Mr. Ran Bahadur Rana - Chairman

ChairmanMr. Ran Bahadur Rana  has experience of 30 years on  key  positions in various  Ministry of Nepal Government. He was in capacity of Secretary, Ministry Of Cooperative and Poverty Alleviation, Nepal.  He was also Board Of Director of Global IME Bank. He has also experience with Donor Agency Projects as Program coordinator and had travelled many countries during the experience of 30 years.

Besides,  The Chairman of  Ramro remit Pvt Ltd, he is   also involving as  Chairman, Century Capital Market,  Executive Member Chamber of commerce, Nepal,  Board of  Director Megha Publication Pvt Ltd and associates   in other various financial sectors.

Mr. Dipesh Silpakar - Director

Mr. Dipesh Silpakar, being Board of Director of this company   is also associated with Sungava Multipurpose  Pvt Ltd as a  Director .  He is also in capacity of Manager, Hariyali Saving & Credit cooperative Society Ltd.  He has a good experience in financial sector being involving in financial sector for long time.

Mrs. Kabita Sharma - Director

Mrs. Kabita Sharma has experience of Government service and NGOs for many years.  Being a director of the company, her experience helps us for pushing the business   of the company.