Ramro Remit is a money transfer company registered and operated from Nepal under the Licensed from Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), central bank of Nepal. Ramro Remit is promoted by bankers, highly prominent business personalities and ex-government high level officers who have excelled in their fields of business/profession with very good veracity and social standings. Ramro Remit is managed and run by the team having more than two decade experienced in remittance industry.

Ramro Remit started with a dream to offer world class remittance service and deliver the most wonderful feeling to our valued customers. Ramro Remit has an objective of providing prompt, reliable, affordable and better reach in remittance service. It does not only aim to provide efficient services to the customers but also to assist them in creating capital out of the remittance fund. Ramro Remit is focused on the well being and happiness of the people to whom it is associated with. It is not only about delivering remittance services but about bringing happiness, which is always associated with remittance, that Ramro Remit holds steady to. When you choose us you choose a money transfer service that is convenient, affordable, accessible and secure. Ramro Remit is committed to keep its valued customers well focused providing best remittance service taking advantages of innovations in information and technology by extending reach to all the corner of the country.

We believe that happiness is something that cannot be bought overnight or over the counter. Happiness comes from one’s actions. Happiness comes from being able to share the joys of the people one is associated with. And we at Ramro Remit see it that we are able to share the joy of the people who we are serving. Keeping this culture of spreading happiness alive through the years, Ramro Remit has focused not only on transferring money to clients but also delivering happiness. It is about putting a smile on the faces of people who walk in through our doors every day.

Why to choose Ramro Remit ???
We provide a friendly and cost effective remittance service which you can trust and rely upon. We always focus to reach all our customers and facilitate for their convenience. We consider the following as the merits of the company.

    • 24*7 Online Support from Helpdesk relationship officers
    • Cash Pick up and Account Deposit Service
    • Web based technology (latest web based online system which runs on secure protocol and latest operating system)
    • Real time online remittance services
    • Easily accessible collections agents at convenient locations
    • Proven security system and compliance
    • Advice on remittance request at the receiving end for prompt processing
    • Lowest transfer fee and transparently competitive exchange rates without any hidden costs