Management Team

We are group of young professionals dedicated towards bringing visible changes by adding newer value to our customers. Our management consists of professionals having distinct qualities and proven experiences in their respective areas of operations. The Company is managed and run by the team having more than 2 decades of experienced in Remittance industry. Further, the team is cultured to be open- minded towards new ideas and application of emerging technologies to enhance the efficiency and value addition. The working environment is well suited to the nurture the aspirations of all the professionals that work in our team. They are very well tuned to making initiations and working in a team of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Values of the company are naturally applied in all work divisions. All individuals are provided trainings and exposures suited to their need and potential which has helped a lot to increase the level of motivation and efficiency.

Helpdesk and Dedicated Relationship Officers

We will arrange for a separate full time dedicated Help Desk under direct supervision of Business Development Manager for ensuring prompt execution of remittance and account credit transactions received from our remittance partners. We shall depute dedicated relationship officers to provide you instant updates and solution on any issues related to payment to ensure prompt processing and avoid any instances of delays.