorangNIC ASIA-TankisinwariBirat Medical Teaching Hospital,Tankisinwari -3,Biratnagar,Morang
MorangNIC ASIA-UrlabariItahara Road, Urlabari-4, Morang
MorangNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Koshiharaicha-04
MorangNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Biratnagar-05
MorangNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Sorabhag-03
MorangNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Tankisinuwari-02
MorangNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdTankisinuwari-5, Morang
MorangNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBiratchowk,Indrapur-11, Morang
MorangNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBiratnagar-5, Morang
MorangNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdKarsiya,Sorabhag-2, Morang
MorangNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Biratchok MorangIndrapur 11,biratchowk Morang
MorangNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-BiratnagarJamunagachhi, Biratnagar
MorangNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Tankisinuwari MorangTankisinuwari-5, Tanki Morang
MorangNirmal Bhandari Money TransferUrlabari-4,Morang
MorangNishan Money TransferBiratchowk Morang
MorangNishan Money TransferBiratchowk, Indrapur 3
MorangNMB BANK LIMITEDBelbari Chowk Main Road
MorangNMB BANK LIMITEDRangeli Road
MorangNMB BANK LIMITEDGolcha Chowk
MorangNMB BANK LIMITEDKerabari Bazar
MorangNMB BANK LIMITEDLetang Bazar
MorangNMB BANK LIMITEDMadhumalla Bazar
MorangNMB BANK LIMITEDPathari Bazar
MorangNMB Bank LtdAddress :Belbari Chowk, Belbari-3, Morang
MorangNMB Bank LtdGolchha Chowk, Biratnagar-9
MorangNMB Bank LtdKerabari-2, Morang
MorangNMB Bank LtdLetang Bazar, Letang-6, Morang
MorangNMB Bank LtdMadhumalla chowk, Morang
MorangNMB Bank LtdPathari Bazar, Pathari-1, Morang
MorangNMB Bank LtdRangeli Road, Biratnagar, Morang
MorangNMB Bank LtdUrlabari Chowk, Urlabari-2, Morang
MorangNuma Money TransferRajghat-5,Durgapuri,Morang
MorangOjaswi Travels & Tours Pvt LtdUrlabari-4,Morang
MorangOLI MONEY TRANSFERUrlabari 4 Morang Itahara Road
MorangOli Money Transfer Pvt. LtdNear B Of Kathmandu, Bargachhi, Urlabari
MorangOm Communication CornerMahendra Highway,dulari-1,morang
MorangPANDEY MONEY TRANSFERLetang - 2, Letang, Morang
MorangPandey Money TransferJhata Letang Morang
MorangPandey Money TransferWest from Army Camp, Infront of Guras Boarding School, Letang,Morang
MorangPandey Money TransferJate-2,Morang
MorangPandey Money Transfer Jate-2,Morang
MorangPendeshwori Money TransferBargachi Chowk,Biratnagar,Morang
MorangPindeshwori Money TransferBiratnagar, Morang
MorangPoudel Sun Chandi PasalSanischare Bazar, Morang
MorangPoudel Sunchadi Pasal Sanischare-3, Morang
MorangPrabhu Bank Limited-Belbari BranchNew Belbari Bazar,Near Area Police Station,Belbari,Morang
MorangPrabhu Bank Limited-Biratnagar BranchJaljala Chowk,Rangeli Road,Biratnagar,Morang
MorangPrabhu Bank Limited-Pathari BranchBG House III,Loktantra Chowk,Pathari Bazar,Morang
MorangPradip Gahana Center Urlabari, Morang
MorangPrashant Money TransferTankiSunuwari -3,Puspalal Chowk,Biratnagar,Morang
MorangPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Biratnagar BranchBiratnagar, Morang
MorangPrime Commercial Bank LtdTraffic Chowk,Biratnagar, Morang
MorangPrime Commercial Bank LtdKanchanbari ,Biratnagar, Morang
MorangPrime Commercial Bank LtdPuspalal Chowk ,Biratnagar, Morang
MorangPrime Commercial Bank LtdBiratnagar, Morang
MorangPrime Commercial Bank LtdSunsari, Morang
MorangPrime Commercial Bank LtdBiratchowk ,Morang
MorangPrime Commercial Bank LtdLetang ,Morang
MorangPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Biratchowk MorangIndrapur-5,Morang
MorangPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Kanchanbari Kanchanbari Chowk,Biratnagar,Morang
MorangPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Letang Letang Bazzar,Morang
MorangPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Puspalal Chowk MorangTankisinwari-3,Puspalal Chowk,Morang
MorangPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Traffic Chowk,MorangHimalaya Road,Biratnagar-14,Morang
MorangPurbeli RemitBahuni 3, Somare, Morang
MorangPutaWarti Sai Sub RemitPathari-1,Morang
MorangPutawarti Sai Sub Remittance Jalpa Devi Supermarket , Pathari
MorangR K Money Transfer Pvt. LtdMangalbare, Kamal Photo Studio
MorangR K Traders Urlabari, Morang
MorangR.K EnterprisesBrikuti Chowk-3,Biratnagar,Morang
MorangRatna Money TransferTinpaini-2,Biratnagar,Morang
MorangRayamajhi Money TransferAmardaha-2,Morang
MorangRayamajhi Money TransferAmardaha-2,Morang
MorangReliable Development Bank Ltd-Biratnagar BranchRangeli Road, Biratnagar-12,Morang
MorangRoja Shree Traders Near Banijya Bank, B.p. Chowk, Patthari, Morang
MorangRoju Kota TradersPathari, Morang
MorangS. Ghajal EntraprisesMalpoth chowk,Pentagon Bhawan, Belbari
MorangSagarmatha Merchant Banking And Finance Ltd.-BiratnagarBiratnagar, Mahendra Chowk, Morang
MorangSahabhagitamak Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdBiratnagar-15,Morang
MorangSahakari Sanstha LimitedJhorahat-1,Morang
MorangSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Aam bari, Morang
MorangSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Amardaha Bazar, Morang
MorangSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Bahuni, Morang
MorangSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Biratchowk, Morang
MorangSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Chadani Chowk, Morang
MorangSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Gyan Jyoti Chowk, Morang
MorangSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Katahari, Morang
MorangSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Mangalabare Bazar, Morang
MorangSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Milanchowk, Morang
MorangSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Puspalal Chowk, Morang
MorangSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Rangeli Bazar, Morang
MorangSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Road shesh chowk, Morang
MorangSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Sikhar Chowk, Morang
MorangSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Tetariya Bazar, Morang
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Amardha, MorangAmardhah1,bazar,morang
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Bahauni,MorangBahanuni -7,morang
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Biratchowk,MorangIndrapur-4,biratnagar,morang
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-BiratnagarBiratnagar-6,roadsacechowk,morang
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Elaka Sew Kendra,BiratnagarBiratnagar-4,chandai Chowk,morang
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Goathgaun,MorangSundarpur-1.gyanjyoti Chowk,goathgaun,morang
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Katahari,MorangKatahari-4,morang
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Letang,MorangLetang-6 Milan Chowk,letang
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Mangalbare,MorangUrlabari -6,mangalbare Bazar Road,morang
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Pathari,MornagPatahri-1,shikhar Chowk,amardha Road,morang
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Puspalal Chowk,MorangBiratnagar-4,puspalal Chowk,morang
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Rongoli,MorangRongoli-1,rongoli Bazar,morang
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Sautha,MorangSautha,Morang
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Sijuwa,MorangJurkiya-8,aambari,morang
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Tetariya,MorangTateriya-9,teteriya Bazar,mornag
MorangSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Vudha,Ithari,MorangVudha,ithari,morang
MorangSalakpur InvestmentSalakpur-9, Morang
MorangSalakpur Investment Company Pvt.LtdKoshi Haraincha-09,Salakpur,Morang
MorangSalakpur Money TransferMrigaulia -6 ,Salakpur Chowk, Morang
MorangSalakpur Money TransferMrigaulia - 6, Salakpur,
MorangSambhabi TradersSame Building of Lumbini Bank Ltd,Biratnagar,Mahendra Chowk,Morang
MorangSamjhana Money TransferMadhumalla-2,Urlabari
MorangSamrat Money ChangerThakurbari
MorangSanima Bank Limited-Belbari BranchMain Road, Ward No. 2, Belbari, Morang
MorangSanima Bank Limited-Biratnagar BranchHanumanDas Road Biratnagar-8
MorangSanischare Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari SasthaSanischare-03, Morang
MorangSantosh Money TransferRamailo-7,bayarban, Morang
MorangSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd.Main Road, Morang
MorangSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd.morang, Morang
MorangSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd.Sautha Bazar, Morang
MorangSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd.SUNDARDULARI, Morang
MorangSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd.Tankisinwari , Morang
MorangSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd-BiratnagarBiratnagar-6, Morang
MorangSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd-Biratnagar,Morang (Corporate office)Biratnagar-9,Morang
MorangSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd-Gachhiya BranchGachhiya,Morang
MorangSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd-Morang (Head Office)Tankisinawari-2, Morang
MorangSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd-Rangeli BranchRangeli-5, Morang
MorangSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd-Sijuwa BranchSijuwa 9, Morang
MorangSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd-Urlabari BranchUrlabari – 04, Morang
MorangSaptakoshi Money transfer & CreditPatharichowk,Morang
MorangSaptakoshi Money Transfer & TradeSanischare Chowk,Mainline-5
MorangSewaro Sun Chadi PashalSewaro Sun Chandi Pasal, Rajghat, Morang
MorangSewaro Telephone Sewa Ward No.2, Urlabari,morang
MorangShakcham Money Transfer Center Sorabhag,Karsiya-3,Morang
MorangSHREE GANAPATI MONEY TRANSFERKanchanbari - 5, Biratnagar, Morang
MorangShree Ganapati Money TransferKanchanbari-5, Biratnagar, Morang
MorangShree Ganapati Money TransferKanchanwori Chowk-5,biratnagar,morang
MorangShree Ganapati MoneyTransferBiratnagar, Morang
MorangShree Laxmi SuppliersBargachi, Urlabari-5, Morang
MorangShree Laxmi SuppliersNear to Baragachi bus station,Urlabari,Morang
MorangShree Uma Gauri Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdKarsiya,Sorabagh-3,Morang
MorangShreedhar EnterprisesBiratnagar-6, Morang
MorangShrestha Money TransferBelbari-3,Morang
MorangShrestha Money TransferPathari-1,Morang
MorangSiddhakali Money TransferPathari, Morang
MorangSiddhakali Money TransferUrlabari, Morang
MorangSiddhakali Money TransferUrlabari, Morang
MorangSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Bardibas, Mahottari
MorangSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Bank Road, Makawanpur
MorangSiddhartha Bank Ltd-BiratnagarBiratnagar,Morang
MorangSiddhartha Bank Ltd-UrlabariUrlabari,Morang
MorangSiddhartha Development Bank LtdBiratnagar Branch, Biratnagar
MorangSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-BiratnagarBiratnagar
MorangSiman EnterprisesTandi-8,Morang
MorangSitaram Jewellers And Money Transfer Bazaar Line, Madhumallah - 1, Morang
MorangSRIJANA FINANCE LIMITEDHanuman Das Road| Biratnagar - 8 Morang
MorangSRIJANA FINANCE LIMITEDHanuman Das Road| Biratnagar - 8 Morang
MorangSRIJANA FINANCE LIMITEDSoravhag| Karshiya (Main Road Karsia Bazar)| Morang
MorangSRIJANA FINANCE LIMITEDPathari | Sanischare
MorangSRIJANA FINANCE LIMITEDNear Kali Mandir | Rangeli | Morang
MorangSRIJANA FINANCE LIMITEDKoshi Haraicha - 9 | Salakpur | Morang
MorangSrijana Finance Limited-Biratnagar (Head Office)Biratnagar,Morang
MorangSrijana Finance Limited-Dangihat BranchLaxmi Marg,Salakpur,Morang
MorangSrijana Finance Limited-KanchanbariKanchanbari,Morang
MorangSrijana Finance Limited-Karsia BranchKarsia,Morang
MorangSrijana Finance Limited-Pathari BranchPathari,Morang
MorangSrijana Finance Limited-Rangeli BranchKali Mandir Road,Rangeli,Morang
MorangSrijana Finance Limited-Salakpur BranchKoshi Haraicha,Salakpur,Morang
MorangSrijana Finance LtdHanuman Das Road, Morang
MorangSrijana Finance LtdKanchanbari , Morang
MorangSrijana Finance LtdKarsiya Bazar, Morang
MorangST Money TransferRajghat-3, Morang
MorangSumitra Investment Pvt.LtdBiratnagar-15,Morang
MorangSUNGAVA MONEY TRANSFERUrlabari - 6, Urlabari
MorangSunrise Bank Limited-Biratchowk BranchBiratchowk,Koshi Haraicha-1,Morang
MorangSunrise Bank Limited-Biratnagar BranchRangeli Road,Biratnagar-9,Morang
MorangSunrise Bank Limited-Biratnagar Branch (2)Mainroad-12,Biratnagar,Morang
MorangSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBiratchowk Morang
MorangSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBiratnagar Morang
MorangTamu Money TransferDurgapuri-5,rajghat,morang
MorangTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDDevkota Chowk | Biratnagar-10 | Morang
MorangTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Biratnagar BranchHimalayan Road,Biratnagar-14,Morang
MorangTriveni Bikash Bank Ltd-Dangihat BranchDangihat-5,Laxmimarga,Morang
MorangUnited Finance Limited-Biratnagar BranchNabi Plaza,main Road,biratnagar (infront Of Kali Mandir)
MorangUnited Finance LtdMain Road, Nabi Plaza, Morang
MorangVibor Society Development Bank LimitedInfront Of Kali Mandir | Bata Road
MorangVibor Society Development Bank LimitedInfront Of Hulak Office Rangeli | Morang
MorangVibor Society Development Bank LtdBiratnagar,Bata Road-12, Morang
MorangWave Money TransferKharji Chowk, Biratnagar-5, Morang
MorangWave Money TransferKharji Chowk,Biratnagar-5,Morang
Morang Sagarmatha Finanance LtdMahendra Chowk, Morang 
Morang Vibor Society Development Bank LtdRangeli -1, Opposite of Post Office, Morang 
MuguChhayanath Saving & Credit Co operative LtdChhayanath Rara2, Gamgadi, Mugu
MuguNew Fashion Dot ComSrinagar-05, Tribeni, Mugu
MuguNIC ASIA-MuguGamgadhi-5,Mugu
MuguNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Shreenagar-4
MuguNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGumgadhi, Mugu
MuguRara Remit EnterprisesShreenagar-5,Mugu
MustangFewa Bikas bank LtdJomsom, Mustang
MustangLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdMarpha -05, Jomsom, Mustang
MustangMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Jomsom BranchPuthang Airport Marpha Jomsom
MustangNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Ghansa | Mustang
MustangNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGhasa,Lete-2, Mustang
MustangNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdJomsom, Mustang
MustangNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Jomsom, Mustang BranchJomsom-8,Mustang
MustangPrabhu Bank Limited-Jomsom BranchPuthang Airport,Infront of Jomsom Airport Gate,Marpha VDC ward no.5,Mustang
MustangPrabhu Bank Limited-Muktinath Counter BranchRanipauwa,Muktinath,Mustang
MustangTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDMarpha-5 | Jomsom | Mustang
MyagdiBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Beni BranchNew Road, Beni
MyagdiBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdNew Road, Beni, Myagdi
MyagdiBeni Money TransferHulak Chowk-2, Arthunge, Myagdi
MyagdiCitizens Bank International LtdNew Road 1, Beni Bazar,Myagdi 
MyagdiCitizens Bank International Ltd-Beni BazaarBeni Bazaar
MyagdiD. D. MONEY TRANSFERBeni Bazar - 1, Arthunge, Myagdi
MyagdiDarbang Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdDarbang-1,Myagdi
MyagdiDhaulagiri Money TransferBabiyachour, Myagdi
MyagdiDhaulagiri Money TransferBhurung,Tatopani,Jomsong Road
MyagdiDhaulagiri Money TransferDarbang Myagdi
MyagdiDhaulagiri Money TransferGhatang-06 Galeswor Myagdi
MyagdiDhaulagiri Money TransferSingha 04, Tatopani, Myagdi
MyagdiDhaulagiri Money Transfer (H.O)Newroad Mainbazaar, Beni
MyagdiDhaulagiri Travels And Money Transfer-MyagdiBeni Bazar
MyagdiDhaulagiri Travels And Money Transfer-SingaSinga-tatopani-bazar
MyagdiFewa Bikas bank LtdBeni Bazar, Myagdi
MyagdiGarima Bikas BankBeni Branch, Myagdi
MyagdiGarima Bikas BankDarbang Branch, Myagdi
MyagdiGarima Bikas BankBhurung Tatopani Branch, Myagdi
MyagdiGarima Bikas BankBabiyachaur Branch, Myagdi
MyagdiGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Babiyachaur BranchBabiyachaur-5,Myagdi
MyagdiGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Beni BranchBeni-7,Myagdi
MyagdiGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Darbang BranchDarbang-1,Myagdi
MyagdiGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Galeshwor Ext CounterGaleshwor,Myagdi
MyagdiGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Tatopani BranchBhurung tatopani-1,Myagdi
MyagdiGorkha Bhupu Sainik Saving & Credit Co-opertive Society LtdOpp. Of Pollice Station, Arthunhe-2, Beni Bazar, Beni,myagdi
MyagdiGreen Development Bank Ltd-Beni BranchGanesh Tole,Beni-7,Myagdi
MyagdiHimali Saving & Credt Co-operative LtdDurbang-1,Myagdi
MyagdiKankrebihar Development Bank Ltd-Babiyachaur BranchBabiyachaur,Myagdi
MyagdiKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Beni BranchBeni Bazar,Myagdi
MyagdiKasthamandap Development Bank LtdBeni Bazar , Myagdi
MyagdiKasturi Multipurpose Co-operative LtdBeni,myagdi
MyagdiKasturi Sub Money Trasfer Pvt.Ltd.Arthunge -2 Myagdi
MyagdiKUMARI BANK LIMITEDBeni Bazar Branch | Myagdi
MyagdiKUMARI BANK LIMITEDNew Road | Beni - 7 | Myagdi
MyagdiKumari Bank Ltd-BeniBeni Bazar, Myagdi
MyagdiKumari Bank Ltd-Beni New RoadNew Road, Beni Bazar ,Myagdi
MyagdiKUMARI MONEY TRANSFERBeni Bazar - 1, Arthunge, Myagdi
MyagdiLokdeep Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBeni-6,Myagdi
MyagdiMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Beni BranchArhunge Vdc-1 "ka" Campus Chowk Beni Bazar, Myagdi, Nepal
MyagdiMaharani Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBeni-6, Mangalaghat, Myagdi
MyagdiMuna Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdMuna-1,Myagdi
MyagdiNational Money Transfer-Beni BazarIn Front Of Nepal Bidhut Office, Beni-2,
MyagdiNational Money Transfer-MyagdiBeni
MyagdiNilgiri Vikas Bank Limited-Babiyachour MyagdiNear Mangala Babiyachour
MyagdiNilgiri Vikas Bank Limited-Durbang MyagdiDurbang Bazar Myagdi
MyagdiNilgiri Vikas Bank Limited-Myagdi (Head Office)New Road, Beni Bazar, Myagdi
MyagdiNilgiri Vikas Bank Limited-Tatopani MyagdiTatopani Bazar, Bhurung Myagdi
MyagdiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Babiyachaur | Mygdi
MyagdiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBabiyachaur-5, Maygdi
MyagdiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Babiyachaur BranchBabiyachaur-5,myagdi
MyagdiNMB BANK LIMITEDNewroad - 8 | Myagdi
MyagdiNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdGaleshowar, Myagdi
MyagdiNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Galeshwor,Ghatan, Myagdi BranchGhatan-6, Myagdi
MyagdiPaschim Myagdi Multipurpose/Darbang Money TransferNear Police Post, Darbang
MyagdiPashchimanchal Finance Co. LtdNewroad,Beni, Myagdi
MyagdiPashchimanchal Finance Co.Ltd-Beni BranchBeni, Myagdi
MyagdiPrabhu Bank Limited-Beni BranchBeni Municipality-06,Beni,Myagdi
MyagdiPrabhu Bank Limited-Darbang BranchDarbang Bazar-1,Myagdi
MyagdiPrabhu Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdBabiyachour-5,Myagdi
MyagdiSahara Saving & Credit Co-operative Soc.ltdArthunge-1,beni,myagdi
MyagdiShivalaya Money Transfer Ghatan-6, Galeshwor, Myagdi
MyagdiShree Buddha Money Transfer Pvt.LtdBeni Bazar, Phone-069-520410/ 520891
MyagdiWest Myagdi Multipurpose Co-operative LtdDarbang-1,Myagdi
NarayangarhSewa Bikash Bank LtdShahidchowk,Narayangarh
NawalparasiAmar Multipurpose Co-operative LtdAmarapuri-7,nawalparasi
NawalparasiBANK OF KATHMANDUBardaghat | Nawalparasi
NawalparasiBANK OF KATHMANDURamgram - 3 | Parasi | Sunwal ParasiRoad | Nawalparasi
NawalparasiBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdBardghat, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdRamgram-3, Parasi, SunawalParasi Road, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiBardaghat RemittanceBardghat, Makkar-4, Triveni Road, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiBardaghat Remittance Triveni Road, Makar-4, Bardaghat
NawalparasiBelatari Money Transfer Pratapur-4,Belatari,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiBindeshwor Enterprises Arunkhola,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiBN Enterprises Pvt.LtdInfront of ncell tower, Rajahar, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiBulingtar Multipurpose Co-operative LtdBulingtar-2,Nawalparasi
Nawalparasicentury commercial Bank BELATARI BRANCHPratapur VDC-04,Belatari,Nawalparasi
Nawalparasicentury commercial Bank CHORMARA BRANCHMadhyaBindu Municipality-07,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiDaunne Devi RemittancePetrolpump , Nawalparasi
NawalparasiDaunne Devi Remittance Dumkibas-1,petrol Pump,nawalparasi
NawalparasiDaunne Investment Pvt. Ltd.Makar-4,Chisapani Nawalparasi
NawalparasiDawanya Devi remittanceDumkibas-1 Nawalparasi
NawalparasiDebit Money TransferManjhariya Chowk,Ramgram,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiDebit Money Transfer Ramgram-10 ( Manjhariya Chowk ) Nawalparasi
NawalparasiDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDNayabelhani-8| Nawalparasi
NawalparasiDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDDaldale| Nawalparasi
NawalparasiDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDGaindakot-02| Nawalparasi
NawalparasiDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Arunkhola BranchArungkhola,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Daldale BranchDaldale Bazar,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Gaindakot BranchInfront of police station,Gaidakot,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiDivya Trade CenterSunaltar Nawalparasi
NawalparasiDS International Trade LinkGaidakot-11,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiEverest Finance LtdDanda Bazaar, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiEverest Finance LtdHarkapur, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiEverest Finance LtdRajahar -7, Rajahar Bazzar Nawalparasi
NawalparasiFewa Bikas bank LtdBhedabari, Nabalparasi
NawalparasiForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdGopiganj Banch,
NawalparasiForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdRamnagar Branch,
NawalparasiForward Community-Gopiganj Nawalparasijamuniya VDC -4, Gopiganj Nawalparasi
NawalparasiForward Community-Ramnagar NawalparasiRamnagar-1, Bhumahi, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiGaindakot Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd Gaindakot-2,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiGandaki Bikas Bank LtdBardaghat, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiGandaki Bikas Bank LtdChormara Bazar, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiGandaki Bikas Bank LtdKawasoti Bazar, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiGarima Bikas BankKawasoti Branch, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiGarima Bikas BankSunwal Branch, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiGarima Bikas BankBardghat Branch, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiGarima Bikas BankDaldale Branch, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiGarima Bikas BankParasi Branch, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Kawasoti BranchKawasoti-8,Indrachowk,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Sunwal BranchSunwal-1,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiGaurishankar Saving And Credit Co-Operative LtdNear By Bhu. Pu. Sainik Prabhat Academy, Giruwari, Deurali, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiGramin Saving and Credit Co-Operative Ltd Bardaghat-4,Makar,Nawalparasi 
NawalparasiHARI SATAHI COUNTERRamgram - 5, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiHari Satahi CounterRamgram-5, Parasi Bazar, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiHari Satahi Counter,Ram Gram-5 Mahaspur Chowk Parasi Bazar Nawalparasi
NawalparasiHira EnterpriseKawasoti-5 Side To Rastriya Banijya Bank Nawalparasi
Nawalparasiinisha Money TransferNear Malpote office,Parasi, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiInnovative Development Bank LtdChormara Bazar Madhyabimdu Nagarpalika-7 Nawalparasi
NawalparasiJanata Bank Ltd.Pratappur, Nawal Prasi
NawalparasiJanata Bank Ltd-NawalparasiPratappur, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Pratpur,NawalparashiPratappur, Nawal Prasi
NawalparasiJanautthan Samudayic laghubitta bikas bank ltdSunwal,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiJanautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bikash Bank Ltd-Rajahar BranchRajahar-7,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiJanautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bikash Bank Ltd-Sunwal BranchSunwal-4,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiJanautthan Samudayik Laghubitta Bikas Bank Ltd Rajahar-7, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiJay Indra Dev Enterprises-(Hira Enterprises) Danda Bazaar,
NawalparasiJimirebhar Money NetworkMakkar-7, Nawalparasi, Jimirebhar
NawalparasiKalika Micro Credit Development Bank Ltd.Bhutaha, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiKalika Micro Credit Development Bank Ltd.Chourangi tole, Nawalparasi
Nawalparasikalika money transferjahada -7 bhatwaliya, nawalparasi
NawalparasiKamana Bikas BankDaldale, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiKamana Bikas BankPragatinagar , Nawalparasi
NawalparasiKAMANA BIKASH BANK LIMITEDPragatinagar | Nawalparasi
NawalparasiKrishna Gandaki Saving & Credit Co-opertive LtdDedgaun-9,nawalparasi
NawalparasiKUMARI BANK LIMITEDNawalparasi
NawalparasiKumari Bank Limited-Nawalparasi BranchKawasoti Bazzar, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiKumari Bank ltdSabhapati Chowk, Kawasoti-5, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiLamsal TradersPragatinagar-3, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiLaxmi Bank Ltd-Rajahar BranchRajahar-1,Rajahar Bazar,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdNaya Belhani -08 Arunkhola,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiLaxmi Money TransferParasi,Bhumahi, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiLumbini Money TransferSunwal-1, Somnath , Near by Lumbini Oil Suppliers Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Parasi BranchMaheshpurchowk,parasi Bazzar
NawalparasiMadhya Bindu Trade CentreSahidnagar,Danda
NawalparasiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedParasi Bazaar - 5 | Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd,Ramnagar-1,Bhumahi Chowk,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMatikala & Son Money TransferKawasoti Indra Chowk,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMatikala And Sons Pvt.Ltd Kawasoti Bazar
NawalparasiMega Bank LtdIndra Chowk-5, Kawasoti, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMega Bank LtdSunwal Chowk-4,Sunawal, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMega Bank Nepal Limited-Kawasoti BranchKawasoti,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMega Bank Nepal Limited-Sunawal BranchSunawal,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMegha Money Transfer, Bhumahi Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMission Development Bank LtdBhumahi Ramnagar-2 Bhumahi,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMission Development Bank LtdGopigunj Jamuniya-1, Gopigunj,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMiteri Krishi Sahakari Sastha LtdGuthi Suryapura, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDRamnagar - 1 | Bhumai | Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDDevchuli - 14 | Daldale | Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDDeurali-3 Girubari Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdRamnaga1, Bhumai, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdDavchuli-14, Daldale Nawalparasi
NawalparasiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdDeurali-3, Girubari, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNagarik RemittanceNawalparasi, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNagarik Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdRupauliya-5,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNamaste Nepal Money TransferNarasahi-6,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNamaste Sub Money TansferTriveni Susta-6,Raninagar Bazar,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNamuna Akaladevi Multipurpose Co-Operative LtdOpp of Shree Dedhgaon High School, Khahare, Dedhgaon
NawalparasiNardevi Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKudiya-4,Marchahawa,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNava Pragati Saving & Crediit Co-operative ltdPargatinagar-3, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNawa Prativa Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdNayabelhani-8,Arungkhola
NawalparasiNawa Prativa Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdNayabelhani-8,Arungkhola,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNCC Bank LtdSunwal Bazar, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNepal Community Development Bank LimitedAronkhola Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNepal Community Development Bank LimitedBhutaha Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNew Lumbini Money TransferRamnagar-1,bhumahi,nawalparasi
NawalparasiNew Lumbini Money TransferSunawal-12,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNew Quick Money TransferJamuniya-4, Gopigung, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNew Quick Money TransferJamuniya-4,nawalparasi
NawalparasiNew Shubha Sansar TradersGaindakot-2, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNew Shubha Sansar TradersGaindakot-2,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNEW SUBHA SANSAR TRADERSShivalaya Marg - 2, Gaindakot, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNIC Asia Bank Limited-BardaghatBardaghat-4,Bardaghat,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Kawasoti BranchKawasoti-8,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Bhumahi Sunwal Muncipality Ward no 12,Bhumahi,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNIC ASIA Bank Ltd-Daldale BranchDaldale-13,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNIC ASIA-DaldaleDevchuli Municipality 13, Daldale, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNIC ASIA-DaldaleDevchuli Municipality 13, Daldale, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNIC ASIA-KawasotiKawasoti-8, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)KudiyaáVDC-1 | Phenaharawa
NawalparasiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Devchuli N.P.-15 | Pragatinagar
NawalparasiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Chaupatta-Daunnedevi
NawalparasiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)RamgramáMunicipality-3 | áParasi
NawalparasiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdDaldale-3, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdParasi-3, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBelatari, Kudiya-1, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdDauune Devi -9, Nawalprasi
NawalparasiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Belatari NawalparashiBelatari, Nawalparasi ,kudiya
NawalparasiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Daldale BranchPargatinagar Daldale, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Parasi BranchRam Gram, Infront Of Jay Santoshi Ma Film Hall
NawalparasiNMB BANK LIMITEDShavapati Chowk - 3 | Kawasoti
NawalparasiNMB BANK LIMITEDSunwal
NawalparasiNMB Bank LtdSunawal, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiOm TradersRamgram-6,Pokhara Pali Chowk, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiOmsai Money TransferGuthisuryapura-5,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiPandey Money NetworkMakar - 4, Bardaghat, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiPandey Money NetworkMakar-4,bardaghat,nawalparasi
NawalparasiParasi Saplayars Parasi Buddhcho Parasi Nawalparasi
NawalparasiParmeshwor Money Transfer Ram Gram-5,parasi,buddhachowk,nawalparasi
NawalparasiPeople Sub RemitGaidakot-2,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiPeoples Saving & Cr.Co.Ltd.Deurali-3,Giruwari Chowk ,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiPEOPLES SAVING & CREDIT COOPERATIVE LIMITEDDeurali -3, Deurali, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiPrabhu Bank Limited-Bardaghat BranchBardaghat Chowk,Bardaghat-4,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiPrabhu Bank Limited-Gopigunj BranchNear Jamuniya VDC Building and attached with Krishi Sewa Kendra Office,Gopigunj,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiPrabhu Bank Limited-Kawasoti BranchKawasoti Municipality-8,Kawasoti Bazar,Opposite to Bajaj Showroom,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiPrabhu Bank Limited-Parasi BranchRamgram Municipality Ward no.-3,Parasi,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Kawasoti BranchKawasoti, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiPrime Commercial Bank LtdKawasoti, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiPurnima Bikas Bank LtdRamgram-5, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiR.K. International Trade LinkPragatinagar-1 Daldale, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiReliable Development Bank Ltd-Bhumahi BranchBhumahi, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiRising Star Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdRamnagar-1,bhumahi,nawalparasi
NawalparasiRK International Trade LinkAmarapuri VDC-8,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSahayatri Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGaindakot-7,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSakina Money TransferRamgram-5, Nawalparashi
NawalparasiSamudyik RemittanceGopijung-3,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSewa Bikas Bank LtdBashabasahi , Tilakpur-6, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSewa Bikash Bank LtdAgyauli-09, Danda Bazzar, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSewa Bikash Bank LtdDumkibas, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSewa Bikash Bank LtdKawasoti-05, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSewa Bikash Bank LtdRamgram-3, Bank Road, Parasi, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSewa RemitNaya Belahani-8, Aarungkhola Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSewa Remit Madhyabindu-10,Arunkhola,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiShanti RemittanceDumkibas,nawalparasi
NawalparasiSharma Remittance Pvt. Ltd.Sharma Hardware Bhawan Bardghat - 4, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdRamnagar-1, Bhumahi Nawalparsi
NawalparasiShine Resunga Development Bank Ltd-Bhumahi NawalparasiRamnagar-1, Bhumahi
NawalparasiShree Neupane EnterprisesTamsariya, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiShree Neupane EnterprisesChormara Bazar,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiShree Samjhana Enterprise Kalhuwa Nawalparasi
NawalparasiShree Samjhana Entrprises Kaluwa, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiShree Triveni Money TransferGopigunj, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiShristi Remittance CenterBardghat -4 Virkuty Path Nawalparas
NawalparasiShubhalaxmi Finance Limited-BhumahiNawalparasi
NawalparasiSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Mainroad, Morang
NawalparasiSiddhartha Development Bank LtdMakar-4, Bardaghat, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-BardaghatMakar-4, Bardaghat, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSiddhartha Finance Limited-Parasi BranchParasi Bazaar,nawalparasi
NawalparasiSristi Remittance CentreBardghat Muncipality-4,bhrikutipath,nawalparasi
NawalparasiSubhechha Bikash Bank Ltd-DaldalePragatinagar-1,daldale Bazaar,nawalparasi
NawalparasiSubhechha Bikash Bank Ltd-Ramgram,ParasiRamgram-1,parasi Bazaar,nawalparasi
NawalparasiSunrise Bank Limited-Sunwal BranchSunwal Chauraha,Sunwal-4,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSupa Deurali Associates Pvt Ltd-LumbiniKawasoti Lumbini Bhawan
NawalparasiSuper Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdInfront of Dibya Jyoti School,Chisapani,Bardaghat,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSuraj Electric CenterModhyabindu-04,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSuraj Electrinic Center Mayda Bindu-4, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSusang Money TransferBelatari-4,Pratapur,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdKawasoti Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBardaghat Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSynergy Finance LtdMainroad-Market-4, Bardaghat, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSynergy Finance LtdPrahari Thana, Kawasoti, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSynergy Finance Ltd.Bardaghat | Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSynergy Finance Ltd.Kawasoti | Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSynergy Finance Ltd-NawalparasiKawasoti, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiSynergy Finance Ltd-NawalparasiMakar-4, Bardaghat
NawalparasiThapa Gift House And Photo SellBardaghat-02,chisapani,nawalparasi
NawalparasiTinau Development Bank Limited-Amarapuri Branch16 No. Chowk, Amarapuri - 4, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiTinau Development Bank LtdAmarapuri-16 No. Chowk, Amarapuri - 4, Nawalparasi,
NawalparasiTinau Development Bank LtdJimirebhar Jimirebhar, Makar - 7, Nawalparasi,
NawalparasiTinau Development Bank Ltd-Jimirebhar BranchJimirebhar, Makar - 7, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDRajhar - 1 | Nawalparasi
NawalparasiTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Daldale,Nawalparasi BranchPragatinagar 1, Daldale, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Gaindakot,Nawalparasi BranchPragatinagar 1,gandikot , Nawalparasi
NawalparasiVyccu Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Kawasoti BranchKawasoti-03,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiVyccu Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Rajahar BranchRajahar,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiVyccu Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Shree Ganesh BranchKawasoti-16,Danda,Nawalparasi
NawalparasiVyccu Savings And Credit Co-operative Ltd-AnarapuriAmarapuri-4, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiVyccu Savings And Credit Co-operative Ltd-BhaisakhoriMukundapur-3, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiVyccu Savings And Credit Co-operative Ltd-Gaindakot(Central Office)Gaindakot-8, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiVyccu Savings And Credit Co-operative Ltd-HarkpurMukundapur-7, Harkpur, Nawalparasi
NawalparasiVyccu Savings And Credit Co-operative Ltd-KaligandakiKaligandaki Chowk, Gaindakot-5
NuwakotBhairabi Money TransferGerkhu-9,Nuwakot
NuwakotDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDBidur MP-4| Battar Bazar| Nuwakot
NuwakotDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Battar BranchBattar Bazar Battar,Nuwakot
NuwakotFikuri Money Transfer Fikuri-4,Satdobato,Nuwakot
NuwakotHamro Bikash Bank Ltd.Bidur#3,Battar Nuwakot(H.O)
NuwakotHamro Bikash Bank Ltd.Chhahare Bazar,Near By Chhahare Bridge
NuwakotHamro Bikash Bank Ltd.Ratmate Branch, Mahadev faat
NuwakotHamro Bikash Bank Ltd.Samari, Nuwakot
NuwakotHamro Bikash Bank Ltd.Trisuli Branch , Near By Trisuli Bridge
NuwakotICFC Finance Limited-Trishuli Bazzar Extension Counter Trishuli,Nuwakot
NuwakotJanamukhi Multipurpose co-operative LtdBidur-3,Nuwakot
NuwakotLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdBidur 03 Nuwakot Battar
NuwakotNarayan Devi Multipurpose Cooperative LtdNear Narayan Devi High School, Khanigaun 4, Dhikure Bazar, Nuwakot
NuwakotNIC ASIA Bank Ltd-Battar Branch Bidur Municipality-3,Battar,Nuwakot
NuwakotNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Khanigau-4 | Dhikure
NuwakotNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdDhikure, Khanigoun, Nuwakot
NuwakotNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Dikure NuwakotKhanigau 4, Dikure Nuwakot
NuwakotNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdChhahare, Nuwakot
NuwakotNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdJiling, Nuwakot
NuwakotNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdNarjamandap, Nuwakot
NuwakotNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Chhahare,Nuwakot BranchChhahare,Nuwakot
NuwakotNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Jiling,Nuwakot BranchJiling,Nuwakot
NuwakotNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Narjamandap,Nuwakot BranchNarjamandap,Nuwakot
NuwakotPanchsaya Khola Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdValche-4,Nuwakot
NuwakotPrabhu Bank Limited-Battar BranchBattar,Nuwakot
NuwakotPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Battar BranchBattar,Nuwakot
NuwakotPrime Commercial Bank LtdBattar,Nuwakot
NuwakotReliable Development Bank Ltd-Nuwakot BranchBidur, Nuwakot, Nepal
NuwakotSangam Saving And Credit Co-Operative Ltd-Battar,NuwakotBattar Bazar, Bidur-4,
NuwakotSangam Saving And Credit Co-Operative Ltd-TrisuliArmy Camp, Bidur-11,Trisuli Buspark
NuwakotSatya Sai Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBidur-4,Nuwakot
NuwakotSatya Sai Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd.Bidur - 4, Nuwakot
NuwakotShree Bhimeshwor Money TransferRatmate-1,Nuwakot
NuwakotShuva-Prabhat Saving & Credit Co-operativeIndrachowk-2,Bidur,Nuwakot
NuwakotSingla Multipurpose Co-Operative Ltd Dawachet Bazar-6,Kaule,Nuwakot
NuwakotSunaulo Bhabishya Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd Dangsing-4,Nuwakot
NuwakotSuryamati Chandramati Multipurpose Co-operative LtdSamudratar,Nuwakot
NuwakotSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdKhadgabhanjyang Nuwakot
NuwakotUniversal Enterprises,Money TransferColony-9 Nuwakot
NuwakotUniversal Enterprises/Money TransferTrishuli,Bidur-9,Nuwakot
NuwakotVibor Society Development Bank LimitedKhanigaun - 4 | Dhikre Bazar
NuwakotVibor Society Development Bank LimitedDevighat Bazar | Khadgabhanjyang - 5
NuwakotVibor Society Development Bank LtdDhikure, Nuwakot
NuwakotVibor Society Development Bank LtdKhadgabhanjyang, Nuwakot
OhkaldhungaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdOhkaldhunga-5
Okhaldhungacentury commercial Bank Okhaldhunga BranchOkhaldhunga Bazzar , Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaCivil Bank LimitedGanesh Tole, Okhaldhunga-6
OkhaldhungaCivil Bank Limited-Okhaldhunga BranchGanesh Tole, Okhaldhunga-6
OkhaldhungaJanasebi Saving And Credit Co-Operative LtdKetuke Bazar Okhaldhunga 
OkhaldhungaKETTUKE REMITTANCEKettuke - 4, Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaKettuke RemittanceKettuke-4,Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaKUMARI BANK LIMITEDOkhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaKumari Bank Limited-Okhaldhunga BranchOkhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaKumari Bank ltdRam Bazar, Okhaldhunga-4
OkhaldhungaLOKESH ORDER & SUPPLIERSRamailo Danda - 2, Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaManebhanjyang-2, Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaShidhicharan-4, Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Manebhangyang ,OkhaldhungaManebhangyang, Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Rambazar,OkhaldhungaRambazar, Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaManebhanjyang Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdManebhanjyang-4,Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDRampur | Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDSiddhicharan - 5 | Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdSiddhicharan-5, Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdRampur, Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaNIC Asia Bank Ltd-OkhaldhungaSidhicharan-12, Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Siddhicharan NP-5 | Ganesh Tol
OkhaldhungaNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdSiddhicharan, Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Okhaldhunga BranchSiddhicharan Municipality-4,Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaPublic Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdOkhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaRumjatar Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdRumjatar,Siddhicharan-06,Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaSagarmatha Finanance LtdOkhaldhunga Bazzar , Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaSagarmatha Finance Limited-Okhaldhunga BranchOkhaldhunga Bazzar,Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaShree Public Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdUnbu-4,Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaShree Subha Laxmi Multipurpose Co-Operative LtdNear Police Station,
OkhaldhungaSHRESTHA MEDICAL HALLBhairab Tole - 6, Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaSULAV BAHUSEWA PRIVATE LIMITEDKhanibhanjyang - 8, Pokhare, Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdOkhaldhunga Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaUdas Business CenterPustak Pasal,Rambazar-5
OkhaldhungaUdash Business CenterNear Malpot Office, Udas Pustak Pasal
OkhaldhungaVibor Society Development Bank LimitedRamaelodada | Okhaldhunga
OkhaldhungaVibor Society Development Bank LtdRamaaelo Danda, Okhaldhunga
PalpaAasharshila Samajik Uddhami Mahila Sahakari Sanstha LtdRampur, Palpa
PalpaAndhakar Mukti Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdRampur,Palpa
PalpaBajra TradesAmdalon Chowk-2, Tansan Palpa
PalpaBrindavan Sub Money Transfer Pvt Ltd.Madanpokhara-5,Palpa
PalpaChartare Youva Club Nepal-Rampur BranchRampur-7,Palpa
PalpaChartare Youva Club Nepal-Tansen Branchwodigantole -3,Tansen,Palpa
PalpaGandaki Money TransferRampur,Palpa
PalpaGarima Bikas BankRampur Branch, Palpa
PalpaGarima Bikas BankTansen Branch, Palpa
PalpaGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Rampur BranchRampur-03,Palpa
PalpaGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Tansen BranchTansen-04,Palpa
PalpaGauranga money TransferPalpa tansan
PalpaJanautthan Samudayic laghubitta bikas bank ltdTansen,Palpa
PalpaJanautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bikash Bank Ltd-Tansen BranchTansen-4,Palpa
PalpaKalika EnterprisesPalung Mainadi-5,Batase,Palpa
PalpaKalika Micro Credit Development Bank Ltd.Bejhad, Palpa
PalpaKalika Micro Credit Development Bank Ltd.Damkada, Palpa
PalpaKalika Micro Credit Development Bank Ltd.Harthok, Palpa
PalpaKUMARI BANK LIMITEDTansen - 4 | MakkhanTole | Palpa
PalpaKumari Bank Ltd-PalpaTansen-4 MakkhanTole, Palpa
PalpaLaliguras Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdHumen Bazar-6, Palpa
PalpaLaxmi Bank Ltd-Rampur BranchRampur Municipality,Ward-7,Bejhad,Palpa
PalpaLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdDarchha -08 Sadabart, Palpa
PalpaMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Palpa BranchBagwati Tole Tansen Palpa
PalpaManimukunda Saving & Cr. Co. LtdMakhan Tole-4, Tansen, Palpa
PalpaMega Bank LtdShital Pati -15, Tansen, Palpa
PalpaMega Bank LtdBejhad-4, Rampur, Palpa
PalpaMega Bank Nepal Limited-Rampur BranchRampur,Palpa
PalpaMega Bank Nepal Limited-Tansen BranchTansen,Palpa
PalpaMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdKaseni-7, Sarai,Palpa
PalpaMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdTahun-08, Palpa
PalpaMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdTansen-3, Palpa
PalpaNarayansthan Money Transfer,Narayansthan-1, Mehaldhara, Tansan, Palpa
PalpaNepal Investment Bank LimitedTansen | Makhan Tole | Palpa
PalpaNepal Investment bank Ltd.Makhan Tole, Palpa
PalpaNew Pradhan Money TransferMakhhan Tole-4, Tansan, Palpa
PalpaNew Pradhan Money TransferTansen-4,Palpa
PalpaNIC Asia Bank Limited-TansenTansen-4,Silkhan Tole,Palpa
PalpaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)NayarnamtalesháVDC-5 | áPalpa
PalpaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Tansen NP-埲áBastariáPalpa
PalpaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)ChhaharaVDC-1 | Palpa
PalpaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Rampur NP.- | Jabgadi
PalpaNirdhan Utthan Bank Limited-Banstari PalpaBanstari ,Tansen Palpa
PalpaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdAryabhanjgyang-5, Palpa
PalpaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBanstari-14, Palpa
PalpaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdChhahara-1, Palpa
PalpaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdJabgadhi-12, Palpa
PalpaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Aryabhanjgyang PalpaAryabhangjgyang ,Palpa
PalpaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Chhahara PalpaChhahara -1,Palpa
PalpaNMB BANK LIMITEDAryabhanjyang
PalpaNMB BANK LIMITEDTansen - 4 | Silkhan Tole | Palpa
PalpaNMB Bank LtdNayar Namtales-1, Aryabhanjyang, Palpa
PalpaNMB Bank LtdPalpa, Tansen-4, Silkhan Tole
PalpaPALPA MONEY TRANSFERMakhantole - 4, Tansen Palpa
PalpaPalpa Money TransferTansen-4,Makhantol
PalpaPalpa Money Transfer Makhhan Tole-4, palpa
PalpaPashchimanchal Finance Co. LtdTansen, Palpa
PalpaPashchimanchal Finance Company Ltd-Palpa BranchPalpa
PalpaPrabhu Bank Limited-Palpa BranchMakhan Tole,Tansen-4,Palpa
PalpaRajani Money TransferSilkhan Tole, Gulmi Road, Tansen, Palpa
PalpaRajani Money TransferTansen Palpa
PalpaRampur Saving & Cr.Co. P. Ltd.Bijadh-4 Rampur
PalpaSewa Bikas bankRampur-8, bejhand palpa
PalpaSewa Bikash Bank LtdShittalpati, Tansen,Palpa
PalpaShine Resunga Development Bank Tansen, Palpa
PalpaShree Rampur Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd Rampur,Palpa
PalpaSiddhartha Development Bank LtdTansen,Palpa
PalpaSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-TansenTansen,Palpa
PalpaSiddhartha Development Bank- PalpaPalpa, Tansen
PalpaSupa Deurali Associates Pvt Ltd-PalpaPalpa,Silkhan Tole
PalpaSupa Deurali Associates Pvt Ltd-Saljandhi BranchSaljandhi Branch
PalpaTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Kaseni LBO (Palpa Branch)Kaseni-7,Sarahi Bazaar,Palpa
PalpaTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Palpa BranchPalpa
PalpaTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Tahu LBO (Palpa Branch)Tahu-8,Tahu Bazaar,Palpa
PalpaTriveni Bikash Bank LtdChhahara,Palpa
Panchtharcentury commercial Bank Phidim BranchPhidim Bazzar ,Panchthar
PanchtharCivil Bank LimitedPhidim-1, Panchthar
PanchtharCivil Bank Limited-Phidim BranchPhidim-1, Panchthar
PanchtharDilungchha Money TransferNear Shree Durga Higher Secondary School,Ravi,Panchthar
PanchtharFewa Bikas bank LtdPhidim, Panchthar
PanchtharForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdFidim Branch
PanchtharForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdRanke Branch
PanchtharForward Community-FidimFidim Bajar,Panchthar
PanchtharForward Community-RankeRanke bajar,Panchthar
PanchtharGurkhas Finance Limited-Rabi BranchRabi,Panchthar
PanchtharJorpokhari Money TransferJorpokhari,Panchthar
PanchtharKabita Money TransferRake Pachthar
PanchtharKabita Money TransferTharpu Bazaar Chowk,Panchathar
PanchtharKabita Money TransferRake Chowk, Panchthar
PanchtharKushal SuppliersPhidim-1,Panchthar
PanchtharLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdRanke -01 Ranke , Panchathar
PanchtharMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Phidim BranchMechi Rajmarg Chowk,Phidim,Panchthar
PanchtharNew Samjhana Money TransferNear Prathamik Swasthya Kendra,Panchami-1,Panchthar
PanchtharNIC ASIA Bank Ltd-Phidim BranchPhidim-1 main line, Panchthar
PanchtharNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Fidim-01
PanchtharNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Ravi-05
PanchtharNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Yasok-3
PanchtharNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdPhidim-1, Phanchthar
PanchtharNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRabi, Panchthar
PanchtharNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdYashok, Panchthar
PanchtharNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd- Phidim PanchtharPhidim-5, Panchthar
PanchtharNMB BANK LIMITEDPhidim Bazar
PanchtharNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Gopetar BranchPanchami-1,Gopetar,Panchthar
PanchtharNMB Microfinance-GopetarPanchami-1,Gopetar,Panchthar
PanchtharPrasan Money TransferTharpu Bazar Panchthar
PanchtharRanke Bahudesiya Sahakari Sanstha Ltd Pauwa Sartap,Ranke,Panchthar
PanchtharSagarmatha Finance Limited-Phidim BranchPhidim Bazzar,Panchthar
PanchtharSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Phidim, Panchthar
PanchtharSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Phidim,PanchtharPhidim-1,Thadoline,Panchthar
PanchtharSamjhana Kirana PasalGopetar Bazar, Panchami,Panchthar
PanchtharSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd.Bhanuchowk, Panchthar
PanchtharSaptakoshi Development Bank Ltd-PhidimBhanu Chowk,Panchthar
PanchtharSolve NepalKurumba, Chisapani, Panchami Bazar, , Panchthar
PanchtharSuvalaxmi Money ConcernNear Nepal Bank Ltd. Phidim 1, Panchthar
PanchtharSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdPhidim Panchthar
PanchtharYangtaru Money TransferPhidim-1,Budhamarga,Panchthar
PanchtharYongyang Money TransferAmarpur-4,Panchthar
ParbatBagaicha Money TransferKushma-4,Parbat
ParbatBhusal and BrothersShiwalaya-5, Kushma, Parbat
ParbatDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDKushma|Municipality-9| Kushma| Parbat
ParbatDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Kushma BranchShivalaya Chowk,Kushma,Parbat
ParbatDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Phalewas Branch (Extension Counter)Phalewas,Parbat
ParbatFewa Bikas bank LtdKushma, Parbat
ParbatFulbari Money TransferHuwas-3,Parbat
ParbatGandaki Bikas Bank LtdKusma Bazar, Parbat
ParbatGarima Bikas BankKushma Branch, Parbat
ParbatGarima Bikas BankFalewas Branch, Parbat
ParbatGarima Bikas BankHuwas Branch, Parbat
ParbatGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Falewas BranchDebisthan-08,Parbat
ParbatGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Huwas BranchHuwas-03,Parbat
ParbatGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Kushma BranchShibalaya-08,Parbat
ParbatIshan TradersKushma-9,Badegaugh Hospital Line,Parbat
ParbatKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Kusma Bazar, Parbat
ParbatKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Parbat BranchKushma, Parbat
ParbatKalika Micro Credit Development Bank Ltd.Hatemalochok, Parbat
ParbatKalika Micro Credit Development Bank Ltd.Karkineta, Parbat
ParbatKalika Micro Credit Development Bank Ltd.Kushma, Parbat
ParbatKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Kusma BranchKusma Bazar,Parbat
ParbatKasthamandap Development Bank LtdKusma Bazar, Parbat
ParbatKUMARI BANK LIMITEDMelmilap Chowk | Kushma
ParbatKUMARI BANK LIMITEDShivalaya - 8 | Kusma | Parbat
ParbatKumari Bank Ltd-Kushma Melmilaap Chowk, Kusma, Parbat
ParbatKumari Bank Ltd-ShivalayaShivalaya VDC-8, Parbat
ParbatKushma EnterprisesShivalaya Chowk,Kushma-10,Parbat
ParbatLunkhu Deurali InterprisesLunkhu Deurali,Parbat
ParbatMallaj Mutipurpose Cooperative Ltd.Near Mallaj Durbar,Majhphant,Kushma,Parbat
Parbatmega bank ltdKusma Parbat
ParbatMega Bank Nepal Ltd-Kushma BranchKushma,Parbat
ParbatMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdKarkinata-5, Parbet
ParbatNew Bhu. Pu. Sainik Kirana PasalPaati chour, Baajung, Parbat-1
ParbatNew Bhu.Pu Sainik Kirana PasalNear Parbati MandIr,Patichour,Bajung-1,Parbat
ParbatNIC ASIA Bank Ltd-Kushma BranchKushma-4, Pragatichowk, Parbat
ParbatNIC ASIA-KushmaPragatichowk, Kusma Municipality-04,Parbat
ParbatNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Patichaur | Parbat
ParbatNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Rahale | Parbat
ParbatNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRahale, Devisthan-6, Parbat
ParbatNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdPatichaur, Deupur-9, Parbat
ParbatNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Patichaur BranchPatichaur-9,Daupur,Parbat
ParbatNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Rahale BranchRahale-6,Devasthan,Parbat
ParbatNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdGyadi, Parbat
ParbatNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Gyadi,Parbat BranchGyadi,Parbat
ParbatPaschimanchal Finance Company Ltd-Kushma BranchKushma,Parbat
ParbatPashchimanchal Finance Co. LtdKushma, Parbat
ParbatPrabhu Bank Limited-Kusma BranchKusma Nagarpalika,Parbat
ParbatShree Mahalaxmi Multipurpose Co-Operative Ltd-Kushma,ParbatKushma Bazar, Sivalaya-4,Parbat
ParbatSijan Commercial Trade-Badgaun,Kusma,Parbat (Head Office)On the way to Kamale Bazaar,Badgaun-9,Kusma,Parbat
ParbatSijan Commercial Trade-Dhik br.Near Ayurbed Bhawan,Devisthan - 3,Tutunga, Phalewas,Dhik,Parbat
ParbatSijan Commercial Trade-Karnash ParbatPangrang -5,Karnaas,Parbat
ParbatSijan Commercial Trade-Phalebaas Br.Near Phalebaas Police Post., Devisthan - 8, Phalebas (Rahale),Parbat
ParbatSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdPhalewas Parbat
ParbatVibor Society Development Bank LimitedDeupur Chowk | Deupur - 9
ParbatVibor Society Development Bank LtdPatichaur, Deupur, Parbat
ParbatVillage Link Interprises Pvt.ltdNaunadi-9, parbat
ParsaAakarshan Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdSakhuwa-5,Prasauni,Parsa
ParsaAbhiyan Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdLink Road,Birgunj-10,Parsa
ParsaACE Development Bank Ltd.Link Road, Ward No. 10, Birgunj, Parsa
ParsaAnmol Saving And Credit Co-Operative Ltd-BirgunjMahabirsthan,lathgali,birgunj-08,parsa
ParsaApex Development Bank Ltd-BirgunjBirgunj, Parsa
ParsaAraniko Development Bank Ltd.Link Road, Ghantaghar, Parsa
ParsaAraniko Development Bank Ltd-BirgunjLinkroad, Ghantaghar Birgunj
ParsaBANK OF KATHMANDUAdarsha Nagar Birgunj Parsa
ParsaBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Birgunj BranchAdarsha Nagar,parsa,birgunj
ParsaBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdBirgunj Adarsha Nagar, Parsa
ParsaBhawani Money TransferLink Road-10,Birgunj,Parsa
ParsaBirat Laxmi Saving & Credit Co-operative Society LtdBirgunj-12,Parsa
ParsaBYAHUT MONEY TRANSFERGhantaghar - 10, Birgunj, Parsa
Parsacentury commercial Bank Birgunj BranchAdarsha Nagar-7, Birgunj
Parsacentury commercial Bank BIRGUNJ BRANCHLinkroad, Ghantaghar,Birgunj Sub Metropolitan City-2, Parsa
ParsaCitizens Bank International LtdAdarsha Nagar Chowk,Main RoadBirgunj-7,Parsa
ParsaCitizens Bank International Ltd-BirgunjAdarsha Nagar Chowk, Birgunj,parsa
ParsaCivil Bank LimitedParsa district, Birgunj municipality,ward no. 8, Mahabirsthan
ParsaCivil Bank Limited-Birjung BranchBirgunj Municipality,mahabirsthan
ParsaCivil Protection Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdNagawa-19,Birgunj,Parsa
ParsaDai Bhai Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdBahuwara Bhata-8,Parsa
ParsaForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdPokhariya Branch
ParsaForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdSirsiya Branch
ParsaForward Community-PokhariyaPokhariya, Parsa
ParsaForward Community-Sirsiyasirsiya, Parsa
ParsaGagan Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBhishwa,Birgunj-18,Parsa
ParsaGreeha Laxmi Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdBirgunj-13,Parsa
ParsaGuheswori Merchant Banking And Finance Ltd-Birgunj BranchAdarshanagar,Birgunj,Parsa
ParsaGunkeshari Saving And Credit Cooperative Society LtdNear By Gyan Jyoti Higher School,Aathghare,Nirmalbasti,Parsa
ParsaJanata Bank Ltd.Adarsha Nagar, Birgunj
ParsaJanata Bank Nepal Limited-BirgunjAdarsha Nagar, Birgunj
ParsaJanautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bikash Bank Ltd-Thori BranchThori-07,Town, Parsa
ParsaJanautthan Samudayik Laghubitta Bikas Bank Ltd Thori-7, Parsa
ParsaKalika StoresOpp Hotel Crown Plaza, Ghantaghar Road, Birgunj, Parsa
ParsaKumari Bank Limited-Asarsha Nagar,BirgunjBirgunj
ParsaKumari Bank Limited-Birgunj BranchNational Medical College, Birgunj
ParsaKumari Bank Limited-Dryport Birgunj BranchDryport Birgunj, Parsa
ParsaKumari Bank ltdGhadiarwa, Birgunj, Parsa
ParsaKumari Bank ltdSirsiya, Parsa
ParsaKumari Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdBirgunj-12,Parsa
ParsaLali Gurans Bachat Thatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdAlau,Shrisiya-7,Dryport, Birgunj, Parsa
ParsaLaxmi Bank Limited- Birgunj Rrgional OfficeBirgunj Regional Branch
ParsaLaxmi Bank Limited- Parsa BranchKhairahani-4, Parsa
ParsaLaxmi Money TransferBirgunj Gantaghar
ParsaLight Global Money TransferAdarshanagar-13,Birgunj,Parsa
ParsaMaa Durga Money ChangerGhantaghar, Birgunj-12, Parsa
ParsaMAA DURGA MONEY TRANSFERPokhariya - 5, Pokhariya, Parsa
ParsaMaa Durga Money TransferPokhariya, Parsa
ParsaMaa Durga Money Transferward-5,Pokhariya,Parsa
ParsaMaa Durge Money Transfer Ghantaghar,opposite Of West Gate Of Ntc Building,birjung-12,parsa
ParsaMaa Jagadamba Money TransferAadarshanagar-7,Birgunj,Parsa
ParsaMaa Laxmi Money TransferPokhariya-2,Parsa
ParsaMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Birgunj BranchLink Road, Ghantaghar
ParsaMachhapuchhre Saving and Credit Co-operative LtdParwanipur-06,Lipanibirta,Parsa
ParsaMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedMahalaxmi Building Alakhiya Road - 5 | Birgunj
ParsaMahalaxmi bikas Bank ltdMahalaxmi Building, Alakhiya Road Birgunj, Parsa
ParsaManaslu Bikash Bank Limited-Parsa BranchParsa
ParsaMega Bank LtdNeena Commercial Complex, Aadarsha Nagar - 13,Birgunj, Parsa
ParsaMega Bank Nepal Limited-Birgunj BranchAadarsha Nagar-13, B
ParsaMIZAN MONEY TRANSFERBasdilwa - 7, Ratanpur, Parsa
ParsaMizan Money TransferBusdilawa, Parsa
ParsaMizan Money TransferBasdilwa-7,Ratanpur,Parsa
ParsaMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDBirgunj - 10 | Linkroad | Parsa
ParsaMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdBirjung-10, linkroad Parsa
ParsaNCC Bank LtdAdarsnagar Road, BIrgunj, Parsa
ParsaNCC Bank LtdLink Raod, Ghantaghar, Parsa
ParsaNCC Bank LtdLinkroad, Parsa
ParsaNCC Bank LtdLink Road,Birgunj, Parsa
ParsaNCC Bank LtdBirgunj, Parsa
ParsaNepal Investment Bank LimitedAdarshnagar | Birgunj | Parsa | Nepal
ParsaNepal Investment bank Ltd.Adarshanagar, Parsa
ParsaNew Birgunj Money TransferBhanu Chowk-10,Bigunj,Parsa
ParsaNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Birgunj BranchAdarshnagar,Birgunj-13,Parsa
ParsaNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Parsa Khairahani Muncipality Ward No 8, Parsa Chitwan
ParsaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Nirmalbasti-08 | Bijaybasti | Parsa
ParsaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bahuarwa Bhatha-03 | Bahuarwa | Parsa
ParsaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Birgunj-10 | Ghantaghar | Parsa
ParsaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Biruwaguthi-05 | Badhnihar | Parsa
ParsaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Birgunj-24 | Parwanipur | Parsa
ParsaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Pokhariya-04 | Parsa
ParsaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Birgunj-16 | Radhemai | Parsa
ParsaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Birgunj-15 | Murli Bagaicha | Parsa
ParsaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBirgunj-11, Parsa
ParsaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdShreepur-11, Parsa
ParsaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBindabasini, Bahuarba-1, Parsa
ParsaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdPokhariya-5, Parsa
ParsaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBiruwaguthi-5, Parsa
ParsaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBijayabasti, Nirmal Basti-8, Parsa
ParsaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRegional Office Birgunj, Parsa
ParsaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Baruwaguthi ParsaBuruwaguthi 5 Burwwaguthi ,parsa
ParsaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Bindabasini ParsaBindabasani 1, Bahuarba
ParsaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Birgunj Rrgional OfficeBirgunj Parsha
ParsaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Birgunj,ParsaBirgunj Parsa
ParsaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Pokhariya ParsaPokhariya -5, Parsa
ParsaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Shreepur ParsaShreepur-11, Birgunj Parsa
ParsaNMB BANK LIMITEDAdarsha Nagar
ParsaNMB Bank LtdAdarsha Nagar, Birgunj, Parsa
ParsaOm Shivashakta Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltdbirgnj-10,linkroad,ghantaghar parsa
ParsaOm Shivshakti Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdLink Road,Birgunj-10,Parsa
ParsaPaurakhi Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdNichuta-05,Parsa
ParsaPhool Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdSugauli Birta,Birgunj-29,Parsa
ParsaPOKHARIYA MONEY TRANSFERPokhariya Bazar - 4, Pokhariya, Parsa
ParsaPokhariya Money TransferPokhariya-4, Parsa
ParsaPrabhu Bank Limited-Birgunj BranchAdarshanagar,Near Old Bus Park,Birgunj,Parsa
ParsaPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Birgunj BranchBirgunj,mainroad,maisthan Marga.
ParsaPrime Commercial Bank LtdBirgunj,MainRoad,MaiSthan Marga,Parsa
ParsaPrime Commercial Bank LtdAadarsh Nagar,Birgunj, parsa
ParsaPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Aadarsh Nagar ParsaAadarsh Nagar,Parsa
ParsaRadheshyam Money TransferVishwabazar-3,Parsa
ParsaSanima Bank Limited-Birgunj BranchLink Road, Birgunj-10, Parsa
ParsaSayapatri Saving and Credit Co-operative LtdBijayabasti-8, Parsa
ParsaShahil TradersGhanta Ghar,Gandak Chowk, Birgunj
ParsaShree Bhagwan Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdAlau-6,Parsa
ParsaShree Bindawasini Mai Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd Near Dryport,Shreesiya,Birgunj,Parsa
ParsaSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Urlabari Municipality, Morang
ParsaSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Birgunj BranchAdarshanagar, Birgunj Parsa
ParsaSiddhartha Development Bank Limited-Birgunj BranchBirjung Branch,parsa
ParsaSiddhartha Development Bank LtdBirgunj Branch, Birgunj,Parsa
ParsaSiddhartha Finance Limited-Parsa counter-Ext.CountersParsa
ParsaSunrise Bank Limited-Birgunj BranchAdarshanagar,Birgunj-7,Parsa
ParsaSuvarna Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdParsa
ParsaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdMahuban Parsa
ParsaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdPokhariya Parsa
ParsaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBindabasini Parsa
ParsaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdShreepur Birgunj Parsa
ParsaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdMaisthan Birgunj Parsa
ParsaTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Birgunj BranchAadarshanagar,Birgunj-13,Parsa
ParsaUnited Finance Limited-Adarsh Nagar,Birgunj BranchAdarsh Nagar,birgunj
ParsaUnited Finance LtdAdarshanagar, Parsa
ParsaVibor Society Development Bank LimitedSociety Complex | Adarsha Nagar
ParsaVibor Society Development Bank LimitedCampus Road | Pokhariya | Parsa
ParsaVibor Society Development Bank LtdNeena Complex, Adarshnagar, Birgunj, Parsa
ParsaVibor Society Development Bank LtdPokhariya -4, Parsa
ParsaYeti Development Bank-Birgunj BranchMahabirsthan, Mainroad, Birgunj, Parsa
PyuthanACE Development Bank Ltd.Bijuwar Bazaar, Pyuthan
PyuthanBANK OF KATHMANDUPyuthan Municipality-4 Pyuthan Rapti Nepal
PyuthanBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Bijuwar BranchPyuthan Municipality-4,Pyuthan,Rapti
PyuthanBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdBijuwar, Pyuthan
PyuthanCivil Bank LimitedBijuwar Bazar, Bijuwar-6, Pyuthan
PyuthanCivil Bank Limited-Bijuwar BranchBijuwar,Pyuthan
PyuthanJhimruk Bikas Bank Ltd-Bangesal, DarvanBangesal-6, Darvan,Pyuthan
PyuthanJhimruk Bikas Bank Ltd-Bhingri BranchBhingri-2, Bhingri Bazaar,Pyuthan
PyuthanJhimruk Bikas Bank Ltd-Okharkot, Machhi BranchOkharkot-7, Machhi,Pyuthan
PyuthanJhimruk Bikas Bank Ltd-Pyuthan (Head Office)Dharmawati-1, Badgula,Pyuthan
PyuthanJhimruk Bikas Bank Ltd-Quadi Bazar Pyuthan BranchQuadi Bazar Pyuthan
PyuthanJhimruk Bikash Bank Ltd.Bangesala-6, Darvan Bazzar, Pyuthan
PyuthanJhimruk Bikash Bank Ltd.Bhingri Bazar#2,Pyuthan
PyuthanJhimruk Bikash Bank Ltd.Dharmawati#1,Bagdula Pulchowk,Pyuthan
PyuthanJhimruk Bikash Bank Ltd.Okharkot#7,Machi Bazar Pyuthan
PyuthanLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdOkharkot -07 Machhi , Pyuthan
PyuthanNew PK Money TransferKhalanga Branch,Bijuwar,Pyuthan
PyuthanNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bhingri BazarPyuthan
PyuthanNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bijuwar Pyuthan
PyuthanNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBijuwar-6, Pyuthan
PyuthanNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBhingribazar-2, Pyuthan
PyuthanNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Bhingribazar PuthanBhingribazar-2, Puthan
PyuthanNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Bijuwar Puthan BranchBijuwar-6, Puthan
PyuthanParajuli Money TransferIn Front of Malpot Office, Khalanga, Pyuthan
PyuthanShine Resunga Development Bank LtdBagdula Bazar-14 Pyuthan
PyuthanShine Resunga Development Bank LtdBaraula Pyuthan
PyuthanShine Resunga Development Bank LtdBhingri-2 Bhingri bazar Pyuthan
PyuthanShine Resunga Development Bank LtdBijuwar Bazar-4 Pyuthan
PyuthanShine Resunga Development Bank LtdLung-6 Bahane Bazar Pyuthan
PyuthanShine Resunga Development Bank LtdTerso Galli-2, khalanga, Pyuthan
PyuthanShine Resunga Development Ltd-Baraula BranchBaraula 8, Pyuthan
PyuthanSiddhartha Development Bank LtdBijuwar Branch, Pyuthan
PyuthanSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-BijuwarBijuwar,Pyuthan
PyuthanSworgadwari Money TransferNear By Bal Shiksha Ma Bi,Machhi,Okharkot-7,Pyuthan
Ramechapcentury commercial Bank Manthali BRANCHManthali - 6, Bhanjyang, Ramechhap
RamechhapBamti Bhandar SuppliersBamti Bhandar-4,Ratna Jyoti Bazar,Ramechhap
RamechhapBetali Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBetali,Ramechhap
RamechhapBuddha Saving & Credit Cooperative ltdManthali -14, Ramechhap
RamechhapBuddha Saving and Credit Co-operative Ltd Phulasi-6, Ghyang, Ramechhap
RamechhapExpress Money TransferThoshe Bazar, Ramechhap
RamechhapKalinchowk Development Bank- RamechhapBhaluwajor-4 Manthali Ramechhap
RamechhapLaxmi Money TransferBhanjhang-7,Bijulikot,Ramechhap
RamechhapMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaRamechhap Municipality-5, Ramechhap Dada, Ramechhap
RamechhapNaya Nepal Laghu Bitta Bikas Bank - RamechhapDebakotamarga-6, Manthali, Ramechaap
RamechhapNCC Bank LtdManthali, Ramechhap
RamechhapNepal Investment Bank LimitedManthali | Ward No.6 | Ramechhap
RamechhapNepal Investment bank Ltd.Nagar Bikas Complex, Ramechhap
RamechhapNew Express Money TransferKhadadevi-2,Galpa,Ramechhap
RamechhapNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Saghutar VDC-1 | Sanghutar
RamechhapNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdSaghutar-1, Ramechhap
RamechhapNMB BANK LIMITEDManthali Bhanjyang
RamechhapNMB Bank LtdManthali Bazar, Near Devkota Chowk, Manthali
RamechhapNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdKhimti, Ramechhap
RamechhapNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdPhulasi, Ramechhap
RamechhapNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Devitar BranchPhulasi,Ramechhap
RamechhapNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Khimti,Ramechhap BranchKhimti,Ramechhap
RamechhapRELIABLE DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDDevkotachowk Manthali Ramechhap
RamechhapReliable Development Bank Ltd-Manthali RamechhapDevkotachowk, Manthali, Ramechhap
RamechhapS.K Nishan Money TransferRamechhap Bazar,Ramechhap
RamechhapSamridhi Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdNear By Rathajoti,Bamti Bhandar,Ramechhap
RamechhapSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdManthali Ramechhap
RamechhapTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDManthali Municipality - 2 | Ramechhap
RamechhapUnited Business Financial Investment Company- Nagdaha RamechhapNagdaha-1, Dhobibazar
RamechhapUnited Business Financial Investment Company-RamechhapRamechhap Katarbot, Manthali,
RasuwaGosaikunda Money TransferDhunche, Rasuwa
RasuwaIcfc Finance LimatedKalikasthan,Rasuwa
RasuwaICFC Finance Limited -RasuwaKalikasthan,Rasuwa
RasuwaJanata Bank Ltd.Dhunche, Rasuwa District
RasuwaJanata Bank Ltd.Timure, Rasuwa
RasuwaJanata Bank Nepal Limited -RasuwaDhunche, Rasuwa District
RasuwaJanata Bank Nepal Limited -RasuwaKalikasthan, Rasuwa
RasuwaJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Timure BranchTimure,Rasuwa
RasuwaLoktantrik Consumer Co-operative Ltd Laharepauwa-1,Rasuwa
RasuwaMega Bank LtdSyafru - 9, Syafru Besi Rasuwa
RasuwaMega Bank Nepal Limited- Rasuwa BranchSyafru Besi-9, Rasuwa
RasuwaNepal Investment Bank LimitedManengawa | Timure | Rasuwa
RasuwaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bhaigun-5 | Kalikasthan
RasuwaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdKalikasthan, Dhaibung-5, Rasuwa
RasuwaNMB Bank LtdDhunche Bazaar, Rasuwa
RasuwaNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdBetrawati, Rasuwa
RasuwaNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdDhunche, Rasuwa
RasuwaNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Betrawati,Laharepauwa, Rasuwa BranchBetrawati,Laharepauwa-1,Rasuwa
RasuwaNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Dhunche, Rasuwa BranchDhunche-5,Rasuwa
RasuwaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBetrawati Rasuwa
RasuwaVibor Society Development Bank LimitedGhumti Bazzar | Pasang Lamu Highway
RasuwaVibor Society Development Bank LtdKalikasthan Ghumti Bazzar, Pasang Lamu Highway,Dhaibung, Rasuwa
RautahatAamil Money TransferGaur-6, Rautahat
RautahatAamil Money TransferGaur-6,Rautahat
RautahatAdil Money TransferTelephone Road,Gaur-8, Rautahat
RautahatAmbika Money TransferBariyarpur-8,Rautahat
RautahatAmrita Money TransferSamanpur-1,Rautahat
RautahatAnish Money TransferGaur-9,Rautahat
RautahatANMOL MONEY TRANSFERGaur - 7, Rautahat
RautahatAnmol Money TransferBP Chowk, Gaur, Rautahat
RautahatAyush TradersBijaypur,Laxminiya,Rautahat
RautahatBachat Shree RemittancePipara-3, Rautahat
RautahatBachat Shree RemittanceGanga-3,Pipara,Rautahat
RautahatBANK OF KATHMANDUMaithan Gaur Rautahat Nepal
RautahatBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Gaur BranchMaithan Chowk, Gaur
RautahatBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdGaur Branch,Maithan Chowk ,Gaur Municipality-07, Rautahat
RautahatBibhor Money TransferGaruda-5,Rautahat
Rautahatcentury commercial Bank Garuda BRANCHGaruda Chowk, Opp. of RBB
RautahatChand Money Transfer-Bankul,RautahatNear Police Station, Sarmajawa 8, Bankul, Rautahat
RautahatDajubhai Sub Money TransferMalahitol Bazar-8,Sangrampur,Rautahat
RautahatForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdChandranigahapur Branch
RautahatForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdGaruda, Branch
RautahatForward Community-ChandranigahapurChandranigahapur,Rautahat
RautahatForward Community-Garuda,RautahtGaruda VDC-7,Garudabajar.Samanpur Road,Rautahat
RautahatGanjabhawanipur RautahatGanjabhawanipur-7 Gudribajar,Rautahat
RautahatGolden Money TransferJingandwa,Belbichhwa-6,Sukadev Chowk,Rautahat
RautahatGunja Money TransferGaruda-2,Rautahat
RautahatGupta TradersGola Chowk,Pharadhwa,Rajpur-1,Rautahat
RautahatJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Gaur RautahatGaur-1,Rautahat
RautahatJAY DURGE ENTERPRISESGaruda, Chandranigah Pur - 1, Rautahat
RautahatJay Matadi TredersGaruda-9,Rautahat
RautahatKaushar Money TransferGarura-11,Birta Chowk,Rautahat
RautahatKhusabu TradersKanakpur-03,Rautahat
RautahatMAHALAXMI BIKASH BANK LIMITEDChandranighapur -1 Rautahat
RautahatMakbul Alam General StoreSantapur-7,Dostiya,Rautahat
RautahatMero InterprisesWard no.1 . Durga Chowk Chandranighapur, Rautahat
RautahatMero Money TransferChandranigahapur#1,Beside Ilaka Prahari Post,Durga Chowk
RautahatMero Money TransferChapur durga chowk, Rauthahat
RautahatMitrangs Travels And ToursGaruda-9, Narayani, Rauthahat
RautahatMITRANGSHA TRAVEL and TOURSGaruda Bairiya - 9, Rautahat
RautahatMuskan Money TransferGangapipara,Rautahat
RautahatNCC Bank LtdDurga Chowk,Chandranighapur, Rautahat
RautahatNepal Money TransferGaur-8,Rautahat
RautahatNepal TradersKatahariya,Rautahat
RautahatNepal Traders Garuda,Rautahat
RautahatNew Laxmi Money TransferGaruda-7,Jhanjhpool,Rautahat
RautahatNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Gaur BranchGaur Municipality,Rautahat
RautahatNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Sarmujwa-08/Ka | Bankul | Rautahat
RautahatNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Chandrapur-01 | Chandranigahpur
RautahatNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Garuda -01 | Garuda | Rautahat
RautahatNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Gaur-07 | Rautahat
RautahatNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBasantapatti-7, Rautahat
RautahatNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdChandranigahapur-1, Rautahat
RautahatNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGaruda, Bairia-6, Rautahat
RautahatNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGaur-8, Rautahat
RautahatNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Basantapatti BranchBasantapatti -7, Basantapatti
RautahatNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Chandranigahapur Chandranip -1, Rautahat
RautahatNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Garuda RautahatGaruda Bazar-6, Rautahat
RautahatOm Money TransferDumariya, Rautahat
RautahatOm Money TransferSame Building Of Ncell Tower,Dumariya-4,Balchanpur,Rautahat
RautahatParwat Money TransferChandrapur-9,Rautahat
RautahatRAJ MONEY TRANSFERHospital Chowk - 7, Gaur, Rautahat
RautahatS.S Money TransferSukdev Chowk,Jetharaiya-6,Rautahat
RautahatSabnam Money TransferGaur,Side of Merry Stop Centre, BP Chowk
RautahatSabnam Money Transfer-Gaur,RautahatGaur-5,Rautahat
RautahatSahil TradersKatahariya,Rautahat
RautahatSajana EnterprisesChandrapur-9, Rautahat
RautahatSamajkalyan Krisi Sahakari Sanstha LtdJhunkhunwa-6,Rautahat
RautahatSavyata Saving and Credit Cooperative ltd Bariyarpur Bazar,Rautahat
RautahatSBR Suhana TradersKatariya-7,Rautahat
RautahatSBR Suhana TradersKanakpur-2,Rautahat
RautahatShiv Mahila Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdGaur-8,Rautahat
RautahatShree Gupta TradersSarmujava-8,Bankul,Rautahat
RautahatShree Jivikoparjan Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBasantapatti-2,Bhediyahi,Rautahat
RautahatShree Ram Money TransferSamanpur-4,Rautahat
RautahatShree Shivguru Agriculture Co-operative LtdPathiyahi-6,Shivnagar,Rautahat
RautahatStar Money TransferGaur-6,Rautahat
RautahatSunrise Bank Limited-Gaur BranchPurnewa,Gaur-4,Rautahat
RautahatSUSHMA TRADERSGaruda Bairiya - 9, Rautahat
RautahatSushma TradersGaruda,Rautahat
RautahatTara Money TransferRajpur-5,Faradhwa,Rautahat
RautahatTERAI ENTERPRISESKatahariya - 4, Rautahat
RautahatTerai EnterprisesKatahariya-4,Rautahat
RautahatUnique TradersSamanpur, Rautahat
RautahatUnique Traders Samanpur-05,Rautahat
RautahatVibor Society Development Bank LimitedGaur Road | Near Bazar Petrol Pump
RautahatVibor Society Development Bank LimitedMain Bazar | Garuda
RautahatVibor Society Development Bank LimitedHospital Road | Gaur
RautahatVibor Society Development Bank LtdBazar, Chandranigahapur-6, Rautahat
RautahatVibor Society Development Bank LtdGaruda Bazar, Garuda, Rautahat
RautahatVibor Society Development Bank LtdGaur, Rautahat
RautahatYeti Development Bank Ltd-Rautahat BranchGaur Road, Chandranigahpur
Rautahat Janata Bank Ltd.Gaur-1,Rautahat 
RolpaJanata Bank Nepal Limited-RolpaLiwang-06, Rolpa
RolpaK.D.K. Computer Institute and Photo StudioNear Himalaya Hotel, Gharti Gaun-1,Rolpa
RolpaMadichaur Money TransferNear Shree Bal Udaya Secondary School,Jankot-1,Rolpa
RolpaMahima Money TransferNear Mahendra Campus,Holeri,Rolpa
RolpaNew Lake Besi Money TransferNear Peepal Chautara,Sulichaur Bazar,Mijhing-7,Sulichaur,Rolpa
RolpaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Sulichaur Rolpa
RolpaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdSulichaur Mijing-7, Rolpa
RolpaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Sulichaur RolpaMijing-7, Sulichaur Rolpa
RolpaRolpa Remix Money TransferLiwang-5,Rolpa
RolpaRolpa Remit Money TransferBiz Bazar Pakasthan Tole Libang-6 Rolpa
RolpaSuryadaya Saving and credit co-operative ltd Mijhing-1,Runiwang, Rolpa
RolpaSuryodaya Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdMijhing-1,Runibang,Rolpa
RolpaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdLiwang Rolpa
Rolpa Janata Bank Ltd.Liwang-06, Rolpa 
RukumAnil Kapada Pasal Musikot , Rukum
RukumChaurjahari Money Transfer Chaurjahari - 1, Bijayashwori, Rukum
RukumCivil Bank LimitedKhalanga, Musikot-1. Rukum
RukumCivil Bank Limited-Rukum BranchKhalanga, Musikot-1. Rukum
RukumGobinda EnterprisesAathbiskot-2,Radijyula,Rukum
RukumHamro Saving And Credit Co-Operative LtdKhalanga-1, Rukum
RukumJ.B EnterprisesAthbishkot-2,Radi Bazar Rukum
RukumJB EnterprisesMusikot-1,Khalanga,Rukum
RukumKalika Trade Link & Sub Money TransferChaurjahari-5,Near Hari Bhakta Gate,Rukum
RukumKalika Trade Link And Sub Money Transfer-Chaurjahari,RukumChaurjahari-5,Near Hari Bhakta Gate,Rukum
RukumKumari Bank Limited-Musikot Branch,RukumMusikot,Rukum
RukumKumari Bank ltdTallao Bazar, Musikot-1, Khalanga, Rukum
RukumLanghali Oil Store And SuppliersNear Police Booth, Musikot
RukumLaxmi Bank Limited-Chaurjahari Branch Chaurjahari-2, Rukum
RukumLaxmi Bank Limited-Rukum BranchKhalanga-1,Rukum
RukumLaxmi Bank Ltd-Chaurjahari BranchChaurjahari-2, Rukum
RukumLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdMusikot Na.Pa -06 Khalanga, Rolpa
RukumNew Jaya Bishal Enterprises And Order Suppliers-Bijeshwor,Chaurjahari,RukumBijeshwor-5,Chaurjahari,Rukum
RukumNew Jaya Bishal Enterprises And Order Suppliers-Jhulheta,RukumJhulheta,Rukum
RukumNew Jaya Bishal Enterprises And Order Suppliers-Solabang,RukumSolabang,Rukum
RukumNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Rukum BranchMusikot-5,Bag Bazar,Rukum
RukumNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bijayswori-3
RukumNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdChaurjhari Bijeshwari, Rukum
RukumNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Chaurjhari BranchChaurjhari,Bijeshwari,Rukum
RukumNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdMusikot 1 , Rukum
RukumNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Musikot BranchMusikot Municipality-1,Rukum
RukumNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Chaurjahari BranchChaurjahari-2,Rukum
RukumOli Traders and Money Transfer SewaAthbis kot-2 Radi,Rukum
RukumRapti Electronics Center Musikot-1,Rukum
RukumSamaj Bikas Udhamami Saving & Credit CoperativeRungha-2, Rukum
RukumShree Digre Sai Kumari Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKhalanga,Rukum
RukumSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdMusikot Rukum
RukumSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdChaurjahari Rukum
RukumThapa Traders Rukumkot-7,BahunKhana , (Stm) Rukum
RukumYeti Development Bank Ltd-Rukum BranchKhalanga-1, Musikot,
RupandehiAasraa TradersSiddhartha Nagar -1, paklihawa Ranigawn Rupandehi
RupandehiAl Hayat Tours & Travels Pvt. Ltd.Mahajidiya Chowk, Rupandehi, Khudabagar - 6, Lumbini 
RupandehiAstha Shree Saving And Credit CoperativeThute Pipal bazar Rupandehi
RupandehiBANK OF KATHMANDUDurga Mandir Line Traffic Chowk Butwal Rupandehi
RupandehiBANK OF KATHMANDUSiddhartha Marga | Butwal
RupandehiBANK OF KATHMANDUDevdaha Municipality-8 Khairenichowk Devdaha Rupandehi Lumbini Nepal
RupandehiBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdSiddhartha Marg, Butwal,Rupandehi
RupandehiBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdDevdaha Municipality-8, Khairenichowk, Devdaha, Rupandehi,
RupandehiBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdRajmarg Chaurha, Butwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiBUTWAL MONEY TRANSFERAmarpath - 6, Butwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiButwal Money TransferAmar Path-6 Butwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiButwal Money TransferNayar Namtles-1 Arya Bhanjyanj Palpa
RupandehiButwal Money TransferOpposite Of Nepal Rastra Bank,Bhairahawa Rupandeh
RupandehiButwal Money TransferRaj Marga Chauraha-11 Rupandehi
RupandehiButwal Money TransferSemara-7 , Rupandehi
RupandehiButwal Sub Remit,Butwal, Traffic Chowk, Durga Mandir Line, Near By Mission Dev.Bank Rupandehi
Rupandehicentury commercial Bank AMUWA BRANCH Siyari Rural Municipality-07,Amuwa Bazar
Rupandehicentury commercial Bank BHAIRAHAWA BRANCHMaitripath-05,Bank Road,Bhairahawa
Rupandehicentury commercial Bank Butwal BRANCHButwal,PuspalalPark-07,Butwal
Rupandehicentury commercial Bank BUTWAL BRANCHAmarpath-8, Butwal, Rupandehi
Rupandehicentury commercial Bank MAJHGAWA BRANCHMajhgawa Kotahimai Rural Municipality-05, Rupandehi
RupandehiChaar Number Manakamana RemitTilottama-11 Rupandehi
RupandehiCitizens Bank International LtdAmarpath Line Rupandehi
RupandehiCitizens Bank International LtdBank Road, Siddharthanagar (Bhairahawa), Rupandehi.
RupandehiCivil Bank LimitedButwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiCivil Bank LimitedButwal, Durga Mandir Line, Traffic Chowk, Rupandehi
RupandehiCivil Bank LimitedBhairahawa, Gallamandi, Airport Road,Sidharthanagar-06,Rupandehi
RupandehiCLEAN REMITTANCE & SUPPLIERSSiddharthanagar - 12, Rupandehi
RupandehiClean Remittance & SuppliersMilanchowk, Bhairahawa Rupandehi
RupandehiDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDDebdaha MP -7| Rupandehi
RupandehiEast West TradersMilan Chowk Ektapath Butwal
RupandehiEverest Finance LtdSiddhartha Nagar-7, Narayan Path,Rupendehi
RupandehiFewa Bikas bank LtdBhairahawa, Rupandehi
RupandehiFewa Bikas bank LtdButwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiFewa Bikas bank LtdNayagaun, Rupandehi
RupandehiFewa Bikas bank LtdGolpark, Butwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdDhakdhai Branch
RupandehiGandaki Bikas Bank LtdBhairahawa, Rupandehi
RupandehiGandaki Bikas Bank LtdButwal Bazar, Rupandehi
RupandehiGandaki Bikas Bank LtdSemlar, Rupandehi
RupandehiGarima Bikas BankButwal Branch, Rupandehi
RupandehiGarima Bikas BankBhairahawa Branch, Rupandehi
RupandehiHamro Money TransferPrahari Tole, Bhairahawa-12, Rupandehi
RupandehiIcfc Finance LimatedBhairahawa Rupandehi
RupandehiIcfc Finance LimatedButwal Rupandehi
RupandehiInnovative Development Bank LtdSiddharthanagar-5 Bhairahawa Rupendehi
RupandehiInnovative Development Bank LtdMajhgawa Vdc-2,Marchawar, Rupandehi
RupandehiInnovative Development Bank LtdPaschim Amuwa-4 Rupandehi
RupandehiInnovative Development Bank LtdPratappur vdc-4 Nawalparasi
RupandehiInnovative Development Bank LtdPushpalal Park Butwal-8 Rupandehi
RupandehiJanata Bank Ltd.Amarpath-08, Butwal 
RupandehiJanata Bank Ltd.Narayanpath, Bhairahawa
RupandehiJanautthan Samudayic laghubitta bikas bank ltdButwal 11,Milanchwok,Rupandehi                               
RupandehiJanautthan Samudayic laghubitta bikas bank ltdColoney,Sainamaina,Rupandehi  
RupandehiJaya Gyawali StoreSaljhandi
RupandehiJaya Mata de Money ChangerMaitri Path-5, Opp Of Rastiya Badijya Bank Bhairahawa Rupandahi
RupandehiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Chaudaha-11, Rupandehi
RupandehiKasthamandap Development Bank LtdSidhartha Road, Butwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiKrishna Devi Money TransferRupandehi
RupandehiKUMARI BANK LIMITEDTillotama - 4 | Drivertole | Rupandehi
RupandehiKUMARI BANK LIMITEDSiddhartha Road | Butwal
RupandehiKUMARI BANK LIMITEDSukrapath | Butwal - 10 | Rupandehi
RupandehiKumari Bank ltdNarayanpath, Siddharthanagar - 8 Bhairahawa, Rupandehi
RupandehiKumari Bank ltdRammandir Line, Butwal-6, Rupandehi
RupandehiLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdSuryapura -03 Suryapura , Rupandhei
RupandehiLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdSemlar-03 Semlarbazar,Rupandhi
RupandehiLumbini Money TransferLumbini Mahilwar, Rupandehi
RupandehiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedAmarpath - 8 | Butwal | Rupandehi
RupandehiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedBethari -6 | Rupandehi
RupandehiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedSiddharthanagar - 12 | Bhairahawa
RupandehiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedChandrauta Bazar | Kapilbastu
RupandehiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedLumbini - 9 | Rupandehi
RupandehiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedTraffic Chowk - 8 | Butwal
RupandehiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdAmarpath-8,Trafick Chowk, Butwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdBethari-6, Rupandehi
RupandehiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdLumbini-12, Rupandehi
RupandehiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdSiddharthanagar-12,Prahari Tole, Bhairahawa
RupandehiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdParasa-9, Lumbini, Rupandehi
RupandehiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank Ltd,Gonaha-6, Baithari Bazar, Rupandehi
RupandehiMahalaxmi Money TransferButwal-8, Rupandehi
RupandehiManigram Spedy Remit & MultipurposeManigram, Rupandehi
RupandehiManokamana Money TransferParsa-9, Rupandehi
RupandehiMega Bank LtdBhairahawa Siddhathanagar- 7 Naya Sadak, Rupandehi
RupandehiMega Bank LtdAnandaban-3, Manigram, Rupandehi
RupandehiMega Bank LtdPushpalal Park-8, Butwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiMega Bank LtdMainabagar, Rupandehi
RupandehiMission Development Bank LtdBasgadi Branch Basgadi, Rupandehi
RupandehiMission Development Bank LtdBhairahawa Branch Lumbini Road, Bhairahawa
RupandehiMission Development Bank LtdButwal-8 Durga Mandir Line Rupandahi
RupandehiMission Development Bank LtdDriver Tole Shankanagar-8, Drivertole,Rupandehi
RupandehiMission Development Bank LtdHead office Butwal-8, Durgamandir, Rupandehi
RupandehiMission Development Bank LtdTamnagar Butwal-14, Tamnagr, Rupandehi
RupandehiMission Development Bank LtdTilottama Municipality, Ward No. 10 Semara Bazar
RupandehiMK Money TransferDhakdhahi Chowk-4, Rupandehi
RupandehiMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDSiddharthanagar 4 Gallamandi Rupandeh
RupandehiMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDRudrapur-9 Haraiya Rupandehi
RupandehiMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDSainamaina - 8 | Rupandehi
RupandehiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdButwal Mun -08, Traffic Chowk, Rupandehi
RupandehiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdRudrapur-9, Haraiya, Rupandehi
RupandehiMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdSiddharthanagar 4, Gallamandi, Bhairahawa,Rupandehi
RupandehiNCC Bank LtdBank Road, Siddhartha Nagar, Rupandehi
RupandehiNCC Bank LtdMahilwar, Madhubani Rupandehi
RupandehiNCC Bank LtdMilanchowk, Rupandehi
RupandehiNCC Bank LtdNear Traffic Chowk, Rupandehi
RupandehiNCC Bank LtdTraffic Chowk, Butwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiNCC Bank LtdDevkota Chowk, Bhairahawa, Rupandehi
RupandehiNCC Bank LtdTraffic Chowk ,Butwal Rupandehi
RupandehiNepa Travels & Tours Pvt.LtdMaitripath Siddharthanagar-5 Bhairahawa Rupasdehi
RupandehiNepal Community Development Bank LimitedManigram Rupandehi
RupandehiNepal Community Development Bank LimitedPuspalal Prak, Butwal – 8, Rupandehi
RupandehiNepal Community Development Bank LimitedRanibagiya Rupandehi
RupandehiNepal Community Development Bank LimitedSau. Pharsatikar Rupandehi
RupandehiNepal Community Development Bank LimitedShankarnagar Rupandehi
RupandehiNepal Community Development Bank LimitedBhairahawa, Siddharthanagar, Rupandehi
RupandehiNepal Investment Bank LimitedMaitri Path - 5 | Siddhartha Nagar Opp. District Court | Bhairahawa | Nepal
RupandehiNepal Investment Bank LimitedTraffic Chowk | Butwal | Rupandehi | Nepal
RupandehiNepal Investment bank Ltd.Maitripath, Rupandehi
RupandehiNepal Investment bank Ltd.Traffic Chowk, Rupandehi
RupandehiNEUPANE BIBIDH SEWAMahendra Rajmarg - 10, Butwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiNew Devdaha Money TransferKhaireni, Rupandehi
RupandehiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Siddharthanagar-7 | Bhairahawa
RupandehiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)ButwaláNP-11á | Milanchock
RupandehiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)DhakdhaiáVDC-4 | áDhakdhai
RupandehiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)SauáFarsatikaráVDC-1 | Farsatikar
RupandehiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Rudrapur | 9-Haraiya
RupandehiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Tillottama N.P.20-Kotihawa
RupandehiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Lumbini Saskritik NP-14 | Mahajidiya
RupandehiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Majhgawa-1 | áMajhgawa
RupandehiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)ParrohaáVDC-1 | áMurgiya
RupandehiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)DevdaháVDC-4 | áKhaireni
RupandehiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Siddharthanagar-7 | Bhairahawa
RupandehiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdHaraiya Bishnupura-8, Rupandehi
RupandehiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdFarsatikar-1, Sau Farsatikar, Rupandehi
RupandehiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRegional Office Bhairahawa-7, Rupandehi
RupandehiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdDhakdhai-4, Rupandehi
RupandehiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdSitalnagar-4 , Rupandehi
RupandehiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdMajhagawa-1, Rupandehi
RupandehiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRamapur,Parroha-1, Rupandehi
RupandehiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdMahajidiya-1, Rupandehi
RupandehiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdKotihawa-4, Rupandehi
RupandehiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBhairahawa-7, Rupandehi
RupandehiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdButwal-11, Rupandehi
RupandehiNMB BANK LIMITEDNayasadak - 7 | Sunwal Road
RupandehiNMB BANK LIMITEDBhalwari
RupandehiNMB BANK LIMITEDMilan Chowk
RupandehiNMB BANK LIMITEDTraffic Chowk
RupandehiNMB BANK LIMITEDDriver tole
RupandehiNMB BANK LIMITEDManigram
RupandehiNMB BANK LIMITEDMurgiya
RupandehiNMB BANK LIMITEDPharsatikar
RupandehiNMB BANK LIMITEDRamnagar
RupandehiNMB BANK LIMITEDThutipipal
RupandehiNMB Bank LtdAnandaban, Ward No. 3, Manigram, Rupandehi
RupandehiNMB Bank LtdKarhiya-3, Bhalwari, Rupandehi
RupandehiNMB Bank LtdKarhiya-8, Char Number, Rupandehi
RupandehiNMB Bank LtdMilan Chowk, Butwal Rupandehi
RupandehiNMB Bank LtdMurgiya, Rupandehi
RupandehiNMB Bank LtdNayasadak-7, Siddharthanagar, Rupandehi
RupandehiNMB Bank LtdPharsatikar, Rupandehi
RupandehiNMB Bank LtdShankarnagar-5, Rupandehi
RupandehiNMB Bank LtdThutipipal, Rupandehi
RupandehiNMB Bank LtdTraffic Chowk (In front of Durga Mandir), Butwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiOm Development Bank LtdButwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiPandey SuppliersPraharitole-12 Bhairahawa
RupandehiPashchimanchal Finance Co. LtdDiver Tole, Rupandehi
RupandehiPashchimanchal Finance Co. LtdSukrapath-10, Milan Chowk, Butwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiPashchimanchal FinanceLimited (Ho)Paficol Building, Ground floor, Milanchowk, Butwal, Nepal
RupandehiPopular Jana Sewa CenterButwal-8 Traffic Chowk Rupande
RupandehiPrime Commercial Bank LtdBank Road, Milan ChowkBhairahawa, Rupandehi
RupandehiPrime Commercial Bank LtdButwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiProfessional Diyalo Bikas Bank Ltd.Yogikuti, Butwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiPurnima Bikas Bank LtdAmarpath-8, Butwal Rupandehi
RupandehiPurnima Bikas Bank LtdDhakdhai Road, Dhakdhai Rupandehi
RupandehiPurnima Bikas Bank LtdKarhaiya-3 Bhalwari Rupandehi
RupandehiPurnima Bikas Bank LtdShankarnagar-7,drivertole Rupandehi
RupandehiPurnima Bikas Bank Ltdsurayapura vdc Rupandehi
RupandehiPurnima Bikas Bank Ltd,Bhairahawa, Siddharthanagar-8, narayansthan, rupandehi,
RupandehiRainbow Money TransferBhairahawa, Narayan Path-7Same Building Of Everest Bank, Rupandehi
RupandehiRed Star Money TransferSainamaina 3 Murgiya Rupandehi
RupandehiRegmi Money TransferDhakdhai-6,Rupandehi
RupandehiRupandehi Money transferNear NCC Bank, Mailahawar, Lumbini
RupandehiRUPANDEHI MONEY TRANSFER PRIVATE LIMITEDMahilwar - 7, Madhubani, Rupandehi
RupandehiSagun Money ChangerBhairahawa, Bank Road, Sinepa, Rupandehi
RupandehiSajilo Money TransferTraffic Chowk, Rupandehi
RupandehiSamuhik Bikash Saving & Credit Cooperative LtdSankhar Nagar Chowk Rupandeh
RupandehiSara Photo StudioRamas Supermarket Malen Chowk Bhairahawa
RupandehiSewa Bikash Bank LtdButwal 8, Puspalal Park
RupandehiSewa Bikash Bank LtdDevdaha, Khaireni
RupandehiSewa Bikash Bank LtdMadhawaliya , Kotihawa 
RupandehiSewa Bikash Bank LtdSaljhandi, Rupandehi 
RupandehiSewa Bikash Bank LtdSiddarthanagar 12, Devkota Chowk
RupandehiSHINE RESUNGA DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDSiddhartha Road -8 Btl Rupandehi
RupandehiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdBarmelitole-7, Siddharthanagar, Bhairahawa
RupandehiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdKarahiya Vdc-2,Mangalpur
RupandehiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdRamnagar-1, Bhumahi
RupandehiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdRudrapur-6,Thakali Chowk,Rupandehi
RupandehiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdSiddhartha Road-8, Butwal
RupandehiShine Resunga Development Bank LtdYogikuti-12, Butwal
RupandehiShree Mahalaxmi Sub Money Transfer Shantiwan-8, Rupandehi
RupandehiShree Sai Baba Money Changer,Marchaur-2, Rupandehi
RupandehiSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Ramgram Municipality, , Nawalparasi
RupandehiSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Adarshanagar, Parsa
RupandehiSiddhartha Development Bank LtdBhairahawa, Rupandehi
RupandehiSiddhartha Development Bank LtdBuddha Chowk Branch, Bhairahawa,Rupandehi
RupandehiSiddhartha Development Bank LtdButwal, Rupandehi
RupandehiSiddhartha Development Bank LtdDevinagar Extension, Rupandehi
RupandehiSiddhartha Development Bank LtdHospital Line Branch, Butwal
RupandehiSiddhartha Development Bank LtdKerwani Branch, Rupandehi
RupandehiSiddhartha Development Bank LtdKhaireni, Rupandehi
RupandehiSiddhartha Development Bank LtdLumbini, Rupandehi
RupandehiSiddhartha Development Bank LtdSaljhandi, Rupandehi
RupandehiSulave Money Sewa,Devkota Chowk, Bhairahawa-13, Rupandehi
RupandehiSupa Deurali Associates Traffice Chowk Butwal,Rupandehi
RupandehiSupa Deurali Bhanjyang ChoutariTraffic Chowk, Near Durga Mandir, Ganpatti Mistan Bhandar
RupandehiSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdSaljhandi Rupandehi
RupandehiSynergy Finance LtdButwal-10, Milanchowk, New Butwal View Restaruant,Rupandehi
RupandehiSynergy Finance LtdButwal-7, Amarpath, Haatbazaar Line
RupandehiSynergy Finance LtdMain road, Siddharthanagar,Bhairahawa
RupandehiSynergy Finance Ltd.Amarpath | Butwal
RupandehiSynergy Finance Ltd.Milanchowk | Butwal
RupandehiTinau Development Bank Ltd Bhaluhi Bhaluhi, Devdaha - 11, Rupandehi,
RupandehiTinau Development Bank LtdDayanagar-03, Chhapiya, Rupandehi,
RupandehiTinau Development Bank LtdHospital Line, Butwal - 8, Rupandehi,
RupandehiTinau Development Bank LtdKotihawa Tilottama Na. Pa.-20, Kotihawa, Rupandehi,
RupandehiTinau Development Bank LtdRamapur Sainamaina-08, Ramapur Colony, Rupandehi,
RupandehiTinau Development Bank LtdSangampath Sangampath, Butwal - 6, Rupandehi,
RupandehiTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDButwal Municipality - 11 | Rupandehi
RupandehiUnited Finance LtdRajmarga Chauraha, Rupandehi
RupandehiVibor Society Development Bank LimitedAwa Road | Bhairahawa
RupandehiVibor Society Development Bank LimitedDevinagar, Butwal
RupandehiVibor Society Development Bank LtdBasantapath-12, Aawa Road Bhairahawa, Rupandehi
RupandehiVibor Society Development Bank LtdDevinagar, Butwal
RupandehiWhite House Money TransferTraffick Chowk, Butwal
RupendehiAasraa TradersSiddharthanagar-1,Bhairahawa,Rupandehi
RupendehiAfanta Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdSiktahan-7,Shankarpur,Rupandehi
RupendehiAl Hayat Tours & Travels Pvt.Ltd Lumbini Highway,Mahajidya Chowk,Rupandehi
RupendehiAMPM TradersButwol Traffice Chowk,Butwal,Rupandehi
RupendehiApex Development Bank Ltd-ButwalButwal, Rupandehi
RupendehiAsthashree Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdPadsari-5,Thutipipal,Rupandehi
RupendehiB Four Remit & Suppliers pvt ltdButwal 13 Kalikanagar, Rupendehi
RupendehiBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Butwal BranchButwal, Rupandehi
RupendehiBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Devdaha BranchDevdaha Municipality-8, Khairenichowk, Devdaha, Rupandehi
RupendehiBon Jour Money TransferSau-1,Pharsatikar,Rupandehi
RupendehiButwal International Travels & Tours Pvt LtdButwal,rupandehi
RupendehiButwal Money TransferButwal-9,rupandehi
RupendehiButwal Money TransferButwal-6,Rupandehi
RupendehiButwal Sub RemitTraffic Chowk, Durga Mandir Line, Near Mission Development Bank, Butwal
RupendehiCentral Finance Limited-Milanchok,Butwal BranchMilanchok,Butwal,Rupandehi
RupendehiChaar Number Manakamana Remit Trilotma-11,Chaar Number,Rupandehi
RupendehiCitizens Bank International Ltd-ButwalPushpalal Park,butwal,rupandehi
RupendehiCitizens Bank International Ltd-SiddarthanagarSiddarthanagar, Rupandehi, Lumbini
RupendehiCivil Bank Limited-Butwal BranchRajmarg Chauraha Chowk, Butwal
RupendehiCivil Bank Limited-Rupandehi BranchAirport Road,sidharthanagar,
RupendehiCivil Bank Ltd-Butwal Branch 2Butwal,Rupandehi
RupendehiClassic RemitRajmarg Chauraha-12,butwal,rupandehi
RupendehiClean Remittance And SuppliersMilan Chowk,Bhairahawa-12,Rupandehi
RupendehiDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Khaireni BranchDevadaha,Khaireni,Rupandehi
RupendehiDhakdhai Money Transfer Dhakdhai,Rupandehi
RupendehiEast West Traders-ButwalBank Road , Butwal Rupandehi
RupendehiEast West Traders-Milanchowk, RupandehiMilan Chowk, Butwal
RupendehiFEC Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdTillottama-12,Mangalpur,Rupandehi
RupendehiForward Community-Dhakdhai RupandehiDhakdhai VDC-6, Rupandehi
RupendehiGanapati Multipurpose Cooperative Ltd.Sau Pharsatikar-1, Rupandehi
RupendehiGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Bhairahawa BranchSiddharthanagar-08,Rupandehi
RupendehiGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Butwal BranchButwal-08,Rupandehi
RupendehiGlobal Sub Remit and Enterprises Devdaha-11,Bhaluhi,Rupandehi
RupendehiGulab Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdDudhrakhsha-5, Near Lumbini Tinau Samudayik Pustakalaya,Bansgadi,Rupandehi
RupendehiGurkhas Finance Ltd-Lakhan Chowk BranchLakhan Chowk,Rupandehi
RupendehiHamro Siddhartha Money TransferTilottama-9,Bhalbari-3,Karahiya,Rupandehi
RupendehiICFC Finance Limited-BairahawaBairahawa,rupandehi
RupendehiICFC Finance Limited-Butwal RupandehiButwal,rupandehi
RupendehiJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Bhairahawa BranchBhairahawa, Rupandehi
RupendehiJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Butwal BranchAmarpath-08, Butwal
RupendehiJanautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bikash Bank Ltd-Butwal (Head Office)Butwal-11,Rupandehi
RupendehiJanautthan Samudayic Laghubitta Bikash Bank Ltd-Coloney BranchSainamaina-8,Rupandehi
RupendehiKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Butwal BranchChaudaha-11, Butwal
RupendehiKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Butwal BranchSiddhartha Road,Butwal,Rupandehi
RupendehiKishan Money TransferKha Bangai-7,Bhojauli Bazar, Rupandehi
RupendehiKumari Bank Limited-Butwal BranchButwal - 6, Shreeram Tower Rammandir Line
RupendehiKumari Bank Limited-Rupandehi, Bhairahawa BranchSiddharthanagar - 8, Bhairahawa
RupendehiKumari Bank Ltd-Driver ToleDrivertole, Shankar Nagar, Rupandehi
RupendehiKumari Bank Ltd-Siddhartha RoadSidhartha Road, Butwal, Rupandehi
RupendehiKumari Bank Ltd-SukrapathMilanchowk, Butwal,Rupandehi
RupendehiLaxmi Bank Limited-BhairahawaAawha Road, Bhairahawa
RupendehiLaxmi Bank Limited-Butwal BranchAmar Path, Butwal
RupendehiMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Bhairahawa BranchS. R. Complex, Devkota Chowk
RupendehiMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Butwal BranchButwal Municipality - 6,ram Mandir Path
RupendehiMahalaxmi Money TransferB.p Chowk,butwal-8,rupandehi
RupendehiManigram Speedy Remit And MultipurposeManigram, Rupandehi, Lumbini Zone
RupendehiMega Bank Nepal Limited-Bhairahawa BranchSiddhathanagar-7,bhairahawa
RupendehiMega Bank Nepal Limited-Butwal BranchRam Mandir 6,butwal
RupendehiMega Bank Nepal Limited-Butwal BranchPushpalal Park-8,Butwal,Rupandehi
RupendehiMega Bank Nepal Limited-Mainabagar BranchMainabagar,Butwal,Rupandehi
RupendehiMega Bank Nepal Limited-Manigram BranchAnandavan-3,Manigram,Rupandehi
RupendehiMega Bank Nepal Limited-Siddharthanagar BranchSiddharthanagae,Rupandehi
RupendehiNawa Durga Swabalamban Saving & Credit Cooperative Ltd, Majagawn-1, Rupendehi
RupendehiNeupane Bibidh Sewa Near Ktm Bus Stop, Butwal Near Police Station
RupendehiNew Butwal Money TransferDevinagar-13,Butwal,Rupandehi
RupendehiNew Devdaha Money TransferDevdaha-4,Khaireni,Rupandehi
RupendehiNew Siddhababa Money TransferDevinagar-13,Butwal,Rupandehi
RupendehiNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Bhairahawa BranchPrahari Tole Siddharthanagar - 12,Bhairahawa,Rupandehi
RupendehiNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Butwal BranchSharawan Path,Butwal,Rupendehi
RupendehiNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Dhakdhahi Omsatiya Gaunpalika, Ward No.3, Dhakdhahi, Rupandehi
RupendehiNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Rudrapur BranchKanchan Gaupalika-3,Rudrapur,Rupandehi
RupendehiNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Saljhandi BranchSainamaina-10,Saljhandi,Rupandehi
RupendehiNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Sauraha Pharsatikar Suddodhan Gaunpalika, Ward No.4, Sauraha Farsatikar, Rupandehi
RupendehiNirdhan Utthan Bank Limited-Regional Office , RupandehiSiddhartha-7, Himalipath
RupendehiNirdhan Utthan Bank Limited-Shitalnagar BranchShitalnagar , Devdah-4, Dhakdhai
RupendehiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Bhairahawa RupandehiBhairahawa Siddharthanagar-7,himalipath
RupendehiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Butwal RupandehiSukrapath ,butwal Rupandehi
RupendehiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Dhakdhi BranchDhakdhi -4, Dhakdhi Rupandehi
RupendehiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Farsatikar RupandehiSau Farsatikar Rupandehi
RupendehiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Haraiya Branch RupandehiHaraiya Bishnupura -8, Laundihawa
RupendehiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Kotihawa RupandehiKotihawa Madhwaliya -4, Madhuban
RupendehiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Kotikawa Rupandehi BranchKotihawa Madhwaliya -4, Madhuban
RupendehiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Mahajidiya BranchMahajidiya -1, Rupandehi
RupendehiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Rampur Branch RupandehiRampur Rupandehi , Parroha
RupendehiNita Raj InterprisesButwal-13,Rupandehi
RupendehiPachabhaiya TradersSakhuwani,Tilotama-20,Rupandehi
RupendehiPandey SuppliersAmarpath-8,Bhairahawa,Butwal,Rupandehi
RupendehiPaschimanchal Finance Co. Ltd-Drivertole BranchDrivertole
RupendehiPashchimanchal Finance Branch Butwal (Head Office)Butwal-10
RupendehiPharshatikar Money TransferSau Pharshatikar-1,Rupandehi
RupendehiPopular Janasewa CenterTrafficchowk,Butwal
RupendehiPrabhu Bank Limited-Amarpath BranchAmarpath Chowk,Butwal,Rupandehi
RupendehiPrabhu Bank Limited-Bhairahawa BranchBarmeli Tole,Bhairahawa,Rupandehi
RupendehiPrabhu Bank Limited-Butwal BranchMilan Chowk,Butwal,Rupandehi
RupendehiPrabhu Bank Limited-Khaireni BranchDevdaha Municipality-6,Khaireni Chowk,Rupandehi
RupendehiPrabhu Bank Limited-Manigram BranchManigram Chowk,Rupandehi
RupendehiPrime Commercial Bank Limited- Bank Road BhairahawaBank road, Milan Chowk, Bhairahawa,
RupendehiPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Butwal Butwal-8, Traffoc Chowk,Rupandehi
RupendehiR.N.O Sub Money Transfer Pvt.LtdRudrapur-6,Thakalichok,Rupandehi
RupendehiRed Star Money TransferSainamaina-3,Murgiya,Rupandehi
RupendehiRegmi Money TransferDhakdhai-6,Rupandehi
RupendehiRJ Money TransferBharaul-1,Kalabanzar,Rupandehi
RupendehiRupandehi Money TransferMahilwar-16,Rupandehi
RupendehiSafe Money TransferSaljhandi-4,Rupandehi
RupendehiSafe Money TransferSaljhandi-4,Rupandehi
RupendehiSai Link International Money TransferPuspa Lal Park, Butwal
RupendehiSanima Bank Limited-Amarpath,butwal BranchAmarpath, Butwal-8, Rupandehi
RupendehiSanima Bank Limited-Siddharthanagar BranchSiddharthanagar 7, Bhairahawa, Rupandehi
RupendehiShine Resunga Development Bank Ltd-BhairahawaBarmelitole, Siddharthanagar, Rupendehi
RupendehiShine Resunga Development Bank Ltd-Butwal Coporate OfficeButwal, Siddhartha Road
RupendehiShine Resunga Development Bank Ltd-Mangalpur,RupandehiKarhiya-2, Mangalpur Rupandehi
RupendehiShine Resunga Development Bank Ltd-Rudrapur,rupandehiRudrapur, Thakali Chowk ,
RupendehiShine Resunga Development Bank Ltd-Yogikuti RupandehiYogikuti Butwal ,rupandehi
RupendehiShree Nawadurga Swablambhan Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdNear On Majhagawa Chowk,Majhagawa,Rupandehi
RupendehiShree Nawadurga Swalamban Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd – MajgawaMajgawa-1, Rupandehi
RupendehiShree Pashupatinath Sub Remit Pvt.LtdSuryapura-02,Rupandehi
RupendehiShree Saibaba Money Changer-Petrol Pump,Majhgaun,RupandehiPetrol Pump,Majhgaun,Rupandehi
RupendehiShree Samip Saving and Credit Co-operative Society LtdPachim Amawa,Rupandehi
RupendehiSiddhartah Development Bank Limited-Bhairahawa BranchOpposite Rupandehi Fm, Siddharthanagar, Bhairahawa, Rupandehi
RupendehiSiddhartha Bank Ltd-BhairahawaSiddharthanagar-12, Prahari Tole, Bhairahawa, Lumbini
RupendehiSiddhartha Bank Ltd-ButwalMilanchowk, Butwal
RupendehiSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-Bhalwari Bhalwari,Bhairahawa,Rupandehi
RupendehiSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-ButwalOpposite Of Heavy Equipment Division Office, Butwal, Rupandehi
RupendehiSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-Butwal BranchButwal, Rupandehi
RupendehiSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-Devinagar ExtensionDevinagar,Rupandehi
RupendehiSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-Khairani, RupandehiKhaireni, Rupandehi
RupendehiSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-Lumbini BranchLumbini, Rupandehi
RupendehiSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-SaljhandiSaljhandi, Rupandehi
RupendehiSiddhartha Finance Limited-Bethari Counter-ext.countersBethari,rupandehi
RupendehiSiddhartha Finance Limited-Bhairahawa-head Office Siddharthanagar-12,bhairahawa,rupandehi
RupendehiSunrise Bank Limited-Bhairahawa BranchBank Road,Siddharthanagar-5,Rupandehi
RupendehiSunrise Bank Limited-Butwal BranchMilan Chowk,Butwal-11,Rupandehi
RupendehiSupa Deurali Associates Pvt Ltd-Head OfficeButwal-8,durga Mandir Line,trafic Chowk
RupendehiSurendra Money TransferDevdaha,Khaireni,Rupandehi
RupendehiSynergy Finance Limited-BhairawahaBhairahawa, Rupandehi
RupendehiSynergy Finance Limited-Butwal (Head Office)Milanchowk, Butwal, Rupandehi
RupendehiSynergy Finance Ltd-Amarpath ButwalAmarpath, Butwal-7, Rupandehi
RupendehiT And T Business Link Pvt.LtdMilanchowk, Butwal
RupendehiTinau Development Bank Limited-Butwal HoHospital Line, Butwal - 8, Rupandehi, Nepal
RupendehiTinau Development Bank Limited-Rampur ColonyDudhrakshya-02, Ramapur Colony
RupendehiTinau Development Bank Litd-Dayanagar BranchDayanagar-3,Chhapiya,Rupandehi
RupendehiTinau Development Bank Ltd-Bhaluhi DevdahaBhaluhi, Devdaha - 3, Rupandehi
RupendehiTinau Development Bank Ltd-KotihawaKotihawa, Madhawaliya - 4,
RupendehiTinau Development Bank Ltd-SangampathSangampath, Butwal - 6, Rupandehi,
RupendehiTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Butwal BranchMilanchowk Butwal
RupendehiTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Motipur LBO (Butwal Branch)Motipur-4,Motipur Bazaar,Rupandehi
RupendehiTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Murgiya,rupandehi BranchMurgiya Branch, Rupendehi
RupendehiUnited Finance Limited-Butwal BranchRajmarga Chauraha,butwal
RupendehiWorld Links Money Transfer And TicketButwal-12, Rupandehi
RupendehiYeti Development Bank Ltd-Rupandehi BranchLumbini Bazaar-7
RupendhaiKhungai Money TransferKhungai Bazar-1 Chauraha, Rupandehi, Lumbani
RupendhaiNCC Sub Money TransferDhaul-7 Rupandehi
SalyanCivil Bank LimitedKhalanga, Salyan-2, Srinagar, Rapti
SalyanCivil Bank Limited-Khalanga BranchKhalanga, Salyan-2, Srinagar, Rapti
SalyanDEVI STORESShreenagar - 2, Khalanga, Salyan
SalyanDevi StoresKhalanga#2,Shreenagar Salyan
SalyanDevi StoresKhalanga-2, Salyan
SalyanG.B Money TransferDhanwang-7,Kapurkot,Salyan
SalyanHari Krishna Fancey StoreNear Sanjivani Hospital,Sallibazaar,Salyan
SalyanIraj Enterprises-Salayan KhalangaSalayan Khalanga
SalyanKAPURKOT MONEY TRANSFERDhanbang - 3, Kapurkot, Salyan
SalyanKumari Bank Limited-Kapurkot Branch,SalyanKapurkot,Salyan
SalyanKumari Bank ltdKhalanga-5, Old Buspark, Salyan
SalyanKumari Bank ltdNew Road, Kapurkot-3, Salyan
SalyanKumari Bank Ltd-Salyan, Khalanga BranchKhalanga, Salyan
SalyanLaxmi Bank Limited-Raptilok Marg,Salyan BranchRaptilok Marg,Salyan
SalyanLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdSarada Na.Pa -01 Shreenagar , salyan
SalyanMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Salyan BranchShreenagar, Salyan
Salyanmega bank ltdKhalange Salyan
SalyanMega Bank Nepal Ltd-Khalanga,Salyan BranchKhalanga,Salyan
SalyanNimantrana Stores & Money TransferBagchaur-2,Salyan
SalyanNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Dabastal-7
SalyanNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdSallibazar, Ghajaripipal-1, Salyan
SalyanNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Sallibazar BranchSallibazar-4,Devasthan,Salyan
SalyanNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Sallibazar SalyanDevasthal-4, Sallibazar
SalyanOli Brothers Money TransferBagchour-5,Bangelakhuri,Salyan
SalyanOli StoreAbout 200 m ahead from Laxmi prathimik Vidhalaya,Patihalna,Kotmola,Salyan
SalyanShuvam Advertising And Multi SuppliersShreenagar -2,Khalanga,Salyan
SalyanSiddhartha Development Bank LtdTharmare Branch, Salyan
SalyanSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-Shreenagar BranchShreenagar,Salyan
SalyanSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-Tharmare Tharmare,Salyan
SalyanSonu Trade & SuppliersSarada Nagarpalika-1,Salyan
SalyanSubhalaxmi Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari SasthaTribeni-7, Salyan
SalyanSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdTharmare Salyan
SalyanSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdShreenagar Salyan
SalyanTribeni Stationary and Money TransferSallibazar,Salyan
SalyanTrust Money TransferSalyan
SankhuwasabhaBANK OF KATHMANDUSajag Tol Khandbari 1 Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Khandbari BranchSajag Tol Khandbari-1
SankhuwasabhaBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdKhadbari, Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaCommunication CornerKhandbari Bazar, Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaForward Community-KhandbariKhandbari,Sankhuwasava
SankhuwasabhaJana Sewa PasalChainpur-10,Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaKhadka BastralayaMadi, Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaNabin ElectronicTumlingtar, Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Chainpur-11
SankhuwasabhaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Khandbari-01
SankhuwasabhaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdChainpur-4, Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdKhandabari-1, Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd- Chainpur Chainpur-4, Zeropoint
SankhuwasabhaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Khandabari Khandabari- Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdMamling, Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdTumlingtar, Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Mamling BranchMamling-5,Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Tumlingtar BranchKhandbari-13,Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaPathivara EnterprisesTamaphok-8,Mude Sanischare,Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaPrime Commercial Bank LtdTumlingtar ,Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaPrime Commercial Bank LtdKhandbari ,Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Khandbari Khandbari,Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Tumlingtar Tumlingtar, Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaPurna Shree ExpressMadhi Mul Kharka, Chainpur,
SankhuwasabhaRamita And Jamita Kirana PasalPokhari Bazar,Siddhakali,Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaSaarc Trade Link Chainpur-1,Bich Tole,Near RBB,Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaSanima Bank Limited- Sankhhuwasabha BranchKhandbari, Sankhhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaSankhuwasabhaBeach Tole - 3, Chainpur, Shankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Milanchowk, Rupandehi
SankhuwasabhaSolve NepalChainpur Bazar, , Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaSolve NepalMude Sanischare Bazar, Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaSolve NepalTumlingtar Bazar, , Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaSubim Money TransferSankhuwasabha
SankhuwasabhaYakmal Tours And TravelsKhandabari-1, Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasavaACE Development Bank Ltd.Khandbari - I, Sankhuwasabha
SankhuwasavaForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdKhandbari Branch
SankhuwasavaLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdChainpur-03, Pokharibazar, Sankhuwasava
Sankhuwashabhacentury commercial Bank Khadbari BRANCHWard No-01, Khandbari Municipality, Sajaktole, Sankhuwasabha
SaptariAabash World Enterprises Pvt.LtdSimraha Chowk,Kanchanrup-11,Saptari
SaptariAadi EnterprisesOpp. Of Police Station,Kanchanpur-1,Saptari
SaptariAaditya CommunicationSaptari, Madhupari, Kadmaha-9
SaptariAaditya Enterprises-Opposite to Police Station KanchanpurOpp. Of Police Station,Kanchanpur-1,Saptari
SaptariAakriti Books And StationeryMahuli-9, Mahatari Bazaar
SaptariAayush Money TransferSambhunath -6, Kathauna Bazzar, Saptari
SaptariAayush Money TransferShambhunath-6,Kathauna,Saptari
SaptariAayush Video Center And Electronics ShopSaptari, Bharda-1
SaptariArsad Communication Main Road,Rajbiraj,Saptari
SaptariAshok And Sons General StoreSitapur-9,Saptari
SaptariBaba Ganinath Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd Rajbiraj-1,Saptari
SaptariBalaji EnterprisesPato-1, Saptari
SaptariBalaji EnterprisesPato-1,Saptari
SaptariBimal EnterprisesBode Barsain-4, Saptari
SaptariBimal EnterprisesBode Barsain, Saptari
SaptariBimal EnterprisesBode,Barsain-4,Saptari
Saptaricentury commercial Bank Rajbiraj BRANCHTribhuwan Chowk-4, Rajbiraj, Saptari
SaptariChhinnamasta EnterprisesRajbiraj-7,Saptari
SaptariDayananda EnterprisesRupnagar Chowk#7,Saptari
SaptariDevine RemitRajbiraj-3, Saptari
SaptariFaiqa Money TransferMalpot Road,Rajbiraj-1,Saptari
SaptariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdFattepur Branch
SaptariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdHanumannagar Branch
SaptariForward Community-FattepurFattepur-Saptari
SaptariForward Community-HanumannagarHanumannagarSaptari
SaptariForward Community-MadhupattiMadhupatti VDC, Saptari
SaptariForward Community-Rupnagar Kanchanrup Nagarpalika,8, Saptari
SaptariGainya Baba Sub Money Transfer Pvt. LtdMauli Bazaar,
SaptariGauri Money TransferBadgama-5,Barmojhiya Chowk,Saptari
SaptariGauri Money TransferBadgama-5, Barmajhiya Chowk,Saptari
SaptariGaya Money TransferSitapur-3,Saptari
SaptariHarsh EnterprisesBhardaha,Saptari
SaptariIdeal Cooperative Society Pvt. LtdHanumannagar-3 Branch, Near Rastriya Banijya Bank
SaptariIdeal Cooperative Society Pvt. LtdRajbiraj Main Road - 3Lohargalli
SaptariIDEAL MONEY TRANSFERRajbiraj - 3, Saptari
SaptariIdeal Money Transfer Pvt. LtdHanuman Nagar Bazar,
SaptariIshran Traders & SuppliersPato Bazaar - 1Kha
SaptariJain EnterprisesRajbiraj-1,Sagarmatha
SaptariJanaki Photo Studio Fattepur Bazar ,saptari
SaptariJanjyoti Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdMaleth-3,Saptari
SaptariKalika Sub Remit Pvt. LtdSaptari
SaptariKalika Sub Remit BranchBode Barsain,Saptari
SaptariKaushaki Sub Money Express Pvt.LtdRupnagar Chowk,Kanchanrup-7,Saptari
SaptariKesari Traders & SuppliersKathauna-6, Saptari
SaptariKeshari Money TransferArnaha-1 Saptari
Saptarikhan Money TransferHanumannagar,Yoginimai-06,Saptari
SaptariKritika Money TransferHanumannagar-3,Saptari
SaptariKusum Money TransferMohanpur-5,Kathauna,Saptari
SaptariM.J Dips Sub Money Transfer Pvt.LtdRajbiraj-1,Saptari
SaptariMa Kankalini EnterprisesKanchanpur-4, Barier Chowk,Saptari
SaptariMaa Kankalni Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdBhardash 1
SaptariMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Rajbiraj BranchNeta Chowk, Opposite Of District Development Committee.
SaptariMAHULI COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT CENTERBakadhuwa-9 | Mahuli | Saptari
SaptariMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaBakadhuwa-9, Mahuli, Saptari
SaptariMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaBabangamakati-9, Topa, Saptari
SaptariMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaKanchanrup-5, Maleth, Saptari
SaptariMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaArnaha2, Arnaha Saptari
SaptariMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaRajbiraj-5, Saptari
SaptariMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaShambhunath-6, Kathauna, Saptari
SaptariMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaKushaha-6, Saptari
SaptariMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaMalhaniya-2, Saptari
SaptariMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha - Head OfficeBakadhuwa-6, Mahauli, Saptari
SaptariMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha - Kathauna, SaptariKathauna Bazar, Saptari
SaptariMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha - Khashuhiya SaptariKhashuhiya Bazaar-8, Sapari
SaptariMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha - Kushha SaptariKushha Bazar Saptari
SaptariMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha - Mahaniya SaptariMalhaniya, Saptari
SaptariMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha - Meleth SaptariMaleth, Saptari
SaptariMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha - Rajbiraj SaptariRajbiraj, Saptari
SaptariMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha - Topa SaptariTopa, Saptari
SaptariMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha-SaptariArnaha Bazar,saptari
SaptariMamata Money TransferKushaha-6,Saptari
SaptariMata Manakamana EnterprisesFattepur, Saptari
SaptariMR Hardware and General Services Pvt.LtdNeta Chowk, Rajbiraj, Saptari
SaptariNaaj Agriculture Co-operative Ltd Phakira-8,Saptari
SaptariNeelam Watch And General StoreSaptari, Khashuhiya Bazaar, 8
SaptariNepal Sahakari Sanstha LtdRajbiraj-4,Gagendra Chowk,Saptari
SaptariNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bodebarsain VDC-7 | Barsain Bazaar
SaptariNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Kanchanrup N.P.-7 | Kanchanpur
SaptariNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Shambhunath NP-6 | Kathauna
SaptariNirdhan Utthan Bank Limited-KanchanpurSaptari-8 Kanchanpur
SaptariNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdKanchanpur-1, Saptari
SaptariNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdKathauna,Mohanpur-5, Saptari
SaptariNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdChaulikha, Saptari
SaptariNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBodebarshain-8, Saptari
SaptariNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Kathaauna SaptariKathaauna Mohanpur Saptari
SaptariOm Computer Accademy Arnaha -2, Saptari
SaptariPashupati General StoreSaptari, Kusha-6
SaptariPashupati Money TransferBishanpur Bazar,Kalyanpur-2,Saptari
SaptariPrabhu Bank Limited-Rajbiraj BranchRajbiraj-3,Main Road,North from Neta Chowk,Saptari
SaptariRabin Traders SaptariBashain- 7, Saptari
SaptariRadha Krishna Collection And Money Transfer Raipur - 8, Rupni Bazaar
SaptariRanjana EnterprisesSiraha Road,Rajbiraj-06,Saptari
SaptariSAGARMATHA MONEY TRANSFERNeta Chowk -3, Rajbiraj, Saptari
SaptariSanjib Money TransferKusaha Bazar-6, Saptari
SaptariSantosh Pustak General Store Rupani Bazar Saptari
SaptariSaptakoshi Money TransferKanchanpur Bazar,OppositeTo Sarvodaya School Road,Saptari
SaptariSaptakoshi Money TransferKanchanpur,Saptari
SaptariSaptari Money Transfer Pvt. LtdSaptari Mini Market, Rajbiraj
SaptariSatyanam EnterprisesNagarpalika-3,sambhunath,saptari
SaptariShree Kalika Sub Remit Pvt.LtdBodhe,Barshine-08,Saptari
SaptariShree Mahalaxmi Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd Hardiya,Bhediya-1,Saptari
SaptariShristika Money TransferShambhunath-2,Saptari
SaptariShyam Communication-Kadmaha SaptariKadmaha-9, Saptari
SaptariShyam Communication-Madhupathi,SaptariMadhupathhi-saptari
SaptariSK Money TransferBakadhuwa-9,Mahuli Bazaar
SaptariSony Pustak PasalSaptari, Kadarwana
SaptariSRIJANA FINANCE LIMITEDBhardah (Mahendra Highway)| Saptari
SaptariSRIJANA FINANCE LIMITEDFattepur Bazar | Fattepur | Saptari
SaptariSRIJANA FINANCE LIMITEDKalyanpur Bazar | Saptari
SaptariSRIJANA FINANCE LIMITEDKanchanpur Nagarpalika | Kanchanpur Bazar
SaptariSRIJANA FINANCE LIMITEDGajendra Chowk (Opposite of Rastriya Banijya Bank)| Rajbiraj| Saptari
SaptariSrijana Finance Limited-Bhardah Bhardah (Mahendra Highway), Saptari
SaptariSrijana Finance Limited-Bhardah BranchBhardah,Saptari
SaptariSrijana Finance Limited-Fattepur BranchSaptakoshi,Fattepur,Saptari
SaptariSrijana Finance Limited-Fattepur BranchSaptakoshi,Fattepur,Saptari
SaptariSrijana Finance Limited-Rajbiraj BranchRajbiraj,Saptari
SaptariSrijana Finance LtdGajendra Chowk, Saptari
SaptariSrijana Finance LtdKalyanpur Bazar, Saptari
SaptariSrijana Finance LtdKanchanrup, Saptari
SaptariSunrise Bank Limited-Rajbiraj BranchGajendra Chowk,Rajbiraj-4,Saptari
SaptariSunrise Money Express Pvt. LtdKalyanpur-3,
SaptariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBhardaha Saptari
SaptariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdFattepur Saptari
SaptariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdMahuli Saptari
SaptariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdRupani Saptari
SaptariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdRajbiraj Saptari
SaptariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdPato Saptari
SaptariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdKalyanpur Saptari
SaptariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdKushaha Saptari
SaptariTogether Money TransferDathi Bazar,Malahanma,Saptari
SaptariVibor Society Development Bank LimitedInfront Of Rastriya Madhaymik Bidhayalaya | Fattepur
SaptariVibor Society Development Bank LtdFattepur -3, Saptari
SarlahiBhagyashree Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdTribhuwanpur-3,Sarlahi
Sarlahicentury commercial Bank Malangwa BRANCHBank road, Malangwa, Sarlahi
SarlahiChameli Saving & CooperativeMalangwa-VDC-10 Jilla Bikash Chowk
SarlahiDhan Laxmi Saving & Cr. Co LtdPidari-1, Sarlahi
SarlahiDhanlaxmi Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Pharhadwa BranchPharhadwa-5,Sarlahi
SarlahiDhanlaxmi Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Pidari (Head Office)Pidari-1,Sarlahi
SarlahiDream World Investment Pvt. Ltd.Near on Nepal Bank Ltd, Hariwan-9, Sarlahi
SarlahiDumdume Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdLalbandi-1,Sarlahi
SarlahiForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdKaudena Branch
SarlahiForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdBarhathwa Branch
SarlahiForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdIshworpur Branch
SarlahiForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdMalangwa Branch
SarlahiForward Community-BarhathwaBarhathwa, Sarlahi
SarlahiForward Community-IshworpurIshworpur,Sarlahi
SarlahiForward Community-KaudenaKaudena, Sarlahai
SarlahiForward Community-MalangwaMalangwa, Sarlahi
SarlahiForward Community-Sapahi,DhanushaSapahi VDC-7,Sapahi Chowk , Sarlahi
SarlahiGANESH SUPPLIERSLalbandi - 1, Sarlahi
SarlahiHimchuli Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdNear By Traffic Police Bit,Barathawa,Sarlahi
SarlahiJan Bikash Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdKhoriya-7,Goeyahi,Sarlahi
SarlahiJay Ganga Saving and Credit Co-operative LtdHaripurba-8,Sarlahi
SarlahiJay Maharani Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGaurishankar-9,Sarlahi
SarlahiJAYASWAL TRADERSNetragunj - 7, Sarlahi
SarlahiKush TradersBarahathwa-7,Sarlahi
SarlahiLalbandi Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdLalbandi-5,Sarlahi
SarlahiLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdKabilasi-06 Gairbazar ,Sarlahi
SarlahiMaa Rajdevi TradersGair Bazar,Kabilasi-9,Sarlahi
SarlahiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedLalbandi - 5 | Sarlahi
SarlahiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LimitedNagarpalika Chowk | Malanwa - 6 | Sarlahi
SarlahiMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdLalbandi-5,Sarlahi
SarlahiMahalaxmi bikas Bank ltdNagarpalika Chowk, Malangwa,Malangwa
SarlahiMeena EnterprisesHariwan-6, Naya Road
SarlahiMega Bank LtdHariwan-09, Sarlahi
SarlahiMega Bank Nepal Ltd-Hariwan BranchHariwan-9,Sarlahi 
SarlahiNawa Prayas Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdNear Dipak Photo Studio,Belbas,Chaulikaha Bazaar,Sarlahi
SarlahiNawa Prayash Saving & Cr. Co Ltd.Belbas, Ishwarpur-2, Sarlahi
SarlahiNCC Bank LtdMalangwa-9, Sarlahi
SarlahiNCC Bank LtdMalangwa, Sarlahi
SarlahiNepal Investment Bank LimitedBarathawa | Sarlahi
SarlahiNepal Investment Bank LimitedLalbandi - 1 | Sarlahi
SarlahiNepal Investment bank Ltd.Barathawa, Sarlahi
SarlahiNepal Investment bank Ltd.Lalbandi Bazar, Sarlahi
SarlahiNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Hariwon BranchHariwon VDC 09,Krishna Chowk,Sarlahi
SarlahiNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Malangawa BranchMalangwa Municipality - 8,Sarlahi
SarlahiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Barhathawa VDC-7 | Barahathawa | Sarlahi
SarlahiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Ishworpur NP-1 | Chaulikha
SarlahiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Hanumannagar Chhapakaiya VDC-7 | Sarlahi
SarlahiNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Netraganj VDC-7 | Nawalpur | Sarlahi
SarlahiNirdhan Utthan Bank Limited-BarahathawaSarlahi,Barahatawa 
SarlahiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBarahathawa-7, Sarlahi
SarlahiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdNawalpur, Netragunj -7, Sarlahi
SarlahiNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGodaita,Hanumannagar-7, Sarlahi
SarlahiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd- Nawalpur SarlahiNawalpur -7, Sarlahi
SarlahiNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Godaita SarlahiGodaita Sarlahi
SarlahiNischal Money Transfer CenterSundarpur Chuhdawa-8,Piparabhitta,Sarlahi
SarlahiOpen sky money TransferHarivan-6,Sarlahi
SarlahiPrabhu Bank Limited-Hariwon BranchNear Krishna Mandir Chowk,Hariwon-9,Sarlahi
SarlahiPRADEEP MONEY TRANSFERMalangawa-09, (Near Bajaj Showroom) ,Sarlahi
SarlahiPradeep Money TransferMalangawa , Sarlahi
SarlahiPradeep Money TransferMalangwa-09, Sarlahi
SarlahiPrashna Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdLalbandi-5,Sarlahi
SarlahiR.K Money TransferKaudena Sarlahi
SarlahiRaj Devi InvestmentIshworpur-2, Sarlahi
SarlahiRajdevi Investment Pvt.LtdIshworpur-6,Sarlahi
SarlahiS & S InterprisesNetraganj-6,Nawalpur,Sarlahi
SarlahiSagun Saving & Cr Co. Ltd.Hariwon Chowk north to Krishna Mandir,Hariwon-9,Sarlahi
SarlahiSahara Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd-Barahathwa BranchMain Market,Barahathwa, sarlahi
SarlahiSahara Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd-Hariwan BranchNear of Bus Park,Hariwan, sarlahi
SarlahiSahara Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd-Head OfficeNear Krishnadevi Janata Secondary School,Malaungwa-9, Sarlahi
SarlahiSahara Panchakanya Investment Pvt.Ltd.HemPur-7, Jilla Bikash Chowk, Sarlahi
SarlahiSamaj Sewi Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdIshworpur-4,Sarlahi
SarlahiSamaj Sewi Krishi Sahakari Santha ltdIshworpur-4, Sarlahi
SarlahiSamanika TradersOn the way to Malangwa, Nagarpalika Chowk,Malangwa, Sarlahi
SarlahiSana Kishan Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdLaxmipur-3,Kodraha,Sarlahi
SarlahiSANIMA BANK LIMITEDHariwon - 11 | Sarlahi
SarlahiSANIMA BANK LIMITEDLalbandi - 5 | Sarlahi
SarlahiSarlahi Money TransferLalbandi-5, Sarlahi
SarlahiSarokar Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd.Lalbandi Sarlahi
SarlahiSarokar Saving And Credit Co-Operative Ltd-Lalbandi, SarlahiLalbandhi , Sarlahi
SarlahiShiv Shakti Money TransferKaudena-01,Sarlahi
SarlahiShree Lava Kush Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBarahathawa-5,Sarlahi
SarlahiShree Nursing Baba Money TransferPidari-2,Sarlahi
SarlahiShree Sajha Bikash Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdGodaita-7,Sarlahi
SarlahiShrestha Hardware and Order General SuppliersKamaiya,Putalichowk,Sarlahi
SarlahiShubhakamana Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdOpposite of Century Bank,Malangwa,Sarlahi
SarlahiShubhakamana Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Madhuban BranchOpposite of Prahari Chauki,Madhuban,Goth Bazar-4,Sarlahi
SarlahiShubhakamana Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Madhuwangoth BranchMadhuwangoth-4,Sarlahi
SarlahiShubhakamana Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Malangwa,Sarlahi (Head Office)Malangwa-9,Sarlahi
SarlahiSociety Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdLalbandi-5,Sarlahi
SarlahiSuhani Money TransferKabilashi-9,Gair Bazar,Sarlahi
Sarlahisuhani money transfer gair bazar sarlahi
SarlahiSuryadaya Saving and Credit Co-Operative LtdSankarpur-3,Sarlahi
SarlahiSuryodaya Bachhat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha ltdBarhathwa, Sarlahi
SarlahiSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdHariwan Sarlahi
SarlahiSwastik Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdNear Ilaka Prahari Karyalaya,Bailbas,Ishworpur-2,Sarlahi
SarlahiVibor Society Development Bank LimitedNear Purano Police Chauki | Highway
SarlahiVibor Society Development Bank LtdHatbazar, Lalbandi, Sarlahi
Sindhuli Shibshakti Money TransferKopilakot-9,Chap Bazar,Sindhuli
SindhuliAraniko Development Bank Ltd.2 No. Bazar, Bank Road, Sindhuli
SindhuliAraniko Development Bank Ltd.Dudhauli Chowk, Sindhuli
SindhuliAraniko Development Bank Ltd-Kamalamai SindhuliKamalamai Sindhuli 
SindhuliAraniko Development Bank-SindhuliBank Road , Kamalamai Municipality, Sindhuli
SindhuliBhalumara Money TransferBhalumara-7,Sindhuli
Sindhulicentury commercial Bank DUDHAULI BRANCHDudhauli Chauki,Dudhauli Municipality-9, Sindhuli
Sindhulicentury commercial Bank KAMALAMAI BRANCHBank Road, 2 No. BazaarKamalamai Municipality-6, Sindhuli
SindhuliCivil Bank LimitedGairi Bazar, Kamalamai, Sindhuli-6
SindhuliCivil Bank Limited-Sindhuli BranchGairi Bazar, Kamalamai, Sindhuli-6
SindhuliCommerce General Investment Company Pvt Ltd-SindhuliSindhuli
SindhuliForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdDudhauli Branch
SindhuliForward Community-DudhauliDudhauli,Sindhuli
SindhuliJeevan Bikas Samaj-Chakmake BranchChakamake,Lampantar-4,Sindhuli
SindhuliJeevan Bikas Samaj-Dakaha BranchDakaha,Sirthouli-1,Sindhuli
SindhuliJeevan Bikas Samaj-Dudhauli BranchDudhauli-8,Sindhuli
SindhuliJeevan Bikas Samaj-Mangalbare BranchBohoretar,Mangalbare-2,Sindhuli
SindhuliJeevan Bikas Samaj-Sindhuli BranchSindhuli,Ratamata,Kamalamai-6,Sindhuli
SindhuliJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJBhiman Chowk| Sindhuli
SindhuliJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJLampantar-4 | Chakmake Bazar
SindhuliJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJ200 M from Dudhauli Chowk| Sindhuli
SindhuliJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJInfont of Rastriya Banijya Bank - Sub Branch
SindhuliJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJSindhuli| Bardibas 6 | 300 Meter North from Sindhuli Bazar
SindhuliJeevan Bikash Samaj200 Meter North Frm Dudhuli Chowk,Sindhuli
SindhuliJeevan Bikash Samaj300 Meter North Frm Sindhuli Bazar
SindhuliJeevan Bikash SamajJaghajholi, Sindhuli
SindhuliJeevan Bikash SamajViman Chowk, Sindhuli
SindhuliKalinchowk Development Bank-SindhuliBhimeshwor-2,kurkot Sindhuli
SindhuliKanya Janahit Samaj Bikas Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd Pipalmadhi,Sindhuli
SindhuliKapilakot Sana Kishan Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdKapilakot-6,Sindhuli
SindhuliMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaRatanchura-3,Khaniyakhark Sindhuli
SindhuliMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaKapilakot-9, Thula Chhap, Sindhuli
SindhuliMahuli Samudayik Laghu Bitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Kapilakot , SindhuliKapilakot Bazar, Sindhuli
SindhuliMATRIBHUMI BIKAS BANK LIMITEDKamalamai Na.Pa-11(Infront of Ilaka Prahari)
SindhuliMATRIBHUMI BIKAS BANK LIMITEDKamalamai Na.Pa-6 (In Front of Nagarpalika)
SindhuliMATRIBHUMI BIKAS BANK LIMITEDKamalamai Na.Pa-6 (In Front of Nagarpalika)
SindhuliMatribhumi Bikash Bank Limited-Bhiman Branch SindhuliBhiman, Sindhuli
SindhuliMatribhumi Bikash Bank Limited-SindhuliSindhulimadi, Sindhuli
SindhuliNaya Nepal Laghu Bitta Bikas Bank-SindhuliShivanagar-6, Kamalamai, sindhuli
SindhuliNCC Bank Ltd2 No. Bazar, Sindhuli
SindhuliNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bhimeshwor VDC-1 | Khurkot
SindhuliNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdKhurkot, Bhimeshwor-1, Sindhuli
SindhuliNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd- Khurkot SindhuliKhurkot Bazar , Sindhuli
SindhuliPanchashil Trade LinkJhangajholi,Ratamata -2,Sindhuli
SindhuliPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Sindhuli BranchBank Road, Sindhuli
SindhuliPrime Commercial Bank LtdBank Road, Sindhuli
SindhuliPrime Commercial Bank LtdBankroad, Bankroad,Sindhuli
SindhuliPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Bankroad,Sindhuli2 No. Bazar, Sindhuli
SindhuliRaj SuppliersSindhulimadi,Sindhuli
SindhuliRoshani SuppliersDudhauli Bazar,Sindhuli
SindhuliSahayogi Bikas Bank Ltd.Sindhuli, Sindhuli
SindhuliSahayogi Bikash Bank Ltd-Sindhuli BranchOpposite to RBB or Marina Complex Building,Sindhuli
SindhuliSAHAYOGI VIKAS BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Sindhuli Bazar-6 Sindhuli Nepal
SindhuliShikhar RemittanceKamalamai manicipality-11, Sindhuli
SindhuliShikhar RemittanceNear Ilaka Ban Karyalaya,Bhiman,Sindhuli
SindhuliShikher RemittanceNear Forestry Office, Bhiman Chowk, Sindhuli
SindhuliSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Prahari Tole, Rupandehi
SindhuliSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Sindhuli BranchWard No. 6, Kamalamai Municipality, Madhi Bazar-1, Sindhuli, Nepal
SindhuliSimrik Saving Credit Cooperative Ltd.Kamalmai Municipality-9,Dhungrebas,Sindhuli
SindhuliSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdSindhuli
SindhuliSwabalambhi Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdNear Kamala Adarsha Campus, Hatpatey 6, Bhaluwahi, Sindhuli
SindhuliTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDKamalamai - 11 | Bhiman | Sindhuli
SindhuliTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDKamalamai - 9 | Dhungrebash | Sindhuli
SindhuliTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDBhimeshwor VDC - 2 | Khurkot | Sindhuli
SindhuliTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDKamalamai - 6 | Sindhuli
SindhupalchokAviyan Saving & Credit Co-Opertive LtdBarhabise-8,Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchokBank Of Kathmandu-Tatopani BranchLiping,Tatopani,Sindhupalchowk,Nepal
SindhupalchokCivil Bank LimitedMelamchi, Ward No.: 2 Sindhupalchok
SindhupalchokCivil Bank LimitedWard No. 8, Barhabise V.D.C.Barhabise, Sindhupalchok
SindhupalchokCivil Bank Limited-Barhabise BranchBarhabise, Sindhupalchok
SindhupalchokCivil Bank Limited-Melamchi BranchMelamchi, Ward No.: 2 ,Sindhupalchok
SindhupalchokDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDSindupalchowk
SindhupalchokDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDJalbire VDC- 4| Sindupalchowk
SindhupalchokDEVA BIKAS BANK LIMITEDMelamchi-6| Pulbazar| Sindupalchowk
SindhupalchokDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Jalbire BranchJalbire,Sindhupalchok
SindhupalchokDeva Bikas Bank Limited-Melamchi Branch Melamchi Bazar, Sindhupalchok
SindhupalchokDulal Digital Photo StudioMelamchi Bazaar - 2, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchokJanata Bank Nepal Limited-SindhupalchowkChautara, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchokKhadichaur Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdMankha-6,Khadichour,Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchokKrishna Mina Money TransferChautara-3, Sindhupalchok
SindhupalchokLaxmi Bank Limited-Khadichaur BranchMankha-6 ,Khadichaur
SindhupalchokMega Bank LtdChautara-08, Sindhupalchok
SindhupalchokMega Bank Nepal Limited-Chautara BranchChautara-8, Sindhupalchok
SindhupalchokNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Jethal-8 | Mudhe
SindhupalchokNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Nawalpur-6 | Nawalpur
SindhupalchokNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Lamosanghu,Mankha, Sindhupalchowk BranchMankha-1, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchokNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Melamchi,Sindhupalchok BranchMelamchi,Sindhupalchok
SindhupalchokNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Sangachowk BranchChautara-4,Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchokPancha Buddha Sub Remittance Pvt.LtdMelamchi-2,Sindhupalchok
SindhupalchokSajilo Money TransferSindhupalchowk
SindhupalchokShubhaprabat Saving And Credit Co-Operative LtdRamche-7, Barhabise, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchokSindhu Money Transfer Pvt.LtdKhadichour , Barabise
SindhupalchokSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdChautara Sindhupalchok
SindhupalchokSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdKhandichaur Sindhupalchok
SindhupalchokTripura Sundari Enterprises SuppliersManghkha-1,Sindhupalchok
SindhupalchokYeti Development Bank Ltd- Sindhupalchok BranchKhadichour, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkBANK OF KATHMANDULiping Tatopani Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdLiping, Tatopani, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkJanata Bank Ltd.Chautara, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdBaswari -07 Bahunepati ,Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkMAHALAXMI BIKASH BANK LIMITEDKhadichour Sindhupalchok
SindhupalchowkNCC Bank LtdLiping Tatopani
SindhupalchowkNCC Bank LtdChautara, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdMelamchi, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdSanga Chowk, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdSindhupalchowk, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkOm Jaya Buddha Saving & Credit Cooperative LtdGunsa-5, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkProfessional Diyalo Bikas Bank Ltd.Sahidchowk, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkSindhu Bikas Bank LtdBarhabise Bazar, Barhabise, sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkSindhu Bikas Bank LtdMelamchi Bazar, Melamchi, sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkSindhu Bikas Bank LtdKhadichaur Bazar, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkSindhu Bikas Bank LtdMude Bazar, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkSindhu Bikas Bank LtdSanga chowk-1 Sukute Bazar, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkSindhu Bikas Bank LtdSipaghat Bazar, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkSindhu Bikas Bank Ltd.Barhabise Bazar, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkSindhu Bikas Bank Ltd.Khadichaur Bazar, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkSindhu Bikas Bank Ltd.Melamchi, Sindhupalchowk
SindhupalchowkSindhu Bikas Bank Ltd.Mude Bazar, Sindhupalchowk
SindupalchowkNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdJethel-8, Sindupalchowk
SindupalchowkNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdNawalpur-6, Sindupalchowk
SirahaA Y Brother Ramnagar , Mirchaya-4, Siraha
SirahaAachal Mobile Reparing CenterBishnu Mandir,Bishnupur-7,Siraha
SirahaArbind Money TransferGolbazar,Siraha
SirahaArchana Photo Studio And CommunicationDhangadi Bazzar, 2 Sirah
SirahaAshok TradersGudigaun, Siraha
SirahaB.p Electronic (Head Office)Lahan, Sahid Chowk Lahan Bazar
SirahaBANK OF KATHMANDUMain Road Lahan Siraha
SirahaBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Lahan BranchMain Road,lahan Siraha
SirahaBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdLahan Branch,Main Road, Lahan, Siraha
SirahaBishmila Money Transfer Belaha Bazaar, Belaha, Siraha
SirahaBismilla Money TransferPachawariya Bazaar
Sirahacentury commercial Bank Siraha BRANCHImili Chowk, Siraha
SirahaChirag Trading Co.Pvt.Ltd.Mirchaiya,Infront Of Machha Bazar
SirahaChirag Trading Company Pvt.LtdNear CG TV Showroom, Main Bazar, Mirchaiya,Siraha
SirahaD. C. SUB MONEY TRANSFERHem Narayan Chowk - 7, Siraha
SirahaD.C Sub Money Transfer Pvt.ltdHem Narayan Chowk, Siraha- 7
SirahaDC Sub Money TransferHemnarayan Chowk, Siraha
SirahaDhamini Mata Money TransferIn front of Nepal Bank Ltd,Asanpur-7,Golbazar,Siraha
SirahaDhangadi Pustak PasalDhandagi Est Side Bus Stastan Siraha
SirahaDiamond Sub RemitSukhipur#2,Siraha,With RBB Building
SirahaDiamond Sub Remit Pvt LtdNear RBB,Sukhipur-2,Siraha
SirahaDurga Bhawani Money TransferGolbazar-6, Siraha
SirahaDurga Bhawani Money Transfer Golbazar , Siraha
SirahaEverest Commercial Investment Pvt LtdSiraha -7,Telicom Nera, Siraha
SirahaEverest Commercial Investment Pvt.Ltd-Siraha BranchBeside Nepal Telecom Office,Siraha
SirahaForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdMirchaiya Branch
SirahaForward Community-MirchaiyaMirchaiya,Siraha
SirahaGaiya Baba Sub Money TransferBakadhuwa-9,Mahuli Saptari
SirahaJ p EnterprisesGolbazar-6, Asanpur
SirahaJ. P. ENTERPRISESGolbazar - 7, Asanpur, Siraha
SirahaJagdamaba Hardware & Motor PartsMaddar-3, Siraha
SirahaJanata Bank Ltd.Lahan, Siraha
SirahaJanjiwan Saving and Credit Co-operative LtdNabarajpur-8,Siraha
SirahaJanuthan Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdGramin Chowk,Lahan-1,Siraha
SirahaJeni TradersGolbazar-6, Asanpur, Siraha
SirahaJP EnterprisesGolbazar,Asonpur,Purano Mini Market,Siraha
SirahaKanhaiya TradersLahan-1,Siraha
Sirahakarmayogi krishi co-operative ltdLahan-1, Siraha
SirahaKarmayogi Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdLahan-1,Siraha
SirahaKasturi Cooperative Pvt. Ltd.GolBazar-6, Mirchaiya, Siraha
SirahaKasturi Money TransferMirchaiya-6,Siraha
SirahaKhushhal Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdMadar-2,Siraha
SirahaKohinoor EnterprisesGanesh Chowk (Near Pashupati Cinema Hall), Siraha
SirahaKohinoor EnterprisesNear Pashupati Cinema,Ganeshchowk,Lahan-7,Siraha
SirahaKrishana Money TransferSukhipur-3,Siraha
SirahaKRISHNA GENRAL STORESMahendra Chowk - 1, Lahan, Siraha
SirahaKrishna Money Transfer Sukhipur-3,Siraha
SirahaKrishna TradersKalyanpur-3,Pulchowk,Siraha
SirahaLahan Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdLahan-1,Siraha
SirahaLand Himalayan Money TransferLahan-07,Siraha
SirahaLaxmi Bank Limited-Lahan BranchMain Road-1,Lahan,Sagarmatha,Siraha
SirahaMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Kharjana Siraha BranchHospital V.d.c-2,karjanha , Siraha
SirahaMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Mirchaiya BranchKatari Chowk,mirchaiya
SirahaMahadevi Investment Pvt.LtdNear Police Station,Siraha-7,Siraha
SirahaMahato EnterprisesMirchaiya,Thana Chowk
SirahaMahesh Rakesh EnterprisesHospital Chowk-3,Lahan Bazar
SirahaMahesh Rakesh EnterprisesOn Bank of Kathmandu Building,Lahan-4,Siraha
SirahaMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaBhangwanpur-4, Sirha
SirahaMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaKalyanpurjabdhi-8, Sirha
SirahaMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaLahan-1, Sirha
SirahaMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd - KalyanpurKalyanpur, Jabadi, Siraha
SirahaMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd- Bhagwanpur SirahaBhagwanpur, Siraha
SirahaMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-LahanLahan Bazar Near Ncell Tower, Siraha
SirahaMithala Investment Pvt.LtdBadaharamal-02,Bandipur,Siraha
SirahaMithila InvestmentBandipur, Siraha
SirahaNAMRATA ENTERPRISESRamnagar -3, Mirchaiya, Siraha
SirahaNawayoug Multipurpose Co-Operative LtdLahan,Siraha
SirahaNCC Bank LtdRamesh Chowk, Lahan, Siraha
SirahaNeha Money Transfer Pvt. LtdGolbazar 6 ,siraha
SirahaNeha TradersKarjanha-07,Siraha
SirahaNew Surrakha Travels And Tours And Money TransferAyodiyanagar Siraha
SirahaNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Lahan BranchGanesh Chowk, Lahan, Siraha
SirahaNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Mirchaiya BranchMirchiya Chowk Mirchiya-4,Siraha
SirahaNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Siraha BranchSiraha Municipality-01, Siraha Bazar,Siraha
SirahaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Badharamal VDC-2 | Bandipur
SirahaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Chandra ayodhyapur VDC-1 | Choharwa
SirahaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Lahan N.P.-7 | Lahan | Siraha
SirahaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Sukhipur VDC-2 | Sukhipur | Siraha
SirahaNirdhan Utthan Bank Limited-LahanLahan-5 Siraha
SirahaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdLahan-4, Siraha
SirahaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdSukhipur-8, Siraha
SirahaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBandipur-3, Siraha
SirahaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdChohorwa-4, Siraha
SirahaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Sukhipur SirahaSukhipur-5, Siraha
SirahaNMB Bank LtdBeside Balaji Trade Petrol Pump,Main Road-1, Lahan
SirahaOm Khoksi Saving And Credit Cooperative LtdJanakinagar-5, Siraha, Bariyarpati, Khoksi
SirahaOm Money TransferSukhipur-2,Siraha
SirahaOm Sub Money TransferAarnama-8,Siraha
SirahaPhulbari Money Remit Pvt. LtdHem Narayana Chowk, Siraha#7
SirahaPooja Money TransferNear Kanya School, Ram Janaki Chowk, Siraha
SirahaPrabhu Bank Limited-Lahan BranchLahan-8,Opposite side of Lahan Police Station,Siraha
SirahaPrabhu Bank Limited-Mirchaiya BranchKatari Chowk,Mirchaiya,Siraha
SirahaPrabhu Bank Limited-Siraha BranchHemnarayan Chowk,Siraha
SirahaPragya Sub-Money TransferLahan,Kusahawa, Siraha
SirahaPrakash General Stores and SuppliersGolbazar-6,Siraha
SirahaPriya General StoreLahan#8,Near Pasupati Cinema Hall
SirahaPriya General Store Near Pasupati Cinima Hall
SirahaRajaram Sub Money Transfer Pvt. Ltd.Near Durga Temple, Kalyanpur, Siraha
SirahaRakesh EnterprisesLahan-7,Siraha
SirahaRam Janaki Money TransferRam Janaki Chowk, Siraha Bazar, Siraha
SirahaRasbita International Travels & Tours PvtFront Of Pashupati Ma.Bi.School,Meristop Centre
SirahaRAUNAK MONEY TRANSFERItari Parsahi - 9, Siraha
SirahaRaunak Money TransferItari Prasahi-9,Siraha
SirahaRESHAB ENTERPRISESRamnagar - 2, Mirchaiya, Siraha
SirahaRishab EnterprisesInfront of Panchayat Bhawan,Machha Bazar Mirchaya
SirahaRishab EnterprisesVDC infront of macha bazar,mirchiya ,siraha
SirahaRishaka EnterprisesGool Bazar Gool Park South 800 m. Near Opp High School Siraha
SirahaRitesh General StoreLahan,Near To Thana Chowk
SirahaRitesh General StoreMain Road ,lahan-1, Attached South Get Of Pasupati High School,
SirahaRitesh General StoresGanesh Chowk, Siraha
SirahaRiya Traders & SuppliersMirchaiya BazarChowk, Kebal network Building
SirahaRoji Trading Ramnagar, Mirchiya-4, Siraha
SirahaRoshani Sub Money Transfer Siraha-7, Infront of Jilla Bikash Karalaya,Siraha
SirahaRudraksh Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdNear Nepal Bank Limited Lahan
SirahaS.S Money TransferBishnupur-7, Siraha
SirahaS.S Money TransferRamnagar#3,Mirchaiya Thanachowk;Paschim Bus Stand
SirahaS.S Money TransferMirchaiya-3, Siraha
SirahaS.S Money Transfer Pvt LtdTraffic Post, Bandipur, Siraha
SirahaSafal EnterprisesGolbazar-4,Siraha
SirahaSagar Money TransferInaruwa, Siraha
SirahaSagar Money TransferThadahi,Inarwa-8,Siraha
SirahaSAI MONEY TRANSFERLahan - 8, Siraha
SirahaSai Money TransferOpp. to Police Station, Lahan-8, Siraha
SirahaSai Money TransferMatiyarwa, Siraha
SirahaSai Money TransferLahan, Siraha
SirahaSamagra Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdRadhakrishna Chowk,Lahan-6,Siraha
SirahaSamanya Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdLahan-5,Siraha
SirahaSamjhana Traders and SuppliersMirchaiya-3, Ramnagar, Siraha
SirahaSanima Bank Limited-Lahan BranchMatiyarwa 4, Lahan, Siraha
SirahaSantosh EmporiumEast Side Of Vat Office, 2 Number Road, Lahan, Siraha
SirahaSarashwati Money TransferMahabir Chowk#2, Infront of CDO Office
SirahaSatya Shivam Money Transfer Siraha - 2, Hospital Chowk, Siraha
SirahaShah TradersBishnupur Pra Ma-7, Siraha
SirahaShailendra and Sons Money TransferLahan-3,Siraha
SirahaSHANKAR TRADINGRamnagar - 6, Mirchaiya, Siraha
SirahaShankar TradingMirchaiya-4,Siraha
SirahaShiv Saving And Credit Pvt LtdWard No.1,kasha,siraha
SirahaShiv Saving And Credit Pvt LtdWard no.1,kasha,Siraha
SirahaShiva Ganga Fancy General StoreSiraha, Bishnupur Chowk-7
SirahaShivalaya Money TransferGolbazar-3,Siraha
SirahaShivam Traders Suppliers Traders Ram Janaki Chowk,Sukhipur,Siraha
SirahaShramjivi Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Bariyarpatti, Siraha
SirahaShramjivi Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Bhagwanpur, Siraha
SirahaShramjivi Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Golbazar, Siraha
SirahaShramjivi Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Kalyanpur, Siraha
SirahaShramjivi Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Lahan, Siraha
SirahaShramjivi Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Siraha bazar, Siraha
SirahaShramjivi Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Sonapur, Siraha
SirahaShramjivi Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Sukhipur, Siraha
SirahaShramjivi Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Thana Chowk, Siraha
SirahaShree Dhanlaxmi Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdAsanpur -6, Golbazar Siraha
SirahaShree Gobinda Money TransferDhangadi Petrol Pump , Siraha
SirahaShree Shivam Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdSukhipur-2,Siraha
SirahaShree Willson Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd,Asanpur-6,Siraha
SirahaShubhalaxmi Jeneral Fency Store Bishnupur ,-9, Siraha
SirahaShubham Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdAayodachowk, Siraha
SirahaShuva Kamana Money TransferBariyarpatti-1,Siraha
SirahaSons EnterprisesTharhi Bus Stand-8,Near To Hulak Office,Lahan
SirahaSONU MONEY TRANSFERLahan - 1, Siraha
SirahaSonu Money TransferMahendra Chowk, Siraha
SirahaSonu Money TransferIn Front Of Bishal Hotel, Lahan-1
SirahaSRIJANA FINANCE LIMITEDMain Road (Near Rastriya Banijya Bank)| Lahan| Siraha
SirahaSrijana Finance Limited-Lahan BranchLahan,Siraha
SirahaSrijana Finance LtdMain Road, Siraha
SirahaSubhaKamana Money TransferBariyarpati, Siraha
SirahaSubham General Stores Karjhana-5,Siraha
SirahaSumit TradersDhangadi , Siraha
SirahaSunrise Bank Limited-Lahan BranchLahan-8 , Siraha
SirahaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdMaheshbari Siraha
SirahaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdLahan Siraha
SirahaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdGolbazar Siraha
SirahaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBishnupur Siraha
SirahaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdSiraha Siraha
SirahaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdMirchaiya Siraha
SirahaTogether Money TransferLahan-7,Siraha
SirahaVibor Society Development Bank LimitedHighway | Near Paschim Bus Stand
SirahaVibor Society Development Bank LtdLahan-1, Siraha
Siraha Namrata EnterpirsesMirchaiya-5, Siraha
Siraha Ss Money TransferMirchaiya ,Thana Chowk, Siraha 
SolukhumbhuSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdSalleri Solukhumbhu
SolukhumbuAmar Sub Remit Pvt.LtdSalyan-4,Solukhumbhu
Solukhumbucentury commercial Bank Salleri BranchSalleri Bazzar, Solukhumbu
SolukhumbuDhudhkoshi Prayatan Co-Operative Ltd Salleri-5,Solukhumbu
SolukhumbuHem SuppliersNecha Betghari-3,Solukhumbu
SolukhumbuKasthamandap Development Bank Limited-Namche BranchNamche Bazar,Solukhumbhu
SolukhumbuKasthamandap Development Bank LtdNamche Bazar, Solukhumnu
SolukhumbuKhadka Money TransferSotang-4,Shivatar,Solukhumbu
SolukhumbuKUMARI BANK LIMITEDNamche Bazar | Solukhumbu
SolukhumbuNepal Investment Bank LimitedChaurikharka | Lukla
SolukhumbuNepal Investment bank Ltd.Chaurikharka, Solukhumnu
SolukhumbuNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Dhudhakund NP-5 | Nayabazaar
SolukhumbuNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdSalleri-5, Solukhumbu
SolukhumbuNMB BANK LIMITEDSalleri
SolukhumbuNMB Bank LtdSalleri Bazar, Solukhumbu
SolukhumbuNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdSalleri, Solukhumnu
SolukhumbuNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Salleri, Solukhumbu BranchSalleri-5, Solukhumbu
SolukhumbuNumbur Sub Money TransferSallery-5, Solukhumbu
SolukhumbuNumbur Sub Money TransferSalleri-5,Solukhumbhu
SolukhumbuSagarmatha Merchant Banking And Finance Ltd-Solukhunbu Salleri, Solukhumbu
SolukhumbuShree Khadka StoresNear By Sotang Public Campus,Shivatar,Solukhumbhu
SolukhumbuSiddhartha Bank Ltd- Namche BranchWard No. 3, Namche Bazar, Solukhumbhu
SolukhumbuSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Khandbari, Sankhuwasabha
Solukhumbu Sagarmatha Finanance LtdSalleri Bazzar, Solukhumbu 
SunsariAAKRITI MONEY TRANSFERBaklauri - 5, Bh. Si., Sunsari
SunsariAl Suffah Money TransferGhuski-08,Sunsari
SunsariANJALI ENTERPRISESPurwa Tole - 2, Inaruwa, Sunsari
SunsariAnjali Enterprises Pvt. LtdInaruwa Near Cinema Hall
SunsariAnkur Money Transfer Chirag Market, Biratnagar Road, Itahari
SunsariAnnapurna Communication Pvt. LtdDharan-16, Sunsari
SunsariApex Development Bank Ltd-Itahari BranchItahari Chowk Biratnagar Line
SunsariAraniko Development Bank Ltd.Itahari Chowk , Sunsari
SunsariAraniko Development Bank Ltd-Itahari,Sunsari BranchItahari Municipality 01
SunsariArunachal Traders OfficeKasturi Marga National Galli
SunsariAstalaxmi Money TransferKhanar-4 , Sunsari
SunsariAstalaxmi Money TransferRadha Krishna Mandir,Itahari,Sunsari
SunsariAtithi Enterprises Pvt LtdBirendra Chowk-1,Itahari,Sunsari
SunsariBaklauri Money TransferBaklauri-3,Sunsari
SunsariBaklauri Money TrasferBaklauri-1 , Sunsari
SunsariBanga Bazar Saving And CreditMahendranagar, Sunsari
SunsariBANK OF KATHMANDUDeshi Line Dharan Sunsari
SunsariBANK OF KATHMANDUPaschim Line Itahari-1 Sunsari
SunsariBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Dharan BranchDeshi Line Dharan
SunsariBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Itahari BranchPaschim Line Itahari
SunsariBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdDharan Branch, Deshi Line, Sunsari
SunsariBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdPaschim Line, Itahari-1, Sunsari
SunsariBARAH MONEY TRANSFERBha. Si. - 2, Jhumka, Sunsari
SunsariBaraha Money TransferJhumka-2,Sunsari
SunsariBaraha Money Transfer,Jhumka-2, Sunsari
SunsariBarju Saving & Credit Co-operative Society LtdChimadi-4,Sunsari
SunsariBasnet Interprises Pvt LtdVasi-2 , Jhumka Sunsari
SunsariBasnet money TransferBaklauri-24,Hansposa,Itahari,Sunsari
SunsariBasundhara EnterprisesBus Park Road,Itahari-08,Sunsari
SunsariBhandari Money TransferChatara-4,bayarban,sunsari
SunsariBharati Money TansferHansposa-24,Itahari,Sunsari
SunsariBharati Travels ToursItahari -24, Sunsari
SunsariBIBEK ENTERPRISESDuhabi - 6, Sunsari
SunsariBibek EnterprisesDuhabi-6,Sunsari
SunsariBijita Money Transfer Pvt. LtdDharan-3, Sadan Road Sunsari
SunsariBindabasini Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdItahari-1,Sunsari
SunsariBudhasubba Travels And Tours In Front Of Wada Police Station, Bhanu Chowk, Dharan
SunsariByabasaik Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdDuhabi,Bhaluwa-4,Sunsari
Sunsaricentury commercial Bank Dharan BRANCHPutaliline - 9, Dharan, Sunsari
Sunsaricentury commercial Bank Dharan Branch2Bhanu Chowk , Sunsari
Sunsaricentury commercial Bank ITAHARI BRANCHDharan Road , Sunsari
Sunsaricentury commercial Bank Itahari Branch2Itahari Chowk,Itahari Sub Metropolitan City-6, Sunsari
SunsariChahana Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdTarahara,Itahari-24,Sunsari
SunsariChainpur InfotechShyamchowk,Dharan-15,Sunsari
SunsariChaudhari Money TransferJhumka VDC;Bhadgau Mahendra Highway
SunsariCHULALUNG SERVICE PRIVATE LIMITEDPutali Line - 9, Dharan, Sunsari
SunsariChulang Money Transfer Pvt. LtdBhanuchowk, Tamucomplex Dharan
SunsariCitizens Bank International Limited- Dharan BranchDharan,sunsari
SunsariCitizens Bank International LtdItahari-1, Dharan road,Sunsari.
SunsariCitizens Bank International LtdPutaliline, Dharan -9, Sunsari, Nepal
SunsariCitizens Bank International Ltd-Ithari BranchIthari ,sunsari
SunsariCivil Bank LimitedDharan Road, Itahari, Sunsari-1
SunsariCivil Bank LimitedItahari, Sunsari
SunsariCivil Bank Limited-Itahari BranchDharan Road, Itahari, Sunsari-1
SunsariCivil Bank Ltd-Itahari Branch 2Itahari,Sunsari
SunsariDAKSHINKALI MONEY TRANSFERHospital Road -1, Inaruwa, Sunsari
SunsariDakshinkali Money TransferHospital Road, Inaruwa-1, Sunsari
SunsariDakshinkali Money TransferHospital Road , Sunsari
SunsariDakshinkali Money TransferHospital Road,Inaruwa,Sunsari
SunsariDip Money TransferAapagachi,Itahari-26,Sunsari
SunsariDuhabi Quick Money Express Near Mount Manaslu Bording School, Duhabi
SunsariEco- Enterprises Infornt Of Jhumkeswar Mandir,jhumka, Sunsari
SunsariEMI Traders And InvestmentOpposite of Mitteri Bank,Khanar-4,Sunsari
SunsariEVEREST MONEY TRANSFERJutbikash - 1, Ittahari, Sunsari
SunsariFaith Me Travels & Tours Pvt.Ltd-Dharan BranchDharan-09,Putaliline,Sunsari
SunsariFaithme travel and tours pvt. ltd.Dharan, Putali Line, Sunsari
SunsariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdAurabani Branch
SunsariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdChakraghatti Branch
SunsariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdChimdi Branch
SunsariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdDewanganj Branch
SunsariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdDharan Branch
SunsariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdDuhabi Branch
SunsariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdDuhabi-Bhalua Municipality-3, Sunsari (H.O.)
SunsariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdInaruwa Branch
SunsariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdKhanar Branch
SunsariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdPakali Branch
SunsariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdTarahara Branch
SunsariForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdummyLaukahi Branch
SunsariForward Community-AurabaniAurabani-3,Sunsari
SunsariForward Community-ChakraghattiChakraghatti,Sunsari
SunsariForward Community-ChimdiChimdi-9,Sunsari
SunsariForward Community-DewanganjDewanganj,Sunsari
SunsariForward Community-DharanDharan-10,Sunsari
SunsariForward Community-Dharan Area OfficeDharan, Sunsari
SunsariForward Community-DuhabiDuhabi-3,Sunsari
SunsariForward Community-Duhabi (Central Office)Duhabi, Sunsari
SunsariForward Community-InaruwaInaruwa-2,Sunsari
SunsariForward Community-Inaruwa Area OfficeInaruwa,Sunsari
SunsariForward Community-KhanarKhanar-4,Sunsari
SunsariForward Community-LaukahiLaukahi-5,Sunsari
SunsariForward Community-PakaliPakali-8,Sunsari
SunsariForward Community-TaraharaTarahara,Sunsari
SunsariG K Travels And Trours Pvt. LtdItahari-8, Sunsari
SunsariGauri Shanker Money TransferHansposa-2,Tarahara,Sunsari
SunsariGopeshwor Group Hamro CommunicationKoshi,Sunsari-1
SunsariGurkhas Finance Ltd-Dharan BranchBhanu Chowk,Gorkha Complex,Dharan-6,Sunsari
SunsariGurkhas Finance Ltd-Itahari BranchItahari chowk,Itahari,Sunsari
SunsariHalesi Money TransferAapgachi Itahari, Sunsari
SunsariHalesi Money Transfer Pvt.Ltd Ward No.2, Ring Road, Sunsari
SunsariHamro Money TransferChakraghatti-1,Main Chowk Mahendranagar Sunsari
SunsariHamro Money Transfer Mahendranagar, Chakraghatti, Sunsari
SunsariHAMRO MONEY TRANSFER - CHAKRAGATTIChakraghatti -1, Mahendranagar, Sunsari
SunsariHankubung remittance centerSadan Road,dharan, Sunsari
SunsariHari Om Money TransferItahari-23,Sunsari
SunsariHenkubung Remittance CentreEverest Line,Dharan-15,Sunsari
Sunsarihimalayan EnterprisesDuhabi, Sunsari
SunsariJalpa EnterprisesJhumka Bazar-5, ramdhuni vasi, Sunsari
SunsariJanakalyan EnterprisesDuhabi Mainchowk, Sunsari
SunsariJanata Bank Ltd.Inaruwa, Sunsari, Koshi, Nepal 
SunsariJanata Bank Ltd.Sunsari, Itahari
SunsariJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Inaruwa SunsariInaruwa, Sunsari, Koshi, Nepal
SunsariJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Itahari SunsariSunsari, Itahari
SunsariJanata Bank Nepal Ltd-Inaruwa BranchInaruwa, Sunsari
SunsariJeevan Bikas Samaj-Amahi Belha BranchAmahibelha Chok,Amahibelaha-2,Sunsari
SunsariJeevan Bikas Samaj-Balaha BranchBalaha,Inaruwa,Sunsari
SunsariJeevan Bikas Samaj-Bhiman BranchBhiman,Kamalamai-1,Sunsari
SunsariJeevan Bikas Samaj-Chhitaha BranchB.P chok,Chhitaha-3,Sunsari
SunsariJeevan Bikas Samaj-Dharan BranchLaxmi Chowk,Dharan-4,Sunsari
SunsariJeevan Bikas Samaj-Hanshposha BranchBalgram Chock,Itahari-2,Sunsari
SunsariJeevan Bikas Samaj-Harinagra BranchHarinagra-4,Sunsari
SunsariJeevan Bikas Samaj-Madhuwan BranchMadhuwan-5,Sunsari
SunsariJeevan Bikas Samaj-Mahendra Nagar BranchBanga Bazzar,Mahendranagar-4,Sunsari
SunsariJeevan Bikas Samaj-Pathariya BranchDewangunj,Pathariya-3,Sunsari
SunsariJeevan Bikas Samaj-Simariya BranchSimariya,Sunsari
SunsariJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJ100 M north and East from Amahi Belha Chowk
SunsariJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJDuhabi Road | Inaruwa-10| Balaha
SunsariJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJNear Dewangunj Illaka Prahari
SunsariJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJDharan | Near Sadan School
SunsariJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJHarinagra Sunsari| 500 M South From Harinagra
SunsariJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJMadhuban Sunsari|200 M North from Madhuban Bazar
SunsariJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJMahendranagar Sunsari| 100 M West from Bange Bazar
SunsariJeevan Bikash SamajBalaha Sunsari
SunsariJeevan Bikash SamajHarinagra Sunsari,500Meter South Frm Harinagra
SunsariJeevan Bikash SamajMadhuban Sunsari, 200Meter North Frm Madhuban Bazar
SunsariJeevan Bikash SamajMahendranagar Sunsari, 100M West Frm Bange Bazar
SunsariJHUMKA MONEY TRANSFERJhumka - 2, Bh. Si., Sunsari
SunsariJor Sakhuwa Money TransferDharan-16, Punya Marga, Sunsari
SunsariJor Sakhuwa Money Transfer Dharan-16,Punya Marga,Sunsari
SunsariJugnu InterprisesRamnagar Bhutaha-6,Sunsari
SunsariK.L Trading Pvt ltdward no-7 bhehbare haat,Inaruwa,Sunsari
SunsariKabin Bikri Kendra Pvt. LtdPutali Bazar, Dharan
SunsariKailash RemittanceItahari-24,Sunsari
SunsariKalika Sub Remit Pvt. LtdBargachhi-8 Gangalal Marga Dharan, Sunsari
SunsariKalika Sub Remit Pvt. LtdDharan, Mangalbara-11, Bhanu Chowk , Sunsari
SunsariKalika Sub Remit Pvt. LtdBargachhi , Sunsari
SunsariKalika Sub Remit BranchMangalbare-11 ,Dharan,Sunsari
SunsariKuber Money Transfer Pvt.Ltd Kuber Shopping Center Jhumka
SunsariKumari Bank Litd-Itahari Branch SunsariPathivaraa Market, Dharan Road, Itahari
SunsariKumari Bank Ltd Pathivara Market,  Itahari, SunsariSewa
SunsariLaxmi Bank Limited-Dharan SunsariPutali Line - 9 Dharan Sunsari
SunsariLaxmi Bank Limited-Itahari BranchIthahari Chowk ,sunsari
SunsariLaxmi Traders Pvt. LtdBuddha Chowk, Dharan
SunsariM.L Trade & RemittanceInaruwa-6,Sunsari,
SunsariMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Itahari BranchItahari Chowk, Sunsari
SunsariMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaMahendranagar-4, Bange, Sunsari
SunsariMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaBarahchhetra-4 Bairwan, Sunsari
SunsariMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Chatara SunsariChatara Bazar Dharan Sunsari
SunsariMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-SunsariChhakraghati Bazar, Sunsari
SunsariMalika Money TransferJanapath,Dharan-16,Sunsari
SunsariMangalam Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBaradh-5,Bharaul,Kalabazar,Sunsari
SunsariMega Bank LtdDharan Dharan Nagarpalika- 5, Sunsari
SunsariMega Bank Nepal Limited-Dharan BranchDharan Nagarpalika -5 ,sunsari
SunsariMinu Money Transfer Pvt. LtdDharan Police Station, Bhanu Chowk
SunsariMiteri Development Bank Ltd.Chatara , Sunsari
SunsariMiteri Development Bank Ltd.Jhumka , Sunsari
SunsariMiteri Development Bank Ltd.Khanar , Sunsari
SunsariMiteri Development Bank Ltd.Mahendrapath , Sunsari
SunsariMiteri Development Bank Ltd.Tarahara , Sunsari
SunsariMy CommunicationSchool Danda , Sunsari
SunsariMy Communication School Dada-2,Panchakanya,Sunsari
SunsariNabin Money TransferDewangunj-7,Sunsari
SunsariNASO Agriculture Co-operative LtdBhutaha-5,ramnagar,sunsari
SunsariNCC Bank LtdBiratnagar Line , Sunsari
SunsariNCC Bank LtdIthari Chowk , Sunsari
SunsariNCC Bank LtdShanti Chowk -2, Inaruwa, Sunsari
SunsariNepal Investment Bank LimitedItahari Mall | Itahari - 1 | Sunsari
SunsariNepal Investment bank Ltd.Ithari , Sunsari
SunsariNew Bhanja CommunicationItahari-1,Sunsari
SunsariNew Itahari Money TransferItahari,Sunsari
SunsariNew Jankalyankari Money Transfer-Chakraghatti Bazar 1 BranchChakraghatti Bazar 1 ,Sunsari
SunsariNew Jankalyankari Money Transfer-Chitaha Bazar BranchChitaha Bazar,Sunsari
SunsariNew Jankalyankari Money Transfer-Prakashpur Bazar-8Prakashpur Bazar-8,Sunsari
SunsariNew Jankalyankari Money Transfer-Putalibazar DharanDharan-9 Putaline Sunsari
SunsariNew Model Money TransferNarasingh#9,Bhokraha Chowk
SunsariNew Model Money TransferPrakashpur, Bhokraha Chowk
SunsariNew Railway Money Transfer Dharan-17, Railway Chowk
SunsariNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Dharan BranchB.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Ghopa Camp, Dharan,Sunsari
SunsariNIC ASIA Bank Limited-DharanMB BranchMahendra Path,Dharan,Sunsari
SunsariNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Itahari BranchItahari-1,Sunsari
SunsariNIC Asia Bank Limited-JhumkaRamdhuni Bhasi-5,Jhumka,Sunsari
SunsariNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Duhabi BranchDuhabi-3,Sunsari
SunsariNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Bhadgau Sinuwari-03
SunsariNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Dharan-23
SunsariNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Prakashpur-08
SunsariNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdJhumka, Bhadgau-2 Sinuwari, Sunsari
SunsariNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdPanchkanya, Sunsari
SunsariNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdPrakashpur-1, Sunsari
SunsariNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Jhumka SunsariBhadgau Jhumka Sunsari
SunsariNisan EnterprisesTanghari,Dharan-6,Sunsari
SunsariNMB BANK LIMITEDMahendra Path
SunsariNMB BANK LIMITEDItahari Bazar
SunsariNMB BANK LIMITEDTarahara Bazar Dharan Road
SunsariNMB Bank LtdHansposa-2, Tarahara
SunsariNMB Bank LtdItahari Bazar, Itahari-1, Sunsari
SunsariNMB Bank LtdMahendra Path,Near Bus Park, Sunsari
SunsariNuna Sub Remit Service CenterDharan-11, Hongkong Road, Sunsari
SunsariNuna sub Remit Service CenterDharan_11; Hongkong Road, Sunsari
SunsariOm EnterprisesRailway Marga,Ward No.17,Dharan,Sunsari
SunsariOm Sahi Communication Pvt. LtdSukrapath, Dharan 7
SunsariPanchakanya Money TransferPanchakanya-2,School Dada,Panbari Sunsari
SunsariParbat Money ExpressNarayan Gopal Chowk-4,Itahari,Sunsari
SunsariPATHIBHARA ENTERPRISESPurwa Line - 1, Ittahari, Sunsari
SunsariPathibhara EnterprisesItahari , Sunsari
SunsariPathivara Money TransferNear By Police Station, Itahari -1, Sunsari
SunsariPathivara Money Transfer Pvt. LtdThana , Itahari
SunsariPay InternationalItahari,Sunsari
SunsariPipalbote Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdPrakashpur,Sunsari
SunsariPipalbote Money TransferPrakashpur , Sunsari
SunsariPipalbote Money TransferPrakashpur -8,Sunsari 
SunsariPokhariya Money TransferPokhariya Bazar , Sunsari
SunsariPrabhu Bank Limited-Dharan BranchMahendra Path,Near Bhanu Chowk,Dharan,Sunsari
SunsariPrabhu Bank Limited-Inaruwa BranchInaruwa,Sunsari
SunsariPrabhu Bank Limited-Itahari BranchItahari-01,Dharan Road,Sunsari
SunsariPrashna Money TransferKadamgachi Chowk-3,Sonapur,Sunsari
SunsariPrashna Money TransferNear Reliance Spining Mills,Itahari,Sunsari
SunsariPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Dharan BranchMahindra Path, Dharan
SunsariPrime Commercial Bank Limited-Itahari SunsariItahari, Sunsari
SunsariPrime Commercial Bank LtdMahindra Path, Dharan, Sunsari
SunsariPrime Commercial Bank LtdPurbaline,Itahari
SunsariPrime Commercial Bank LtdInaruwa ,Sunsari
SunsariPrime Commercial Bank LtdChakraghatti ,Sunsari
SunsariPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Chakraghatti Mahendra Nagar,Sunsari
SunsariPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Inaruwa Inaruwa Bazzar,Sunsari
SunsariPrime Commercial Bank Ltd-Purbaline,ItahariPurbaline,Itahari-1,Sunsari
SunsariPrime Money TransferRatna Marga,Dharan-18,Sunsari
SunsariR City Money Transfer Pvt. LtdDharan -8,bargachi Chowk
SunsariR. CITY MONEY TRANSFERGyanchchhu Marg - 8, Dharan, Sunsari
SunsariRamdhuni Saving and Credit Co-operative Society LtdPrakashpur-8,Sunsari
SunsariRatna Phpto Copy Udhyog .Buddha Magra,Dharan Sunsari
SunsariRcity Money TransferDharan-8 , Bargachhi, Sunsari
SunsariR-City Money TransferGyanchachu , Sunsari
SunsariRN Trade RemittanceInaruwa-1,Sunsari
SunsariRUPALI CORNERHansaposa - 2, Hansaposa, Sunsari
SunsariRupali CornerTarahara Chowk,Bihibare Bazar
SunsariRupali Corner Pvt.Ltd Tarhara Bazar
SunsariRupali Corner Pvt.Ltd Aapgachhi,Itahari-26,Sunsari
SunsariSagarmatha Merchant Banking And Finance Ltd-DharanBhanu Chowk, Dharan, Sunsari
SunsariSagarmatha Merchant Banking And Finance Ltd-ItahariItahari, Dharan Road
SunsariSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Chakkragharti Bazar , Sunsari
SunsariSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Milan Tole, Jhumka Bazar , Sunsari
SunsariSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Tarahara (Near to school) , Sunsari
SunsariSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Chakragathi,SunsariMahendranagar-1,chakaragahti Bazar,sunsari
SunsariSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Jhumka,SunsariBhadgaun Sinwari-2,jhumka,sunsari
SunsariSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Tarahara,SunsariHasposo-2,trahara,,sunsari
SunsariSanima Bank Limited-Dharan BranchDharan – 5,Sunsari
SunsariSanima Bank Limited-Inaruwa BranchMain Road, Inaruwa, Nepal
SunsariSanima Bank Limited-Itahari BranchItahari-1 ,Sunsari
SunsariSarbottam Money Transfer Pvt. LtdDuhabi Bazar
SunsariSaroja Money TransferItahari-1,Sunsari
SunsariSarokar Saving and Credit Co-Operative Society LtdRamnager Bhutaha-5, Bhutaha Bazar, Sunsari
SunsariSarokar Saving And Credit Co-operative Society LtdRamnagar, Bhutaha, Sunsari
SunsariSewa RemittanceDharan 15 Bhanu marga Sunsari
SunsariSewa RemittanceBhanu Marga-15,Dharan,Sunsari
SunsariShahi Money Transfer Dharan-13, Zeropoint
SunsariShivaani Money TransferSimariya-3,Buddha Chowk,Sunsari
SunsariShree Durga Travels And Tours And TravelsPutali Line - 9 Dharan Sunsari
SunsariShree Hanuman Money TransferLaukahi-6,Sunsari
SunsariSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Madhi Bazaa, Sindhuli
SunsariSiddhartha Bank Ltd.NAMCHE BAZAR, Solukhumnu
SunsariSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Dharan BranchDharan,Sunsari
SunsariSiddhartha Bank Ltd-Itahari BranchItahari
SunsariSingha Devi Money TransferTarahara,Hansposa-24,Sunsari
SunsariSK Traders & Money TransferInaruwa Nagarpalika-1
SunsariSRIJANA FINANCE LIMITEDMahendranagar | Chakraghatti
SunsariSRIJANA FINANCE LIMITEDDuhabi Bazar | Sunsari
SunsariSRIJANA FINANCE LIMITEDInaruwa Bazar | Inaruwa
SunsariSrijana Finance Limited-Chakraghatti BranchChakraghatti, Sunsari
SunsariSrijana Finance Limited-Duhabi Duhabi,Sunsari
SunsariSrijana Finance Limited-Inaruwa BranchInaruwa Bazar,Inaruwa,Sunsari
SunsariSrijana Finance LtdDuhabi Bazar , Sunsari
SunsariSunrise Bank Limited-Dharan BranchMahendrapath,Dharan-5,Sunsari
SunsariSunrise Bank Limited-Duhabi BranchMain Road,Duhabi-Bhalwa-4,Sunsari
SunsariSunrise Bank Limited-Itahari BranchDharan Road-1,Itahari,Sunsari
SunsariSunrise Bank Limited-Jhumka BranchNear Western Bus Stand,Jhumka, Ramdhuni Bhasi-2,Sunsari
SunsariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdDharan Sunsari
SunsariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdInaruwa Sunsari
SunsariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdPakali Sunsari
SunsariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdLaukahi Sunsari
SunsariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdChakraghatti Sunsari
SunsariSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdDuhabi Sunsari
SunsariSwarooja Money TransferBargachhi , Sunsari
SunsariSweekar Enterprises In Front Of Public High School, Dharan, Sunsari
SunsariTarahara Investment Pvt.LtdTarhara Chowk, Tarhara
SunsariTOURISM DEVELOPMENT BANK LIMITEDIthari Municipality - 5 | Sunsari
SunsariTriple A Money TransferBhanu Chowk, Buddha Marg, Dharan
SunsariTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Dharan BranchCollege Road,Dharan-05,Sunsari
SunsariTriveni Bikas Bank Limited-Itahari BranchItahari Chowk,Sairam Bhawan,Itahari-01,Sunsari
SunsariTriveni Money Transfer Pvt. LtdAitabare Road, Itahari, Dharan Line
SunsariUnique Money ChangerDharan-9,Putali Line,Sunsari
SunsariVibor Society Development Bank LimitedNear Cinema Hall | Inaruwa
SunsariVibor Society Development Bank LimitedHealth Post Line | Om Shanti Market
SunsariVibor Society Development Bank LtdInaruwa, Sunsari
SunsariVibor Society Development Bank LtdItahari-8 Sunsari
SunsariWorld Wide Communication Bhanumarga , Dharan
SunsariYeti Development Bank Ltd-Itahari BranchNearby Police Station, Itahari Chowk, Sunsari
Sunsari Prime Money TransferDharan Sunsari
Sunsari Sagarmatha Finanance LtdBhanu Chowk , Sunsari 
Sunsari Sagarmatha Finanance LtdDharan Road , Sunsari 
SurkhetApex Development Bank Ltd-BidhyapurBidhyapur, Surkhet
SurkhetApex Development Bank Ltd-BirendranagarBirendranagar, Surkhet
SurkhetApex Development Bank Ltd-Chhinchu SurkhetChhinchu, Surkhet
SurkhetApex Development Bank Ltd-Jahare SurkhetJahare, Surkhet
SurkhetBANK OF KATHMANDUBirendra Chowk Birendranagar-6 Surkhet
SurkhetBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Surkhet BranchBirendranagar 6, Surkhet
SurkhetBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdBirendra Chowk Birendranagar-6, Surkhet
SurkhetBatabaran Sudhar Bahu Udeshya Sahakari SasthaBabiyachor-2, Surkhet
SurkhetBatabaran Sudhar Bahu Udeshya Sahakari SasthaBaddichor, Surkhet
SurkhetBatabaran Sudhar Bahu Udeshya Sahakari SasthaDailekh, Surkhet
SurkhetBatabaran Sudhar Bahu Udeshya Sahakari SasthaGarampokhara, Surkhet
SurkhetBatabaran Sudhar Bahu Udeshya Sahakari SasthaJamune Bazar, Surkhet
SurkhetBatabaran Sudhar Bahu Udeshya Sahakari SasthaPabitrajar, Surkhet
SurkhetBatabaran Sudhar Bahu Udeshya Sahakari SasthaSurkhet, Surkhet
SurkhetBatabaran Sudhar Bahu Udeshya Sahakari SasthaSurkhet, Surkhet
SurkhetBatabaran Sudhar Bahu Udeshya Sahakari SasthaSurkhet, Surkhet
SurkhetBatabaran Sudhar Bahu Udeshya Sahakari SasthaSurkhet, Surkhet
SurkhetBista Store and Prabhu Money TransferBherigang-11,Chhinchu,Surkhet
SurkhetBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Babiyachaur BranchNear Police Station,Babiyachaur Bazar,Babiyachaur-3,Surkhet
SurkhetBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Baddichaur BranchNear Partixayala,Biddichaur,Kunathari-04,Surkhet
SurkhetBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Botechaur BranchNear Pipal Chautara,Botechaur,Sahare-8,Surkhet
SurkhetBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Chhinchu (Co-operative Office)Near Electricity office,Ratnarajmarg,Bherigangan-12,Talbari,Surkhet
SurkhetBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Chhinchu BranchNear Electricity office,Ratnarajmarg,Bheriganga-12,Talbari,Surkhet
SurkhetBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Latikoili (Co-operative Office)Office Building 2,Birendranagar-17,Latikoili,Surkhet
SurkhetBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Latikoili BranchOffice Building 2,Birendranagar-17,Latikoili,Surkhet
SurkhetBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Latikoili,Surkhet (Head Office) Office Building 1,Birendranagar-17,Latikoili,Surkhet
SurkhetBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Latikoili,Surkhet (Remittance Counter)Mangalgadhi Chowk,Jumlaroad,Birendranagar-17,Latikoili,Surkhet
SurkhetBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Maintada BranchNear Electricity office,Gumiroad,Bheriganga-03,Jahare,Surkhet
SurkhetBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Mulpani BranchNear Radionepal,Jumlaroad,Birendranagar-18,Mulpani,Surkhet
SurkhetBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Rakam BranchNear Pipal Chautara,Jamunebazar,Rakam-02,Surkhet
SurkhetBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Sathakhani BranchNear Gangate Bazar,Sathakhani-07,Gangate,Surkhet
SurkhetBouddha Grameen Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Sundanagar BranchNear Airport Chowk,Ratnarajmarg,Birendranagar-16,Sundernagar,Surkhet
Surkhetcentury commercial Bank Nepalgunj BRANCHKarkando, Nepalgunj, Banke
SurkhetCitizens Bank International LtdSunny Hall Line, Surkhet-6TEL
SurkhetCitizens Bank International Ltd-BheriSurkhet, Bheri
SurkhetForward Community-LatikoiliBirendranagar Nagarpalika,16, Surkhet
SurkhetGramin Enterprises & Money TransferMaintada-3,Jahare Bazar,Surkhet
SurkhetJanata Bank LtdBirendranagar-6, Birendra Chowk, Surkhet
SurkhetJanata Bank Ltd.Dhamboji,Surkhet Road, Nepalgunj 
SurkhetK. B. Variety CornerSame Building Of Apex Development Bank Ltd, Chhinchu, Surkhet,
SurkhetKankrebihar Bikash Bank LimitedBirendranagar-6, Surkhet
SurkhetKankrebihar Bikash Bank LtdMehelkuna, Surkhet
SurkhetKankrebihar Bikash Bank LtdBabechaur, Surkhet
SurkhetKankrebihar Development Bank Limited-BirendranagarBirendranagar,Surkhet
SurkhetKankrebihar Development Bank Limited-Mehalkuna Mehalkuna,Surkhet
SurkhetKiran Cosmetic PashalRamghat- Surkhet
SurkhetKUMARI BANK LIMITEDBabiyachaur - 1 | Surkhet
SurkhetKUMARI BANK LIMITEDBirendranagar - 6 | Surkhet
SurkhetKUMARI BANK LIMITEDMehalkuna - 1 | Surkhet
SurkhetKumari Bank Limited-Surkhet BranchTallo Bazzar, Birendra Nagar Surkhet
SurkhetKumari Bank ltdTallo Bazzar, Birendra Nagar Surkhet
SurkhetKumari Bank Ltd-BabiyachaurPanchapuri Municaplity-05, Surkhet
SurkhetKumari Bank Ltd-BirendranagarBirendranagar-6,Surkhet
SurkhetKumari Bank Ltd-Mehalkuna Pabitra Bazar, Mehalkuna-01, Surkhet
SurkhetLaxmi Bank Limited-Surkhet BranchBirendranagar-8, Surkhet
SurkhetLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdBabiyachaur-03 Babiyachaur , Surkhet
SurkhetMahalaxmi Bikas Bank LtdNepalgunj16, Surkhet Road
Surkhetmega bank ltdBirendra Nagar Surkhet
SurkhetMega Bank Nepal Ltd-Birendranagar BranchBirendranagar,Surkhet
SurkhetMega Photo And Photo Copy CornerGumi VDC-2, Shivanagar
SurkhetNCC Bank LtdBidhyapur, Surkhet
SurkhetNCC Bank LtdChhinchu, Surkhet
SurkhetNCC Bank LtdJahare, Surkhet
SurkhetNCC Bank LtdPipal Chautari, Surkhet
SurkhetNepal Investment Bank LimitedBuddha Path | Neta Chowk | Birendranagar - 6
SurkhetNepal Investment bank Ltd.Buddhapark, Neta Chowk, Surkhet
SurkhetNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Surkhet BranchBirendra Chowk, Birendra Nagar, Surkhet
SurkhetNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Biddhiyapur-3
SurkhetNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Birendranagar -6
SurkhetNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Mainatada-3
SurkhetNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Birendranagar -13
SurkhetNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdRegional Office Birendranagar-16, Surkhet
SurkhetNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBirendranagar-6, Surkhet
SurkhetNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdJahare-3, Surkhet
SurkhetNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBiddhapur-4, Surkhet
SurkhetNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Birendranagar BranchBirendranagar-6,Surkhet
SurkhetNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Birendranagar Regional OfficeSimalchock-9,Birendranagar,Surkhet
SurkhetNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Birendranagar, SurkhetBirendranagar-6, Surkhet
SurkhetNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Jahare BranchMaintada-3,Jahare,Surkhet
SurkhetNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Jahare SurkhetJahare-3, Maintada Surkhet
SurkhetPrabhu Bank Limited-Surkhet BranchBirendranagar Municipality,Surkhet
SurkhetR A General And SuppliersChinchu-7, Surkhet
SurkhetRamesh Marketing Birendranagar-6,Surkhet
SurkhetSanima Bank Limited-Birendranagar BranchMangalagadhi Chowk, Birendranagar 17 , Surkhet
SurkhetShiva Shakti Traders And SuppliersNear FNCCI Office, Birendranagar
SurkhetShree Ganeshjal Multipurpose Co-operative LtdBirendranagar-17,Surkhet
SurkhetSiddhartha Development Bank LtdSurkhet Branch, Surkhet
SurkhetSiddhartha Development Bank Ltd-SurkhetSurkhet
SurkhetSiddhartha Multipurpopse Co-operative Ltd Birendranagar-6,Surkhet
SurkhetSubedi Traders & Money TransferSurkhet, Surkhet
SurkhetSunami General And Order SuppliersLatokoili-8,Jumla(mangalgadi Chowk),Surkhet
SurkhetSuraj Travels & Tours Pvt. Ltd.Birendranagar, Surkhet
SurkhetSuraj Travels & Tours Pvt.LtdBirendranagar-6,Surkhet
SurkhetSurkhet Business Center-Head OfficeBirendra Nagar-6,Surkhet , Near udyog banijaya sang
SurkhetSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBirendranagar Surkhet
SurkhetTulsi Money TransferChhinchu-7,Surkhet
SyangjaAandhikhola Money TransferDahathum-3 Bayarghari, Mainroad
SyangjaAkaladevi Krishi Sahakari Sanstha LtdTindobate,Syangja
SyangjaAshish Money Transfer,Jagatra Devi 08,Galyan Syangja
SyangjaChhayachetra Saving & Credit Co-operative ltdChhangchhangdi-3, Syangja
SyangjaDeep Money TransferPanchamul-6,Syangja
SyangjaFewa Bikas bank LtdWaling, Syangja
SyangjaFulbari Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdBhukunde-2,waling
SyangjaGalyang Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdJagatra devi-8, Galyang Bazar
SyangjaGandaki Beshi Saving & Cr Co-operative Society LtdChapakot-6, Suntalitaar, Syangjha
SyangjaGandaki Bikas Bank LtdPragari Nagar, Syangja
SyangjaGandaki Bikas Bank LtdWaling, Syangja
SyangjaGarima Bikas BankWaling Branch, Syangja
SyangjaGarima Bikas BankGalyang Branch, Syangja
SyangjaGarima Bikas BankPutalibazar Branch, Syangja
SyangjaGarima Bikas BankBayarghari Branch, Syangja
SyangjaGarima Bikas BankChapakot Branch, Syangja
SyangjaGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Bayarghari BranchDarsing Dahathum -3,Nayabazar Bayarghari,Syangja
SyangjaGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Galyang BranchJagatradevi-08,Syangja
SyangjaGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Syangja BranchPutalibazaar-01,Syangja
SyangjaGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Walling BranchWalling-03,Syangja
SyangjaHamro Swabhiman Saving And Credit ltd.Putali Bazar -1 Hulak Marga, Syangja
SyangjaJyagdi Saving and Credit Co-operative LtdMalangkot ward no-1,Syangja
SyangjaKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Putalibazar, Syangja
SyangjaKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Syanja BranchPutali Bazar
Syangjakaligandaki money Transferkaligandaki money Transfer,Shree Krishna Gandaki-9,Mirmi
SyangjaKalika Micro Credit Development Bank Ltd.Malunga, Syangja
SyangjaKalika Micro Credit Development Bank Ltd.Suntalitar, Syangja
SyangjaKalika Micro Credit Development Bank Ltd.Waling, Syangja
SyangjaKanchan Saving & Credit Co-operative Limited Shree Krishna Mandali-7, Syangja
SyangjaKUMARI BANK LIMITEDPutalibazar - 1 | Syangja
SyangjaKumari Bank Ltd-SyangjaPutalibazar Municipality, Ward No. 1 , Syangja
SyangjaLaxmi Bank Limited-Walling SyangjaWalling - 3 , Syangja
SyangjaLaxmi Bank Ltd-Galyang BranchJagatradevi VDC-08,Galyang ,Syangja
SyangjaMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Putalibazar BranchPutalibazar -1, Hulak Marga
SyangjaMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Waling BranchWaling Municipality, Ward No-3,Naya Bazar,Syangja
SyangjaMega Bank LtdWalling-3, Syangja
SyangjaMega Bank Nepal Limited-Waling BranchWaling,Syangja
SyangjaMilan RemitThumpokhara-2,Syangja
SyangjaMirmire Sub Remit Pvt.LtdMirmi phat-9, Syangja Nepal
SyangjaMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDArjunchaupari -5 Syangja
SyangjaMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDDarshing Dahathum - 9 Syangja
SyangjaMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDBiruwa Archale -6 Syangja
SyangjaMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDJagatradevi - 8 Galyang Syangja
SyangjaMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDSetidoban -2 Jugle Syangja
SyangjaMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDShreeKrishna Gandaki -9 Mirmi Syangja
SyangjaMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDPhedikhola -2 Syangja
SyangjaMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDPutalibazar-01 syangja
SyangjaMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDWaling mode Waling-3 Syangja
SyangjaMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdArjunchaupari -5, Syangja
SyangjaMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdBiruwa Archale -6, Syangja
SyangjaMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdChapakot VDC-06, Syangja
SyangjaMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdDarsing Dahathum -09,Bayarghari Syangja
SyangjaMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdJagatradevi - 8, Galyang, Syangja
SyangjaMuktinath Bikas Bank Ltdkamala Nepal,Phedikhola Syangja
SyangjaMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdPutalibazar-1, Syangja
SyangjaMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdSetidoban -2, Jugle, Syangja
SyangjaMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdShreeKrishna Gandaki -9 , Mirmi, Syangja
SyangjaMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdWaling Municipality-3, Syangja
SyangjaNepal Investment Bank LimitedV.I.P. Tole | Waling Municipality | Ward No.3 | Syangja
SyangjaNepal Investment bank Ltd.VIP tole, Syangja
SyangjaNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Waling BranchVIP Tole Waling - 3,Syangja
SyangjaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Galyang | Syanga
SyangjaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Putalibazar | Syanga
SyangjaNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Waling | Syanga
SyangjaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdGalyang-4, Syangja
SyangjaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdWaling-3, Syangja
SyangjaNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdPutalibazar-1, Syangja
SyangjaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Galyang BranchGalyan-4,Jagatbhanjyang,Syangja
SyangjaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Galyang SyangaJagatbhanjyang -4, Galyan Syangja
SyangjaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Putalibazar BranchPutalibazar-1,Syangja
SyangjaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Putalibazar SyangjaPutalibazar , Syangja
SyangjaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Waling BranchWaling-3,Syangja
SyangjaNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Waling SyangjaWaling Bazar Syangja
SyangjaNMB Bank LtdWaling-3, Syangja
SyangjaOm Development Bank LtdGalyan Syangja
SyangjaPashchimanchal Finance Co. LtdPutali Bazar, Syangja
SyangjaPashchimanchal Finance Co.Ltd-Syangja BranchSyangja
SyangjaPrabhu Bank Limited-Waling BranchWalling,Syangja
SyangjaRambachchha Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd,Rambachchha-8 Syangja
SyangjaRiddhi Siddhi Saving and Credit Co-operative LtdMirdi,Waling-5,Syangja
SyangjaSahayatri Co-Operative LtdPutalibazar-4,Badkhola,Syangja
SyangjaSajilo Money Transfer Putali Bazzar Syangja
SyangjaSewa Bikas Bank LtdWaling-8, Syangja
SyangjaShree Jana Jagrati Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd,Biruwa Bazaar Syangja
SyangjaShree mahalaxmi Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd, waling -3 syangja 
SyangjaShree Rambachchha Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdWaling-8,Syangja
SyangjaShree Riddhi Siddhi Saving & Cr Co Society LtdMirdi-5, Walling, Syangjha
SyangjaShree Riddhisiddhi Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Mirdi, Syangja
SyangjaShree Trilaxmi Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdKhilung Deurali-7,Bagar Bazar,Syangja
SyangjaShree Trilaxmi Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBheerkot-14,Sundar Bazar,Syangja
SyangjaSHRESTHA GRILL UDHYOGBayarghati - 3, Syangja
SyangjaSuryadaya Saving & Credit co-operative ltd Putali Bazar Municipality - 4, Syangja
SyangjaSuryodaya Saving & Credit Co-operative Limited Putalibazar-4, Infront of Krishi Bikash Bank -Badkhola, syangja
SyangjaSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdPutalibazar Syangja
SyangjaUpakar Money TransferShree Krishna Gandaki-9,Mirmi
SyangjaUpakar Money TransferTindobate-5,Byatari,Syangja
SyangjaUpakar Saving & Credit Co. OperativeSyangja Waling
SyangjaUpakar Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Mirmi BranchKrishna Gandaki V.D.C-9, Mirmi Syangja
SyangjaUpakar Saving And Credit Co-OperativeDamachaur ,Ratnapur VDC-8, Syangja
SyangjaUpakar Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd-RatanpurRatnapur - 8, Damachaur
SyangjaUpakar Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd-Syangja-bayatariTindobate V.D.C- 5, Bayatari
SyangjaUpakar Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd-Syangja-krishna GandakiKrishna Gandaki Mirmi (Faat),
SyangjaUpakar Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd-WalingWaling Bazar
SyangjaUpakar Saving and Credit Co-operative Society (H.O)Waling mode nearby Jyagdi hotel, Syangja
SyangjaWalling Money TransferWalling-3, Syangja
TanahuAnish Remit Pvt LtdAbukhaireni , Tanahun
TanahuBANK OF KATHMANDUDamauli | Tanahun
TanahuBANK OF KATHMANDUKharenitar Bazar Khairenitar VDC Ward No 8 Tanahu
TanahuGandaki Bikas Bank LtdDamauli Bazar , Tanahun
TanahuKailash Bikas Bank Ltd.Damauli Bazar , Tanahun
TanahuKamana Bikas BankBaissjagar , Tanahun
TanahuKamana Bikas BankDhorphirdi , Tanahun
TanahuKamana Bikas BankDumre Bazar , Tanahun
TanahuKamana Bikas BankTanahu , Tanahun
TanahuKamana Bikas BankTanahu , Tanahun
TanahuKAMANA BIKASH BANK LIMITEDDaldale | Nawalparasi
TanahuKAMANA BIKASH BANK LIMITEDDhorphirdi | Tanahun
TanahuKAMANA BIKASH BANK LIMITEDKhairenitar | Tanahun
TanahuMAHALAXMI BIKASH BANK LIMITEDBichbazar Abu Khaireni Tanahu
TanahuMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDBhimad-1 Kumar Chowk Tanahun
TanahuMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDDulegaunda-7 Dulegaunda Bazar Tanahun
TanahuMUKTINATH BIKAS BANK LIMITEDBandipur-1 Dumre Bazar Tanahun
TanahuMuktinath Money TransferBholetar Chowk , Tanahun
TanahuNepal Investment Bank LimitedSafasadak | Damauli
TanahuNepal Investment bank Ltd.Safasadak , Tanahun
TanahuNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Dulegauda | Tanahu
TanahuSULAV MONEY TRANSFER PRIVATE LIMITEDDulegaunda Bazar - 7, Dulegaunda, Tanahun
TanahuVibor Society Development Bank LimitedTanahun | Opp Of Bus Stand | Prithivi Highway
TanahunAnish Remit Infront Of Rbb Bank,khaireni,tanahun
TanahunApex Development Bank Ltd-Bhimad TanahunBhimad, Tanahun
TanahunApex Development Bank Ltd-KhairaniAanboo Khaireni Branch
TanahunBank Of Kathmandu Limited-Khairenitar BranchKharenitar Bazar, Khairenitar-8, Tanahu
TanahunBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdKharenitar Bazar, Khairenitar VDC,Tanahun
TanahunBank Of Kathmandu Lumbini LtdDamauli, Tanahun
TanahunBel Chautara Sav. & Cr. Co. Ltd.Bel Chautara, Dulegauda VDC-8,Tanahun
TanahunBelchautara Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdShuklagandaki-4,Tanahun
TanahunBlue Sky Money TransferDamauli, Tanahun
TanahunBlusky Money Transfer Pvt.Ltd-Bhorletar TanahunBhorletar Chowk Ticket Counter
TanahunChartare Youva Club Nepal-Damauli BranchByas-2,Damauli,Tanahu
TanahunChartare Youva Club Nepal-Khairenitar BranchShuklagandaki-11,Khairenitar,Tanahu
TanahunDestination Delivery Service Pvt LtdPadamchowk Damauli-02, Tanahun
TanahunEverest Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdVyas-03,Tanahun
TanahunFewa Bikas bank LtdDulegauda, Tanahun
TanahunFewa Bikas bank LtdBhimad , Tanahun
TanahunFewa Bikas bank LtdDamauli, Tanahun
TanahunGarima Bikas BankDamauli Branch, Tanahun
TanahunGarima Bikash Bank Limited-Damauli BranchByas-10,Parashar,Tahanun
TanahunKailash Bikas Bank Ltd-Damauli BranchDamauli, Tanahu
TanahunKamana Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd-Bhimad bus park,tanhunBhimad-1, Busspark Chowk, Tanahun
TanahunKamana Saving And Credit Co-operative Ltd-Bhimad,tanhuBhimad-1, Kumarchowk
TanahunKamana Suppliers Vimad-1,Campus Road Tanahun
TanahunKumari Bank ltdNew Road, Vyasnagar - 2,Damauli Tanahun
TanahunKumari Bank Ltd-Tanahun Damauli BranchDamauli - 2, Tanahun
TanahunLaxmi Bank Limited-DamauliDamauli Tanahun
TanahunLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdBhanu -08 Turture , Tanahnu
TanahunMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Aanbu Khaireni BranchAanbu Khaireni, Tanahun, Nepal
TanahunMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Damauli BranchMahersichowk Damauli
TanahunMachhapuchhre Bank Limited-Dulegauda BranchDulegauda Bazar, Tanahun, Nepal
TanahunManaslu Bikas Bank Limited-Turture TanahunTurture Bazar Tanahun
TanahunManaslu Bikas Bank LtdBhanu-8,Turture Bazar Tanahun
TanahunManaslu Bikas Bank LtdDulagauda Bazar Tanahu
TanahunManaslu Bikas Bank LtdDumre Bazaar ,Tanahun
TanahunManaslu Bikas Bank LtdEabu Khirani Bazar Tanahu
TanahunManaslu Bikash Bank Limited-Aabu Khaireni,Tanahun BranchAabu Khaireni,Tanahun
TanahunManaslu Bikash Bank Limited-Dumre TanahuDumre Bazar Tanahu
TanahunManaslu Bikash Bank Ltd-Dulegauda TanahunShuklagandaki-03,Tanahun
TanahunMilan Saving & Credit Pvt. LtdKhairenitar-9, Milldada, Tanahau
TanahunMoney transfer MuktinathBhorletar Chowk,Vyas-2,Infront of Ticket Counter
TanahunMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdBandipur VDC- 1, Dumrea Tanahun
TanahunMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdBhimad VDC- 1, Tanahun
TanahunMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdDulegauda VDC -7, Tanahun
TanahunMuktinath Bikas Bank LtdVyas Municipality- 02, Damauli ,Tanahun
TanahunMunal Saving & Credit Co-operative LimitedShukla Gandaki-3,dulegaunda,tanahun
TanahunNavaratna Saving & Credit Co-Operative Ltd. Bhorletar Chowk, Damauli-2,Tanahun  
TanahunNCC Bank LtdAbukhaireni Chowk , Tanahun
TanahunNCC Bank LtdKumar Chowk , Tanahun
TanahunNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Damauli BranchMaharshi Chowk Damauli-10,Tanahu
TanahunNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Bhimad BranchBhimad-6,Bhimad,Tanahu
TanahunNIC Asia Bank Ltd-Dulegauda  Shuklagandaki Municipality Ward No. 4, Dulegauda,Tanahun
TanahunNirdhan Utthan Bank Limited-Dulegauda TanahuDulegauda -7, Tanahun
TanahunNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdDulegauda-7, Tanahun
TanahunNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Dulegauda BranchDulegauda-7,tanahun
TanahunNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Khairenitar BranchKhairenitar,Tanahu
TanahunNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Satrasaya BranchAnbukhaireni-1,Tanahu
TanahunNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Taalghare BranchTaalghare,Tanahu
TanahunOasis Money TransferBaisjangar, Purkot
TanahunOm Development Bank LtdTurture ,Tanahun
TanahunOm Development Bank LtdBandipur-3 Tanahu
TanahunOm Development Bank LtdBhimad Bizar , Tanahun
TanahunOm Development Bank LtdSafa sadak , Damauli,Tanahun
TanahunOm Finance Limited-Damauli BranchSafasadak, Damauli
TanahunPrabhu Bank Limited-Abukhaireni BranchAbu Khaireni,Tanahu
TanahunPrabhu Bank Limited-Damauli BranchVyas-10,Safa Sadak,Approx 100 M South from Damauli Chowk,Damauli,Tanahun
TanahunSafal Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdTharpu, Tanahu
TanahunSagun Saving and Credit Cooperative LtdAabuKhaireni-6, Tanahun
TanahunSahayogi Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdBhimad-1,malebagar,tanahun
TanahunShantinagar Money TransferKhairenitar-9 ,Tanahun
TanahunShree Chhimkeshwori Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdSame Building of Moti Medical Hall,Bandipur-1,Dumre,Tanahu
TanahunShree Shukla Gandaki Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd Shukla Gandaki-3,tanahun
TanahunShree Sukla Gandaki Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdVimsan Tole -7, Dulagauda, Tanahun
TanahunShree Vimad Saving & Credit Co-Operative LtdNear To Uma Trade Center Ratna Chowk
TanahunShree Suklagandaki Savina & Credit Cooperative LtdVimsan Tole-7 Dulagauda Tanahu
TanahunShubhakamana Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-Dulegaunda Dulegaunda Tanahun
TanahunShubhakamana Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd-KhairenitarKhairenitar Tanahun
TanahunShulav Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKhairenitar-9,Tanahun
TanahunSiddhartha Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd Suklagandaki-2,Kawase,Dulegauda,Tanahu
TanahunSiddheswar Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdSuklagandaki-1,katre,tanahun
TanahunSima Multipurpose Pvt. LtdBaisjangar, Basantapur-2, Tanahun
TanahunSima Multipurpose Pvt. Ltd.Baisjangar,Purkot-3,Tanahun
TanahunSima Multipurpose Pvt. Ltd.Satisara VDC-1,Chundi,Tahurepasal Tanahun
TanahunSunganga Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKyamin-1, Kalesti Tanahun
TanahunSunrise Bank Limited-Damauli BranchNeem Chowk,Vyas-10,Tanahun
TanahunSunrise Bank Limited-Dumre BranchDumre,Bandipur-1,Tanahun
TanahunSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdDumre Tanahu
TanahunSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdBhimad Tanahu
TanahunUnited Remit & Money TransferDamauli,Tanahu
TanahunVibor Society Development Bank LtdKhairenitar -08, Tanahun
TanahunVimad Saving & Cr. Co. Ltd.Ratna Chowk,Vimad VDC-1, Tanahun
TanahunYeti Development Bank Ltd-Tanahun BranchBichbazar, Abu Khaireni, Tanahu
TaplegunjDovan Money TransferNear Ilaka Police,Dhungesadu-1,Khamlung,Dovan,Taplejung
TaplegunjForward Community-TaplejungFungling Bajar,Taplejung
TaplegunjJanata Bank Nepal Limited-TaplejungFungling Bazar,Taplejung-4
TaplegunjKanchan Money TransferBirendra Chowk,Near District Police Station
TaplegunjKhandimbe Money TransferAmbegudin-4,Taplejung
TaplegunjNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd- Phungling,TaplegunjPhungling -5,Taplegunj
TaplegunjNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Limited-Fungling,Taplejung BranchFungling-5,Taplejung
TaplegunjPrime Commercial Bank Linited-Taplegunj BranchBirendra Chowk,Fugling Bazar,Taplegunj
TaplegunjSagarmatha Finance Limited-Phungling BranchPhungling Bazar,Taplejung
Taplejungcentury commercial Bank Phungling BranchPhungling Bazar , Taplejung
TaplejungForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdTaplejung Branch
TaplejungJanata Bank Ltd.Fungling Bazar, Taplejung - 4 
TaplejungNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Taplejung-05
TaplejungNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdPhungling-5, Taplejung
TaplejungNMB BANK LIMITEDPhuling Bazar Birendra Chowk
TaplejungNMB Bank LtdMain Gate, Phidim 1
TaplejungNMB Bank LtdPhungling, Birendra Chowk, Taplejung
TaplejungNMB Micro Finance Bittya Sastha LtdFuling, Taplejung
TaplejungPrime Commercial Bank LtdBirendra Chowk,Phungling Bazar,Taplejung
TaplejungSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdTaplejung Taplejung
TehrathumLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdIwa VDC-06 Sakrantibazar, Terathum
TehrathumLaxmi Laghbubitta Bittiya Sanstha LtdHamarjung-07, Sukrabare, Tehrathum
TerathumChhathar Communication & Remittance CenterHamarjung-7,Sukrabare,Terhathum
TerathumChhathar Communication & Remittance CenterHamarjung-7,Sukrabare,Terhathum
TerathumDikshya StoresSankranti-6,Terhathum
TerathumForward Community-BasantapurBasantapur,Terhathum
TerathumForward Community-Sankranti BazarSankrantibazar, Terhathum
TerathumGovinda & BrothersMyaglung Bazar,Terhathum
TerathumGyangura EnterprisesJiri Khimti, Tehratum
TerathumJanata Bank Nepal Limited-Jirikhimti BranchJirikhimti,Tehrathum
TerathumMultiple EnterprisesBasantapur,Terhathum
TerathumNirdhan Utthan Bank Ltd-Myaglung TerathumMyaglung-2 , Terathum
TerathumNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Aathrai BranchSankranti-6,Aathrai,Terhathum
TerathumNMB Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha Ltd-Jirikhimti BranchJirikhimti,Terhathum
TerathumPathivara ElectronicsLasune,Terhathum
TerathumRatna Devi Enterprises Pvt. LtdHamarjung-7,Sukrabare,Tehrathum
TerathumSanima Bank Limited-Myanglung,Terathum BranchBich Bazar, Myanglung-1, Terathum
TerathumSpace Link EnterprisesMyanglung-01,Terathum
TerathumSunrise Bank Limited-Terhathum BranchMyaglung Bazar,Myaglung-1,Terhathum
TerhathumForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdBasantapur Branch
TerhathumForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdSankranti Branch
TerhathumJanata Bank Ltd.Jirikhiti, Terhathum
TerhathumNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Myanlung-02
TerhathumNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdMyaglung-2, Terhathum
TerhathumSolve NepalMyanglung Bazar, Terhathum
TerhathumSolve NepalSukrabare bazar, Terhathum
TerhathumSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdMyanglung Terthum
UadyapurNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdMurkuchi, Rauta-9, Uadyapur
UdayapurAraniko Development Bank Ltd.Bhagwati Chowk , Udayapur
UdayapurBELSOT MONEY TRANSFERBelsot - 4, Triveni, Udayapur
UdayapurBhattarai Suppliers & TradersGaighat-3, Udayapur
Udayapurcentury commercial Bank KATARI BRANCHBhagawati Chowk,Katari Municipality-3, Udayapur
UdayapurCitizens Bank International LtdTriyuga Municipality-02,Gaighat , Udayapur
UdayapurCivil Bank LimitedBank Road, Triyuga Municipality, Gaighat-2, Udayapur
UdayapurDikshant EnterprisesGhaighat, Udayapur
UdayapurForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdGaighat Branch
UdayapurForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdRampur Thoksila Branch
UdayapurForward Community Microfinance Bittiya Sanstha LtdKatari Branch
UdayapurJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJKatari Chowk Udaypur|Beltar 4
UdayapurJEEVAN BIKASH SAMAJRampur Thokshila Bazar
UdayapurNCC Bank LtdGaighat, Udayapur
UdayapurNepal Investment Bank LimitedTriyuga - 2 | Gaighat | Udaypur | Nepal
UdayapurNepal Investment bank Ltd.Triyuga 2, Udayapur
UdayapurNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Beltar Basaha NP-2 | Beltar | Udaypur
UdayapurNIRDHAN UTTHAN BANK LIMITED (Bittiya Sanstha)Rauta VDC-9 | Udayapur
UdayapurNMB BANK LIMITEDKatari Bazar
UdayapurNMB Bank LtdKatari Bazar, Ward No 4, Udayapur
UdayapurSahara Nepal BachataTatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha Ltd.Sajha Line, Udayapur
UdayapurSiddhartha Bank Ltd.Dharan , Sunsari
UdaypurAmar Saving & Credit Co-operative LtdKatari-8,Udayapur
UdaypurAnmol Pustak PasalWard No.6,triveni
UdaypurAraniko Development Bank Ltd-Katari BranchKatari Bazar Bhagawati Chowk
UdaypurAshok Jeneral StoresLekhani-2,Ghurmi,Udayapur
UdaypurB. P. Mobile PasalWailyer Bazaar - 2, Udaypur
UdaypurBantawa EnterprisesOpposite of Rastriya Banijya Bank,Gaighat-2,Triyuga,Udayapur
UdaypurBelsot Money TransferTriveni-4,Belsot,Udayapur
UdaypurBhattarai Suppliers & TradersGaighat-3,Triyuga,Udayapur
UdaypurBp Electronic Gaighat , Branch -033560753
UdaypurChaudhary PhotocopyUdaypur, Sundarpur -2, Udaypur
UdaypurCitizens Bank International Ltd-Gaighat BranchGaighat
UdaypurCivil Bank Limited-Gaighat BranchBank Road, Triyuga Municipality, Gaighat-2
UdaypurForward Community-GaighatGaighat,Udayapur
UdaypurForward Community-Rampur Thoksila Rampur Thoksila, Udayapur
UdaypurGuras Bachat Tatha Reen Sahakari Sanstha LtdTriyuga-2, Gaighat Bazar
UdaypurJeevan Bikas Samaj-Jaghajholi BranchRampur,Jhangajholi Ratmata-2,Udayapur
UdaypurJeevan Bikas Samaj-Jaghajholi BranchRampur,Jhangajholi Ratmata-2,Udayapur
UdaypurJeevan Bikas Samaj-Katari BranchJadhi tole,Katari N.P.-7,Udayapur
UdaypurJeevan Bikas Samaj-Katari BranchJadhi tole,Katari N.P.-7,Udayapur
UdaypurJeevan Bikash SamajBeltar-4,Katari Chowk,Udaypur
UdaypurJeevan Bikash SamajThokshila-VDC, Rambazar, Udaypur
UdaypurKatwal TradersHadiya-7,Udayapur
UdaypurLama Traders Pvt. LtdUdayapur
UdaypurLaxmi Bank Ltd-Gaighat BranchGaighat-2,Udayapur
UdaypurLaxmi Bank Ltd-Gaighat BranchGaighat-2,Udayapur
UdaypurMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaTriyuga-2, Gaighat, Udaypur
UdaypurMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaThoksila-2, Rampur Thoksila, Udaypur
UdaypurMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaBeltar Basaha-2, Beltar, Udaypur
UdaypurMahuli Community Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya SansthaPanchabati-1, Nepaltar, Udaypur
UdaypurMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha-Beltar UdayapurBeltar Bazar, Udayapur
UdaypurMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha-Murkuchi UdayapurMurkuchi Bazar, Udayapur
UdaypurMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha-Nepaltar UdayapurPanchawoti-4, Nepaltar, Udayapur
UdaypurMahuli Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha-Rampur UdayapurRampur Bazar, Udayapur
UdaypurMangala Devi SuppliersPanchawati-4,Nepaltar,Udayapur
UdaypurMangala Devi Suppliers Panchawoti-4, Nepaltar Udayapur
UdaypurNawa Udaya Saving And Credit Co-operative LtdBeltar-01, Udayapur
UdaypurNIC ASIA Bank Limited-Gaighat BranchTriyuga Municipality - 02,Gaighat,Udayapur
UdaypurNirdhan Utthan Bank Limited-Beltar UdaypurBeltar-2 Udayapur
UdaypurNirdhan Utthan Bank Limited-Murkuchi UdayapurMurkuchi Udayapur
UdaypurNirdhan Utthan Bank LtdBeltar, Bashaha-2, Udaypur
UdaypurNisan Suppliers & Traders CenterBeltar#1,Madan Chowk Udaypur
UdaypurNishan Suppliers & TradersBeltar Basaha Municipality-1,Madan Chowk,Udayapur
UdaypurPauwa Laghu Udhami Saving And Credit Co- Operative LtdNepaltar,Udayapur
UdaypurPrakash Communication And SuppliersThokshila-2, Rampur, Udayapur
UdaypurRani SuppliersBasaha,Udayapur
UdaypurSagun Kapada PasalKatari Bazar,Udayapur
UdaypurSahara Nepal Saving & Credit Co-operative Ltd-Beltar,UdayapurBeltar-2,sajha Line,udaypur
UdaypurSahayogi Bachat Tatha Rin Sahakari Sanstha LtdNear Police Beat,Thokshila,Rampur,Udaypur
UdaypurSamrat TradersBeltar-2,Basaha,Chatara Line,Udayapur
UdaypurSiddhartha Bank Limited-Beltar BranchBeltar-1,Udayapur
UdaypurSita Ram Traders Beltar-2, Udayapur
UdaypurSudeep Shrestha Saroj Shrestha TradersKatari,udayapur
UdaypurSunrise Bank Limited-Gaighat BranchUdayapur Triyuga Municipality Ward No:4 "kha
UdaypurSunrise Bank Limited-Udayapur BranchUdayapur Cement Factory Premises,Jaljhale,Triyuga-11,Udayapur
UdaypurSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdKatari Udaypur
UdaypurSwabalamban Laghubitta Bikas Bank LtdGaighat Udaypur
UdaypurThoksila Money TransferRampur Bargachhi Chowk,Thoksila-2,Rampur,Udayapur